Naughty Schoolgirl : A Nick Carter Visual

Jessica walked into school in her clean uniform. She heads down the
hall to her locker to get her school books for her morning classes.

She walked into her first class and sat down at her desk. The rest of
the students sat down and Mr. Newton started to teach. Mr. Newton
turned around to ask the class a questio, when he saw Jessica had
spread her legs. All Mr. Newton saw was her bare wet pussy. Jessica
loved to tease all the male teachers. knowing the effect it had on them.

45 minutes later and ckass had ended. Jessica went to her other
morning classes and did the same as she had done in her first class.
In this school every teacher was of the male orgin.

Soon lunchtime came and Jessica sat outside. The captain of the
football team walked over to her table and took her by the hand and
led her to a hidden shed behind the school. He pulls her inside and
locked the door. He is soon kissing her. Her hands undo his belt, then
his pants. She pushed his pants so they fall and she gets on her
knees. She starts to stroke his hard cock, then her tongue licks up
and down his shaft. She ran her tongue over the tio and licks off the
precum. She sucks him deepn inside her warm wet mouth. Going faster
and harder feeling his balls tighten. Shots of warm cum hit the back
of her throat and she swallows every drop, then cleans him up. He gets
dressed, unlocks the door. We walk back into the school.

Jessica walked down the hall and ran into a girl who really hated
her. Celia Sumter has hated Jessica since junior high. So Celia
started a yelling match with Jessica and Jessica was fed up with all
the bullshit so she punched Celia. Not realizing Mr. Morrison the
biology teacher saw the whole thing. Mr. Norrison sent Jessica to the
office to have a talk with Mr. Carter the principle.

Jessica walked to the office and sat down. Mrs. Webber got up and
walked into Mr. Carter’s office to let him know that Jessica is
waiting in the office. Mrs. Webber soon walks back out and tells
Jessica to go on in.

Jessica walked into Mr. Carter’s office and sat down. She watched as
he walked to the door and told Mrs. Webber to take the rest of the day
off. Mrs. Webber gladly gathers her things and leaves. Mr. Carter then
shut the door and walks back to lean against his desk.

“You know I’m gonna have to punish you>” He said.

“I know. I’ve been a bad girl.” She replied.

He tells her to stand up and she obeys. She watches as he unbuttons
her shirt to expose her size 42d breast covered in a lacey white bra
with the clasp in front. She then wathed as his hands moved lower and
under her skirt. He finds she is not wearing any panties. His long
fingers gently slide through her slick pussy lips. He stops, then
lifts his fingers to his mouth and suck off her juices.

He turns around and made room on his desk. He turns back to her, picks
her up and sat her on his desk. He hiked up her skirt and finger-fucks
her pussy to get her wven wetter. He stops to move a chair closer to
the desk. He sits down and she feels his tongue locking from her ass
through her wet pussy lips.

She is writhing on his desk. She arches her back as his tongue slides
inside her well soaked cunt. He pulls away long enough to tell her how
good she tastes. He then goes back to his task of licking her cunt.
Soon cum drips out of her pussy and onto his face. He cleans her up
with his tongue.

He then gets out of the chair and strips off his clothes. Jessica
leans on her elbows to see how long and thick he is and wonders if she
can handle all of him.

He gets close to her growing wet pussy, lines up and slowly and gently
enters her. He waits for her to get comfortable with his size. Then he
starts to move in and out of her. He started moving faster and faster,
going deeper and deeper using her wetness as lube. He grabs her
shoulders to force her down ontop of the desk so he can shove his cock
even harder and further into her. She wrapped her legs around his
waist to really feel him inside her. Wanting to hear her scream with
every thrust into her tight wet cunt.

He slide his hard cock out of her and turns her around and bends her
over the desk so he can fuck her doggystyle. He pounded into her until
she screamed for him to stop, but he kept pounding into her. He pulled
on her hair like she was a horse. Riding, pounding, deeper and harder.
He pushes her legs farther apart and goes deeper and harder, causing
her to scream. She then feels a stinging sensation on her right ass
cheek and she likes it. He continues to slap her ass as he pounds into
her. Her nipples scraping back and forth on his desk as he thrust into
her over and over. He then pulls her up off of the desk and he sits on
the chair behind him and she rides him like a madwomen. She gets off
and turns around to face him and slides back on his cock. She begins
to ride him again. His hands went to her breast and brought them to
his mouth one than the other, giving them each the attention they
deserve. He went from sucking on her hard nipples to gently biting
them, causing her to scream. Her one hand was on his shoulder while
the other was touching her sensitive clit. he thrusted into her. Soon
shots of warm cum was shooting into her and she felt herself cum and
their juices mixed together. She stopped riding him and just rested
ontop of him before she got off.

She grabbed the rest of her clothes and started to get dressed, but he
stopped her. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her back up onto
his desk. He layed her back down on the desk and just looked at her
beautiful body. He started to kiss her lips, worked his way down her
neck to her breast. Down her stomach to her bellybutton and between
her legs. He then kissed his way back up her body and to her lips. He
pulled away from her and let her get off of his desk so she could get
dressed. He watched as she dressed and he did the same. She walked to
the door and proceeds to open it but stopped to look at him. He looked
at her.

“Same time tomorrow, detention everyday after school and saturday.”
Mr. Carter said.

“Yes, Mr. Carter.” Jessica replied.

She headed out the door and looking for the all the punishment she had
coming to her.

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