Trip to Asia


Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Jim and I’m 18. I’m
OK-looking, I guess, but I hadn’t had much luck with girls before this story
took place. Oh well. My dad is an international banker and he travels all
over the world (especially Asia, Europe, and Latin America) all the time. I
guess I’m lucky because sometimes when he has to go on a trip during the summer
or spring break he lets me and my mom (I don’t have any brothers or sister)
come along. Anyway, last summer he had to go to China. I was studying Chinese
in school so as soon as he booked his ticket, he booked mine and my mom’s as
well. The trip involved a flight from our summer home in Dallas to Los
Angeles, then onto Tokyo and spending a night at the Holiday Inn at the Narita
Airport before heading on to China. So after a long flight on Japan Airlines,
we arrived at Narita. We collected our baggage and, jet-lagged, headed off to
the hotel. I was not as tired as my parents-I am better at sleeping on planes
than them-so I told them I would be up in a few minutes after looking at the
news-stand. After spending a few minutes looking at tacky souveniers and the
covers of Asian porno magazines-Asian women really turn me on-I headed back for
the elevator. On the elevator were 2 Japanese girls who looked about my age,
maybe a year younger. They looked like twins but I wasn’t sure. Regardless,
they were both hot-about 4’8″, long black hair and dark eyes and a very cute
face with nice firm tits that I wanted badly to squeeze. They were both
wearing a white blouse and a tight plaid skirt that barely came down below
their crotch. Finally, one of them said hi and introduced herself as Miyuko
and said her twin sister was Hari. I said my name and asked them what they
were doing at the airport. They said they were from Osaka and with their
parents to give an uncle a ride home after a business trip in Australia. Then
Hari said they were studying English in school but didn’t know any Americans or
Brits so could I please come up to their rooms later to talk to them? Of
course, I said yes and that I would be up in a few hours after taking a nap and
a shower. They giggled with excitement, told me their room number, and got off
the elevator. On their way out Hari dropped a coin. She bent down to pick it
up and I got a perfect view of her panties covering her nice tight ass. I knew
I was in for a good time.

I went back to my room, exhausted. I set the alarm on my watch to wake me up
in 3 hours, changed from my blue jeans into a pair of mesh Princeton Lacrosse
shorts, and went to sleep. When I woke up, I got a shower, put on another pair
of jeans, grabbed my wallet and watch, and called the girls’ room.
“Hello?” It was Miyuko.
“Hi, it’s Jim.”
“Hi…we were hoping you’d call. So, want to come down to our room?”
“Sure,” I said. “I’ll be down in 5 minutes. Either of you want a Coke from
the vending machine?”
“Sure, thanks. Bye-bye!”
“No problem, bye.”

I called my parents and told them I was going to walk around for a while and
I’d be back in an hour or 2. They said OK and I got into the elevator, went
down to the 10th floor, got 3 cokes out of the vending machine, and knocked on
the girls’ room. “Hi, I was hoping you’d come up!” Hari answered wearing a
t-shirt and jeans. Same as what I was wearing, except her clothes were so
tight I could make out her nipples through her t-shirt and the crack of her ass
through her jeans. My cock quickly sprung to life and I hoped the girls were
interested in more than working on their English. When I saw Miyuko, this hope
became more hopeful-she was dressed only in a tight, short bathrobe. “Sorry,”
she said, “I just got out of the shower like 5 seconds ago. Can you hand me
those panties over there?” I obliged without any problem. As I ran my fingers
through her panties, I discovered they were slightly wet. Even better, she
simply slid them up through her bathrobe then discarded it, standing there in
her bra and panties right in front of me before pulling on a t-shirt and a
short-as-hell skirt. It was going to be a good night…

Nothing happened at first. We talked for a little while, then, after we had
finished our Cokes, Miyuko turned on the TV. “What do you want to watch?” she
asked. “Whatever, as long as it’s in English,” I replied. She flipped around
the channels but the only thing in English was some World Business thing on
CNN. “Damn,” she said. Then she hit the Pay TV button on the remote. I was
about to turn it off but then I remembered they let you watch the movie for
about 15 minutes before buying it or turning it off so I said OK. The only
thing on was a porno. She asked if she could leave it on and, of course, I
said “Sure!”. It was exactly what I would expect from a porno movie at a
Western chain hotel in Japan-2 sexy Asian babes 69ing, then getting walked in
on by a white guy, who proceeded to plug their asses with his cock. My cock
was now rock-hard and desperately needed relief. Finally Miyuko asked me,
“Have you ever kissed a girl before Jim?” “Yes,” I said, “But I haven’t gotten
much further than that. What about you?” “I’ve kissed a guy before but Hari
hasn’t.” Hari looked embarassed. I was about to tell her it was OK but then
Miyuko said “I’ve only kissed a guy once though, and I’ve never kissed a sexy
western guy like you.” I was a bit taken aback by this until she asked if I
had ever kissed an Asian girl. I said no, but I liked Asian girls and I really
wanted to. After what seemed like an eternity, Hari finally pressed her lips
hard against mine as I leaned back into the bed. “That was great honey” I
said. “This time, let’s French-kiss. Kiss me like you did last time, except
keep your lips apart this time. I’ll show you what to do.” She pressed her
open lips against mine and I carefully entered her mouth with my tongue. We
kissed for about 30 seconds before she finally withdrew. “Mmm that was great.
Can you show me more about sex, like what they’re doing?” I was astounded. I
was finally going to get my chance to fuck-or at least get a blow job or hand
job by-a cute Asian girl. I kissed her again and moved my lips back behind her
neck. At the same time I lightly pressed my hand against her breasts. God
they were firm and tight! They fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. I moved
my hand to her back and pulled off her t-shirt, to reveal no bra (that was why
her nipples showed through the material so well)! Her beautiful tits spilled
in front of me. I took one into my mouth and sucked slowly. I noticed she was
rubbing her pussy and I reached down with my hand to help her out of her
panties and skirt. She was now completely naked. I put a finger in her pussy.
“Do you touch yourself down there a lot?” “Yes, but I only get myself to cum
about 2 or 3 times a week” was her reply. I told myself she would cum more
than that tonight. I brought her almost to the brink of orgasm with my finger
then decided to introduce her to oral sex, like the seemingly tireless people
in the movie were still doing. I nestled my head in her crotch and pecked at
her clit with my tongue. Finally I stuck my tongue out and fucked her pussy as
hard as I could. She came and her sweet cream dripped all over my mouth. It’s
true-Japanese girls taste even better than Japanese food. I then got up and
unzipped my jeans and took off my boxers. My 6-inch cock stood straight at
them. They gasped a little-6 inches is pretty big for 13 years old, which I
was at the time. I asked Miyuko if she wanted to suck my cock and she screamed
“YES!!!” I gently grabbed the back of her head and told her to swish it around
in her mouth, running her tongue up and down it like a giant lollipop but be
careful not to use her teeth. I then told Hari to undress Miyuko and finger
her pussy like I had fingered hers. She had some hesitation about doing it
with another girl-especially her sister-but I told her it turned a lot of guys
on so she did it while I gently stroked Miyuko’s head. She had no bj
experience before but she was a natural-it was the best blowjob I had ever
gotten in my life. I told her I was about to cum and asked her if she wanted
it in her mouth and she said “Yes, I want to see what it tastes like.” I
relaxed and shot my load deep into her throat. She gurgled a bit as it came
down but she managed to get it down.
“How does it taste sexy?”
“Great! You have to try this Hari it’s great!”
“Hari, do you want to suck my cock?”
“Yes, I would love that!” the cute Japanese girl replied. Even without any
stimulation, my cock was rock-hard again. I pushed it at her and showed her
how to suck it. Miyuko watched and carefully put a tongue to her sister’s
pussy. Hari shuddered and I felt the sensation in my cock. It didn’t take
much longer before I squirted a huge load down Hari’s throat. She then shook
and splattered her cream all over Miyuko’s face. Miyuko’s face was covered in
cream and I got an idea. I began to lick Hari’s cream off her sister’s face as
I fingered the latter’s tight wet pussy. My mouth slowly descended her body
and before long I was sucking her small firm nipples. After a moment of this I
decided to go all the way. I thrust my hard cock into Miyuko’s pussy. It was
so TIGHT!!! I didn’t see how a pencil would have fit in there, much less my
thick cock. I slowly plopped the head in and took it an inch at a time. She
moaned and I motioned for Hari. She got the idea and stuck her tongue in our
genital regions. She was licking her sister’s pussy, my cock, and my balls all
at the same time. This alone turned me on almost as much as the fucking. I
slowly fucked Miyuko’s tight child pussy, occasionally slowing down and then
picking up the pace again. She was very horny and it only took a minute or two
for her to cum. I withdrew my shrinking cock from her pussy. Hari quickly put
her mouth back on it, sucking off my and Miyuko’s juices. After I had an
erection again I put my cock in her pussy. Miyuko tongued our genitalia, just
as her sister had done, and we both quickly came. We sat back, exhausted, and
looked at the tv screen. The people were now having anal sex. This seemed to
intrigue Hari, who was sitting on my lap. Noticing this, I quietly stroked her
bare ass, occasionally quickly plopping a finger an inch or 2 into one of her
holes. She liked this and, moaning, rubbed my cock until it became hard again.
I got off the bed. Getting the idea, she got to its edge on her hands and
knees. I slowly tried to enter her tight ass with my cock but it wouldn’t go
in. Thinking for a second, I went to the bathroom. There wasn’t much there,
but I eventually found a can of petroleum jelly. I brought it back, spread
some over my cock and some into her ass, and resumed. I shoved my rock-hard
cock into her ass an inch at a time, telling her to relax and just think about
cumming as I rubbed her now-deflowered pussy. Once fully inside her-some 10
minutes later-I slowly started to fuck her ass. It took a few minutes to cum
and then I licked at her pussy before she came. Miyuko wanted to try it too,
so I followed a similar routine with her. We realized it was 11:00 and decided
to take a shower together. I came one more time in each girl in the shower, we
said our goodbyes, exchanged e-mails (promising to hold a similar session if I
was ever in Japan or th ey were in the US) and I went back to my room. It had
been a good trip already!

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