Nikki and the Boaters


It was a gorgeous day for a sail. We set out from our
slip at about 9:00 a.m. in 10 knot SE winds, and in
less than an hour the yacht club was no more than a
barely visible memory to stern. Jimmy had purchased the
boat only two years ago, and was still learning the
finer points of sailing, but his sailing classes had
been more than enough to allow us to enjoy our days on
the water.

I particularly enjoy the time out, because as soon as
we are out of sight of land, I get completely naked.
Well, not completely. I keep my deck shoes on when I’m
upright (Which isn’t much) because I’d taken a scary
spill over the side once before, slipping barefoot on
wet fiberglass. I’m sure it’s pretty funny looking, but
I love having the freedom to ride around the Atlantic
without any clothes at all, so I do, padding around in
nothing but my Topsiders, which I also remove when I
get to the foredeck to sunbathe.

Jimmy certainly doesn’t seem to mind. The water makes
us both horny as hell, and we often drop sails, throw
out the sea anchor, and screw somewhere on deck.
Between the water, the sun, and my brazen nudity, he’s
usually good for three or four rounds in day-long sail!

Lately, we’d taken to bringing along one or two of his
friends from the hospital from time to time. The boat
is a lot easier to sail with three or four to crew her,
and he’s always enjoyed watching me fuck other men.

Today, however, it was Jimmy and me, and we were both
looking forward to enjoying each other. As the strip of
land drifted away behind us, I went below to remove my
shorts and T-shirt. I grabbed the exercise mat from its
place beneath the starboard bunk and dragged it back
out with me, clopping along to the foredeck in only my
well-worn deck shoes.

“Jesus, you have a cute ass!” Jimmy called after me.

I turned and called back, “I know! Why don’t you come
show me how much you like it?”

“Just a little longer, honey. Let me get us a little
further out.
You get a little sun!”

I traveled the rest of the way forward, and spread out
the foam pad that I used to cushion the hard surface of
the deck. It bore the signs of many a sweaty day in the
sun, and a number of sexual adventures. The sun and
salt air tended to bleach it all out over time, but not
everything. I smiled inwardly as I remembered a
particularly satisfying threesome that had produced a
noticeable stain.

Kicking off my shoes, I lay down and coated myself with
sunscreen. Even using a #15, our many days in the sun
had produced in me a deep, even tan that I enjoyed very
much. Being blonde and fair skinned I have always been
careful about the sun, but I had managed to achieve a
killer tan this summer even so, and one without much in
the way of tan lines. If you look closely, you can see
the shadows of a tiny bikini that I keep below for
those days when the water seems a bit crowded, and I
don’t feel comfortable being totally nude, but you
won’t see them unless you look for them.

Being not-exactly-thin, my bikini serves to make me
decent, covering aureoles and pubic triangle. But as it
barely covers a third of my breasts and less of my
behind, it also serves to tease, I think. Jimmy says
it’s amazing the way I can put on the suit and look
more naked than I do without it.

Today, however, was not a day for the bikini. Not
another boat within sight anywhere. I lay down on my
back and closed my eyes. The steady breeze and 1-2 foot
waves lulled me into a gentle sleep as the sun warmed
my skin, expecting to be awakened shortly by Jimmy’s
hands or his lips on my breasts.

Instead, I woke a few minutes later to the shift of the
boat’s trim as Jimmy turned the boat to starboard. He
was struggling to manage the wheel and the boom, so I
slipped on my shoes and toddled aft to help. “What’s
up, baby?” I asked as I gathered line for Jimmy as he
drew in the sail, then let it out again as we turned
across the wind.

“Look, over there.” He pointed in the direction toward
which we had turned, and I saw the last flicker of a
red flare as it settled toward the water. “Looks like
somebody’s in trouble, gotta help. Sorry babe. Another
day, huh?” I nodded agreement, disappointed but knowing
that we needed to respond if there were trouble. One of
those law of the sea things…

“Guess I’d better put something on, huh?” I teased
Jimmy, wiggling my butt at him as I disappeared below.
I decided that the bikini would just have to do. I
wasn’t going to blow all this great sun. I pulled on
the bottoms, a tiny white triangle in front and a
slightly larger one behind, joined a the sides by
strings that I wore low on my hips, sort of 70’s style.
I adjusted one of the side ties, tightening it a
little, and pulled the bikini top over my head,
positioning the small white patches of fabric over my
nipples before tying the strings loosely behind my

“You gonna wear that?” Jimmy asked as I emerged from
the cabin. “Who knows who we’ll run into out here…”

“I don’t care. This is our fun time, and I like being
seen in this. You don’t mind, do you?” Jimmy grinned
and shook his head, looking ahead. We could now see a
power boat floating ahead of us. It appeared to be dead
in the water. As we drew closer, Jimmy relaxed more and
more on the sails, trying to slow the boat. He wasn’t
sure how we’d stop when we reached them, so about 100
yards out, he dropped the mainsail and motored in

Approaching the boat, we found four scared and rather
young boaters. Seems they’d skipped summer school and
taken one of the boys’ father’s boat out for a joy
ride. Not knowing a great deal about the boat, they’d
managed to burn up the outboard, and then in the
process of putting out the fire, they thought they’d
killed the electrical system, because they couldn’t get
the radio to work. This was the reason for the flare
when they’d seen our mast.

Leaving me to tend the boat, Jimmy swam over to theirs
to see what he could do. They became even more sheepish
when Jimmy flipped a couple of switches and began
calling the Coast Guard on their radio. He gave them
our location and asked that a tow be sent out, which
they said would not be able to get to us for some time.
As we were in no immediate distress, they were
responding first to two more urgent calls. Swimming
back to our boat, Jimmy had them throw two lines, so
that we wouldn’t drift apart. I got out the bumper
things as Jimmy and the boys drew the boats together,
and we waited together for the tow to arrive.

Jimmy invited them aboard, and we all sat around
talking as we waited. Jimmy allowed the boy whose dad
owned the boat to use his cellular phone to call his
father and tell him where we were, what was up, and
that everyone was all right. It was clear that he was
in a lot of trouble as he ended the conversation, but
at least his folks wouldn’t worry.

We opened the cooler and pulled out beers for all as we
sat in the increasingly hot sun. There wasn’t a lot to
eat on board, only some crackers and a few pieces of
fruit, but we shared that, too. The boys were from St.
Alban’s high school, all seniors, taking classes that
were supposed to be preparation for their first
semesters at various colleges. All four were swimmers,
and all had a scholarship to swim somewhere, but they
thought they might have some eligibility problems, so
they’d decided to work a little this summer, “little”
being the operative word. Their names, I learned were
Terry, Stephen, Roger, and Mike.

I made no attempt to be particularly modest around
them, and from time to time I saw one or the other of
them staring at me, or exchanging “Oh, wow” glances
with a friend as I moved around the boat in my tiny
white suit. Jimmy saw it too, and we exchanged smiles a
few times. I thought that the boys weren’t bad to look
at either. They had swimmers’ builds, broad shoulders
that tapered to narrow waists, hard, flat stomachs and
firm, small butts. Too bad they were so young…

Jimmy opened another round of beers for the boys and
asked me for some help forward. I followed him, aware
of four pairs of eyes boring into my backside. I walked
as sexily as I could, slogging around in deck shoes…
Reaching the foredeck, I asked, “What’s up, babe?”

“You want these guys?”

“No, Jimmy, they’re just boys!”

“Yeah, but I saw you looking them over, and they’re
legal enough. Besides, I remember when I was eighteen,
I could get it up three, four times in a row. Could be
fun?” His eyes twinkled as I cast a glance back at the
boys, who looked quickly away from us. “See?” continued
Jimmy, “they’re hot for you, and it’s gonna be hours
before help comes. Why not?”

It had been five or six months since my little escapade
with the basketball team. I’d enjoyed that a lot, but
neither of us had found a suitable bunch for another
group fuck. And here we were, stuck for several hours
with four young, horny teenagers. Why not indeed. I
looked back at Jimmy and smiled my consent. “But only
if I can have you too,” I added.

“You kidding? That basketball thing was the last time
I’m sitting by just to watch! Of course you get me too.
No way around it!” He gave my ass a pat and a pinch as
we returned to the aft portion of the boat. I wasn’t
sure who was supposed to say what, but Jimmy took care
of that.

“So, boys, you all like girls?” They looked at one
another, a little confused, but nodded and said, yes,
they all liked girls. “Thought so. You like the way my
wife looks? She’s pretty hot, isn’t she?” Another round
of confused glances. One or two looked at me to see
what I thought of all this. I just smiled. Finally,
they all agreed that I was pretty hot. Not the sort of
response that builds your self confidence, but they
seemed nervous.

“Well, you see, I’m asking, because Nikki here loves to
fuck, sometimes several guys at a time. And she likes
you, thinks you’re pretty hot too. So, you wanna fuck?”
He was met with stony silence.

“Really,” I chimed in. “No strings, no demands, just a
fun way to spend a few hours while we wait. When your
tow comes, you go your way, we go ours, and that’s it.
What do you think?”

After another moment’s hesitation, one of the boys, the
one named Terry, looked right at me and said, “Okay,
sure, why not?”

I stood as I said, “Good. Now, how about helping me get
this off?” I beckoned for him to draw closer. “Untie
this one behind my neck.” He leaned closer to reach
behind my neck, and his chest brushed my breasts. I ran
my hands down his sides, tracing the rippling muscles.
He continued to fumble as his friends looked on and I
dragged my nails gently across his flat belly and began
to toy with the waistband of his baggy swimsuit. He

He succeeded in untying the simple bow at last, and the
top of my suit fell to my waist, exposing my full
breasts. I guided his hands to them, then drew his head
down until his lips locked onto one large soft nipple.
As his friends looked on, I pulled him against my chest
with one hand, untying the remainder of the top with
the other. Moving his mouth from one breast to the
other, he left the first nipple erect and hard. Tiny
thrills ran from my breasts right to my toes as his
lips continued to pleasure them.

Pulling him upright, I drew him to me and kissed him
deeply, exploring his mouth with my tongue as I slipped
my hand between us and searched for the fleshy tube I
so desired. I found what I’d expected through the thin
nylon fabric, a firm, semi-erect cock which I squeezed
and rubbed gently. His hands found my ass, and slipped
beneath the useless triangle of white to fondle my

I slid both my hands beneath the elastic waist of his
suit, and began tugging, anxious to plant an equally
passionate kiss on his rapidly growing prick. I bent
down, and finally knelt in front of him to pull down
the baggy shorts. As I did he popped free, bouncing at
half-staff until I’d tugged the swimsuit all the way to
the deck. Straightening, I took Terry’s hot dick as far
into my mouth as I could, and pulled it out. I licked
the underside, down to the base, down to the thick,
dark, curly hair that covered his scrotum. Then
stroking the wet shaft with my hand, I nuzzled and
kissed his balls.

At first, the others maintained what was either a
respectable or a shocked silence. As I moved my mouth
back to Terry’s swollen cockhead, my audience began to
erupt. “Oh, man, look at that,” one boy said to
another. “Man, this is seriously hot,” said the third.

I looked around at the boys, whose eyes were wide with
Their hands were all in their laps, rubbing their own
cocks intently.
Jimmy smiled and winked when I caught his eye.

Terry wasn’t far from coming, I sensed, so I stood back
up and kissed him again before asking, “You ready to
put that someplace warm and wet?” He nodded. I said,
“Well, you’d better get these off.” I pointed toward my
crotch. Terry bent to untie the bikini bottoms. As he
did he kissed my belly and ran a hand between my legs
to the soft mound there. Grasping the flimsy fabric, he
pulled it away, and it fell to the deck. I had my
fingers in his hair as his lips traveled northward
across my breasts and his fingers played in the soft
blonde triangle above my pubic mound.

I stood before them all now completely naked. I smiled
at the boys as I turned my back to Terry and bent over,
waiting as he lifted his prick’s fleshy tip to the
moist slit between my legs. The rocking of the boat,
though, was too much for me. I found that, bent over as
I was, I couldn’t keep my balance. “Terry, I don’t
think this is gonna work,” I said over my shoulder.
“What say we use my little mattress up front?” I
pointed forward, and Terry nodded.

Abandoning the safety of my deck shoes, I stepped up
and walked forward along the starboard side, leading
Terry. Looking back, I could only laugh as he used both
hands to steady himself, leaving his O-so- hard cock to
bounce and weave with each tentative step. I arrived at
my exercise pad, and lay on my back, legs spread, and
waiting. I played with my clit as I waited, raising it
to a hard, sensitive knot. Then Terry crept between my
legs, kneeling and bending over me.

I guided his rigid cock to the entrance to my pussy,
and he pushed it home. I was very wet with
anticipation, so he entered me easily in several slow
strokes. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on his
strong shoulders as he began to work his hot dick in
and out in long, even movements. I drew my knees up and
to the sides without even thinking to allow him easier,
deeper penetration. Each stroke was a little quicker
than the last, a little more forceful. I remembered
that he’d already been near an orgasm once, and
realized that he’d come quickly.

“Okay, Terry, that’s real nice. It’s real good, baby.
Now, go ahead, let it go. Let it go. I want you to
come. We can do it again, if you want, later. Let it
go, baby. Come for me, come for me,” I said softly into
his ear, encouraging him to give himself to his orgasm.

“Oh, Nikki. Oh, baby, yes, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna C-
CUM!” he groaned. His movements became more and more
rapid and spasmodic as his orgasm neared. I stayed
quite still, concentrating on each sensation. At last
his steaming cock erupted, and began to shoot thick,
gooey cum into my pussy. “Oh, baby, that was so good,”
I purred as his passion subsided and he rolled aside.

Looking around, I saw Jimmy and the other three
standing around me. The boys had stripped, and had hard
dicks in their hands. Jimmy looked on happily, aware
that he’d surely get his, too. The boys were all very
much aroused, and I suspected that, between playing
with themselves and watching me fuck their buddy,
they’d all be even quicker to come.

“Mike, you want to be next?” I said to the boy standing
at my feet, or really, between my feet. His eyes barely
moved from the shiny pink lips of my pussy as he nodded
and knelt between my legs. “I’m nearly ready, Mike. Can
you get me to come?” I whispered as his cock pressed
its way home and his chest pressed hard on my own.

He propped on his elbows, and I held him close as Mike
ground himself into me with his strong abs. His cock
was hot and hard inside me, and his closeness pressed
the base of his rod against my clit with each grinding
stroke. “Oh, baby, yes, that’s it, that’s it,” I moaned
to his incessant beat. “Oh, yes, I’m coming baby. Just
like that, don’t stop, I’m coming!”

He kept his motions exactly as I’d asked as I careened
into my first orgasm. “Uh, uh, uuuhh,” I grunted as I
came. My hips began to pitch up to meet Mike’s thrusts,
and his frequency increased. I grabbed the lean,
muscled cheeks of his ass and pulled him into me as his
own movements became frantic, and he released his own
load of cum. He continued to move, slowing only
gradually as his orgasm and the rigidity of his cock
both ebbed. He pulled out, already only half-hard, and
sat leaning on the mast.

Roger and Stephen stood poised, waiting to take Mike’s
place. Jimmy, too, looked more than ready. “Jimmy, come
lie down here, baby.” I gestured to the mat, and he lay
on his back beside me as I sat up. Straddling his hairy
chest with my knees, I settled backward until I felt
the soft, swollen tip of his prick slip between my cum
soaked labia and begin to penetrate.

I stopped descending, and Jimmy did the rest, lifting
his hips until I’d engulfed all of his gorgeous cock
with wet warmth. One long, easy stroke and he was in.
Out, out, almost all the way, cockhead nearly visible
between my legs, then in again, deep and hard. I sat
up, keeping my hips a few inches above Jimmy’s. He
continued to fuck my sopping pussy as I beckoned to the
Roger and Stephen.

Taking a stiff cock in each hand, I wrapped my mouth
around Roger’s cock, on my right. I could taste the
pre-cum oozing from the tiny slit as I fastened my lips
to his prick and sucked thirstily, even as my left hand
stroked Stephen’s tool. Roger began to rotate his hips
in small circles, fucking my hand and my mouth. “Not
quite yet,” I thought to myself, and turned my oral
attentions to Stephen.

“Hhmmf, hmmff, hmmff.” Jimmy, looking up to see me
servicing two more cocks, began to hump me with more
earnestness. His hands steadied my ass, and his groin
slammed upward into mine harder and faster. My breasts
began to bounce with the impact. I sucked harder at
Stephen’s rock-hard prick as I felt another climax of
my own coming. Roger’s hand was on my own, helping me
to jerk him off. Jimmy continued to increase his pace..

“Oh, oh, oohh, hunh, hunh, hunh, hunh!” growled Stephen
as his cock suddenly spat blobs of salty cum into my
mouth. I sucked and swallowed until I felt Jimmy start
to come. “Oh, Nikki, OH BABY!” he groaned. He banged
furiously at my juicy cunt, sending his own cum to join
the mingled fluids already there, and sent me reeling
into another great orgasm.

I could barely stay upright as ecstasy washed over me
like a huge wave. Stephen’s prick was no longer in my
mouth. Drops of his cum and my saliva trickled onto my
hand and forearm. I bounced up and down now on Jerry’s
cock while Roger fucked my right hand. “Oh, baby, I’m
gonna come, oh, suck it out, suck it.” Roger’s hand was
behind my head, pulling me to his raging prick.

“Oh, baby, eat it, eat it, oh, yes, here it comes.” He
pulled me closer. Still reeling from my own climax, I
opened my mouth but couldn’t seem to find him. “Oh, oh,
oooohh shit!” he exclaimed as his cock pulsed in my
hand. My eyes were still closed. I opened my mouth to
catch his load, but I felt a heavy plop on my chin,
then on my breast. Guided my his hand on mine, I milked
his pulsing cock. Another spurt of milky cum on my
chest, and another.

Thick and sticky, it stayed where it landed until I
gathered it with the fingers of my left hand. “Sorry I
missed all this,” I said, smiling up at Roger. He
smiled back, and I saw his eyes widen as I took my two
cum coated fingers and put them into my mouth, sucking
away the salty juices.

Lifting myself off of Jimmy’s still-throbbing cock, I
lapped up the creamy white liquids that had gathered at
the base of his shaft as he fucked me. “That was nice,”
I murmured, caressing his nearly rigid pole and kissing
his balls and the inside of his furry thighs. “Very

Looking up, I saw Mike and Terry sitting with their
fully erect cocks in their hands. Jimmy’d been right.
These boys were machines. I was kneeling between
Jimmy’s legs at that point, bent over with my butt in
the air. “So, somebody want to get behind me, here?” I
said to the two of them. Jimmy slipped away while Mike
strode quickly to my tail end and knelt behind me. I
invited Terry to lie where Jimmy had been, which he did
as I felt Mike’s cock slide into my well-fucked pussy.

I let Mike slop away in my juicy hole for a bit as I
worked on Terry’s cock. He slapped his abdomen noisily
against my ass as he tried to generate more friction in
my slippery tunnel. Covering Terry’s shaft with saliva,
I stroked it with only my hand for a bit as I offered
Mike an alternative. “That’s good, Mike, but it seems
pretty sloppy. How ’bout my back door?” I heard the
other boys muttering their “Oh, shit’s” and “She wants
him to fuck her ass?” to each other as I waited for
Mike’s response.

“It’s easy, babe. You’re nice and slick. Just smear a
little of the extra around my asshole and go for it.”

“Okay,” was all he said as he pulled. One, two fingers
slipped into my soaked cunt and collected fluids, then
withdrew and rubbed it onto my puckered anus.

“That’s it,” I said, being sure to continue my
attentions to Terry, “Now slip a finger in a little,
just to warm me up…” His finger slipped easily into
my ass and more quickly out. “I’m ready, baby, put it
in,” I encouraged. His spongy cockhead pressed against
the tiny orifice, gingerly at first, then a little
harder, then, when I didn’t complain, he pushed hard
enough to pop it in. With short, quick strokes he
worked himself deeper and deeper into my ass. I turned
my attention back to Terry, who grinned crazily as I
looked into his eyes and began again to suck on his
engorged member.

“Oh, man, this is so tight,” said Mike as he buried the
last of his cock in my ass. After a few tentative
strokes, he began happily cramming my bowels full of
hot cock. I, on the other hand was occupied with
Terry’s prick. Bobbing furiously, stroking his slick
rod with my free hand, I drove him quickly to his
second orgasm.

“Oh, damn, oh, damn, oh, damn, that’s so intense,” he
grunted as I bobbed rapidly on the end of his tool,
pressing my tongue hard against the sensitive underside
of his glans. “Oh, baby, oh, Nikki, oh, oh, oh, oh,
OH!” he nearly shouted as his cock spit warm thick cum
into my mouth.

Mike’s motion shifted gears as he saw his friend’s eyes
roll up in ecstasy. With swift, uneven stokes he bored
into my ass until his own cock shot it’s load into my

Growing tired, I neither moved nor spoke as Mike and
Terry withdrew. Without invitation Roger, then Stephen
took their turns at my ass, pouring more cum into me. I
collapsed, flat on my belly with my legs spread wide
when they’d finished, thinking they were done. I was
beginning to enjoy the heat of the sun on my back,
nearly drifting off to sleep when I felt a shadow fall
across me. Terry wanted one more go, to shoot one more
load in my ass.

I didn’t have it to prop myself up, so he parted my
cheeks with his fingers and shoved his sturdy cock up
my ass as I lay flat. He covered me with his body, his
strong, hairless chest resting on my back as he drove
his prick home with long abdominal strokes. When he
came, he stayed with me for a while. The others had
gone aft for beer, so we stayed linked until his
shrinking cock pulled itself from my cum- slicked anus.
He rose then, and went aft to dress.

I slept, naked in the sun, until I felt Jimmy’s hand on
my shoulder, shaking me. “The tow-boat’s coming, honey.
You might want to get below.” Weak kneed, I walked back
to the entrance to the cabin. The boys thanked me for a
wild afternoon, and I them, then I crawled below and
slept until Jimmy woke me to tell me we were nearing
the yacht club, and he needed my help docking.

Pulling on shorts and shirt, I emerged from the cabin.
“You look like hell!” grinned Jimmy.

“Yeah, well, it was your idea, and it was fun. How
’bout you?”

“You know I like to watch you, babe. I’m still so horny
you’re gonna have your work cut out for you tonight, I

I wiggled my ass at him as I walked forward to tend one
of the lines. It was a good thing I’d rested a bit.
Jimmy would definitely be hot to trot when we got home
that night!

Life sure is good.