Stepmom stories – pt1.


Ever since my dad remarried when I was 18, Ive always

had a secret lust for my stepmother. I mean who wouldn’t. Shes

29 years-old with long brown hair, green eyes, and a perfect

figure (I’d say at least 36-24-36). But until the events I

watched unravel over Thanksgiving holiday of last year, I’d

always thought that she was an inoccent and virginal women. Well

with help from my grandfather and a couple of uncles I began to

see her in a whole new light.

It was Thanksgiving weekend and me and my many relatives all

converged on my grandfathers house for our yearly feast. Now my

grandfather is a vivacios man. Hes in his late fiftys, yet hes

still in good shape and looks no older than 45. Hes always been

a quite sexual man ever since Ive known him. Just by

conversations overheard of him groping my aunts and cousins, but

they all seemed to just come to understand this as his natural

behavior. Well my stepmother came to understand this very well.

It was late Wednsday night and all my family was sitting in

the living room just chatting away about jack shit. So I decided

to break away and sneek upstairs to my grandfathers closet to

take a look at his rifle collection. This had been my usual

ritual everytime I visited gramps. So there I was looking at

rifle after rifle, picking one up occasionally to play with it.

All of a sudden I heard the familiar sound of my stepmothers

voice “What did you need to see me about” she asked. “Oh I just

wanted to get a closer look at the whore my son decided to

marry.” I heard my grandad answer. My eyes widened and my mouth

dropped. Had he just said what I thought he had said. I moved

to the closet door that was already ajar and peeped out. I saw

mu stepmom and grandfather standing in the middle of the room

facing each other. “What did you say?”my stepmom asked. “You

heard me cunt, I can spot a whore from a mile away and I’ll be

damned if your not one.” he answered abrutly. Then he moved over

to the door and locked it, then He moved in front of my stepmom

and grabbed both her arms. I just took a big gulp and looked on.

“Get your dirty old hands off me.” she yelled. “Shut the fuck

up.” my grandpa said as he slapped her across the cheek. She

stood there stunned and bewildered. Then my grandad quickly

pulled up her skirt and ripped her panties off. “Whores dont wear panties”

he said softly. Then he reached down and grabbed her cunt,

at the same time managing to jam two fingers inside her.

He began a slow deliberate finger fucking of

my stepmother. “Stop.” my stepmother said softly and

half-heartily. “Shut up whore, Daddys here to give you what you

need.” with these words he threw her on the back onto the bed.

My stepmother just laid there. (why isnt she fighting him I said

to myself). “Take your blouse of slut.” my granpa said while at

the same time disrobing himself. My mother sat up in the bed

“Look this is going to fa…” SMACK! “Shut up whore just take

your slutty blouse off and shut your whore mouth!” my grandpa

said as he landed a blow across her mouth. My stepmom lowered

her head and wimpered a little as she took off her blouse and bra

releasing her beautiful, full breast. They jiggled a little as

they escaped the confines of her bra. “There see how easy that

was whore?”he said.

By this time both my grandpa and my stepmom were completly

nude. “Get down in front of me on your knees cunt.” my granpa

ordered. She slumped down from the bed and got on her knees.

There she was on her knees with my grandads 9″ cock hanging in

front of her. “Open your slutty mouth bitch.” he said. She

opened her mouth wide. Then my grandpa grabbed his still soft

cock and rubbed his head around her lips slowly. Then he grabbed

the back of her head with both hands and began to slowly fuck her

mouth with his semi-erect penis. I didnt take long for his cock

to become a raging hard on. He pumped her mouth harder and

harder, each time making his huge rod disappear inside her greedy

mouth. My poor stepmom just sat there and took his old cock into

her mouth, at times it looked as if she was going to choke.

“Scratch my legs whore.” my grandpa requested. She began to

scratch his hairy legs with her long bright red nails. My

grandpa continued the assault on her beutiful mouth. I couldnt

believe my beutiful stepmom was just sitting there letting her

mouth get hammered by a 50 year old man. She just let out a

couple of soft moans ever now and then. He rammed her mouth

for a good 5 minutes, taking the time to tell her how much of a

whore she was and how he was going to work her out good.

Then abruptly my grandad pulled out and then lifted her up

by her hair until she was standing in front of him.

His cock was still raging.

“Now its time for this whore to get fucked.”he said with a

giggle. “Turn around bitch and bend over.” “Please” she said

“I dont want to do this.” With these words he grabbed her

shoulders whipped her around and pushed her back until she was

bent over with her hands on the bed. “Well guess what your going

to do and your going to like it. Say I’m a whore and I’m going

to enjoy this.” There was no response from my stepmom. My

grandad raised his hand and quickly brought it down across her

ass. SMACK! “Say it cunt.” “I’m a…a…whore and I’m going

to….to enjoy” she said wimpering. As she said this my

grandpa had began to rub the head of his cock up and down her

lips. She was dripping wet. “So you do enjoy this you wet

bitch.” he yelled. “Yes” she answered. Then he grabbed a hold

of her beutiful full ass and violently rammed all his meat deep

inside her till it disapeared. “Uhhhhh.” he groaned. “AHHH.” my

stepmom yelped. Then he began an all out attack on my stepmoms

tight wet pussy. She began to yelp louder and louder till my

grandad had to cover her mouth with his hand.


groaned. He kept on ramming her each time making all 9 inches

disapear into her cunt. “ this

you like cock.” “Yes..Yes..YES.” she moaned.

Now I must admit grandad has some stamina. He must of rode my stepmom

for at least fifteen minutes. My stepmom must of had

at least two orgasms because my grandpa had to cover her mouth

twice to keep her from screaming. Finally I could see his

legs start to buckle and jerk. “Here it comes bitch.” he said.

Then he quickly pulled his cock out pushed her onto her belly and

sat on top her head. Then he began to jack is cock off into her

hair. His legs began to buckle as he shot a huge load into the

back of her head, covering her brown hair with his cum. “There

you go whore.” he added. Then he turned her over until he was

almost sitting on her face. “Now clean me off bitch.” She began

to lick his limp cock with her tounge until it had been cleaned of

cum and her juices. “Now didn’t you enjoy that whore?” he asked.

“Yes.” my stepmom answered as she let out a long purr. “Am I

better than my son.” he asked. “Oh yes much better.”she said.

“Now whos cunt is this.” he asked as he reached down and fingered

her cunt. “‘Yours.”she answered. “See I knew you were a slut.” he

added. “Now clean you whore ass up and get dressed.” with these

words he got up and began to get dressed. “And if you didn’t know

I got all this on tape.” he pointed to the corner, were there was a

camcorder on a tripod. “Don’t worry your husband won’t see it

as long as your a good little girl. Got it?”

“Yes I understand.” She answered. Grandad left and my stepmom

went into the bathroom and closed the door. I of course took this

opportunity to exit stage left. As I made my way down stairs I

saw grandad talking to my dad. I moved closer. “What were

you guys talking about for so long.” my dad asked. “I just

wanted the chance to get to know my daughter-in-law one

on-one.” “Well what do you think.” dad asked. “Shes a very

lovely women I think you found a winner.” with those words he

reached out to shake hands with my dad. The same hand that

had just been up his sons wifes cunt he was now using to shake

hands with. I felt a little sick, like maybe I should tell my dad. But

then I thought of my stepmom and how she seem to like being

treated like a whore. So I decided to keep quiet for now. Boy was

I glad I did.

The next day was a pretty ordinary thanksgiving. We ate around

noon and then everyone went home. Except for me, dad, my

stepmom, and my two uncles Bob and Bill. My grandad had

asked us to stay an extra night and visit with him. Well the

day went on pretty uneventful until that night. It was around 11

and everyone had gone to bed, so I thought. I was lying in one

of the guest rooms upstairs. My dad and stepmom were sleeping

downstairs, and my grandad was in his room. Then all of a sudden

I heard talking coming from my grandads room. I got out of bed

and walked down the hall to his rooom. Putting my ear to the

door I heard my grandads familiar voice, “Thats right son your

brother married a real whore, I mean just look at her go to work.”

“Uhhhh…I had no idea dad.” my uncle voiced in a low groan.

I turned the knob of the door and was surprised to find it

unlocked. I pushed the door open a little ways and peeked

in. There was my uncle lying on the bed while my stepmom

sucked his cock. “Uhhh..shes fucking great.” Bob said. “I

know son I gave her a good work-out yesterday.” My grandad

was sitting on the edge of the bed just watching his son

get a hummer from my stepmom. “Is she going down far

enough for you son?” he asked Bob. “Maybe she could take

a little more.” Bob answered. My stepmom just kept sucking.

She was like a mad women. She took all 8 inches

of his dick into her mouth. Over and over making it disappear

into her hungry mouth everytime. Then all of a sudden my

grandad put a hand on the back of her head and pushed

it down hard until her nose was pressed against his pubic

hair. I could hear her trying to breath. I guess the dick had

gone all the way into her throat and she couldn’t.

“There hows that son?” he asked. “Oh yeah thats how a real

whore takes a cock.” Bob answered. My grandad held her

there for about thirty seconds until she almost passed out.

Bob just laughed and pushed his pelvis up harder, making

her almost gag. When he let go she came up coughing and

gagging for air.

“That was wild.” Bob said.

“You asshole I couldn’t breath.”my stepmom yelled.

“Shut up whore, you really think I care.”grandad responded.

“Now get on your hands and knees over there on the floor.”

he demanded. My stepmom got off

the bed and moved over to the floor, moving down to her hands

and knees as requested. My grandad then moved over to her

and got on his knees in front of her. “Take my cock in you

mouth bitch.” As he did this my uncle moved in behind her

and began to rub her lips with his already raging cock. My

stepmom eagerly took grandads cock into her mouth and

began to suck him with slow deliberate strokes. Then uncle

Bob rammed his meat into her wet cunt, shoving it all the

way into her with one stroke. She let out a loud muffled

moan and kept working grandads dick. Uncle Bob began

to fuck her with long fast strokes. I could hear his balls smack

against her ass, and I could hear the sounds of her ass cheeks

smacking together as he gave her his cock. By this time

grandad had grabbed her head and began to ram his hips

into her mouth, making her take his huge cock. “You like

this dont you whore, two dicks inside you.” grandad yelled.

She just let out a loud moan and kept sucking. I could see

her rocking back trying to move into Bob cock, wanting

even more of it inside her. She was enjoying this. I could

tell Bob couldnt take much more he was going to blow.

“‘Dad…uh..I want her….uh to swallow me..”Bob moaned.

Grandad quickly pulled out of her mouth and grabbed her

hair turning her around. “”You heard him whore, swallow his

load.” She quickly grabbed Bobs raging cock and began to lick

and suck it until he couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her

hair and thrust his hips up into her mouth, releasing his load

into her eager mouth. He sat there for a while girating. Until

his now soft cock popped out of her mouth. “Oh shit that was

fucking great.” He said loudly. “How’d I taste bitch?”

“Ummm you tasted wonderful.” she answered licking her lips.

Then she turned around and grabbed grandads cock, eagerly

putting it back into her mouth. Grandad pulled her head off and

lifted her to her feet. “I got a better idea.” he said. Then he

disappered into the bathroom and came back with a jar of

vaseline. She knew what was in store. “I’m going to break

in that virgin asshole of yours, all good whores need a loose

ass.” “Get on all fours bitch.” She dropped down to her hands

and knees quickly. “Say son have you ever had your asshole

sucked.”he asked Bob who was sitting on the bed exhausted.

“Well no.” he answered. “Come over here then” Bob came over

and got on the floor in front of my stepmom. “I want you to

lick his asshole bitch.” grandad said. Bob bent over to make his

asshole available to her. She instantly buried her face between his

cheeks. “Uhhhhh….” Bob yelped. She began to lick and suck his

ass. With one hand she reached around and began to jerk his

semi-erect penis. I could hear her moaning and grunting as she

eagerly ate his ass. While all this was happening grandad had

lubed up her ass and was about to enter her. He grabbed his

stiff cock and placed it on her tight hole. Then he began to push his

way inside. It took a lot of force to get his cock into her. It was

obvious this was her first time. She began to yell in pain, but kept

up her attack on Bobs ass. I could her my grandad grunting as

he slowly began to build up speed. “Damn bitch you got a tight ass.”

he groaned. As he fed her asshole his cock I could see the looks

of pain on her face turn to pleasure as she placed a hand between

her legs and began to finger fuck herself. By this time Bob was

going crazy. He was gyrating around and reaching back to push her

head further into his ass. “Yeah..uh..bitch suck my asshole.”

She dug deep reaching her tounge in to give him a good reeming.

Then Bob could’t take it any more. He blew a load onto the carpet

in front of him. My stepmom continued to suck his ass until he

reached back and pulled her head away. Then he leaned down

and whispered in her ear. “I’ve had enough for tonight but we’ll see

each other again real soon.” He gave her a hard kiss and then

crashed onto the bed. Grandad had kept up his assault on her

pretty ass and by this time was ready to shoot his load. “Your

ready for it cunt.” he asked. “Oh yeah daddy ..uh…uh..give it to

me.” “Ahh…ahhh.ahhh.” groaned granpa as he shot a load into

her ass. Cum leaked out of her ass and ran down her creamy

thighs. He then pulled his now soft cock out of her ass. “Now

clean me up whore!” he demanded. She positioned herself in front

of him and gave his cock a good tounge bath. When he was

satisfied with her job he said “Now clean up the mess Bob made.”

She then went to the task of sucking up Bobs load off the

carpet. Lapping at it with her skillfull tounge. “Thats good

bitch.” said granpa. “Well whore how did it feel to have your

slutty asshole opened up?” he asked. “It felt so good.” she said

excitingly. “Well arent you going to thank me bitch.” granpa added.

“Thank you daddy for opening up my ass.” she said softly.

“Thats a good whore…Now go to bed, tommorrow I’ll introduce

you to Bill.” “You’ll like that wont you bitch?”

“Yes.”she said. Then she got up collected her bra and panties.

Seeing this I darted down the hall and into my bedroom.

I heard her leave the room and walk downstairs.

All kind of thoughts raced through my head that night.

My beutiful step-mom who I had always secretly

desired was a pure fuckslut. I mean it didnt take much

coaxing from gramps to get her to do anything he wanted

Then I though of how I could use this to my advantage. I

would give anything to have a shot at my stepmom and this

was shaping up to be a perfect opportunity. I didnt know how

at that moment but I was going to get mine…..Oh yes I was

going to get mine.