Sex With Sarah – You dirty little cocksucker


By now it had become clear that Sarah got really turned on by being
dominated by me. The football bets were forgotten about. She said I
didn’t need to win anymore bets just tell her what to do and she would
do it. When she told me, I just looked into her eyes and smiled
without saying a word. She blushed a little and looked away. I pulled
her head back to face me and said “Now you’re all mine so you’ll do
exactly what I say without arguing.. ok?”. She nodded and told me she
loved me. I had strong feelings for her but not in the way she had for
me. Sarah looked at me waiting for my reaction so I told her I loved
her as well. She flung her arms around me and gave me a big cuddle
which made me feel a bit guilty. I think I was probably ” in lust”
with her young firm body. I then put my hands on her shoulders and
pushed her down onto her knees. She didn’t protest or try to resist at
all. I had a new found power and was going to make the best of it.
Being in total control of someone is an incredible feeling and highly
erotic. Just pushing her onto her knees gave me an incredible hardon.
“Now unzip my jeans and pull them down” I ordered. She did as I said
and pulled them down to my knees. “Now my pants”. She hooked her
fingers into the waistband and pulled them down letting my hard cock
spring free. She was about to grip my cock with her hand but I
stopped her. “Don’t use your hand, just your tongue and lick my cock
all over”. She started to lick my cock from bottom to top like she was
licking a lollipop. It felt nice so I pulled my foreskin back to
expose the head of my cock which was dripping with precum by now. “Now
lick the head of my cock clean”. She did as I said and seemed to be
getting really into it, flicking her tongue all over to clean the
sticky juice from the end of my cock.”Now put your hands behind your
back and just stick your tongue out”. As she did, I took hold of my
hard cock and rubbed it in front of her face as she watched. She
looked like a dog that was begging her master for a bone, kneeling
with her tongue out. I felt another blob of cum reach the end of my
cock so I positioned myself over her face to let it dribble onto her
tongue. As if in slow motion it landed onto it’s target. I then used
my cock to rub it all over her tongue. As I pulled away she swallowed
then stuck her tongue back out waiting for more. I was feeling even
more powerful and very aroused by now. “You like my hard cock don’t
you?” I said grinning. She blushed and mumbled “yes” looking down at
the floor. “Look at me and tell me then”. I ordered. Sarah looked up
her face a bright red. “I love your hard cock” she replied then looked
down again. “Now you’re going to suck me until I come in your mouth,
and this time you’re going to swallow”. I thought she would protest
but to my surprise she almost pounced onto my hardon and started to
suck like she was possessed. Her head was bobbing up and down and she
was trying to take as much of my cock in as possible. Then she would
pull it out of her mouth and lick it, moaning to herself. While she
was sucking, I started to taunt her which turned her on even more.
“Dirty little bitch, you love sucking cock don’t you?”…

.”You dirty
little cocksucker, make me cum”. The more I said the more she loved
it. She began to get more frantic and I couldn’t hold back any longer.
I felt the feeling build up inside of me then I exploded in her mouth
sending hot jets of cum down the back of her throat. She didn’t pull
away at all she just kept sucking and swallowing until she had drained
the last drop of cum from my cock. I pulled my cock from her mouth
which was still throbbing. As I did, a mixture of saliva and cum was
dripping from the end. Sarah saw this and grabbed my cock with her
hand and pulled it back to her mouth. She looked up at me and licked
it off with a smile on her face. “Dirty Bitch” I said smiling at her.
“I know I am, but you love it” she replied with a big grin still on
her face. I pulled her to her feet to give her a cuddle but before I
could she began to kiss me. Why do women always want to do this after
a blowjob? She stuck her tongue in my mouth making me taste my own
cum. While we were kissing, I put my hand up her skirt to rub her
pussy. I came into contact with a very wet pair of panties. I slipped
my hand inside and slid a finger in her wet pussy making her squirm
and moan. “I need to feel your cock inside me now” she said

I had only just shot my load so I needed a few minutes to
recover. I pulled my finger from her pussy and pulled her panties down
which she kicked off with her foot. “Sit on the sofa with your legs
open and play with your pussy but don’t make yourself cum” I told her.
Sarah hitched up her skirt and sat down spreading her legs for my
gaze. As she did she started to finger herself, pushing a finger in to
the knuckle then pulling it out to rub her clit. She had her eyes
closed and was quietly moaning to herself. From where I was standing I
could see she was dripping wet and ready for my cock which by now had
sprung back to life. Watching a woman masturbate is a really horny
sight and something which always turns me on. I shuffled over to Sarah
with my jeans still around my ankles and knelt in front of her, my
cock nestling against her swollen pussy lips. She was so busy rubbing
her clit that she didn’t seem to notice me until I slid my hard cock
inside her in one slow push. Sarah was so wet my cock slid in easily
and felt fantastic…hot, wet and very tight. Her pussy always felt
tight. As I did, her eyes shot open wide and she let out a loud gasp
then pulled my head down to her tits. “Bite me! Bite my tits!” she
screamed. I was taken by surprise at this but started to nibble her
erect nipples with my teeth. Later she told me it really turned her on
but she was too embarrassd to ask anyone to do this to her. I was
having trouble in the position I was in to keep fucking her so I had
to kick my jeans off. I then pushed her back onto the sofa and
continued to fuck her tight pussy while nibbling away at her ears and
neck. Sarah was going crazy beneath me and started to buck wildly as
she reached her orgasm. I continued to pump away inside her until I
felt myself about to cum. I then pulled my cock out and shot my load
all over her stomach and tits making her rub it in afterwards. We both
had to go for a bath then as I couldn’t go home to my girlfriend in
the state I was in. I think she may have guessed what I’d been up to

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