A wife is caught cheating on her husband

Home pregnancy test are great inventions if you want
positive results, but can bring tears if you want
negative results. Annette cried, “Shit, I can’t be
pregnant!” A confirming test said, “Sure you can.” She
didn’t actually cry until the man she was certain would
spring for an abortion, instead threatened to sue if
she murdered his child.

Now, she had to tell her husband about a cheating
episode that she was sure she got clean away with – her
first and only in fifteen years of marriage. Except for
the blackmailer she had to keep putting out for to keep
the one cheating episode a secret, but that was not
cheating, that was blackmail, and it was the
blackmailer who got her pregnant. Fat chance hubby
would believe that.

He didn’t. Bill was livid, hurt, furious, pouty,
pissed, anxious, angry, and Bill had questions: How
could you? What possessed you? What kind of woman are
you? Who is this guy? Do you love him? Do you want a
divorce? Does he fuck you in my bed, smoke my
cigarettes, drink my beer? Do you suck his dick, too?
What are you, some kind of whore? Do the kids cover for
you, stand lookout, get to watch. How many guys are you
fucking, Annette? Better yet, how many have you fucked?
Do you even bother keeping track? Making any money,
Annette? What are you spending it on – sure ain’t
rubbers – no, rubbers are for hubby, let him buy his

Annette knew Bill would be hurt and pissed. She knew
he’d rant, knew he’d pace hard, and knew he’d ask
questions without waiting for answers. She knew Bill
quite well. He was like a pressure cooker, venting, but
once all the steam was out of him, you could easily
open the lid, look inside his head and talk to him.
He’d listen, ask questions, and await answers. Sitting
silently through the venting stage was always
difficult, but this time the steam was full in her face
and the steam hurt.

Some of the awful things he said she didn’t think she
would ever hear from her Bill, but he had every right
to imagine the worst and give vent to his worst fears.
Actually, his worst fears weren’t too far off the mark,
and right on in many areas. Telling him she was
pregnant with another man’s child was the easy part.

Telling him she had a lover, that the kids knew, had
been on a few outings with Mom and her lover, had seen
sex in his marital bed, that her lover did smoke his
cigarettes and drink his beer, but he was dead wrong
about the kids standing lookout; and, no, she did not
want a divorce, was not a whore, made no money, and did
not make a lover buy or wear a condom.

He was right – rubbers are for the hubby and hubby buys
his own rubbers. There weren’t that many – only two. He
was right about some things; wrong about others. In a
way, she didn’t want to see him sit and put his face in
his hands, but he eventually did.

When he did, Annette came and sat beside him on the
bed, placed an arm around his shoulders and prepared to
take his lid off – then piss in his pot. She didn’t
want to, but she had to. He might want a divorce, but
she doubted it. He might do more venting, but that was
a rarity. After fifteen years of marriage, she was good
at keeping the lid off and the flame down. Then again,
she had never held his open pot over a blow torch

She unlatched his lid with a soft, I’m-sorry kiss to
his temple. That would bring the questions one at a
time and softly. She kissed and he said, “How many have
there been, Annette? Give it to me straight. I want the

“Two, only two, and only since the Walcoff’s party.”

“Okay, I believe you. How many times?”

“Once with the first guy, a stranger, great dancer,
good kisser, smooth talker, a seducer like no other I
ever encountered. I was no match and you were out on a
beer run looking for a keg at two in the morning. He
danced me out to a quiet corner in the moonlight and
made me do a very naughty thing. He bet me I couldn’t
hit the pool with my panties. I said, ‘You’re on,
Stranger,’ took the off, wadded them up, wound up for
the three-foot pitch into pool the size of our whole
back yard, but he stopped me and said, ‘If you miss,
you must commit an act of adultery with a perfect
stranger within the hour.'”

“You missed.”

“Yeah, I was way off. You know me. I throw like a girl,
the wind caught it, and there was a cherry tree in the

“Don’t be cute, Annette. I am not in the mood.”

“I know, but this was my very first sexual adventure
and I really was cute. I wanted to paint you a clear
picture. You were there – not right then, but you were
at that party. You know how the atmosphere at that
party was after all the stuffed shirts left and the
Walcoff’s showed that video from Thailand. You could
spread the sexual tension with a butter knife. After
you stepped out, anyone could have walked up and dared
me to hit the pool with my panties and if I missed I’d
have to fuck all the dogs while the Walcoff’s took home

“Would you have missed?”

“Are you kidding. I would have missed the pool and the
cherry tree. The neighbors would have found those soggy
panties and gone, ‘What the hell!'”

“All right, Annette, I understand. You could have come
and told me about that and gotten a hug and an atta

“I wish I had. Instead, I let number two blackmail me.
In fact, he ruined a beautiful moment by reaching up
the back of my dress to cup our joined genitals and
shout back, ‘Yeah, they’re fucking. He’s in her to the
balls. You owe me a twenty, Larry.’ He ruined it for
me, but he made that stranger’s night. My tall dark
stranger came with a man’s hand gripping him by the
root. Anyway, Don Juan broke the ice, but a Don Juan
wannabe is using ongoing blackmail to keep me dancing
with him.”

“How many times?”

“I honestly don’t know – fifty, a hundred. If we’re
talking his orgasms in me, maybe two or three hundred
in what, fifty days? In all honesty, Bill, his
blackmail meant nothing. I would have simply flipped
him off and said, ‘Screw you. Go tell.’ I was curious
and have been for some time. Blackmail worked.
Blackmail got him a piece of ass with Larry and a few
others watching, maybe eight or ten others besides
Larry. We didn’t know any of them – just Larry and Don
Juan number two. He took me to a bedroom, stripped me
naked, and fucked me like a cheating slut. Larry got a
big kick out of that. I’m surprised he never said
anything, or has he?”

“No, not a word, but he wouldn’t be the type to foil a
man getting pussy off another man’s wife. Okay, so you
don’t flip him off because you’re curious. You’re not
still curious. You said ongoing blackmail.”

“Blackmail kept me dancing, but I like the way he
dances, and I love the way he blackmails. He has me
doing dance steps to music I never heard before. The
blackmail aspect has been a game all along, but a game
that never grows weary, not for me it doesn’t. He has
me doing dances I heavily frown on and he has me loving

“Okay, Annette, who is this dance instructor?”


“Greg Davis?”


“Oh, Christ, Annette. The man thinks he’s God’s gift to
women. He goes through women the way most men go
through underwear. Why couldn’t it be some nameless
fuck in an elevator? Why Professor Davis?”

“He’s a great dancer, I mean dance dancer. I love to
dance, and he is not the type that will fuck a nameless
woman in an elevator. He would make love to one in an
elevator, but only after proper introductions and a few
dances. He was half drunk at the party and went for a
quick rut, but that wasn’t the Greg who has been after
me for years.

Someone broke through the ice and grabbed me. Hell, I
was half drunk. It felt good. I was in the mood to rut
like a cheating slut – in seconds. I helped him get me
naked. I led him by the cock to the nearest bedroom. It
was Larry who gathered up my clothes and brought them
along and helped dress me again. Larry wiped my pussy.
I would have just laid there that way till you came in
with a keg and cried, ‘I found one. Where’s Annette.’
You’re right, Larry helps the cheaters.”

“But why Greg Davis? Christ, Annette, he’s in my
department. For that matter, so is Larry. I’m their
fucking Dean. Rule number one: You don’t fuck the
Dean’s wife. Rule number two: You don’t wipe the Dean’s
wife’s pussy so he won’t know. Rule number three:

The Dean’s wife does not fuck anything with a degree or
seeking to get a degree.”

“Well, I broke rule three because Greg makes me feel
like a beautiful woman – sexy, desirable, feminine,
adored, appreciated. I may be a fuck to him or another
notch on his bedpost, but he hides that fact very well.

He doesn’t say, ‘Come on; let’s fuck?’ He seduces. He
makes a woman want to have sex, unprotected sex. If he
had a condom on, a woman would remove it. He is well-
endowed and knows how to use it, a rare combination
that is a shame to ruin with rubber. Why Greg? I’ll
tell you why Greg. He would never say, ‘Babe, I need
some relief. How ’bout getting under the desk and
giving me a knob job while I finish grading these
papers?’ I doubt Greg ever asks or goes without knob
jobs. That’s why Greg.”

“This doesn’t sound like a fling that’s done and over.”

“It’s not.”

“Do you want a divorce?”

“What, to leave a man who has stood by me through thick
and thin, loves me dearly, and fathered most of my
kids, all except the one I’m carrying, a good provider
and fair lover when he wants to be, the man I love and
still love to go to a Don Juan wannabe who goes through
women the way you go through underwear – do I want a
divorce – no, Bill, I don’t want a divorce, but I would
understand if you did. I would not contest a divorce if
that’s what you want.”

“You plan to keep seeing him, don’t you?”

“Yes, we’re lovers, Bill. We are lovers playing a
blackmail game. I am playing a game of romance, love,
and sex under threat of blackmail. I am willing to play
this game until he moves on even if it costs me the man
I really love. I must play this game. I’m not getting
any younger. This may be my one and only shot at this
game. You have absolutely no interest in this game. You
never have; you never will. I accept that.

“You just want your sex the way you want it when you
want it. For the most part, you get it. It’s time you
gave me what I want, what I need, what I crave. If you
won’t give it; I’ll take it. I have taken it. I’m just
now telling you that I took it and will continue taking
it. Making this a gift from you would be a noble
gesture rewarded in knob jobs without the dirty looks.
I’ll even swallow. I swallow for Greg.”

“You swallow cum? You’re shitting me!”

“I shit you not. In the seven weeks we’ve been seeing
each other, I must have swallowed a gallon of his cum,
and he never once asked to have his dick sucked, much
less to orgasm in my mouth, or that I swallow his load,
milk out the rest, then lick his cock and balls. By the
way, about a quart of the cum was Larry’s.

“He won’t fuck the Dean’s wife, but he’ll let her suck
his cock. And, there is a cup or two belonging to
others in the department. Larry has a big mouth. He
raves about what a great cock sucker the Dean’s wife
is. Naturally, I blush before I kneel, and I always
kneel. Greg insists that the Dean’s wife kneel to suck
history department cock. He has rules, too, Bill.”

“Damn! How many history department cocks have you

“All nine, but don’t worry. This remains within the
department of history and the Dean must never find out
that his wife is a kneeling cock sucker who makes the
rounds wearing knee pads and a cum-stained lobster

“Well, I suppose I could live with that. I suppose I

“Furthermore, he has opened my back door to sex and
didn’t ask. He assumed and I let him though he is
considerably thicker and longer than you. I suffered
for him, but that door is now wide open for business.
You can now flip me over and fuck my ass, too. Thanks
to Greg, you now have a choice of three holes to fuck
and two don’t need a rubber.”

“Three for the next seven or eight months.”

“No, that hole still requires a rubber.”

“What, to get sloppy seconds off a pregnant wife. Think
again, baby.”

“Greg won’t tolerate sloppy seconds off of you even
days later sloppy seconds. Your sperm can’t mix, not in
my pussy it can’t. I’m sorry, Bill, but you wear a
rubber or that hole is off limits for the duration.”

“You’re shitting me!”

“I shit you not. I will cut you off for my lover,
completely if he wants me too. He is being generous
with you at my urging, but he expects to see gratitude
in return.”


“I’m serious, Bill. Do not provoke him. He can
completely cut you off and move you completely out of
the master bedroom. He is now the master of the master
bedroom. When the master comes, you go, or stay,
depending on what he wants you to do. Knowing Greg,
he’ll want you to stay just, get off the bed so that he
has room to operate. He’ll want you to take notes. I
want you to take good notes. There is more to fucking
me than sticking your dick in a hole and moving it the
way it feels good to you. If you learn how to fuck a
woman, you might get laid more often. You’d at least
get some repeat customers, maybe some repeat coed pussy
doing it for an orgasm instead of a passing grade.”

“Time fucking out. I’m not playing this stupid game –
you are. No big-dicked mother fucker without tenure is
pushing me out of my bed in my house.”

“No, I will and he will assist me in doing the pushing.
You are barely a match for me; you are no match for
Greg. The two of us could strip you naked and toss you
out of the house. Do not provoke Greg or take my game
lightly. I won’t let you ruin it. I’ll ruin you, first.
I’ll trash this marriage, sully your reputation,
humiliate you beyond measure, but you will not fuck
this up without paying a heavy price. Every faculty
member could know of our affair. Every faculty member
could see it. Would you like to live with that?”

“All right, Annette, I don’t need your threats.”

“I’m sorry, Bill, but I had to get through to you that
this is no game and you are playing this game we are no
longer playing. Greg wants you at the dance – taking
notes. I wish it weren’t this way, but Greg leads and I
follow his lead.”

Bill pushed her arm off his shoulder and stood to pace,
not hard this time, and not venting, just pacing and
thinking hard. When he stopped thinking hard, he said,
“I’m not sure I want to remain in this marriage under
these conditions. I’m not sure I can endure this type
of humiliation. Perhaps with someone other than a
fellow faculty member I could, but not one in my
department, nor one I detest. You should ask me to cut
off my balls. I would find that easier to deal with.”

“I would never want you to cut anything off. That would
do me no good when this is over, and it will be over
some day. Then, it’ll be me and you, same as before,
only hopefully better for both of us. Perhaps this will
help you decide and show you where I stand on your

He watched his lovely wife, stand, lift her dress,
turn, kneel on the bed, lay her head and chest to the
mattress and expose her ass along with a message
carefully scribed in big red letters: YOU MAY FUCK MY

Bill saw a sight he never thought he’d see – Annette’s
bare ass and her bare ass hole, in good light, KY-
Jellied and receptive looking as though ready to take
him to the balls in one mighty shove. He gazed upon a
sight that made his dick quickly rise. Not only was her
ass prepared, but her pussy had shaved lips. On
Annette, this was an awesome sight, also jellied and
receptive looking, also looking as though it had
recently received something quite large. Upon closer
examination, it wasn’t KY Jelly.

As he examined the gooey stuff on his fingers, she
said, “Is this the type of wife you’d like me to be,
Bill? Am I doing this right? I want you to know I find
this utterly degrading and thoroughly humiliating, but
I know this is what you like from a desperate coed who
is falling behind in her work. I assume, you also want
this from a wife who has proven herself to be an
unfaithful slut. By the way, that is fresh semen,
Greg’s semen.”

“Did he write this on your ass?”

“Yes, hence the terms may and my. I would have written,
‘You have permission to fuck Greg’s ass’ if I could
have written it there.”

Bill got his throbbing dick out and pressed the head to
her anal hole. She said, “Before you stick it in, there
is something else I need to tell you but was saving for
a time when you’d be in a better mood to hear it. You
feel like you’re in a good mood. Better yet, go ahead
and put it all in, but hold it there. Grip me tight.
When you hear what I have to say, you can shove me away
or fuck the shit out of me, but hear me out before you
fuck the shit out of me. Shove me away at any time. I
would rather not finish if it will put you in a bad
mood even with your cock up my ass.”

Bill didn’t like the sound of that, but did like the
thought of having his dick up her ass. He did that. She
was as good as any coed he’d ever been balls-deep in.
He then gripped her by the hips and waited with no
intention of shoving her away. Whatever it was, his
outrage could wait.

Annette said, “All set?”

“Yes, I’m all set.”

“Does my asshole feel good?”

“Feels great.”

“Do you want to fuck my ass real bad?”

“Oh yes.”

“You’ve waited a long time to have me like this. Was it
worth the wait?”

“We’ll see, now get on with it so I can fuck the shit
out of your sexy ass, you unfaithful slut.”

“I am, Bill, I am such an unfaithful slut. You have no
idea what a slut I am. I will never shy away from that
label, never.”

“Damn right, you won’t. I’m thinking of getting you a
necklace with that label on it and having you wear that

“I’d wear it in clothes that are appropriate to the

“I’m sure you would, but you get enough male attention
dressed as a decent mother and faithful wife. I won’t
help you advertise, though I’m sure you’d love that.”

“I meant I would let you humiliate me that way.
Furthermore, I’ll kneel and suck your cock with the
scent of failing student on it without making a
disagreeable face, even if it’s still wet or smelling

“Whatever you’ve done, Annette, I’m thinking it may be
worth it.”

“I want you to think so.”

“It worked, now tell me because I’ve got to fuck you.
No way am I pushing you away. This grip will not ease
until you’re all finished, and then I’m going to fuck
Greg’s ass.”

“At least you know whose ass you have your dick in.”

“Yes, I got that message. I accept that message. This
is Greg’s ass for the duration. This will keep me in
line even if ass is all I get. This ass is worth it.”

“Thank you, Bill, thank you so much. I am considering
this whole affair to be a gift from you to me. May I do

“Yes, Annette, this is my gift. You’re right, I’ve been
a lousy lover. You deserve much better. Maybe I will
learn something. I’ll try to keep the proper attitude
while studying under the master. Now, will you tell me
what it is that has you willing to offer me the world
to keep from strangling you after you went and got
yourself knocked up and passed that off as an
incidental event, as though a man stained your wedding
dress with semen while you were slow dancing at the

“I didn’t pass it off that lightly, Bill, and I bore
all the responsibility. A better analogy is taking my
wedding dress off at the reception and using it to wipe
my cunt after my lover fucked it in front of God and
everybody while the groom was out looking for a keg of
beer. I forgot to tell you he put my wedding ring up my
ass and then ram-rodded it up my colon, and I was in
this position.

“He told me what his intentions were and asked for the
ring while Arnold Walcoff prepared to shoot a video of
the event, getting the lighting just right. I took my
wedding ring off and handed it back to him, then
gripped the bedding. The next day had me digging
through shit in the toilet. Every time he sees me
wearing my wedding ring, it goes right back up my ass.
That’s pretty much where I wear it, now. Haven’t you

“No, I haven’t.”

“That doesn’t surprise me. I suppose you don’t feel
anything that doesn’t feel like shit, either.”


“Well, that doesn’t surprise me, either. He usually
sets it deep.

I suppose you haven’t noticed my shaved pussy, either.”

“Just now.”

“It’s been that way for almost a month.”

“Your lips have been shaved that long?”

“The whole thing has been bald for that long, Bill.
Christ! I thought for sure you knew and just didn’t
give a fuck.”

“I give a fuck. I wish I’d known. I would have asked a
few questions.”

“Yes, and we’d have had this talk sooner with the same
results only I wouldn’t be sweating strangulation.”

“You mean wiping your cunt with your wedding dress
wasn’t it?”

“No, just a better analogy, don’t you think?”

“Yes, a perfect analogy. It’s also a good place for
your wedding ring. I finally find something I approve
of whole-heatedly.”

“I was hoping you might. He certainly likes doing

“Okay, Annette, out with it.”

Annette took a deep breath then said, “He has the kids
playing, too. He wants this all out in the open.
They’ve seen everything. They’ve even seen me wipe my
cunt with my wedding dress. They get a big kick out of
that but a bigger kick watching me try to get it back.
They love to see me panic when one reaches for the
flush handle.”

“Oh fuck, Annette.”

“That’s not the half of it. They don’t just watch. He
is now having sex with Sandra – vaginal, anal, and oral
– unprotected sex. He wants it to remain unprotected
unless she asks for protection. I agreed to allow it
and so far she has said nothing.”

“Annette, she’s thirteen-years-old.”

“I know how old she is. I was there on the day she was
born. She’s almost fourteen, and this was her decision.
No one held her down. She saw something she liked and
wanted on it. She had an easier time taking Greg than I
did. She was not a virgin in any hole.”


“Yes, Sandy. You can’t blame Greg one bit for Sandy.
The poor man is completely innocent, but she isn’t. The
girl is a slut, Bill, and came to our bed a slut. John
and Marty like watching Mom and Sis get nasty together,
and Greg likes watching Mom and daughter get nasty
together. Sandy likes everything, evidently. She sure
loves shaving a pussy, but then so do John and Marty.
They all take their turn. Actually, if you had asked me
if I shaved my pussy I could have honestly said, no, I
never have shaved my pussy though I have had my pussy
shaved a hundred times at least. They get to decide
when Mommy’s pussy needs shaving and whose turn it is.
I have to allow them to examine me at their discretion,
and I get ten examinations to every shave.”

“Holy shit!”

“They love playing this game, Bill. They know it’s a
game, Mom’s great sexual adventure. This started
innocently with Greg wanting our affair to be out in
the open with regards to the kids. He wanted to take
them on dates, do things as a family – The Dean’s wife,
her lover, and the kids. I found the idea terribly
wicked and erotic. That also solved a big problem with
us getting together.

“You’re never home and you always call to see if you
need to pick anything up on the way home. Having the
kids watch us making love turned him on. I knew they
found my body fascinating and would love to see his
mega dick. What kid wouldn’t want to watch two adults
fucking. I sat them all down and explained everything
before we brought them in on anything. I offered them a
chance to play and they leapt at it.”

“I can see them doing that. I can see Greg wanting

“They leapt, and they thoroughly enjoyed every nasty
naughty second, but they live in fear of the day it
will end, and you never saw three kids kiss a man’s ass
like our three do for Greg. Your daughter is a whore
for that man and the only birth control she’s
interested in using is her cute, cum-sucking asshole to
lure his cock out of her tight pussy. When she can see
she is losing that battle, she switches gears and uses
her pussy to suck his dick.

“You never saw a pussy suck a dick before. I have. If
she gets pregnant, it’s her own fault. I won’t feel
sorry for her. In fact, I love watching her pussy suck
cock. I can get her pussy to suck cock by playing with
her clit. The conniving little bitch got me pregnant
that way. Like the kids say, pay back’s a mother. If
she gets pregnant, you can hold me responsible, and I
see that you are still holding me tight. Well, that’s
it, Bill. What do you want to do – hold me responsible,
or hold me tight and fuck the shit out of me?”

Bill fucked the shit out of her, but as usual, he
fucked the shit out of her too quick. This time, way
too quickly – under one minute. He then soaked in
shitty cum for another three with no words being
spoken. He finally said, “This is degenerate, illegal
as hell and degenerate.”

“Greg is aware of that, too. He has no desire to let
any of this shit get out. Mum’s the word. This
degenerate shit will never get out from under our roof.
The kids understand the consequences. This is one of
those dances I never thought I’d do, but one I can’t
seem to stop, and the kids are the reason. They are
keeping me on the dance floor, Bill.

“I think this would have been over a month ago, before
I got pregnant, but your daughter would have none of
that. She keeps Greg coming back. They all do. They’ll
do anything to get him to come back, to include
knocking me up. They think the blackmail is real. They
whisper shit into his ear and he blackmails me into
doing it. That’s how they get what they want –
blackmail, only they do it through him.”

“This is some romantic game you’re playing, Annette.”

“It was until the kids got involved, but in all
honesty, they made it better, different but better.
This is raw, unadulterated, nasty sex, now, something
more up your alley. I have fought hard not to involve
you, but they want you involved. Their ideas make Greg
grin and they make me shudder.

“It’s not me and Greg doing this to you, it’s your
kids. Greg didn’t write this, the kids wrote it. They
gave him the idea behind my back. He gave the order and
made them write this shit on my ass – in this position.
They all act like they hate to do it and they are
totally innocent, but you see how much time and detail
they devoted to the lettering. He only told them to
write the message, not make it large, bold, and fancy.”

“This must have taken them an hour.”

“Almost. They all worked at it together, keeping me in
the most humiliating position a mother could be in, not
to mention immediately following sexual intercourse
without a rubber.”

“Did you give them any static?”

“No, I never do, and Greg wasn’t here. He doesn’t have
to be. I turn myself over to them. They do whatever
they have been ordered to do, but they do it their way
and always take their sweet time. The shaves and the
exams are no different, usually naked on my back with
my legs held out in the splits. They love playing with
my pussy, so that is now an order, to play with my
pussy whenever any of them feels the urge to play with

“The exams aren’t exams, just excuses to get me in a
good position to play with my pussy – drives me up a
fucking wall. They love to bring me to the edge and
then lose interest. Keeps me horny and eager to undergo
more exams. They keep me horny for Greg. When he
arrives, he finds a slut. They love watching their Mom
act the slut. They are quite transparent but they don’t
seem to realize that. They have no idea that Greg tells
me everything or that I share everything with him. They
don’t know we get together without them, or ever have a
chance to talk without at least one being present.
Bill, your dick seems to be getting hard again.”

“It is. You’re right. This is right up my alley.”

“Is this a game you could get into?”

“I’m into this game up to the balls.”

“Ummm, yes, it sure feels that way. You know, Bill,
your daughter is starting to fall behind in her school
work. She needs to be taken in hand. You should help
her the way you help inspire your errant coeds.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“She lets John, Marty, and Bruno fuck her in the ass,
why not her daddy?”

“She lets the damn dog fuck her in the ass!”

“That was one of those things meant to show me that
Greg can do with her as he pleases and I have to watch
and take it. That was a very poor acting job of bestial
anal rape with her brothers holding her for it. That
certainly wasn’t her first or their first time serving
as Bruno assistants. That girl can catch a bobbing dog
dick with her anus nine out of ten times, and when she
fails, her pussy can suck a dog dick just as well as a
human dick. That girl is quite the little whore and
very anal. Have yourself a ball if you don’t mind
sloppy seconds after the dog.”

“Hell, Annette, I got that mutt for you fully hoping
for sloppy seconds. I never dreamed he’d mount Sandy.”

“I’m was well aware why you bought him and made him an
inside mutt. I’m not stupid, and you can be as
transparent as your kids.”

“Did you ever kneel for him?”

“No, but Sandy has practically turned me into Bruno’s

“Do you like it?”

“Well, the anal and vaginal sex isn’t bad, but getting
fucked in the mouth by a mutt was ten degrees into my
humiliation and disgust red zone. They had to breed me
three times a day – once in the pussy, once in the ass,
and once in the mouth. They hated having to do that to
me, absolutely hated it – BULL SHIT. Mating Mommy was
the major events of their day, and the mating they most
enjoyed was the mating that made me sick. Three days
ago, Greg gave the order: The bitch is only to be mated
in the mouth.”

“Damn! Three times a day in the mouth?”

“In the throat, Bill, in the fucking throat. I’m not
talking blow jobs. I’m talking about getting fucked in
the mouth. They have to pull him out every thirty
seconds to allow me to breathe. The fucker cums in my
belly while humping my face. My mouth is a bitch pussy.
After he cums, I’m supposed to hold his dick in my
mouth until the knot goes down – sometimes fifteen
minutes with my lips sealed around the shaft. That is
to imitate a bitch pussy. Our kids love seeing their
mother with a dog’s dick in her mouth. Our damn dog
loves having his dick in my mouth.”

“Are we having fun, yet?”

“Fuck you! Actually, yes, we are. The kids enjoy it so
much that the fun is contagious. I’m getting used to it
and quite good at it. Throat fucking has helped
tremendously with my deep-throat blow jobs. I can now
take Greg to the balls. He has a measured eleven-inch
cock, you know.”

“I know. I hear he can line nine quarters along his

“It’s true. We did that with room for a dime. He has a
$2.35 cock. John has a ninety cent dick and Marty’s is
a sixty cent dick. I guessed you were packing a $1.25
maybe a $1.50. Sandy was interested.”

“What is Bruno packing?”

“Hard to tell with that big knot, but we can get eight
quarters to lie in front of it and three behind it.
Allowing a dollar for that knot, I’d say that mutt was
packing a $3.75 pecker.”

“Fuck! Can anyone take a $3.75 pecker?”

“We both do in both holes, but the trick is to get him
in past the knot before it forms. There’s no getting it
in after, and there’s no mouth fucking a Bruno dick
that doesn’t have a fully formed knot. If that knot
were to form inside the mouth, you could kiss your ass
good-bye. I understand we almost lost our daughter that
way. They say she turned blue and was dragged half
conscious through the house while the boys beat the dog
senseless. That’s what your gift almost did.”

“I had no idea my little girl would try to suck it, or
that something like that could happen. Hell, I’ve never
seen his knot.”

“Well, that experience has spared me from having to
learn the hard way.”

“Annette, you said Sandy got you pregnant. Would you
expound on that.”

“That would be a good thing to expound on. If you like
degenerate shit, that will get you humping and

“You like ass fucking, do you?”

“I do, now that I wear my wedding ring up there. Okay,
you want to know how an innocent girl can get her Mommy
pregnant. I’ll tell you exactly how it’s done. First,
some setup. We were three weeks into the game and one
week into the version with kids along. They had been
out on a few outings, saw a lot of passionate making
out, and witnessed sex maybe five or six times.

“They weren’t involved, just along to observe; in fact,
they had strict instructions to just watch – no
talking, no touching, no questions, be like ghosts.
They were good ghosts which surprised me. There were
many times I would forget they were there though they
gathered on the bed on either side of us. They wanted
to see it all, up-close and personal, especially the
cock/cunt connection, so they had to be very good
ghosts for me to forget them.

“Greg and I talked openly during sex, and the sex was
more love making, nothing really vulgar, lots of
holding and kissing. They saw oral and vaginal, but no
anal, and didn’t get to see much of our genitals while
we made love. As we grew more comfortable with three
ghosts looking on, we began making love in better
positions that revealed more of what they wanted to
see, the all important mega cock moving in Mommy’s

“That never bothered Greg, but it bothered me a great
deal. If they could see that, I could not put them out
of my mind. They stared hard and came in too close,
crowding my personal space at a very personal time. I’m
not saying this didn’t turn me on. It did very much,
though the purpose was to share something natural,
beautiful, and terribly intimate. I convinced myself
that this was sex education taken to its extreme, but
something good, but it was not my purpose or intent to
put on vulgar sexual exhibitions for them.

“Like everything else, it started innocent and good and
degenerated from there. We’d start off making love and
end up fucking, rutting in front of the kids. I finally
consented to go all out and allow them to see ass
fucking the way he liked to fuck a woman’s ass – in
this position, knees wide, chest and head on the
mattress, butt up, cheeks pulled apart, the works. I
died a thousand deaths but knew it would come to that,
so I just did it and got that behind us.”

Bill said, “With the ring?”

“No, not the first time. The first time was just to
break that anal barrier and reduce me to a writhing
slut. After that, there was little or no lovemaking,
mostly rutting, highlighting the cunt/cock connection
for them. It’s about our sixth time and our third rut.
Greg and I had discussed my upcoming fertility cycle
and what to do about it. Neither of us wanted a
pregnancy to result and we didn’t want rubbers brought
into play, so we agreed on pulling out or depositing
the seed in a safe hole.

“Good plan, so when next fucked, I brought the subject
up in front of the kids, making it look like the
subject just came up. I was on my back. He was on his
knees fucking my wide beaver. He said he’d cum in my
ass and that’s what he did. When he was ready to cum,
he just dropped down one hole. The kids were obviously
disappointed to find that he was a man of his word. I
didn’t expect that. He didn’t either, but no one was as
disappointed as Sandy.

“When I went off to the bathroom, she slugged him and
said he was a dummy. He could have cum in me and
claimed it was an accident. He said he was sorry, but
he couldn’t have that kind of accident.

She said, ‘suppose I could make her want you to cum in
her pussy? Would you do it?’ He said he would. Well, he
sees me at the university the following morning and
tells me of this conversation. He wants to know how to
handle this. I thought about it and told him that if
she can make me want it, go ahead.

“I had no idea what she had in mind besides lobbying
hard for a baby brother or sister. That had no chance
of flying. I wasn’t worried, so that night, we’re in
that same position. Sandy is at her usual place at my
right hip, over-looking the scene of his big cock
taking long strokes. I’m lying there with my legs wide,
rolling with the motion. We’re building up a head of
steam and she still hasn’t said shit. I figured she
abandoned that idea as being a waste of breath, but
just as we’re getting to the point where we need to
switch holes, her hand slides in and onto my mound and
begins toying with the curls that I still had at that

“That was a no no. Ghosts can’t touch, but her touching
me there kept my mouth shut and made my pelvic action
better, which encouraged her to venture a finger into
the groove and onto my clit. That did it. From that
point, he wasn’t fucking me; I was fucking him. In
fact, he stopped fucking altogether and watched with
his hands on his hips.

“Sandy then got serious, got to her knees, and brought
both hands into play. She had me fucking myself on the
full length of his cock. When he announced that he was
about to cum, her fingers went at my clit in a flurry
while the other hand gripped a handful of pubic hair
and dragged my cunt to his groin. She dragged, but I
wasn’t trying to get away. Just the opposite. My pussy
smashed her clit-rubbing hand against his groin. She
kept right on rubbing while he pumped me full of cum.
She rubbed me through a fantastic orgasm, then massaged
me down from it, still gripping my pubic hair.

“There was no dashing to the bathroom to wash it out.
She kept me on his cock with a wonderful pussy massage
that begged an explanation but I asked for none. I just
laid there holding myself up with my legs out in the
splits, offering my stuffed pussy for her expert
massage – two handed after she saw that she didn’t need
to hold me by the hair. She massaged him and me, got
her hands all wet doing it, but she kept him hard and
me plugged, soaking in potent sperm, determined that we
were going to make a baby whether we liked it or not.
She got us fucking again and her hands remained on us
the whole time. In fact, she jacked his second load
into me then kept us joined for an hour after that.
That’s how a daughter knocks up her Mommy.”

“Fuck. Did you say anything to her later on?”

“No, and the next time we fucked, she took control of
our genitals before we were even connected. She decided
when the time was right. She held the cock, aimed it at
the hole, then lured me onto it by working my clit.
From then on, she kept us connected. She kept control.
She handled all the fucking throughout my fertile
period, but she did it by working on Greg to use
blackmail to force my compliance. The second time we
met, she had orders to get me pregnant. The silly bitch
had the nerve to act like she didn’t want to do that. I
think it was the following day that she received a
phone call to shave my pussy, a phone call she placed.
She handed me the phone and then looked innocent. Greg
asked my how I wanted to handle that.”

Bill said, “How did you want to handle that? I’ve been
trying to get you to shave since the day we met.”

“I was on the spot. I didn’t want you finding out. Me
with a bald pussy was as good as an admission of having
a lover who liked his pussy without hair, but if I
balked, the game was over. His blackmail couldn’t make
me do anything. She was standing right there watching
me. I was in no way ready to stop, so I made a decision
and told Greg that I would allow her to shave my pussy,
but this was as far as I’d go.

“Of course, I also said that when he demanded I let him
fuck my ass, and said it again when he ordered me to
cooperate with Sandy in getting pregnant. I always say
that, then take another step and say it again. Anyway,
we have been stepping down a degenerate spiral
staircase ever since with the kids leading the way down
and Sandy out in front. They now have complete control
over me. Whatever they want, they get. They want it

“And now they want me.”

“They want us. I see that story put you in a good mood.
Well, are you going to just stand there like a dog that
just finished fucking a girl in the ass and can’t get
out until his knot goes down?”

He didn’t, and this time he lasted much longer – ten
full minutes. With the help of her finger, she managed
to get off. Bill didn’t soak this time. He pulled out
and went to wash his dick. Annette sat on the toilet
and drained. She wiped, but brought a towel with her
back to the bed. She sat on the towel. He took a seat
beside her. She said, “You’ve cum twice. You must be
thinking with a clear head right now. You now have a
clear picture. What do you think of the Dean’s wife?”

“I was just thinking about that. Were you trying to get
my goat when you told me you sucked off every man in
the department?”

“No, but I was trying to be cute with that knee pads
and lobster bib thing. I don’t really wear them. I know
you find this upsetting, Bill, but Greg knows you can’t
run a department with this being common knowledge. He
and Larry are in agreement, but they also want to keep
using, humiliating, and degrading the Dean’s wife
behind his back. They have already done that. What’s
done can’t be undone. I cooperated fully and completely
at a time when I would have done anything to please
Greg – Greg and Larry – mostly Greg.

“I was taken to the others individually along with Greg
and Larry. We met in their private offices where I was
put through my paces, stripped naked, fucked, wiped my
cunt with my wedding dress, the works. I sucked off all
three as a grand finale, usually while masturbating or
fucking myself with something. The Dean’s wife is
totally ruined. She is an unfaithful slut and eager
cock sucker. Everyone knows it, even secretaries,
student assistants, and some wives I would imagine.
They all look at me like they know.”

“I see.”

“That’s all? I see? What do you see?”

“Nothing. My best course of action is to see nothing.
They’re right. I could not run a department if this
were common knowledge that I was aware of and permitted
to go on. I’m surprised Greg and Larry give a fuck.
Larry could have my chair.”

“You may not believe this, but they respect you, and
Larry likes his own chair – no pressure – decent hours
– more pussy. The whole department wants you right
where you are, happy and ignorant. Evidently, you are a
great Dean to profess under.”

“I try to be. I’m curious, though. Why are you telling
me? You could have left that out.”

“Not in all fairness. I resolved to lay it all out for
you when I had to come clean. That was a big part. I
feel badly about my part in that part. You have good
grounds for divorce because of that part. The bad part
about this part is that this part won’t end when Greg
and I part. I will still be viewed as an unfaithful
slut who will gladly kneel and suck cock.

“I see no reason why any man in that department
wouldn’t take me by the hand and lead me into his
office, there to strip me naked and fuck me like a
slut, or strip me naked to kneel and suck cock, but
they all like stripping me naked. I’m sure some will
strip me naked and just sit back and watch me
masturbate while lying back on a desk in a splits-wide
beaver. That was terribly popular, too.”

“The question is, will you go and allow yourself to be
used that way?”

“Yes. I already have a number of times with each.”

“You’re fucking them?”

“Not yet. I am the Dean’s wife but I am Greg’s woman.
He doesn’t share those holes with other men, but when
he sets me free, those holes are up for grabs.”

“So, anyone in the department can fuck you?”

“I made them all that offer, yes. I can’t very well say
I changed my mind without saying you changed it. I told
them I was an unfaithful slut that loved to suck and
fuck, then proved it. How do I take it back without
them looking at you or Jesus?”

“It’s that bad, huh?”

“Yes, it’s that bad. Larry and Greg wanted to make sure
this stuck, and couldn’t be unstuck without me going to
you, having you call a department meeting, and telling
everyone to stop taking the Dean’s wife to your
offices. That would stop it, but I’m sure they are
counting on me not telling you or you not having the
balls to call a meeting.”

“You could just stay away from the department.”

“The department is my social life while the kids are in
school. Since this started, I’m there almost as much as
you are. I help out. I run errands. I answer phones.
Put on slutty exhibitions. How will it look if I
suddenly stop coming down there and hanging around?
Besides, I don’t want to stop. Your department is my
social life. I am the Dean’s wife. I have a role. For
one, I free you to do Dean stuff.”

“What you’re saying is, you want to be the department

“I already am. What I’m saying is, I don’t want to stop
as long as I am still the Dean’s wife. I guess what I’m
saying is, you have three choices: accept this, call a
meeting and end this, or divorce me and bar me from the
building. There is one thing else I’m saying. I want to
turn our home sex life over to Sandy. That’s what she’s
after – total control of all the sex that goes on in
this house.

“She is dead set and determined to control all of it.
She is a sexual control freak, but she’ll do a much
better job than we ever did. Sex will never be boring.
There will never be a day without a few fantastic
orgasms. That girl can play my body like a musical
instrument, and she’ll do the same with your body.
She’ll have you singing through your penis.”

“She’s that good, is she?”

“Greg raves about her. She has John and Marty wrapped
around her little finger, and Bruno thinks she is some
sort of bitch goddess. I see why. She makes me wish I
had a dick. When I stick my tongue up her pussy, she
sucks it. I’m not shitting you. Her pussy can suck. Her
pussy can smoke a cigarette and drink a thick milk
shake through a small straw. That girl is not normal,
but her heart is in the right place and sex is for fun.
We’ll have fun if we just say, ‘Fuck it; it’s all
yours, Sandy.'”

“Is that what you’ve done?”

“Since the day she placed her hand on my pubic mound, I
have. Until recently, it has all been under the pretext
of blackmail, but lately, she initiates acts that
aren’t in the script. She is testing her limits and
finding out she has none and doesn’t need Greg.”

“Hummm, sounds interesting. Actually, the whole thing
sounds interesting. I always wanted a slut, a blue
collar slut who fucks mutts. I never considered an
academic slut who sucks mutts.”

“Opens up a whole new ball game, doesn’t it?”

“Opens up a world of possibilities I never dreamed of.”

“I would have thought you had, but I sure never did. My
eyes are wide open, now. Sandy will keep my legs open.
I like them open.”

“I like them open. Well, shit Annette. Let’s go for it.
Like you say, the Dean’s wife is ruined. No use in
crying over spilled cum.”

“Or a wedding ring that you can’t see for shit.”

“Yeah, gotta keep that ring in deep shit.”


They kissed and began their marriage anew.

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