Vindictive Impregnation


Getting impatient, I needlessly pulled my skirt down
closer to my knees. “Where is he?” I sighed. Loosely
holding my binoculars I peered through them at the
doors to the building down the block. I had been
stalking my prey now for months. The Mayor of our great
city, John. I had come up with my plan after some re-
zoning he approved caused me to lose my job. Wanting
revenge and a source of income, my plan was created.
Two birds with one stone I thought. The clock striking
3:04pm, he appeared.

My pussy moistened in anticipation, my eyes glued to my
binoculars watching the Mayor attempting to be as
incognito as he could be in his full sized trench coat
and wide brimmed hat. Watching him, he casually came
around the corner and went into the building, like a
regular that wasn’t the Mayor. You might wonder why
such a man would desire to move in disguise. Well,
simply enough, the mayor’s destination was a porn shop.
Such a man with his rep couldn’t be seen frequenting
such a place, could he?

Seeing him enter the building, the door closing behind
him, I dropped the binoculars, grabbed my bulging purse
and left my car. Closing the door, afraid to lose my
prey, I quickly sprinted from my increasingly distant
car to the portal John had used.

Entering the building, the smell of sex lotions, and
latex assaulted my nose; paired with faint moans from
the private movie booths in back that included glory
holes struck my ears. The last fact, being the key to
my plan. Being as stealthy as I could, I tried to blend
in with the other customers browsing the aisles of sex
movies, while maintaining my gaze on the Mayor.

Moving down the rows, anal sex, Asians, teens, the porn
categories went as I followed. His goal obvious to
anyone paying attention lacking the nerve to move
directly to the booths in back. The Mayor pretending to
browse the movies slowing progressing to his real
destination. This has been his regular routine on each

Twice a month he comes here and does this. Slowly
moving to the back of the store to not attract to much
attention where he masturbates to a movie, and
sometimes participating in sexual activity via the
glory hole in his booth, should their be a wiling
participant on the other side. Today, he was in luck I
thought. Their would be a more than willing partner on
the other side for him today.

Seeing him finally get to the booth in back, he entered
and closed the door behind him. This is it I thought,
as I moved to the booth next to his, praying it wasn’t
occupied. Grasping the handle, the door creaking open,
empty! Thank god, this might work yet. Closing the
door, I set my purse down, withdrew some money and
entered it into the slot prompting the machine in front
of me to turn on a sex movie for me. Not terribly
interested in this, my main motivation was to cover any
noise I may cause to unwanted listeners. Happy with the
moaning I created from the machine I prepared.

Unbuttoning my blouse, and reaching around to my back I
undid my bra. My tits bouncing free cheerfully, I
proceeded to loosen my skirt, letting it drop to the
floor. Finally I went to my panties. Nothing exciting,
just plain white cotton, but absolutely drenched from
my flowing pussy, which gave them a very sexy look any
man would enjoy seeing over a dry fancy thong.

Standing there, naked with a thin line of lubrication
running from my wet folds, I reached for my purse. The
last tool I needed to achieve my goal. Removing a large
pair of garden shears I licked my lips fantasizing the
events soon to unfold. You see, I planned to use these
to scare the Mayor from withdrawing his cock when I
removed the condom from it. This whole elaborate scheme
from changing when I was ovulating to match the days he
came here to getting his bare cock in me was to get him
to squirt his seed into my womb, and impregnate me with
his child.

Peering through the hole, I watched him as I flicked my
clit with one of my hands, furthering my excitement.
Sitting there with his coat open, pants down, he rubbed
his cock in long slow strokes. Occasionally he let out
a low moan. Watching him and hearing him caused a small
orgasm in me as I imagined his cock deep inside me
ejaculating its cargo into my womb. I was always out of
control when I ovulated, why should this be any
different I thought.

“Looking for something softer and wetter than your hand
Mister?” I breathed through the hole in the most
seductive voice I could muster. “That thing looks good,
maybe I can have a taste?”

A small look of shock appearing on his face, as he
jumped slightly, pausing the manipulations of his
organ. Viewing my tongue licking my lips, he responded
with a slight stutter, “Sh-sure.” He stood up and moved
to the hole, his dick pushing through slowly but
surely. Moving my head back slightly to give me some
room, I then let his cock part my lips and push into my
mouth. My red lipstick smearing over every inch of him
as it entered my oral opening.

Holding as much inside my mouth as I could, I brought
my hand up and fisted the base of his cock. Rubbing it
with my clenching hand, I sucked and licked at the rest
of it, swirling my tongue on the tip and that lovely
little pin prick sized hole that would be spraying my
depths with its treasure.

Sucking as hard as I dared at the risk of biting, I
took his cock, slurping sounds echoing in the booth, my
free hand wishing it had his balls in it to help coax
that cum free. Savoring the taste and texture of every
thrust through my drooling lips into my drenched mouth,
almost dreading not getting to taste and swallow the
cum that would emerge.

Suddenly, a new taste entered my mouth, rolling it
around on my tongue, it struck me quickly, precum! I
had to stop before he came in my mouth, ruining
everything. Exercising my entire supply of willpower I
Pulled my mouth free. “Baby, I want you in my pussy so
bad, please fuck me.” I begged while staring at the
cock that would be impregnating me today. My fertile
womb driving me just as much as my taste for
manipulating this villain.

A groan of disappointment came, but quickly evaporated,
becoming a pleased moan at my withdraw to my offer of
his cock entering my burning hot pussy. “Yeah baby,
just one sec, I need to put on a condom,” he murmured.
The expected response came. Watching him roll the
condom down his cock wasn’t something I desired, but
seeing it roll slowly down made me excited and
triggered something in my brain, something more primal
slowing my conscious thoughts. This is it, its time for
my pussy to get fucked by this cock, I better get in a
better position to accept his dick. My brain thought
subconsciously, my body moving of its own accord.

Standing up, and turning around, I grind my ass
backwards into the wall. My pussy I centered over the
opening, fluid freely running out getting my ass wet
and causing it to make a wet slapping sound as I thrust
myself backwards simulating being fucked out of
eagerness. With my pussy centered over the hole,
blocking all sight, I reached down and took hold of my
garden shears.
Seconds passing, feeling like forever, my slick hole
awaited penetration, while my hands clasp the shears in
desperation. With a jolt of pleasure his hard pole
pressed between my folds. Demanding entry it stubbornly
pushed into me. My wet flesh parting to accommodate
this force. Every new nerve it stimulated bringing a
gasp of relief and lust.

“Ohh god…” I moaned. Desperately pushing back trying
to hasten the entry, the hated wall preventing any
progress. Clenching my pussy walls, I tried to get as
much from the process as I could. If I couldn’t get the
entire cock in me as quickly as I wanted, I would try
to enjoy what I had until the rest was coaxed into my
depths seeking release.

My pussy convulsing around his cock voluntarily sending
shivers through me. Feeling the mayor push hard into
me, I had to adjust my footing to not be shoved
forward. “Yes, that’s it baby.” His cock forcing itself
into me despite my clenching tunnel. Keeping my ass
glued to the wall, I have to let him take his time for
now I thought impatiently. Despite my eagerness, I
enjoyed his cocks decent into my birth canal, at last
hitting the hard knob at the bottom.

His cock-head bumping my cervix driving me mad with
lust my entire canal clamping down, choking it. Right
on the other side, my womb was anticipating this. Pre
heated and ready to bake, just awaiting the final
ingredient. The only problem, the only reason I
couldn’t let go… the condom had to go.

Trying to remember my plan, I kept my ass pressed back
firmly against the wall, awaiting my moment to strike.
“Oh baby, yes… Fuck me.” I moaned, luring my prey.
Feeling him withdraw, he promptly reversed the
direction bringing his cock to a slapping halt after
refilling me. His cock bloating slightly, my pussy
returning the communication and clenching down onto it
in return.

The mayor quickly withdrew again and started the
predictable pumping motion into my pussy that always
had the same ending, a cock spraying cum. Cum that
would be deep inside me. Urging him on, I moaned and
squeezed his cock. Feeling it pump into me drove me
wild, my labia and clit dragging on each thrust,
begging for more.

Feeling the thrusting growing harder, and his cock
bloating more, I knew it was time. If I didn’t act now,
all that beautiful cum would be wasted on the inside of
the condom his dick wore. “Baby, push hard into me and
hold it in. I want to feel you deep in me for a
second.” I whispered. Somewhat surprised my lover
obliged me. Suddenly his cock thrust into me hard,
ramming my cervix as a reminder it was still there and

Having as much of him as I could possibly get through
the hole, and knowing he was close, I had to act.
Pulling the chair close, I lifted a leg and rest my
foot on it. Leaning forward and down I was able to get
a view of my stuffed pussy, his cock visible,
penetrating my wet folds. Bringing the garden shears
under my legs, I opened the two blades, put the shears
against he wall and slid them up. Bringing them into
firm contact with the base of his cock.

“If you pull out, I’ll cut your dick off!” I quickly
told him, almost yelling.

“Whoa… what the fuck are you doing, please don’t.” he
said, the shock evident in his voice.

“Look, I won’t hurt you as long as you do what I say.
Don’t pull your cock out of the hole until I’m done,
and I’ll let you go without injury.” Without awaiting a
response I moved forward, letting his cock drag from my
pussy and falling free. Balancing the shears in one
hand, I brought my free hand up and gently, but as
quickly as possible rolled the latex shield up and off
his cock.

“What are you doing!” he hissed.

“Keep quiet or you’ll lose this thing right now.” I
told him, trying to stay quiet. Getting the condom off,
I let it fall to the floor. Smiling as I saw his bare
cock, knowing it would soon be squirting deep inside me
giving me his child, I leaned back. His cock still
aligned with my dripping furnace, it slid back in
without incidence. Knowing I was about to be bred
brought me new pleasure.

Bouncing back in quick short jerking motions, my ass
slapped the wall. Never more than an inch exiting my
body before I thrust my wet ass back against the wall,
making sure to clench my pussy muscles every time I had
his entire length in me. The entire time I’m bent
forward and looking back between my legs while I hold
the razor sharp gardening shears to his pulsing cock.

“Oh baby, yes, yes, cum in me.” I moaned, losing
control. Feeling every vein in his cock, and the knob
of that purple cock head rubbing the walls deep in me.
Pushing back hard, it hit me. The biggest, most extreme
orgasm to ever grace existence erupted through my body.
My love tunnel gripping down like a vice, imprisoning
the cock in me, holding it hostage for the cum it

The stimulation more than any man could resist, I felt
it. His cock flexed, lifting me a few millimeters
higher into the air. Feeling the cum race down his
urethra, my vaginal canal vibrating as it shot through
his cock. Finally, exiting the little hole at the end,
and spraying directly through my cervix and filling my
womb. The first spurt was long, hard, and boiling hot.

So hot, feeling like someone had just poured boiling
hot water in me but their was no pain. Feeling so good,
I pressed back, my womb savoring the flavor of the cum
that was being deposited. My cervix attached to his
cock head, sucking the baby juice from it as my birth
canal spasmed and gripped down on his cock, milking it,
begging for more and more.

Another spurt rushing through hit me, forcing the first
spurt even deeper into my womb, and up into my
fallopian tubes. The egg inside me, surely being
barraged with millions of tiny sperm already. A third
spurt hit me, overflowing my womb, being forced out of
my hole. Many tiny rivers of cum appearing at my
opening around his cock, draining out and running down
my legs.

Finally ending. I let the shears fall to the floor,
creating a small inch long cut on the side of his cock.
“Owe!” he yelped. Promptly followed by the withdraw of
his cock when he realized I had removed the weapon.
Wanting to rest for a minute was a luxury I could not
afford anymore. Quickly putting on my clothes I left
the store as quickly as possible. Before poor abused
Mayor John could catch me.


I had in fact gotten pregnant and have the Mayors
child. He received a letter from me shortly after I had
given birth. I managed to get him to embezzle money
from the city, five million dollars and deposit it into
an off shore account of mine. All blackmail money in
exchange for keeping his visits to the glory holes and
his child a secret. The threat of a paternity test and
my knowledge of the small cut on his cock assuring him
my threat was credible. Life is good.