A Night to Remember


Where do I begin with this story? Well I was 15 at the
time almost 16. I was still a virgin. Yes I had MANY
boyfriends but they weren’t right to give it up to so I
decided to wait until I was married. My mom wasn’t up
to this because everyone in my family lost their
virginity in their early teens but she respected my

Well, about a week before my 16th birthday, my dad who
I haven’t seem for about 13 years came out off the blue
with his son Carlos. They were staying for the year
when Carlos was to go to Collage. Carlos wasn’t like
the regular dark haired, brown eyed, 18 year old
Mexican guys who are shy around American girls. No! He
was someone who was so charming and seductive, that he
didn’t take no for an answer. I found that out the way
he liked it.

I’m going to America to my Step sisters 16th birthday.
I saw her in pictures and home videos but she was like
3 and very hard to guess how she looked now. I did know
she was a Virgin though. And by Friday night, her
Cherry would be mine. Her mom wants me to fuck her on
her birthday to devirginize her. I’m figuring the hard
part is getting a Virgin who’s saving herself into bed.

When Carlos came through the door, I was really shocked
about how modest he was being. He looked very sexy and
I just couldn’t stop looking at him and he couldn’t
stop looking at him.

When he came to hug me those hands and that accent made
me kind of wet and my breathing got heavier and I could
feel his erection poking on my stomach. I was hoping
that Carlos didn’t notice how heavy I was breathing so
I thought to show him around the house. When I got to
my room he said, “You have a big room.”

“It’s a little too big for me.” I said.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of good to have a big room?”

“For what? I don’t share it with anyone anyway.”

“You will soon,” thought Carlos.

When I got into the big house, my attention drew
straight to this beautiful dark skinned girl in a mini
skirt and tinny top. Her perfect frame was topped off
with a set of big breast and her flawless skin and long
brown hair was perfect. It was hard to believe that
this girl was a virgin.

When I went to hug her, I was getting horny from the
smell of her perfume. And the way she was breathing, I
knew she was getting wet. I just wanted to do her now
but I made a bet with her mom and couldn’t do it until
her birthday.

About a week later, the day of her Birthday, I decided
to get her ready for the night by getting her hornier
than ever. I touched her bra and her waist when I
hugged her, I watched her get dressed, and I watched
her swim. Man I got fucking horny just by watching her.
The night of the party. I swam with her and her friends
and their boyfriends.

I touched her butt a lot and she seemed to like it. She
looked so hot in the swimsuit she was wearing. And when
I kissed her, she accepted it and before I knew it, I
was feeling on her breast and putting my hand in her
bottoms and my dick was getting so hard. I was about to
put my fingers in her pussy when she pulled away and
got out of the pool. I had a feeling it was going to be
hard to get to her. But her mom said no matter what, go
to any length to get her cherry.

The day of my party, Carlos was getting pretty personal
with me. He doesn’t know but I saw him looking at me
getting dressed, swimming and I noticed that he was
touching my bra and waist.

When the pool, he started touching my butt but I really
liked it. Then before I realized it we were kissing he
was grabbing my breast and putting his hand in my
bottom. He came so close to putting his finger in my
pussy but I got scared and ran out the pool.

I’m such an idiot because it was feeling so good. He
was rubbing my clitoris and was going further and
further down. I could see his dick through his swim
suit so I just stopped it.

My mom and dad were going to Washington to legalize my
dad and Carlos so I was going to be with the guy for 2
weeks who was possibly going to make me into a woman. I
really wanted it but something told me to try not to
let him in.

Well, when the party was over and my friends were in
different rooms with their boyfriends, me and Carlos
were along. We were looking at each other for a long
time and my Pussy started tingling and I was definitely
getting wet.

After everyone left, I was in the living room with her
and getting hornier and hornier by the minute. Every
time I saw her beautiful eyes, my dick got bigger and

I couldn’t take it anymore so I walked to her and sat
down with her. I started kissing her neck and she ran
her hand through my hair and started groaning. I kissed
her lips and looked into her eyes and they said
something to me. She was wet and I was so horny and we
were sticking to each other. I kissed lower and lower
then unzipped her shorts and to my surprise she had no
panties on. A thin layer of bush covered her
beautifully sweet smelling pussy and that’s when went

She raised her hips to let me slip off her shorts and
spread her legs as if she’s been doing this her whole
life. I kissed her lips and said, “I’m going to go
down. Okay?”

“It’s all yours,” she said with her eyes closed and

I kissed both sides off her neck and untied her
swimsuit top revealing her perfect round breast. I
kissed both of her areoles and her hard nipples and as
I bit down she groaned louder.

And I kept going down. I licked all the way down to her
belly button and fingered the diamond in it. I got to
her pussy and it was wet. I put my tongue in as the
muscles pulled it and out. It tasted so good.

I went back to kissing her lips as I put my finger into
her pussy and she groaned as the muscles contracted.
With my finger still in her. I picked her up and
carried her up the stairs. When I got to her moms room,
I laid her down and kissed her and lay on top of her.
She pulled my shirt over my head and threw it on the
floor. I unzipped my pants and my big cock popped out.
So I went to lie next to her and I started kissing her
from top to bottom. I took her hand and put it on my
already hard cock. she must oh really enjoyed this
because she started touching my balls in a shy way but
soon got into a rhythm as I fingered her from behind
and she was touching, rubbing and pulling my cock.

Now I was so horny I just had to have her but she
stopped doing everything and said, “We can’t do this.”

“I know you’re still a virgin,” I said.

“No. You’re my brother. This seems wrong.”

So I started kissing her and telling her, “Only by
blood baby. Its only by blood.”

I started doing it again. I looked into her eyes and
she looked into my and all off a sudden I felt guilty.
I was supposed to take her virginity from her because
her mom wanted me to. But I want to so bad. Then she
said, “Take it baby.”

I looked at her with passion. I got between her knees
and started to kiss her going down again. I then opened
up her pussy more and I let me slid into her. I heard
her groan as I got back between her knees and then hit
a barrier.

She murmured, “Break it. Take it.”

I did as she asked and thrust forward a little and she
closed her eyes in a form of pain and pleasure. She
wrapped her arms around my neck as I nuzzled her neck.
By the way she was groaning, the pain was gone.

About 2 hours later, she was breathing so heavy and
moving her hips so fast, I didn’t know she was about to
climax until she threw her head back and partially

We did it another 3 times that night and lasted until
the morning. And I realized that that night was the
most fun I had from a virgin than ever in my experience
of sex.

Well, that was a long time ago. Since that night and
over the period of the year, me and Carlos secretly had
sex with each other over and over again. In those two
weeks, I learned a lot about our bodies and Carlos
showed me the pleasure of oral sex. And I enjoyed every
position that he showed me. But when he went to Collage
in Washington, I wasn’t able to feel that kind of
pleasure anymore. Especially after Carlos got married.


Well this was 11 years ago. When I was 18 I went to
Collage and became a doctor and I married a doctor and
now have 2 Kids. I’ve never regretted losing my
virginity to my brother. But now I do regret not being
able to give it to my husband. But that night, my
brother made me into the women I am today.