Night Of The Pregnant Cheerleaders


“We’re lost as hell Mr. Randolf,” said the driver,
Charley. “And we’re stuck as well. I think maybe the
axel is broken, but I can’t tell without getting under
it, and I can’t do that with it in the ditch.”

Bob Randolph and Cindy Lewis knew they had a problem,
and they had no idea of how to solve it. They were
Teachers at the Mount Dawson Academy of Learning, a
private school in the Ozark Mountains. At the moment,
they were also the sponsors on the team bus, which was
full of kids on the football and cheerleading squads.
They had traveled all the way to Phoenix Arizona to
play in a special tournament. The trip out had required
that they spend two nights on the road, and the trip
back was the same way.

The first problem to arise was flooding that washed out
a bridge on the interstate and they had to take a
detour. They knew they were somewhere in West Texas,
but they didn’t know where. They’d taken a wrong turn
and then couldn’t turn around because the road was too
narrow. In the end they had to stop because the road
stopped. It led into the yard of an old house, if you
could call it that.

They tried turning around, but in the mud and muck they
had gotten stuck. Then, with the entire football team
pushing on the back and sides of the bus, they had
gotten it moving only to slide into a ditch, almost
falling over. There was immediately a high pitched
whirring-metal grinding-make your ears hurt sound until
Charley let off the gas. Charley couldn’t even get out
of the main doors because that side of the bus was
leaning against a bank of mud. He and the cheerleaders,
who had stayed on the bus while the team pushed
(chanting “Go Offense” cheers), had to use the
emergency door in the back of the bus to escape.

Now, with everyone standing around drenched in the
rain, Charley had delivered the news that they weren’t
going anywhere soon. Cindy closed her cell phone. “No
service” she said dismally. Several of the kids tried
their phones too, but none could get through to a dial

Bob looked at the “house.” It was probably a hunting
cabin, rather than a real residence. It was small and
looked like it might fall down any minute. He went up
on the porch and pushed on the door. It was locked, but
there was no glass in it, so he reached inside and
found the latch. He opened the door and went in to find
that there was only one room.

Most of the tin roof was there, but lots of it was
rusted through and you had to pick and choose your
spots to stand if you didn’t want to be dripped on. The
rain didn’t look like it was going to let up any time
soon. The windows in the house were still there, as was
an old wood stove that was so rusty he couldn’t get the
door open. The stove pipe was rusted through anyway. He
put two of the boys to work on trying to get the stove
open while he inventoried the place.

Nothing. No food or water. He could see an old outhouse
out back. There was plenty of broken furniture and wood
lying around. At least they wouldn’t freeze to death.

But it would be two days before they were missed. On
the way in there had been very few crossroads, and none
for the last three or four miles. He could send some of
the boys out tomorrow to see if they could find a
farmhouse, or some traffic, but not tonight. Not in
this driving rain.

“Have the kids get their bags in here, over in that
corner, where it’s dry,” he said to Cindy. “We need to
get a fire going and get them in dry clothes as soon as
we can.” She nodded, teeth chattering.

He smiled at her, as if to say they’d be OK. She was a
trooper, that was for sure. A small woman, she was in
her late twenties, with brown hair. He knew her, of
course, working in the same school, but he’d never
actually taken much notice of her. He was glad she
wasn’t in panic mode. He needed her to keep her head.
He put Charley in charge of four of the boys and told
them to gather as much wood as they could find. Dry if
possible, but all they could find.

Mandy Rezler appeared in front of him. “Mr. Randolph?
We can’t get the doors open,” she said. He looked out a
window and saw Cindy and two boys trying to dig mud
away from the doors that opened on the right side of
the bus under where the seats were. Those doors were
pressed firmly into the muddy bank and he could see
immediately that they’d never get them open until the
bus was out of the ditch. Even worse the tailpipe of
the bus was under the mud, so they couldn’t even run
the bus for heat.

“SHIT!” he growled.

Mandy, perky as usual, said “Naughty naughty Mr.
Randolph.” But she didn’t have her normal giggling
demeanor. Her teeth were chattering too.

Charley and the boys came in with armloads of wood. The
two boys working on the stove finally got the door
open. Bob examined everything. It would be smoky, but
they had to have the heat. One of the boys had a pocket
knife and he whittled some shavings into a pile in the
bottom of the stove. Then he broke up enough wood that
he had some different sized pieces and he layered them

One of the boys had a lighter – never mind they weren’t
supposed to smoke – and he got the little blaze going.
Chip Johnson had been in Boy Scouts and took over from
there, getting a nice hot fire going. The smoke wasn’t
so bad, since most of it went out the holes in the

The kids crowded around the stove until Chip shooed
them back a little. “You won’t feel how hot it really
is at first,” he said. “You can catch your clothes on
fire and not even know it.”

“Yeah right,” said another boy. “We’re all soaking wet.
We couldn’t catch on fire if we were IN the fire.” But
they all backed up a little.

Bob went out to where Cindy and the two boys were
digging. They were all covered with mud. “Give it up,”
he yelled through the wind gusts. “We have heat inside
now. Go get warm.” They struggled up out of the ditch.
Bob knew they’d stay cold if they stayed muddy. “Wait,”
he said. “Come with me.” He went to the corner of the
house where a small river of water was pouring off the
roof. He had each boy stand under it and rubbed the mud
off of their heads, arms and torso. Once they were
relatively clean he sent them in.

“I’m freezing” said Cindy as she went under the stream.
Bob helped her wash off, working her hair until it was
clean and then sliding his hands all over her shirt and
jeans. She just stood shivering as he ran his hands
places he would normally get slapped for. “Come on” he
said and took her hand, dragging her inside. There was
a solid semi circle of teenagers circling the wood
stove from wall to wall. They weren’t talking much,
just holding their hands out to the warmth. Charley
came in with another load of wood.

“We can keep ‘er going all night if we have to,” he
said. He was a solid guy too. He was technically on the
maintenance crew at the school, but moonlighted as the
bus driver. He was probably in his early thirties. Bob
didn’t know anything else about him.

Janie Freiburg spoke up. “Mr. Randolph? What are we
going to do? I’m so cold.” Several of the other kids
added their complaint to hers.

He held up a hand. “Look, we have a problem here, but
we’re going to be OK. It’s going to be rough until
somebody finds us, or we get help, but we’ll figure
something out. We can’t get to the dry clothes right
now, and the immediate problem is that the wet clothes
you are wearing are sucking your body heat out and we
have to solve that problem first. We have some heat,
but not enough for everybody to dry out at the same
time. So just be patient and we’ll figure something

He pushed Cindy through the kids until she could get
some heat. He thought. They needed some kind of
covering to wrap up in. He remembered seeing the girls
wearing ponchos. Buffy Howell was the head cheerleader.
“Buffy” he said. How many of those ponchos you guys
were wearing are there?”

She brightened immediately. “We have lots! There’s one
for each girl and some for the players too!”

He asked her where they were and was pleased to hear
they were inside the bus, instead of in the storage
area that was now blocked. He told the kids to stay by
the fire. He crawled in the back of the bus and found
the ponchos in a box under the seats. Thank goodness
for that. He took the box inside. When he examined the
ponchos he found they had snaps on them, and could be
fastened together.
Better and better.

Soon he had a sheet big enough to cover the floor. He
folded it up so it wouldn’t get wet and went to work on
another one. He only had enough left to make a strip,
but he had an idea.

The kids were all watching him.

“OK,” he said, facing them. “We have what we need to
survive the night, but it won’t be pretty. I wouldn’t
suggest this, except that I believe it is the only
thing we can do to keep warm and make it through to
tomorrow. Hopefully it will stop raining in the night.”

Johnny Baldwin, the quarterback, said, “OK, so what are
we gonna do?”

Bob told them. “We have enough ponchos to put down on
the floor and lay down on something that isn’t wet. We
have a big enough poncho-sheet to cover everybody once
we are all lying down. We’ll all have to huddle
together, sharing our body heat, and keep the fire
going all night.”

“Sounds simple enough,” said Mandy.

“There’s only one real problem,” said Bob.

“What’s that?” came several calls. They were cold and
wanted to get on with the plan.

Bob was surprised when Cindy spoke up. “The problem is
that it won’t work if you are wearing wet clothes.”

They all looked at her.

“But how are we going to get them dry?” asked Phil
Smith, a wide receiver.

Bob spoke, “We can’t, not until morning, and only then
if it stops raining.”

“So what are we going to do? moaned Mandy.”

Cindy saved him from having to say it. “We’re all going
to have to huddle…

There was dead silence.

Suddenly Randy Jeffries said “ALL RIGHT! I GET THE SPOT
NEXT TO MANDY!” There were titters.

Mandy said, “You wish!” and everyone laughed out loud.

“It doesn’t matter who you’re next to” said Cindy.
We’re all going to be in one long line, like sardines.”

Mandy said “Why don’t all the boys huddle together and
all the girls huddle together?”

Randy, still stung by her rebuff of him said, “I’m not
cuddling up naked to a guy. It would be all over
school. I’ll freeze first.” Several of the guys agreed
with him loudly.

Buffy added “And I don’t want it said that we turned
into a bunch of lesbians either. I say we go boy girl
boy girl boy girl.” There was a chorus of agreement.

Bob laid out the strip and immediately covered it with
the big sheet to keep it dry. “GO!” he yelled.

It started slowly, with Bob and Cindy leading the way.
When Cindy was down to bra and panties the girls
finally started pulling their wet clothing off. Some of
them hung up things on nails in the wall, or on the end
of splintered boards, anywhere near the stove where it
might dry. The boys began disrobing immediately,
thought their eyes were on the girls.

Within a minute clothing flew everywhere as kids tried
to be the first to get under the cover.

Cindy took a breath and released the snap on her bra.
The tension of her pale white orbs flung the bra
forward and there were gasps from some of the boys.

Her breasts were beautiful! They were much bigger than
you would have thought and they were tipped with
painfully erect dark pink nipples. She knew she was the
center of attention, since none of the girls had gotten
that far yet.

“Be nice!” she commanded, standing proudly and not
covering her breasts at all. “They’re just breasts, and
every girl has them. Don’t make the girls nervous by
staring at them fellas.”

A couple of the guys looked away. Bob noticed erections
already tenting out underwear. He figured he’d better
say something or the girls would freak.

“And girls!”

They all turned to look at him.

“Every guy has a penis, and in situations like this it
gets erect. It’s just a physical response to danger,
adrenaline and pretty girls who happen to be naked.
Please don’t take any offense. We really can’t control

As one, every girl in the room dropped her eyes to his
underwear. He had responded to Cindy’s beauty just like
the boys and was more than half hard.

Within a minute there were bare breasts and bouncing
stiff cocks all over the place as the kids finally got
naked. There was a lot of peeking going on, which was
normal, given the circumstances. Most of the boys had
smooth adolescent cocks that were just made for
slipping through cherries. They were, for the most
part, six or so inches long and about as big around as
two or three of the
girl’s fingers. Those teen penises were also basically
pink or flesh colored, and, to a man, they were hard.

There were a lot of looks snuck at Bob too. But that’s
because his obviously adult penis looked completely
different. His was gnarled and bent, with a big purple
looking head on it. It looked like a club more than
anything else. It was dark, as was the nest of hair it
sprouted from. It looked like it had been broken or
something, or maybe in too many fights that it had

Several girls shuddered upon seeing it, and not from
the cold.

Because the girls were all gawking at male genitalia,
the boys got naked first, and crowded under the big
tarp, leaving room between them. It was then up to the
girls to decide which boys to sandwich between. Bob
thought there could be trouble about that, but it
actually went pretty well, with only two girls arguing
about who they were going to cuddle with.

Bob turned to Cindy “You want to be between me and
Charley or do you want to snuggle up to a student?” He
felt a shot of adrenaline rush through him as she
looked down at his now exposed cock and said, “I think
I’ll take my chances with you and Charley.”

Charley, for his part, was out of his element
completely. Unknown to any of them, he wasn’t’ much
removed from being a high school student himself. Not
really. He lived with his mother and had for the whole
six years he’d been out of school. He’d tried some
better paying jobs, but didn’t like the politics
involved. He was quite happy working maintenance in the

But he had fantasies about some of the girls he saw all
the time, and a few of them were naked in the room with
him, and he was painfully erect by the time he got
naked. He had been slower than most too, and was one of
the last to be ready to go under the tarp. As such,
practically everyone in the room got a good look at his
young cock which was obviously ready for action. He
stood helplessly, trying to decide where to go.

Cindy took mercy on him. “Charley,” she said. “Adults
are over here at this end.”

Charley started in their direction when Mandy suddenly
got up and said “I’ve changed my mind.” and stood,
waiting for Charley to get under the cover, after which
she pointedly got into the position next to him.

That didn’t do him any good at all because Mandy was
one of the girls he thought about as he beat that
magnificent penis he was currently sporting.

The fire was roaring in the stove now, and there was
actually a little heat in the building. It was noisy
too. The primary sound were voices, as adolescent males
and females did something they wouldn’t have believed
possible – they intentionally rubbed their naked bodies
together – with people they were NOT going steady with
or even dating!

So there were a chorus of “Ooooooo” and “Sorry” and
“Don’t touch me THERE!” type comments. The rest of the
noise was from a combination of the steady rain on the
tin roof, and the crackling of the cold ponchos as they
were tugged and moved in an effort to get under a part
that didn’t have a seam in it.

In the end it was probably those seams that resulted in
the pairing off of couples. It turned out that four
people could huddle under one poncho and stay pretty
dry. Then there was a seam where two ponchos were
snapped together. Those leaked rainwater. Then there
were another four people. It went like that under all
twelve ponchos. It was crowded for four under a
poncho… but then, that was the point. It was even
more crowded under the adult poncho, because the adults
were bigger.

It was Mandy’s idea that the females should lie on top
of the males. “To make more room” she said in an
attempt to sound like it was only for that reason.

Bob said, “Uh on,” and started to veto the idea but
Cindy poked him.

“Wait” she whispered.

Charley spoke next. “We can’t do that!” he croaked.
“You’d be lying right on top of my P…”

He was interrupted by Mandy who said “Body! Yes,
Charley, that’s the whole point Charley. It will be
warmer and we can get clear away from where the water
is leaking in. It will be fine Charley. Remember, Mr.
Randolph said it’s normal.”

Which was proof that she knew exactly what Charley’s
objection was based on.

Of course the boys thought it was a great idea. About
half of the girls didn’t like that idea at all. But
when the half that did crawled on top of their chosen
boy, and there were oohs and aahs of warmth (OK, there
were other reasons for the Oohs and Aahs) the rest
reluctantly decided to do it too. Bob was astonished to
find Cindy crawling up on top of him and opened his
mouth to object and she whispered “Hush.”

Thus it was that 24 females of childbearing age, found
themselves lying on top of 24 rampant erections,
attached to ball sacks just overflowing with sperm
that, at the moment, was aching to make some women bear

Bob found himself immediately warmer and instinctively
put his hands on Miss Lewis’ back so she wouldn’t roll
off of him. He let those hands stroke all over her
back, at which point she sighed and, if possible,
huddled even closer to him. “Ohhhh that feels good” she
murmured in his chest. She was about seven or eight
inches shorter than he was, and in order for his
erection to be on her stomach, her chin had to be right
between his nipples.
So when she said something to his chest he said “What?”

Cindy Lewis had very intentionally lain down on Mr.
Randolph in such a way that his erection WOULD be on
her stomach, instead of pressing against her admittedly
damp pussy. If she scooted up to where she could speak
quietly with him, that lump that was pressing hotly
into her belly would press hotly in between her legs.

She thought about the fact that she hadn’t been on a
date in three years because she was too busy with her
job. She thought about the fact that, in this room
tonight, there would undoubtedly be sex going on.

She scooted up so her face was in the crook of his

There were only three ways for people in this situation
to lie. The girl could straddle the boy, The boy could
spread his legs and let the girl lie between them. They
could lie with legs together, but that was
uncomfortable because the girl’s body kept trying to
roll off.

Cindy Lewis decided to straddle, and when she did, Mr.
Randolph’s cock tip pressed into the folds of her pussy

“What in the world are you DOING!?” he whispered
urgently. He knew exactly what that warm slippery
surface was that his prick was pressing into.

Cindy whispered in his ear. “Look, these kids are in a
bad way, right?” He nodded. She went on, “And right
now, I bet not one of them is thinking about how cold
and wet and miserable he or she is right now… or
would be if we weren’t all lying the way we are.”

While she talked she unconsciously wiggled her pussy
down against the blunt tip of his penis. It felt good.

“OK” he said, breathing a little more rapidly now. “But
I don’t think we need them fucking each other. I mean,
just think of what the parents are going to say when
they find out we did even this!”

Cindy breathed into his ear and he shivered. Her pussy
was pressing harder on him and she could feel her
nether lips spreading, stretching, making room. She
said “Right. You’re right about that. Yes, that
wouldn’t be good.”

She pushed off the floor with her arms to raise her
breasts off his chest.

“KIDS!” she yelled at the room in general. There were
various voices that answered her. “KIDS, LISTEN TO ME.
THIS IS VERY AWKWARD, I KNOW.” When she had lifted
herself it forced her down on Bob’s cock. The head
popped into her channel and she stifled a groan. “BUT

Bob heard “Get a life”, as well as “Now you tell us.”
and a couple of “What did she say?” kind of lines. But
there was a chorus of high pitched female voices: “YES
MISS LEWIS” followed by groans from deeper voices.

Cindy sank back down on Bob’s chest. Her stifled groan
came out in his ear as her now hot breasts flattened
against his chest. He was in her, if only an inch, but
that was a whole lot at this point. Bob thought it had
happened by pure accident and he lowered his hands to
her butt cheeks to pull her up and off of him.

“Don’t you DARE!” she whispered.

He froze and started to move his hands.

“But you can leave your hands there,” she spoke in his

Bob, ever the gentleman, figured out what was going on
and said “Are you sure?”

She put her lips right in his ear and said “No real
harm so far, and I’m a LOT warmer.” She licked his ear
and he gave his hips a little push that drove his cock
another two inches into her.

She gasped and he whispered back “Play nice.”

He knew he’d done OK when she licked his ear again.


There was a groan next to them as Charley tried to
combat the attentions of Mandy. When she had seen his
cock she decided right then and there that she was
going to feel that baby in her pussy. She had only had
sex one time, and that was with a man she babysat for.
He was older and had a short fat penis that didn’t go
inside her very much. She remembered wishing he could
get further in when he took her cherry. Now she was
going to find out what a big long one felt like. She
too had decided to straddle Charley and she was rubbing
her firm teen breasts all over his chest.

“Mmmmmm Charley, you’re soooo warm,” she breathed into
his neck.

“But Mandy, we shouldn’t be rubbing together like
this,” he moaned, trying to be quiet so he wouldn’t
embarrass her in front of the others.

“I’m finally getting warm Charley,” she sighed, rubbing
her pussy on his cock. “And the rubbing part feels sooo
good.” She wanted to kiss his neck, but she knew it was
too soon. His cock felt so good rubbing against her
pussy she hunched into it.

“Mandy!” he hissed “If you don’t watch it something
bad’s going to happen!” he whispered urgently.

Mandy raised her head. What could he do if she just
stuffed him into her? He couldn’t very well scream and
run away. She slid one hand between them and grasped
his erection in her cold hand. “I don’t think it would
be so bad Charley” she said softly.

He took in a breath to rebuke her, but she leaned
forward and kissed him, at the same time lodging the
tip of his wonderful prick in her opening. She tongued
him as his hands flopped.

He had been trying NOT to touch her naked body with his
hands. By the time he decided he HAD to it was too

With an expellation of breath into his mouth, Mandy
pushed herself down onto his cock, getting a little
more than half of it in with that first push. Charley,
feeling heat surround his cock on all sides, froze. He
couldn’t think straight. Her lips on his were so soft
and warm and she tasted so good and that wonderful heat
on his penis was so nice.

It seemed like his hips bucked up all by themselves…
up off the poncho they were lying on and he was
suddenly fully embedded in tight cheerleader pussy.

Their kiss broke as both gasped for air. Mandy was
delighted. She was so full of cock that she thought she
could almost taste him. “Ohhhh thank you Charley,” she


Melody Thomas and Carl Dupree had teamed up because
both of them were the ‘quiet’ ones in the bunch. Carl
was the kicker for the team and Melody was the
secretary/treasurer for the cheerleading squad. She
suited up and did the routine cheers, but didn’t
perform acrobatics or the other high visibility things
that some of the girls specialized in.

Melody had the smallest breasts too, a fact she was
acutely aware of on a routine basis. she happened to be
standing by Carl when Ms Lewis announced they’d need to
get naked to get warm. Melody, being only 15, wasn’t
allowed to date yet, so besides being a virgin she was
uncomfortable with and inexperienced around boys.

Carl, though 17, didn’t date much and was one of those
people who has friends in lots of different social
groups, including the geeks and unpopular kids. It was
for that reason that Melody had noticed him in the
first place. She’d admired him for that for the whole
year, so when it appeared they’d have to pair up, she
chose him to pair with.

All she’d had to do was turn and whisper “Carl! You and
me, OK?” Then she’d blushed bright red, which is hard
when you’re freezing.

Carl, being the nice guy he was grinned and said “Sure
thing Mel.” His assignment of a nickname to her made
her feel good too. When she saw his penis – hard, like
Mr. Randolph said it would be – she got a flutter in
her stomach. She had a brother, and her father ran
around the house naked lots, so she’d seen them, but
not like this. She couldn’t help but think about what
it was for, and where on her body it was meant to fit

Carl saw her staring at it and said, “Sorry.” Then,
when she’d finally gotten up the courage to bare her
body, he hadn’t laughed, he’d just grabbed her hand and
pulled her under the tarp. He’d hugged her to his chest
immediately and she’d immediately begun to feel heat
from his body. It took her a few minutes to be able to
pay attention to the lump of that hard penis, where it
was touching her abdomen.

His face was in her wet hair, and she felt another
thrill as he whispered “You’re really pretty Mel. I’m
glad we got put together like this.”

Melody was really out of her element. She didn’t have
the faintest idea what to do. So she just went with
what felt best. She could feel the warmth from her
partner’s body and she wiggled her front all over his
front. “MMmmmmm you’re so warm” she sighed.

“Boy Mel, that feels really… good,” he whispered to
her. Then, for reasons he couldn’t have given if he
tried, he kissed the ear he was whispering into.

Melody turned her face and kissed a boy for the first
time in her life. It was electric! She couldn’t believe
the feelings it caused in her. His hands, which had
just been placed on her waist, began to stroke her
young awakening body.

“Carl,” she whispered. “I feel all funny inside.”
Melody also realized at that point that if she dropped
her knees to the sides of Carl’s hips, she was more
comfortable… and she could wiggle better.

Now her virgin 15 year old pussy was open and riding
all along his young stiff prick. Her untouched pussy
lips kissed that prick, and then almost licked it as
they slid along its length.

“Me too,” he panted, loving the feeling of warm pussy
rubbing along his penis. It began to leak, and that
felt good too. “I’ve never done anything like this.” he

Melody heard the boy who’s penis was the first she ever
felt, say he was a virgin too, and her pussy clenched
with the thrill of knowing she was his first and he was
hers. It made is special somehow.

His hands slid onto her buttocks and felt warm.
“There!” she whispered. “Rub me there… your hands are
so warm!”


Julie Russel and Tommy Quinn were already
boyfriend/girlfriend when they started this trip.
They’d been dating for three months, but other than
some heavy kissing and petting, they’d resisted getting
heavy into sex.

Both did so because they’d been taught it was wrong to
do that until marriage.

Both were extremely sexually frustrated, but didn’t
actually know it.

Both masturbated almost every night, dreaming of the
Now they were naked and lying on their sides, facing
each other, together in a dark room. There were 23
other couples doing exactly the same thing they were
doing – rubbing their naked bodies all over each other.

Julie was wet – everywhere!

Tommy was leaking pre-cum and wanted to beat off bad!

They kissed hotly and Tommy whispered “Do you think it
would be OK to rub each other?” Julie nodded and kissed
him again as her hand shot between them to his cock.
Soon his hand was busy in her crotch and hers was busy
in his. Their hands bumped each others a lot.

Julie wiggled as her boyfriend’s thick finger stuck up
in her burning pussy.

It felt so good.

It was so big and hard.

So was what she had in her hand.

She groaned, “Take your hand away.”

Tommy didn’t want to do that. He was having fun playing
with her pussy. But he didn’t want her to get mad at
him, so he removed his hand.

She jerked his cock frantically and mashed the smooth
tip into her clitty. He hissed as he felt the furnace
of her pussy mouth kiss the tip of his cock.

Together they rolled, pulling him on top of her and, in
one violent shove, he buried his teen cock in her
underage pussy.

Julie, in heat, felt a stab of pain and whined “Ooooo
Owwwwww!” but it was over almost immediately and she
felt an unaccountable ecstasy as her lover bottomed out
in her famished pussy.

Randy had been left in a very small circle alone when
the pairing off started. It was probably because of his
lewd comment about being next to Mandy. But as he stood
there alone, he started stripping down, unashamed and
apparently unaffected by the fact that no girls wanted
to be next to him.

Janie had had a crush on him for two years, but he was
two years older than her, and she didn’t figure she had
a chance, so she never did anything about it.

What nobody knew was that Janie and her step-brother
Stephen had been fucking for years. Whenever their
parents were gone long enough, and it was a safe time
of the month for Janie, the two teens went at it like