A Hot Night in Lanzerote

For a few years after my wife had got gangbanged on a
Greek ferry we took our holidays at home, in order to
avoid Susan getting out of hand whilst under the
influence of cheap booze. Eventually we decided to go
to Lanzerote in the Canary Islands. On our first three
days there, the weather was glorious and we spent our
days on the beach and our evenings in the hotel bar.

The fourth day was overcast, so we took the bus to
Costa Tequise to look round the very expensive shops.
It was in one of those shops that my wife saw the
bracelet, the one that she just had to have. I put my
foot down and said no, as it would have taken all our
spare holiday cash, but she wasn’t convinced.

That night we were drinking in the hotel bar when she
informed me that she would pay for the bracelet
herself. She showed me a flyer from one of the big
nightclubs which said, “Friday Night is Amateur Strip
Night – Win 500 euros.”

“You are joking,” I said. “You would be up against
girls at least ten years younger than you, pretty young
girls with pert boobs, long legs and tight little
asses: they would laugh you off the stage.”

We did not realise that Juan the barman was listening
to our conversation but he shook his head and said, “No
Senor, you are wrong, all of the girls will be young
and beautiful but they always look bored, dance without
any enthusiasm and never take their panties off. Now
your beautiful wife with her more rounded figure would
drive the men wild. My brother is the manager of the
club and I am sure that he would be prepared to give
her some tips, that would ensure her success.”

There was no stopping Sue now, and the next afternoon
she went off with Juan to meet his brother at the club,
while I lay on the beach sunbathing. It was a couple of
hours before she returned, looking somewhat aroused and
flustered, telling me that that she had the winnings in
the bag. “It’s all right getting your kit off in front
of a couple of guys,” I remarked, “but tomorrow night
there will be about five hundred people in the club.”

The next night Juan and I sat at the back of the club
while Susan went off to get changed. The manager
explained that the girl who got the loudest cheers
would win and introduced the first contestant. The
first two girls to take part were both English, and
acted exactly as my barman friend described, totally
lackluster performances ending up with their little
thongs still in place.

They were followed by a very butch Dutch girl who used
a large black dildo as a prop. She would have done
well, except that most of the male clubbers knew that
she was a dyke, because they had seen her round the
resort with other lesbians.

That left one more competitor who my wife had to beat,
a really pretty German girl with a superb figure.
However, she made the mistake of teasing the audience
by making out that she was going to drop her knickers,
but instead wagged her finger at them, calling them
“naughty boys.” The result was that she got as many
boos as cheers.

The love of my life then came on stage, clad in a white
shirt, black leather mini skirt, black stockings and
heels. She started dancing and it was quite obvious
that her large boobs were not encased in a bra. She
quickly lost the shirt and let the audience see her
oversize chest jiggle every time she moved, her huge
nipples sticking out like dustbin lids. The leather
mini skirt quickly followed the shirt onto the floor,
causing the watching hoards to gasp as they saw her
clad in a tiny pair of red panties, stockings and

The club manager then brought on a chair which Sue
carefully sat on, keeping her knees tightly closed. She
slowly eased the panties below her bottom, down her
legs, until they were round her ankles. Then suddenly
she whipped them off, threw them into the crowd and
opened her legs wide. Not only that, but she wetted a
couple of fingers and pushed them into her obviously
aroused snatch.

I thought that the crowd would riot, the applause was
so deafening, Susan had won the money for certain. As
she left the stage the club manager announced that she
had indeed won, and that she would be presented with
the money in about an hour’s time.

Juan and I finished our drinks and then went backstage
to congratulate her. We heard a lot of noise coming
from the manager’s office and walked in to find it full
of horny men. Barmen, bouncers, other club workers, and
even a couple of policemen were watching my naked wife
getting fucked by the manager, on his desk. She was on
her back with her feet almost touching her ears,
moaning slightly as the randy Spaniard drove his large
cock into her.

He lasted for about ten minutes before being replaced
by not one but two guys, one hammering her pussy whilst
his mate used her mouth. They worked in unison, one
pistoning into her snatch, causing her to take more of
the other guy’s cock down her throat. All of the other
men who were waiting their turn, laughed and cheered at
my poor wife’s situation, I knew that we were in for a
long night.

The fucking seemed to go on for ever, as two guys
climbed off her and the table, another two climbed on.
Even Juan, my barman friend had his turn, taking my
wife on her hands and knees. Just when I thought things
could not get any worse they brought in the Dutch Dyke
with her enormous black dildo. The guys were ecstatic
when then saw Susan having to take the rubber monster
into her much abused cunt.

The manager then realised that the only person in the
room not to have got his rocks off was me. It was the
most humiliating thing ever, when I was grabbed, had my
pants pulled down and my reluctantly hard cock
introduced into my Susan stretched and sore vagina. The
muscles that controlled her pussy were so stretched
that they had lost their elasticity, I could hardly
feel her, she was that loose. Despite the fact that it
was like shagging the Mersey tunnel I am ashamed to say
that I came very quickly, adding my jism to the gallons
already in her.

When she went out on stage to be presented with her
winnings the bastards would not let her clean herself
up, let alone get dressed. Her king size nipples were
raw from all the sucking they had endured, her face and
hair were covered in dried cum whilst a steady trickle
ran down her legs from her loose and reddened vagina.
If the five hundred spectators were excited before,
they were over the moon now, as they saw my love
paraded in front of them like a hooker who had done a
year’s work in one go.

She did get the money, she did buy the bracelet, but it
took weeks before her pussy muscles went back to
normal. After that episode I was determined to spend
all our future holidays in somewhere quiet like
Bournmouth, but I was wrong.

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