Bar pickup


I saw her sitting with a man and they looked to be having a very deep conversation. I could not help but notice that she was wearing a very sexy blouse that showed just enough flesh to keep you looking and hoping to catch a glimpse of a breast or a nipple. It was one of the blouses that drove men wild. It did not show everything, but showed enough to make you keep looking and to appreciate her sexuality. The woman really knew how to dress to kill. I moved from my seat to another to get a better look without looking like I was trying or staring. I asked the bartender to change channels to ESPN so it would look like I was watching the TV, but I was looking at the woman who was inline with the TV.

The man she was with was rather distinguished looking and she was trying to get him to pay more attention to her. He was listening to her half heartedly and at the same time I could tell he was looking more at the TV than he was paying attention to her. After some time he gave he a short kiss and left.

I did not know he had left the restaurant but thought he had gone to the restroom or something. I took notice of the woman and she had that look like she was on the verge of crying. Apparently they had some sort of disagreement and he had left. I waited a few more minutes and when the bartender gave her another drink I went over and asked if there was anything the matter and if I could join her.

Amelia gave a small smile and said there was nothing the matter and that I could join her, but she was going to leave when she finished her drink. I did not say anything about her leaving, just that I was a salesman and I was in town for a few days. I said I traveled to town a lot and always spent the time alone and sometimes it was nice just to sit with someone so you were not alone all the time.

Amelia smiled at me and said it was not right to be alone all the time. I told her I was alone almost all the time and had never really had time to develop a relationship with anyone as I was always on the road. Amelia just looked up at me and gave me a small smile. Amelia asked if I was married and had any children. I told her I never married and no to having any children. I laughed and said it would be nice to have some, but at 35 it was kind of late to get started, especially since I did not have a girlfriend or anyone.

Amelia said it should not be hard to find a woman, since I was young and handsome. Amelia appraised me as to how I looked and the physical attributes and social graces. Amelia said I had all the bases covered and should do well to find a young lady to develop a relationship with. I said that would be possible, but I am always on the road and never in any one place more than a day or two. I explained my sales job and how much I traveled. I like traveling and seeing different places al the time. I was in town for three days and then I was off to Madrid for three days and then to Munich.

Amelia was very interested in traveling and jokingly said could I take her along. I asked if she was ready to go and said the company policy was to let people take their spouse with them, as it made the salesmen stay in the field longer. I said they would not even question the extra expense on his report. I asked if she had a passport and to be ready to leave on Friday morning. Amelia smiled and said if it was just that easy. I looked at her and asked if she had any pressing appointments or engagements she had to be at. I was trying to do my best to fan a flame. Amelia said her children were all in college and it was only her husband at home. I looked and said it looked like he had other plans this evening and would not miss you for a week if you took a small vacation, maybe visit a sister or mother. I laughed and said oh why I am bothering saying that and went on and ordered another drink.

I was sitting there quietly looking at the menu when a friend came over to Amelia and asked who her young friend was in a sexy voice. Amelia introduced me to Betty. Betty mentioned that she just saw Jack in the parking lot talking to a bunch of the guys from the country club showing off his new golf clubs. Amelia did not show it, but she was hurt and mad by the statement. Amelia without missing a beat looked at me and said I guess Jack has forgotten about us. Betty looked at the table with the dinner plate and drink still sitting there and mentioned. You really are a golf widow aren’t you? I guess with the golf tournament this weekend you will not be seeing much of Jack. Betty semi complained that Joe was playing too and it was going to be nice to have the house to herself, without Joe and his following.

Amelia was making some small talk and I said to Betty it was nice to have met her and excused myself. I bent over and gave Amelia a hug and thanked her. Betty sat down and then ordered a drink from the bar. I walked over to the lobby and looked in the parking lot. I saw the group of men just as Betty had described. I sat in a chair in the lobby reading the headlines before returning to my room.

Amelia was going out the door when she saw Jack still talking with his buddies swinging the golf club and giving golf lessons in the grass. Amelia stood there and thought to herself about the comment Betty made about being a golf widow. Well she was not just going to sit and wait for him she was going to start to live her life for herself and not worry about him. When Amelia turned to find another way out she saw Jim reading the newspaper. Amelia told him that Betty had left and asked if he would buy her another drink and tell her more about Europe.

Jim said he would be glad to buy her a drink and would do one better. If she would wait a few minutes in the bar he would go get his laptop and show her some of the great pictures he took in various countries. Amelia did not really want to be confronted by another friend and quickly suggested she could go to his room, if he promised to be nice. Jim agreed and led to way.

Jim had kept his room neat all the time in the chance he would get lucky some days. Amelia was rather impressed that he had everything neat and organized. Amelia sat on the edge of the bed next to the table where the laptop was sitting, leaving the chair for Jim. Jim did not waste any time and began showing pictures of most of the interesting sites.

Amelia asked if he had any personal pictures and Jim said I only have one or two that other people took for me, explaining that when one traveled alone it was difficult to get pictures of yourself at different places unless one asked. Jim opened another folder of resorts and beaches and showed some of the few pictures he had of himself. Jim said he would have to skip over some of the folders as they were from nude beaches where he was. Amelia said she would like to see them anyway and stated she had never been to a nude beach and did not know if she would be able to walk around nude in front of a lot of people.

Amelia looked at the pictures and noticed they were all types of people on the nude beaches and they all appeared to be enjoying themselves and not bothered by the other people. Amelia asked Jim if he was embarrassed by being nude and he saw no. Jim said he was not embarrassed about being nude and rather enjoyed it. Jim said when he was alone in his room he spent most of his time nude and felt comfortable around other people. It is the other people who have problems with being nude in public and private that are the problem. Jim asked if she was embarrassed walking around in her bikini. Amelia said she was not and never gave it any thought. Jim then asked if she would be embarrassed walking around in her bra and panties. Amelia looked at him and said of course she would it was not proper. Jim then asked if her bikini was more revealing than the bra and panties she was wearing now. Amelia said it was more revealing than her bra and panties, but it was a swimming suit and was supposed to be that way.

Jim said it was no different, you are caught up in a social norm that being in your undies is wrong, but being almost nude in public in a skimpy bikini was ok. Jim said to make his point why not walk to the pool with him and look at the people in the pool.

Amelia and Jim went to the pool and looked at all the people in the pool and hot tub. Jim commented that almost all of the women under 50 had on some type of bikini unless they were fat. Amelia asked if she thought any of the women were concerned about the way they looked and if other people were looking at them. Amelia said they were just having a good time and not paying attention to anyone. Jim took out his camera and started to take some pictures around the pool of different people enjoying themselves.

Amelia asked why I was taking pictures of people I did not know in bikinis at the pool. I told her that people do not really care if you see them in a bikini, but if they are in a bra and underwear they are somehow embarrassed when it normally covers more than the bikini. To prove his point he went over to a woman about 35 years old and asked if she would mind if he took her picture. She replied no and said she was flattered. To prove the point more Jim asked the woman to pose in a couple of different positions and suggested she give him her best sexy look and an evil eye. The woman was more than willing to pose for him. Another woman came over and asked why he was taking pictures of women in the pool and he said he liked taking pictures of pretty women. The woman immediately offered to let Jim take her picture.

Jim had made his way around to the other side of the pool and was going over to the hot tub when the first woman came over and got in the hot tub. Jim looked at the other women who were in the hot tub and at the first woman. The first woman told all the other women that he was here taking pictures of all the pretty and sexy women. They all looked up and Jim and Amelia and asked if he was going to take their pictures. Jim replied if they were giving their consent he was going to take their pictures. Amelia made a comment about skimpy bikinis and said they were some younger girls by the sauna who had some bikinis that were more revealing.

Wanda spoke up and said that young girls were not really as sexy as they thought and that the older women could be more revealing when the circumstances were right. Wanda stood up and looked around at where all the children were. Wanda undid the cover skirt attached to her bottoms and revealed a small bottom like the teenage girls. Then Wanda sat on the edge of the hot tub and posed for pictures. Jim took a few more pictures and called Amelia saying he had to go back to the room and download some pictures. Amelia said she would be right there. The other women asked Amelia if Jim was coming back. Amelia called Jim and asked if he was coming back that his audience want to have their pictures taken some more.

Jill who was the first woman to pose asked how long they would be gone that she had to go back to her room for a minute and did not want to get left out. Jill mentioned to Amelia she had another bikini just right for the pictures I was looking to take. Amelia gave her a smile and said she could delay Jim for a few minutes before he returned. When they got back to the room and Jim began to download the pictures Amelia said the woman at the hot tub were hoping he would return and take some more pictures with them and Jill was going back to her room to put on her new bikini just for him.

Jim asked Amelia what she thought and said it was rather exciting to see just what some women would do for a stranger with a camera. Jim said that if you would see the same women later and ask them if they would pose in their bra and undies they would say no. Amelia said she was not sure about that and said to prove it she should ask one or two of them if they would be willing to pose for a magazine photographer who took pictures for catalogs. Amelia agreed and picked up the other two cameras for Jim and the extra memory cards.

Jill was wearing a pool wrap sitting by the pool waiting for Jim and Amelia to return. Jill got up and headed for the hot tub and had another woman who was older keep the kids away from the hot tub area. The other women who were there before came back over to the hot tub and sat by the hot tub in various poses. Jill took off her wrap and revealed a very skimpy bikini that barely covered anything. Jill must not have worn it before, because some of her pubic hair was sticking out. Marie mentioned that she needed a shave if she was going to wear the bikini. Jill said she thought about it, but did not want to miss being here for the pictures.

Jim looked at the women and said I can take the pictures as before and after if you would like. Then Jim said he could take pictures of the shave too if she did not mind. Marie said she would help shave her here by the hot tub in 10 minutes when the closed the pool to all the children and officially closed the pool. Marie also mentioned the man who closed the pool would lock all the doors and let them stay as long as they promised not to get in the main pool and stayed in the hot tub.

Jim took out his camera and made some adjustments and checked the lighting. Marie was back in five minutes and a little out of breath. Marie had run to her room and back and got her own skimpy bikini to change into and a razor and shaving cream. There was a basin by the hot tub and Maria filled it with hot water. Jill was looking at everyone like she was not sure if this was such a good idea until Maria took off her swimming suit and put on a micro bikini.

Maria took the shaving cream and lathered all the hair that was outside her skimpy bikini. Maria began shaving herself and encouraged Jim to take the pictures. Maria said how excited she was and that it was hard to shave herself. Barb came over and took the shaver and began to give her a close shave and even move the material of the bikini to give Maria a total shave. When Barb was finished with Maria she said now you are totally shaved clean and there won’t be any hair sticking out, since there in not any left.

Jill looked at Barb and asked if she would help her since she looked like she really knew what she was doing. Barb mentioned that it would go a lot faster and she would be able to do everyone in a few minutes if she did not have to worry about moving the bottoms out of the way all the time. Jill reached down and undid the clasp that held her bikini bottom on and it fell away. Jim took a few shots as she was being shaved and everyone was so intent on Barb’s shaving abilities that they did not notice Jim taking all the pictures. When she was finished with Jill she started on Amy and then looked at Amelia. Barb asked Amelia if she was going to join them in a shave.

Amelia was looking on as the other women got shaved by Barb and finally it was Amelia who was left. Barb said she was freshly shaved and that the only one left with hair was Amelia. The other women all encourage her saying that it actually felt good being clean shaven. Barb said we could all pose for a group picture only of their bottoms. Amelia surprised herself and agreed to be shaved by Barb. Amelia smiled and said she was not wearing a bikini and the other women said it would be ok there were not any other people around and she could go in her undies. Amelia stripped and was quickly shaved by Barb as Jim took pictures and the other women talked and watched as Amelia was shaved.

Amelia was now sitting on the edge of the hot tub with only her bra on and posing for Jim. Barb, Jill and the others all began posing in various positions. It started out with them posing in traditional poses, but they began trying to outdo each other. It was Amelia who really got it going as she never got her undies back on and began showing her clean shaven pussy in some more provocative poses.

Wanda, Marie, Jill and Barb soon disrobed and were all posing nude and getting more provocative than the others. Jim was using up memory and shots like a wild man. Jim downloaded all the memory cards and was ready for some more pictures. Jill walked over to Jim and said it was not fair that he had clothes on when everyone else was nude and began undressing him. When Jill started on his pants she got down on her knees and then looked at Amelia and said she should take some pictures of Jim. Amelia was not really keen on being the photographer and was a little jealous that another woman was going to undress him and probably give him a blowjob by the hot tub in front of everyone. Amelia did not know why she was feeling the way she felt – she was married and had a family.

Jim was very aware of the women and what they were doing and who were looking at whom. Jim had learned long ago to pay attention to who was looking at whom and what they were doing. On more than one occasion he had succeeded in scoring with a woman who normally would never have been available to any man. Amelia was one of those women who could only be had under special circumstances. Tonight was one of those special circumstances.

Jim knew she saw her husband outside in the lot showing off in front of his buddies. Jim also was watching Amelia when she saw him still in the parking lot when she went to leave. Jim had hurried back to where they were sitting so she would not know he was watching her and everything was perfectly innocent as far as he was concerned.

Jim stopped Jill when he was certain she was going to suck his hard cock just before she had her lips on the tip. Jim pulled back and innocently enough looked at Amelia and told Jill it was not right that she take liberties without asking. Jim looked at Amelia to give or with hold consent and Amelia looked at Jim’s hard cock and smiled. Amelia said that they could each have a small taste, but she did not want to loose out on her time when they returned to their room. Jill smiled and swallowed his cock all the way to the base and gave the best blowjob she could and stopped short of bringing his to a climax.

Wanda was next and smiled at everyone and said as soon as she was wet enough she was going to go back a rape her husband even though he was not going to be nearly as exciting as Jim. Marie and Barb each had a turn and then Amy turned around and asked Jim to give her a little lick on her nubbin before she started. Again Jim looked at Amelia for approval and she just smiled. Jim began licking and sucking on her clit like there was no tomorrow. Some of the other women were jealous they did not think of it before, but waited and watched as Amelia took more pictures.

When Amy had started to cum she quickly turned around and jumped on Jim’s cock before anything could be said in protest or agreement. Amy began to cum really hard and was working hard to make Jim cum inside her pussy. Amelia finally came over with a lustful look in her eyes and said it was time for them to leave. Amelia took a few final shots of all the women and got a group picture of all the women together, including her with Jim.

Jim opened the door to his room and was surprised when Amelia asked if he was ready or if he wanted some time to calm down and relax before it was her turn. Jim looked at her and smiled and said he wanted to set the cameras up for auto picture taking before they did anything. Amelia began talking to Jim asking him questions about taking the pictures and what he was going to do with them. Jokingly Jim said he always kept copies for himself and the really good ones he shared on the internet. Amelia was at first a bit shocked and then asked if anyone would really think she was good looking and want to see her pictures.

Jim stopped and looked at her being serious and said she should look at some of the pictures and decide if she were really better looking than some of the other women on the internet. Amelia came over to Jim and asked if he ever put women’s pictures on the internet without them knowing. Jim looked at her and said yes. Amelia said she would never agree to have her picture nude on the internet, but the thought of it was very exciting. Jim looked at her and made a few changes to one of the better pictures of her and cropped the picture so you could not see her face. Amelia was watching him and he showed her another site that let people post their pictures nude on the internet. While he was showing her how people did it he posted 7 very nice pictures of her on the internet that did not show her face. Then when they had finished uploading he went to new pictures and found the ones of her he just posted and asked her what she thought of posing nude on the internet.

Amelia said she was very surprised that was all there was to doing that and that she did not realize that was what he was doing. Amelia said she could tell it was her and maybe he husband would recognize her if he saw the pictures. Jim said that may be entirely possible and she could make sure he got to see them by e-mailing the link to him. Jim asked her what his e-mail address was and proceeded to send it to him. He would never recognize the sender address and the message was for another guy who made up. Amelia wondered if he would make the connection, especially since they were mostly taken at the motel by the hot tub. Amelia said she was both afraid and excited and wondered if he would say anything.

Amelia looked at Jim and said if he was going to do anything with her to hurry because she was getting nervous. Jim did not waste any time and soon had her relaxed as she was posing and letting her get back into being fussed over and told how sexy she was and good she looked. Jim took his time and began touching her adjusting her position licking her nipples to make them standup more and spreading her legs farther apart and changing the position. Jim stopped a few time and licked her clit to make it stand out more and slipped a finger or two into her pussy to make it open for the camera. All the while Jim was offering her encouragement as to what to do and how good she looked and how excited he was about her being so fabulous. Finally as he ate her pussy more the next time Amelia was really responding to him and he continued until she begged him to stop. Jim quickly climbed between her legs and entered her. As he slid all the way into her and was fully inside her before she spoke to him. Amelia told him he was the only other person than her husband to ever have sex with her and she wanted him to wait a minute so she could remember it as a first time and enjoy it. Amelia said the first time with her husband was over almost as fast as it began and the only thing she remembered was the pain and being sore for the next few days.

Jim did everything he knew to give her the most enjoyment he could. Jim caressed her back and stroked her hair as they lay together and told her how sexy she was and how good she felt to him. Jim never mentioned anything that would distract her from enjoying herself and having sex with him. Amelia could feel her orgasm build just with Jim being inside her and caressing her all over and at the same time flexing his cock to make it move inside her without really moving in and out. Amelia was ready to go nuts with another orgasm and finally let go and moaned and called out that she was Cumming again.

When Amelia regained her composure she asked to change positions. Amelia wanted to get on top and do it so she could control how fast and deep it went. Jim just smiled and rolled over on his back and held his cock in place for her to get on. Amelia began to roll her hips back and forth grinding her pelvis onto him. Amelia was really excited and Jim was doing everything he could to keep from cumming. Amelia began to have another orgasm as she rode Jim’s cock.