The Backyard Show – Wife Exhibitionism

Some years ago I was working at a vacant house near a
college campus doing some clean-up and maintenance work.
The house was right behind one of the boy’s dormitories
and had previously been occupied by students. My wife
had come along to work with me every few days or so
since the kids were in school. It was springtime and we
were finally having some nice warm weather after a long

Since the house was empty, and the backyard was fenced
in, my wife decided to lay out in the sun to get an
early start on her tan. By the second day of her doing
this I noticed that every so often some of the boys
would be looking out their windows, enjoying the
springtime warmth and also looking at her.

The third day she decided to get some sun was the
warmest we’d had that year, as the high was near 80
degrees. I noticed that she had settled into her lounger
to soak up the sun and looked very content. She had
slipped her arms out of her suit so she wouldn’t have
tan lines from her swimsuit straps.

I had been working inside, but came out to sit by her
for awhile in the sun. I helped her put on some lotion
and eventually pushed her top down to expose her
breasts. When I stopped rubbing her breasts she quickly
covered them back up again. I started to tease her about
showing off, and told her that I’d help her out so she
wouldn’t need to worry about covering up any more.

She wasn’t sure what I meant by that, but quickly
realized what I was going to do when I came back from
the truck with some pieces of rope.

I quickly tied her hands down at her sides, to the frame
of the chair. After she was secure I once again rubbed
her breasts with sunscreen and pushed her top down to
her waist.

She looked really nice laying there like that, all shiny
with sunscreen, laying on her back with her breasts
exposed to the sun, and everything else. She was wearing
sunglasses, so I couldn’t really see her expression when
I told her to enjoy the sun while I went back to work.

I went into the house to get a better chance to see if
any of the students in the dorm had noticed her
exposure. I watched for a few minutes as almost one that
was at the window quickly left and returned with some

After about 15 minutes I went back out to see how she
was doing. It was beginning to get quite warm now so I
got her a cold drink to make her more comfortable. She
was able to sit up, (this blocked the boys view), and
drink as I held the glass for her. She seemed to be
satisfied and laid back down on the lounger.

Sam had gotten somewhat used to being tied and exposed
like that, knowing that she’d get released only when I
was ready. She asked me how long I was going to leave
her like that, and I told her about the audience she was
gathering in the dorm. Even through the sunscreen and
dark glasses I could she her blush, but she stayed flat
on her back instead of trying to cover up.

I began to apply some more lotion to her body, and made
sure I took a long time rubbing it on her breasts. I
could see that she was getting a bit turned on by now,
which always loosens her up a little bit, so I kept
putting more lotion on her as I continued to push her
suit lower and lower.

Finally I reached the point where was rubbing the lotion
in and around her pussy. I couldn’t move her suit any
lower without her lifting her hips, but I didn’t think
she’d let me strip her naked in front of the crowd of

Sam must have been even more turned on than I thought as
she quietly lifted up her butt when I tugged on her
swimsuit. I figured I might as well go for it so I
pulled it all the way down and off her legs. I tossed it
a few feet away and began to rub her clit with one hand,
and pump in and out of her pussy with the other.

I couldn’t really see into the dorm windows without
being obvious about it, so instead concentrated on
bringing her to an orgasm. It wasn’t long before the
combination of the warm sunshine, the suntan lotion, the
exposure and my hands working her pussy, brought her to
a hard orgasm. Sam arched her back and stiffened while I
watched the familiar shudders pass through her body.

Before she had a chance to settle back down I asked how
she was doing, and how she felt. She finally had to
admit that she was feeling pretty good, and that she was
doing just fine. My response to that was to quickly get
up and go into the house leaving her completely exposed
and enjoying herself in the sunshine.

Once I got into the house I was able to check all the
dorm windows and was glad to see that many were occupied
by groups of young male and female voyeurs that had
watched her orgasm. Some of the students had binoculars,
and some of them even had out camcorders and cameras.

I enjoyed watching them as there was a constant stream
of activity coming and going from the windows.

I left Samantha tied-up in the backyard for another half
hour or so, so all the kids could all get a good look
and take pictures. But then it was time to go, so I went
out and untied her.

Sam quickly put on her swimsuit and we left before
anybody decided to pay us a personal visit. I could
never get her to come back to the house and do another
show for the students, but every day I was there working
I noticed that the guys (and some gals) kept checking
out the window to see if there was anything interesting
going on.

I hope we gave them all some good memories.

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