Salesman picks up married woman

I saw her sitting there by herself looking like she was lost or waiting for someone who stood her up. I was sitting at the bar and decided to walk over to her and ask if she wanted some company. I told her I was staying in the hotel and was in town on business. She looked at me for a minute and finally said yes.

Amelia was wearing a pink low cut blouse that was tied at her side. When she turned it would gape and you could clearly see her right breast. Amelia was not overly well endowed, but had just enough to show some cleavage and give you something nice to look at. Amelia looked hot in her outfit and at the same time she looked quite respectable. She did not look like the typical pickup girl.

I sat down and offered to buy her another drink and at first she refused and after about 10 minutes of small talk she accepted when I ordered another and the waiter asked if the lady would like another drink. Amelia looked at me and nodded and I ordered another for her. Amelia had the look like she was still waiting and getting anxious. I sensed her discomfort and asked if she would like me to leave. Amelia explained she thought her husband would be there by now and did not know what was keeping him. I offered her my cell phone to call him and check if he was at his office or on the way. She called his office and their home and did not get an answer. She called the mobile and got an answer that he was stuck and it was going to be a couple of hours before he would make it. Amelia said great that she had been sitting at the bar waiting for an hour and it was going to be at least two more hours before he got there. She said she may not be there when he got there and would meet him later at home – something about shopping and getting a bite to eat on the way.

I could see the disappointment in her face that she had spent a lot of time getting dressed up to go out to dinner and maybe dancing and not to be left alone. I casually mentioned to Amelia I was on an expense account and she was more than welcome to eat dinner with me. I told her I would be flattered to have a knockout like her have dinner with me. I said some of the other sales reps would be jealous of me. I could see she was thinking really hard about it when one of the other reps came by and asked who the sexy woman was and if he could join us for dinner, stating I should not be selfish with such a beauty. Amelia looked at me and then at Joe and then she said he would be welcome to join us for dinner.

We went to the dining room and ordered dinner. I left Amelia with Joe for a minute and had more drinks sent to the table from the bar as I went to my room. I quickly cleaned up everything in my room and put away all my personal belongings. I thought if she was mad at her husband and had enough to drink she may come back to my room and there may be a chance of me getting lucky.

I arrived at the table just as dinner was served, since I opted out on the salad. Joe and Amelia were laughing and she smiled at me as I came back to the table. Amelia said she was afraid she was going to be left alone again by me too. I told her I would never leave such a sexy woman alone and I just had to take care of something. Amelia smiled and her foot brushed mine under the table. I ordered another round of drinks from the bar and left the first one on the table and the waiter took it away. Neither Amelia nor Joe noticed I was not really drinking and they were the only ones drinking.

We finished eating dinner and the band started to play some music on the patio by the pool. I asked Amelia if she would not mind dancing with me since the band was playing. Amelia loved to dance but did not really get the opportunity to dance much as her husband was not a dancer. Amelia thought for a second and said she did not think one dance would hurt. When we got the dance floor the band was finishing a fast tempo tune we danced to only for a minute and immediately lead into a slow sensual tune. I looked at Amelia and said that was not really a dance and I was short changed. She smiled at me and put out her arms. I started off a few inched apart from her and she drew in close to me. I let my hand drop to the bottom of her back and began caressing her as we danced. I looked down into her eyes and she was smiling. Amelia looked up at me and leaned her head against my shoulder and we danced for the rest of the song. When the song was over she started to get ready to go back to the table when the band began another slow song and she said it was an old favorite of hers from high school.

I said yes and we danced close together for the song. I was looking down into her blouse trying hard to catch a glimpse of her tits. She must have thought I was looking at her as she smiled and said it was nice that someone looked at her in the face as she danced with them. I smiled and gave her a squeeze as we finished the dance. We went back to the table where Joe was still sitting and asked if he could have a dance before I left and I nodded yes as he was asking. I ordered Joe and Amelia another drink and got rid of the one I had on the table. I ordered a Perrier with an olive for myself.

We all had fresh drinks as they returned to the table from dancing. Joe finished his drink and excused himself. Amelia finished her drink and looked like she was unsure of what she wanted to do. I asked if she wanted to go for a walk around the garden before she went home or shopping. Amelia looked at me and after a second said why not. I had arranged for the desk to call my pager in 10 minutes as we would be by my room as we were walking.

I was short of where I actually thought I would be when the pager went off and looked to Amelia. I told her I was going to have to answer the page and said let me run ahead to my room and make the call and she could sit on the bench if she wanted or could come along. Amelia said she would walk along with me if it was only going to take a minute. I could tell she was feeling the effect from the alcohol.

We got to my room as the pager went off again and I made the call. I acted like I was having an important conversation, but in reality I was listening to old voice messages. Amelia sat on the edge of the bed as I had piled my suitcase on one chair and laptop on the other and was sitting in the third chair. I held my hand over the mouthpiece and apologized and said to relax a minute and I should be done.

I told her how sexy she looked leaning back and said she probably looked even sexier laying back on the bed. Amelia must had been feeling pretty good from the drinks and leaned all the way back on the bed posing for me. I told her she looked very sexy that way and looked like a fashion model. Amelia kicked off her shoes and turned around on the bed in a new pose. She was acting like a kid having a ball. I had a digital camera and told her to hold the pose as I got the camera out of my bag and took a picture as I talked on the phone.

I finished the phony conversation and apologized to her for taking so long. I looked at my camera and said it would be a great picture if I had held the camera still when I took it, but I would always treasure it as a prize. After a second Amelia said if it was bad I should take another picture that she did not mind posing for me. I said ok and took a few pictures and then asked if she would mind if I got my other camera and took some as it was a better camera. Amelia agreed.

I got out my good camera and took a few pictures. I told her they were fantastic and she was an excellent model – a natural. I showed her the pictures and commented about how she looked very sexy in a couple of poses and if her blouse weren’t tied so tight and you would see more cleavage and it would look a lot sexier. Amelia smiled at me and excused herself as she went into the bathroom. When she returned her blouse was retied and it was really open and the plunge went almost to her waist.

Amelia got on the bed and change posed a few different ways and even suggested I move to get better angles and more natural lighting. She was being a bit more provocative in her poses and I made the necessary comments on how great she looked. Amelia was leaning forward and dropped her shoulder opening the front of her blouse so I could see her entire breast and nipple sticking out. I really raved about it and suggested she untie the blouse and let it drape open as she posed. Amelia pulled at the tie and let it fall open and continued to pose. After I filled the memory card and changed it to the spare I had to tell her I needed to download the pictures or we had to stop. I said I was really having fun and it would only take a minute to download the pictures. She excused herself and went into the bathroom.

I had downloaded the pictures and made a duplicate copy of them incase she asked me to delete them before she left. Amelia came out of the bathroom with her top draped open and a smile on her face. She leaned over looking at the screen of the computer and made some comments about the pictures. I could clearly see her breast as she was standing beside me and took a few pictures that showed her breast inside her blouse. Amelia commented on it and said she did not show very much leg in the previous set of pictures and maybe it would look better if you could see some leg as well as a little titty as she put it.

I reset both cameras and began to take more pictures as we went along. Amelia had a wrap around skirt on and had loosened it so it would flow as she moved instead of clinging to her body. I could tell she was really getting into posing and it was not just the alcohol. Amelia twisted and turned on the bed showing me her breast and legs like it was the natural thing to do. I said the skirt was almost right as I could see part of her thighs as she moved. I also took a break to download the pictures I took and to make duplicates as she went into the bathroom again.

Amelia came out of the bathroom with her skirt loosened and rolled up at the waist. This time instead of having a full length skirt she had made the skirt into a knee length skirt and had arranged it so the slit was almost open on the side of her leg. I could also tell she was not wearing any panties. Amelia smiled and asked if I was ready to take some more and I took a few pictures as she moved over to the bed.
I had taken several pictures of her with the skirt opening more and more and commented that she was a knockout and thought she would look great nude. Amelia did not answer, but continued to pose pulling off her blouse and posing with it in different positions, finally throwing it on the floor. She was pulling on the tie string at her waits and letting it fall open as she moved. I changed cards in the camera and continued taking pictures.

I quickly ran out of memory and had to download again. I began downloading the pictures and Amelia came over to watch. I downloaded both cards into a folder and asked if she was ready to go. Amelia brushed her breast against me as she walked over to the bed and smiled. I made a copy of the folder and started to take more pictures.

I had only taken a few pictures when she pulled the skirt free and threw it on the floor. Amelia was totally nude and was posing in various positions. I was talking with her and told her to be sensual and to make me melt with desire. At first she just looked at me and then began caressing herself and exposing herself as she touched her most private spots. Amelia spread her legs and began caressing the inner part of her thigh working her hands up to her neatly trimmed pussy.

I told Amelia to continue and she was doing great. I told her to make herself cum and to let me capture her as she came. Amelia began to finger and stroke her clit and in seconds she was cumming. Her face was glowing with the effect of her orgasm. I took as many pictures was I had left on both cards and when she was finally finished with her orgasm I came over and sat next to her and thanked her.
Amelia looked up at me and smiled. I looked at her and kissed her and began caressing her body. I kissed my way down her body to her nipples and then down to her pussy. I started to lick my way up her slit and probing my tongue into her hole and nip at her clit as I began to slip my finger in and out of her hole. I licked her clit and sucked on it as I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy. Amelia was really getting into having her pussy eaten and my fingers working in her pussy as she rocked her hips back and forth to get more of my fingers into her pussy.

Amelia was breathing harder and harder and I continued to work more and more of my fingers into her pussy. I had started with two fingers and was now up to four fingers. Amelia was rocking her pelvis so I could get deeper into her pussy and I began to push my fingers in and out. I tucked my thumb inside with my fingers as I was working it in and out. Amelia was now breathing very hard and moaning louder as she began to cum. I could tell she was very close to another orgasm and she was rocking her hips to get more of my fingers into her pussy as I was pushing and I felt my hand being sucked into her pussy. I was only in for a second when she began to have another orgasm.

I was totally amazed at what had happened and was ready to blow my load in my pants. Amelia came again another time and asked me to stop, because she could not take it any more. I slowly removed my hand and held her close for a few minutes as she regained her composure. Amelia thanked me and said she would like to return the favor and gave me a killer blowjob before she left. I have the pictures to prove it.

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