A man and woman sex romance

The phone was ringing as she came through the
door, and dropping her keys and purse she answered
with a rushed sounding “Hello?” Listening to the voice
on the other end of the phone she started smiling, and
after giving several happy affirmatives hung up the
phone still smiling.

Polly was a 40 year-old divorced mother of one,
a BBW, and one hell of a sexy woman, or so she had been
told by lovers over the years. Long dark red hair to
her waist and a sultry face and voice not to mention
an overall vivacity made people notice her.

The voice on the other end of the phone had been
that of Will a man she had met over the Internet 2
years ago. He was coming to town! They had had several
face to face meetings, and things just kept getting
better between them. Will was a 54-year-old lawyer and
artist. At 6’4″ tall this big man with silver hair and
beautiful blue eyes combined with a deep voice and a
commanding manner made him irresistible to Polly.

Polly dropped her shoes inside the bedroom door
and proceeded to shed her clothes heading for the
shower. Will would be in on a late flight this evening
and wanted her to pick him up at the airport. Thank
goodness her daughter was at her dads for the week.

Turning on the water and pinning up her hair
Polly stepped into the shower. As her hands started
soaping and cleaning her luscious curves her mind
drifted back to she and Wills first encounter a little
over a year ago.

Her flight had been slightly delayed by bad
weather and when it landed in NY she was even more
nervous than she had thought possible. Hands shaking
she collected her carry-on and purse and headed down
the aisle to the exit. As she came up the ramp she
started looking. Will she saw was standing at the very
front of the crowd of people looking for their loved
ones. An island of silver haired smiling opened arms.

The crowd parted around him and she laughingly
dropped everything to throw her arms around his neck
and be crushed to his chest in a huge enveloping hug.

Will framed her face in his hands and looked
down at her and leaned down to join in a kiss so deep
and probing and searching that Polly forgot where she
was. She forgot just damn near everything as she was
consumed by him for several long moments. Breaking the
kiss Will looked at her and smiled and said, “Your name
is Polly right?”

Polly standing in the shower now several months
later laughed to think about that and continued soaping
herself. Fingers moving slowly through the lather on
her quim and finding her clit proceeded to massage that
now hard bit of flesh and bringing herself to a strong
shaking orgasm found herself gasping his name “WILL
YES!” Slowing and catching her breath Polly laughed and
finished rinsing off and stepped out of the shower.
Reaching for a towel she rubbed the nubbly terry over
her rock hard nipples. Being endowed with a generous
set of 44DD breasts she had always taken delight in
having them manipulated. Large aerolas, and very small
extremely sensitive nipples, soft and inviting. Polly
knew what her cleavage did to a lot of men and always
enjoyed seeing their reaction when she wore something
low cut.

She finished in the bathroom and walked to the
closet looking to choose something that would be just
right, something that would make Wil smile. He liked
an elegant but sexual/sensual look on her. Polly chose
a dark copper colored dress with a matching long
jacket. Choosing chocolate colored suede 4″heels, and
a heavy gold collar type necklace and matching bracelet
she stood back satisfied. Putting on a heavy black
satin bra she settled her breasts into it, getting them
sitting just right. Nipples perky and up front. Having
large breasts meant you had to pay attention to where
your nipples were pointing. Something a woman with
smaller breasts never had to worry about, but she
wasn’t complaining. Donning matching panties, she
slipped on pantyhose.

Sitting at her make-up table clad only in these
things Polly quickly but carefully applied her make up.
Looking at the overall results she was very please.
Smoky eyeshadow, long black lashes framed her eyes, and
made the gold flecks in the dark green iris stand out
even more. She ran a brush several times through her
long dark red hair. Debating as to whether to leave it
down or wear it up she decided on letting it just flow
down her back. That was Wils favorite way of seeing it.

Polly put on the rest of her clothes quickly and
slipped into the high heels. Picking up her bag she
walked out the door. Doing one last quick check before
heading out the door, turning and viewing the overall
effect Polly was pleased with the well dressed woman
gazing back at her .Tall , confident, and even if she
did say so herself, a damn good looking 40 year old.
Picking up her keys and purse she walked out the door,
heart already beating harder thinking of the night to

Will greeted Polly enthusiastically at the air-
port. Just happy to have his buxom lover in his arms
again. The feeling of her soft round curves in his arms
just felt right. Tucking her hand in the crook of his
arm they went to baggage and retrieved his suitcase.
The looks they garnered from passerby’s would have made
them laugh. They made quite a couple. Her long red hair
glinting in the overhead lights as she looked up into
his smiling face. More than one person male and female
wished they had some one there looking at them like

Getting back to Pollys car, Will dropped his
suitcase in the trunk and came around to open Pollys
door. She paused waiting as his hand reached for the
handle. Unexpectedly his hand never made it to the door
handle, but instead she found herself pinned against
the car by his powerful frame and his hands on her
breasts, and his knee between her thighs. His lips and
tongue found hers, and proceeded to ravish her as his
hands were doing the same. Polly returned his punishing
kiss fiercely. Needing it as much as he did. Wils hands
moved to reach under her skirt as he had her pressed
against the car and he cupped her quim in his hand and
squeezed hard. A surge of wetness rewarded his
advances. Pollys hips involuntarily jerked forward and
pressed her mound even harder into his hand.

The darkness of the parking lot and the lateness
of the hour made Wil bolder in his manipulations. Pull-
ing Pollys skirt up higher still, he moved her over a
bit more and turned her to bend over the hood of the
car facing away from him. Reaching up to the waistband
of her panty hose and panties, he pulled them down past
the top of her thighs baring her cunt to his hand. Will
wasted no time in pushing two fingers into Pollys all
ready wet opening, roughly shoving his fingers in and
out of her. Turning his hand he curved his fingers to
press hard on her G spot making Polly moan loudly. Will
reached for his zipper as he continued to finger fuck
Polly hard. Freeing his substantial cock and stroking
it’s already rock hard length he placed the head of it
at her opening and pushes hard. It sank into Polly in
one breath-snatching surge. She gasped loudly and Will
reached to cover her mouth with one hand while jerking
her back even harder on his cock.

Polly’s head was spinning as Will fucked in and
out of her almost savagely. She came hard in just a few
strokes. Biting down on the hand that covered her mouth
she moaned and shoved back against Will knees almost
buckling. He gripped her breast hard while continuing
his assault on her cunt. He felt her vaginal walls
ripple and squeeze him hard. Thankfully he had jacked
off in the airport bathroom right before his flight so
he was able to hold back and to keep fucking until he
felt several more ripples clench him and start to milk
him. Will pulled his cock out of her cunt abruptly.
Polly gasped, and sagged against the hood of the car

“That babycakes was for me. You have been teas-
ing me all week over the phone, and I just thought you
needed to be reintroduced to my cock in an appropriate
manner.” he said.

“Helloooooooooooooooo Mr. Cock ” Polly said and

Will laughed too, and pushed his cock back into
his fly, no easy accomplishment give its still rampant

“Get yourself together woman, I want a bite to
eat and then I want dessert. The dessert being you my
darling” Will said slapping a cupped palm against her

Polly pulled her clothes back into some kind of
order, and as Will opened the door of the car slid in
as he walked around and got in the passenger side.

“I made reservations at Henry’s for us I know
you’d want a scotch and a steak tonight.” Polly said.

Will smiled and licked his lips. Polly laughed
and putting the car into gear proceeded to head out
onto the highway and to their favorite late night
restaurant. Eating dinner and catching up on day to day
things happening with both of them kept the conversa-
tion light and gave them both time to calm down a bit
from the heat of the parking lot at the airport.

Leaving Henrys they drove to Pollys house, and
gathering up their things went inside. Polly had a
modest home, but it was furnished warmly, and was a
cozy frame for her life. People always enjoyed her
eclectic collections and her flair for decorating.
Their love of art was something else Will and Polly
shared. Going into the bedroom Will dropped his suit-
case on the floor and reached for Polly and wrapped
his arms around her. Noticing yet again what a perfect
fit her curves were to his hands and how right she felt
in his arms. He had never cared for slender women and
found full figured women much more to his tastes. That
preference came from his younger years and his pursuit
and enjoyment of older women. That however is another
story best reserved for another time.

Kissing Polly deeply and searchingly he ran his
hands up and down her back tangling his hands in her
hair and tugging her head back even more to bare her
throat to his lips and tongue. He loved her hair, long,
soft, and so sensual. Will was glad she was no sheep to
the dictates of other women her age. Cutting off and
taming their tresses. He hated a woman who fussed when
her hair became a bit mussed especially in passion.
Running his hands through it, he brought a heavy strand
of it up to his lips and kissed it as he released her.
Polly smiled at him and moved away and stepped out of
her heels, and moved to turn the sheets back on the
large California king-sized bed. A present from Will,
he said he liked room to spread out after their first
couple of nights together on her old full size bed
convinced Polly to let him make a present of this to

Polly moved around the room, lighting candles,
and turning on the CD player already stacked with a
selection of Van Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett,
Mark Cohn and others that they both liked. As the music
softly filled the room they both shed all the stress
and angst of the outside world. Gladly laying all that
aside to give themselves up to each other in this world
that they had created for themselves. Sensual, sexual,
and loving. Mutual respect and mutual passions bonded
them together. Each glad that they had been found by
some one that understood them totally.

Will started stripping out of his clothes
slowly, watching Polly as she did the same. Reveling in
the sight of her. His cock was also responding to the
sight of her and when he had gotten down to his boxers,
his cock made a conspicuous tent in the fabric. He
stripped them off, and moved to lay propped in the bed
as she finished slowly peeling off her hose, and
panties. Her heavy breasts lying against her chest,
nipples hard as she stood there looking down at him
from across the bed. Pollys rounded tummy, and ample
hips touched here and there by the light of the candles
only inflamed him more and his cock twitched at the
sight of her moving across the room to his side of the

“I want you so much, I have been masturbating
several times a day thinking about you. My cunt stays
wet, and my clit is so sensitive that it doesn’t take
long to cum when I touch myself” Polly said.

“Show me. ” Will said pulling her down to lay
next to him, he watched as Polly reached her long nails
and beautiful fingers to her clit and started to rub

The candlelight showed the wantonness in Polly’s
face as her fingers started rubbing and circling her
clit. Her breasts trapped in her arms made a perfect
target for Will’s mouth and he bent to suckle on a
nipple while still watching the movements of her
fingers in her quim. The suckling sent Polly over the
edge and she started cumming hard, head back, eyes
clenched, she gave herself up to the orgasm. Will
sucked even harder on Polly’s nipple, sending shock
waves to Polly’s clit as it spasmed. He moved his hand
down to her cunt and pushed two large fingers into her
rippling cunt feeling the warmth spill onto his
fingers. Polly gasped loudly calling his name as he
strongly worked her G spot again, taking her into one
long nonstop orgasm. Panting, her hand reached for him,
holding him tight as he slowly ceased to move his hand.

Will slowly moved down the bed, leaving his
fingers in Polly as he positioned himself between her
legs. Placing his mouth on top of her clit, without
warning he sucked her clit into his lips, and started
flicking it hard with his tongue while shoving his
fingers hard up into her finger fucking her. Pollys
hips came up off the bed and she gave an animal sound
as she reached to hold his head tightly, pushing her
cunt hard into his face. Wil reached up and laid his
hand on her rock hard nipple and ample tit gave it a
hard squeeze. More cum flowed onto his hand and into
his mouth as Polly cam calling his name loudly and

“YES! Oh fuck yes Will, make me cum drink it all\
from me ” Polly managed to gasp out.

Taking his mouth from her cunt, Will looked up
at her and said smilingly.

“Did you say something darling?” he said.

“Fuck yes, finger me harder, take control of
that cunt” Polly said in a deep throaty voice.

Will gave a sensual chuckle, and dug his fingers
in deeper to Pollys cunt while latching his mouth back
onto her clit working it hard with his tongue. She once
again started cumming hard, unable to stop, or control
the waves washing over her. Not that she’d want to any-

Bucking her hips up and digging her nails into
the sheets Polly was lost in the feeling coursing
through her. Will being the instigator in this was no
less effected by her reactions. He ground his hard cock
into the sheets. Precum seeping out of his glans. His
tongue rasped across her already sensitive clit rapid-
ly, and he fucked his fingers in and out of Polly’s
cunt harder and harder. An almost brutal in his assault
of her senses.

Will slowed and finally stopped totally and
raised up to look at Polly’s face. Her hair washed over
the pillows, and in the candlelight looked like molten
copper. Eyes closed, face flushed and gasping for
breath she still shook as her cunt spasmed involuntari-

Will pulled himself up to lay beside her,
smoothing her hair back off her face and crooning to
her, telling her how sexy she was, how turned on it
made him to see her like this. Polly opened her eyes,
and gazed at him, lips parted still catching her
breath. Licking her lips a slow grin spread across her

“Not bad for a first go round Will,” she said.

“Well I didn’t want you to over do it too soon
my darling slut.” He said.

“Fuck me,” Polly growled as she reached to rake
her nails the length of Wills cock digging them in
slightly, not being very gentle at all.

“Oh dear, ready for a rough ride baby? ”

“Yes” Polly, said.

“Good that’s what I had hoped you say” Will said
as a wicked smile played over his shadowed features.

He slapped her hand away from his cock and moved
to kneel beside her slipping his hand gently under the
back of her head he grasped a hand full of her mane and
suddenly jerked her to a half upright position. Polly
gasped as he did so and as her mouth opened he shoved
the head of his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it my pretty bitch,” Will said harshly as
he started fucking her beautiful face. Not giving her
a chance to do anything but that he moved his free hand
up to grab her heavy breast as she gagged slightly on
his rock hard cock. Using it and the hand in her hair
he fucked her head back and forth on his cock taking
all control away from her. He knew she loved to give
head, but this was something quiet different and when
she tried to move slightly in protest he turned loose
of her breast and firmly slapped the side of her face.
She moaned and Wil continued to fuck in and out of her
mouth, watching her lips spread around the width of
him. Taking more than she was used to, gagging and
tearing slightly. What a beautiful sight he said to

Polly sucked as best she could as Will’s cock
forced it’s way deeper into her throat, and finally
gave up trying to finesse anything about this as that
wasn’t what he wanted at the moment. Wil wanted to fuck
her face pure and simple. He wanted to see his meat
shoved in and out of her luscious lips. See her gasping
for air, pliant to his urges. Nothing teasing about
this Will meant business, and he was going to take what
he wanted from her. Polly let all of this roll through
her mind as the hard length of Wils meat continued its
rape of her mouth.

Will pulled back until his cock was free of
Polly’s mouth a long string of precum trailed from his
swollen cock head to her lips the candlelight catching
its glistening strand and making it sparkle slightly.
Holding his cock in his hand Will rubbed the head of it
against Polly’s mouth and chin. Smearing it, rubbing it
into her skin. Still holding Polly by the back of the
head he tugged until she realized he wanted her to roll

“On your knees my loving slut, my wanton temp-
tress. I want your ass in the air, and your face on the
sheet.” Will followed his words with action.

Pushing her face to the mattress as he held the
back of her neck Will pinned her there as he moved to
position himself between her legs. Kneeling behind her.
Will took his cock and placed it at Pollys dripping
cunt. Nudging just the head of it into her cunt he
shuddered feeling the heat and wetness envelop him.
However he was going to control this situation and this
was just the tip of the avalanche that was his lust,
the wall of passion that was going to sweep Polly be-
fore him. Taking his free hand he placed it on the side
of her ass, digging his fingers into her generous but
firm ass. Getting a good grip for this!

This being one massive thrust that nearly took
Polly off her knees and flat to the bed. Will held onto
her ass and pulled her back up as he ground his pelvis
into her. Polly screamed into the mattress as his cock
speared her to the core. Will drew his cock back out
till only the head remained in her cunt, and savagely
thrust back into her again. Starting a bruising rhythm.
A rhythm that Polly had no control over, that she had
no say so in as Wil took what he knew was his. Polly
started cumming involuntarily her body going into over
drive from the pounding cock Wil applied to her drip-
ping snatch. Her nails started clawing into the sheets
as Wils grip on the back of her neck tightened.

“Polly oh Polly, I know what you need and this
is it. A hard cock churning and pounding into you.”
Will grunted the words out with each slam of his cock
into Polly’s cunt.

“You are my loving slut, my darling slut, my
wanton cunt!” He gasped to her. His passions growing
as did hers.

Polly was unable to answer. Unable to speak as
she felt the length of him fuck into her. There were
no words to express the happiness, and joy she felt at
finally having a man that could give her what she
wanted. Who would take what he wanted from her body
and soul. This was heaven to her. Her own private
fucking heaven. She knew that Will had grown to know
her as no other man ever had. As no man ever would. He
knew the deep erotic and sexual side of her that longed
for this kind of release. All of this came to her
through the wracking orgasms that seemed to have no
beginning and no end just one continuous wave.

Will had continued to fuck Polly harder and
harder. His cock wrapped in the spasms and writhing
walls of her cunt. He felt his orgasm growing and
abruptly pulled his cock out of her and sat back on
his heels. Will took her legs in his hands and man-
handled her over onto her back. Roughly pulling her
into the position he wanted. His hands swept the hair
from her sweating face and throat. Now he could see
her face, that face he had grown to love. Grown to
dream of. Placing one hand on each of her breasts he
pressed down on her chest, feeling her heart beating

Pinning her there with his hands he maneuvered
his cock back to her soaked cunt and feeling the head
of it part her labia, slowly ever so slowly started
easing it into her. Polly’s eyes had been shut until
now, but as she felt Will’s meat slipping back into
her she opened them and looked at him with a glazed
expression. Her wantonness shone through and he saw
her lips part.

“Fuck me Will take all of me.” Polly said in a
dream like voice.

At that Will gathered the muscles of his ass
and back and pushed completely into her again in one
thrust. Polly came her hands clawed at his arms and
chest. The pressure from his hands on her chest made
breathing difficult and only heightened her intensity.
Seeing his lover’s face below him in the throws of this
massive orgasm pushed Wil to the edge. He fucked into
her stroke after stroke. Feeling the jizm building in
his balls. Her breasts felt his crushing grasp as at
last he let go.

his cum started emptying into her.

Pressing her hard into the mattress Will bucked
as the rest of his load emptied into her. Wild in the
throes of his orgasm Will wrapped his arms around Polly
and grasped her to him in a bone-crushing grip. Melding
completely with her in this blazing moment. Polly bare-
ly remained conscious as Will’s finale spasms ceased.
Sweating, dazed, lost together they lay there. Will
slowly raised up and looked down at Polly. Her face
bathed in sweat, hairline dark with the last exertions
her eyelashes trembled on her cheek.

“Polly?” Will said.

Polly slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.
A tired yet triumphant smile licked across her lips.

“Yes Will?” she said.

“Happy?” he said.

For an answer Polly pulled his lips to hers and
kissed him deeply and lovingly. She sighed caressed his
face with her fingertips. Looking into his eyes with
all the love any man could ever want.

Will tenderly kissed her lips again and moved
over coming to rest beside her as his cock slipped from
her cunt. His seed spilling from her as he did so. He
reached his hand down to her cunt and dabbed his
fingers in the mixed juices. Bringing his fingers to
his own lips he slowly licked and savored the taste.
He dipped to the font of jizm again and brought these
wet fingers to her mouth. Polly sucked his fingers
into her mouth and licked them clean.

Will once again kissed her and tasted both of
them on her lips and tongue. Pulling her into the curve
of his arm Will lay back and stared at the shadows on
the ceiling cast by the flickering candles and thought
about what the morning would bring. Polly snuggled to
him, cupping his spent cock and balls in her hand and
ever so gently held them. Some how Will felt that the
morning was gonna be a good one.

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