Victoria’s final training

It’s barely light out and I wake to realize Victoria is sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. I cum almost immediately after waking up. Have you been sucking me all night? I ask. Victoria giggles and says no but when I woke up you were already hard and I couldn’t resist. I laughed morning wood I replied. What is that She asks? I don’t know. It’s this weird thing with guys. Sometimes your cock is hard when you wake up in the morning. She giggles and says that’s the best thing ever. It’s always ready for me!

Master you know I have to go home early today because of school work I need to have done for tomorrow. I laugh as I’m reminded that her sweet tight little body still has school to attend. Will you be able to teach me TEN this morning? I can teach you right now while I make breakfast. At the same time she asks. Yes, follow me.

I take her to the spare bedroom. She has not seen it yet. When I open the door I show her it is not just the spare bedroom. It is my play room. Next to the bed is a fuck bench. It is a padded bench with an padded extension out the front for her to lay her forehead on with a shackle that goes around her neck. On either side of the front legs about halfway up are two more small padded areas to lay her forearms on with shackles again to go around her wrists. On the back for her legs again, there are two padded areas about halfway up for her lower legs to lay on with shackles for her ankles. On the back is a place to add attachments to hold all sorts of toys.

TEN is the fuckbench that keeps her on all fours strapped down tits hanging down mouth available along with her ass and pussy hanging off the back. Victoria looks shocked and even a little scared but smiles as she crawls up and lays down on the bench. I close the shackle around her neck first then adjust the padded extension so only her forehead is laying on it. I then adjust pads and shackles for her arms and the pads and shackles for her legs to a comfortable position laying on her stomach. I tell Victoria there are several uses for the fuck bench. Today it will be used to keep you occupied while I make breakfast. Now that she is secure and cannot move I start by slipping a ball gag in her mouth. I then add an attachment between her legs to hold a vibrator against her sweet little cunt. Next I take a length of rope and double it so the center of the rope is wrapped around her long dark hair. Once I know it is secure in her hair I lay the rope down her back and down the crack of her tight little ass. I then take an anal hook and I work it in her sweet little ass. I run the rope through the ring at the top of the anal hook and pull until her head is lifted slightly by her hair. The anal hook is pulled tight so I tie the rope off and leave her with the hook in her ass tied to her hair, ball gag in her mouth, vibrator on her pussy. Time to make breakfast I say as I walk out the door. I am in no hurry to make breakfast as I can hear the vibrator doing its thing as she moans and groans with every little pull of her hair from the tug of the anal hook in her ass. She comes over and over from the vibrator. I finally return after about 30 minutes to find drool coming out of her mouth around the ball gag her entire body shaking. I removed the vibrator as by now my cock is in my hand and very hard wanting to be buried deep in that creamy dripping hot pussy one more time. I leave the anal hook tied to her hair as I fuck her deep and as hard as I can pulling on the rope. I noticed her ass has opened up a little more so I stop for a minute to get a nice set of anal beads and slip in below the anal hook. I start fucking her again as I slowly pull the beads back out one by one. She is screaming into the ball gag at this point of pure bliss and pleasure with that I dump my final load into her steamy hot cunt.

My cum is dripping out of her pussy while drool is coming out of her mouth through the ball gag. I must say what an amazing sight! I remove the anal hook, the rope and the ball gag. I smack her ass cheeks and ask if she is ready for breakfast. Very quietly she whispers it’s all I can take and I love it. Will you please help me off the bench? I release the shackles, help her to her feet and help her into the kitchen for breakfast. Sitting in the chair at the table. She can hardly move as she tells me I think I’m going to be sore this week at cheerleading! I laugh and tell her welcome to being my fucktoy. Was it everything you thought it would be. I could have never imagined that much pleasure and that much fun she says. Young boys have no idea how to treat a girl but you do.

After we finish eating, she once again cleans my cock and washes my body in the shower as it is almost noon and time to take her back. I have to admit it’s good that I am taking her back as well. Even though I will miss her greatly. I’m completely spent as she is.

On the way back I tell her you have a week to decide if this is the life for you being my precious little slut. I know you cannot spend the entire weekend with me every time, so I would like to take you out for one night next weekend. It is a deep commitment to be my toy and if it is what you desire next weekend we will have a small ceremony called a collaring where we pledge our dedication to each other. I can’t imagine not being with you she says. I can’t imagine being without you anymore either Victoria I tell her, but I want you to think this through for the week. Okay Master is the reply. Trying to think of anything else this week will be difficult she says with a smile. With that I give her a deep long kiss as I drop her off and go back home.

Victoria unfortunately had to move to Arizona to take care of her grandmother. Anyone interested in taking her place?

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