My wife could finally have a sex toy party

My wife and I are in our early 30’s. It’s
not often that we have time alone, so when the boys had
the opportunity to be sent to their grandparents we
jumped at the chance. An entire weekend without the
kids meant not only peace and quiet but also meant that
my wife could finally have a sex toy party.

See, my wife works with a group of younger women who
are into having these in-depth detailed conversations
about love/life/sex and somehow the topic of sex toys
had been introduced. After a few more conversations it
was decided that my wife would host a sex toy party for
the girls.

The day of the party arrived and as we were getting the
house presentable she told me that I wasn’t allowed to
be home while this party was going on. After some
arguing we agreed that I would be allowed to stay, but
I would have to stay in the basement family room. I
guess it was better than nothing, so when the early 20-
something’s began to show up, I retreated to my jail.

I could hear the laughing and the women having a good
ole time for about 3 hours before I heard people
leaving. I assumed the party was over so I turned off
the lights and headed up the stairs. As I reached the
living room (where the party was held) I was taken
aback when on the couch I saw Sam (female of course)
with her skirt up and her fingers working her pussy.

I slowly and quietly moved closer and was amazed to see
my wife on her hands and knees with her sundress raised
and her friend Andrea fucking her hard only wearing a
strap-on. My cock grew even harder than it had gotten
when I saw Sam fingering her pussy.

I stood in the doorway taking in the scene before me.
Sam masturbating while watching my wife being fucked by
Andrea’s strap-on while Giselle and Marlene were also
watching my wife getting fucked. Giselle was rubbing
her tits through her bra (her shirt was on the floor)
and Marlene stared not knowing what to do.

Standing in the doorway I continued to watch as Andrea
slammed into my wife from behind and reached down to
rub my wife’s clit. It didn’t take much to make my wife
cum and as her orgasm ended Andrea removed the strap-on
from her pussy and sat back.

My wife looked up and saw me standing there. She
quickly covered up and began to yell at me for coming
upstairs, but Sam said, “No, let him stay. Wouldn’t be
fun to have a cock to play with.” The other girls kept
of the urging, finally convincing my wife to let me
stay. Sam stood up and took my hand in her wet hand and
led me to the middle of the room, where she left me and
told my wife to show them how I like it.

With that Sam kneeled behind Andrea, who didn’t bother
covering up, and Sam ran her hands over Andrea’s
shoulders down to her tits and cupped them, bringing
the hard nipples close to Andrea’s mouth and I watched
as Andrea’s tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked
her own tit.

My wife came behind me and quickly stripped my clothes
off, leaving me standing there with a raging hard on in
front of her friends. I turned to my wife and slipped
her dress off her shoulders letting it fall to the
floor and I motioned for her to get on her knees which
she did and circled her hand around my cock and stroked
slowly as she watched Sam remove her clothes and
Giselle and Marlene removing their clothes. Andrea was
removing the strap-on and helping Sam with her clothes.

As my wife stroked my cock she rubbed the tip of my
cock and pre-cum on her tits and licked the head of my
cock while watching the other girls. Giselle came over
to us and kneeled down next to my wife and circled my
wife’s hand with hers and together they stroked me.

With her free hand Giselle guided my wife’s head to my
cock and rubbed my cock all around my wife’s face,
spreading the pre-cum all over her cheeks and lips.
Then to my amazement, because to my knowledge until
that night my wife had never been naked with or even
kissed another girl, Giselle kissed my wife full on the
mouth. Giselle continued to stroke me as I watched
their tongues playing.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I spurted cum all over
the two women’s faces and I watched as my cum spurted
onto their tongues and they continued to kiss each

While Giselle and my wife made out with my cum dripping
off their tongues, I surveyed the room to see the
following scene:

Andrea was laying back on the floor with her legs bent
and spread while Sam slid a dildo slowly in and out of
Andrea’s shaved pussy. Sam was on her knees with one
hand working the dildo and the other hand working her
pussy. As I watched Sam looked over at me and put her
mouth over the end of the dildo and pushed the dildo in
and out of Andrea’s dripping pussy with her mouth and
head while Sam’s now free hand spread her own pussy and
she used another dildo to fuck herself.

Meanwhile Giselle’s hands were working over my wife’s
tits as she straddled my wife on the floor. Her hips
were moving back and forth over my wife’s stomach and I
easily noticed my wife’s stomach getting slick and wet.

My hand was stroking my cock as I watched these
gorgeous women working themselves to orgasm. I looked
over at the only black girl at the party, Marlene who
was sitting on a chair, eyes closed, rubbing her clit
and sliding 3 fingers into her neatly manicured pussy.

I walked over to Marlene, who apparently did not hear
me over the moaning of the other women. Kneeling
between her spread legs, I grabbed Marlene by the
wrists and moved her hands out of the way. She began to
protest until my mouth found her engorged clit and I
sucked it into my mouth, running my tongue over it

Her resistance subsided as her hands spread her pussy
wide for me. I continued to suck and tongue her clit as
my fingers worked her pussy. Intermittently my wet
fingers would pinch and pull her nipples, then as my
wet fingers made their way up to her tits again, she
grabbed my wrist and sucked her juices off my fingers.

Here I was on my knees eating my first black pussy,
while my wife was being fondled by her female coworker
while her other friends were fucking each other with
dildo’s. It was an amazing scene.

As my assault on Marlene’s pussy was quickly working
her to climax, someone slid between my legs and licked
my balls and sucked my cock into a mouth. I dared not
stop eating Marlene to look. Marlene was very close to
cumming and when her orgasm started she grabbed my head
with both hands and ground my face into her pussy as
her body convulsed.

Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like an hour and she
did not release my head from her pussy until her orgasm
subsided. I looked down to see my wife sucking my cock.
She looked up at me and continued to stroke my cock as
she said, “if you are finished with her, I always
wanted 2 cocks in me.” I looked over my shoulder to see
Sam with the strap-on dildo attached to her slim body.

My wife got on her knees and moved me so she could suck
me while Sam fucked her pussy. As my wife sucked my
cock into her mouth, Sam looked at me as she slid the
strap-on into my wife’s pussy, forcing my cock deeper
into my wife’s mouth. Slowly Sam moved her hips back
and forth working my wife’s pussy. Looking over to the
couch, Marlene was sitting next to Giselle each of them
with their leg over the other, as the cuddled and
fondled each other, with Marlene working a dildo into
Giselle’s pussy.

Andrea was watching while fingering her pussy as well,
and I motioned for her to come to me. I whispered in
her ear what I wanted her to do and as Sam was working
the strap-on into my wife, Andrea slid between Sam’s
legs so she could eat my wife and Sam while they
fucked. Her pussy was right below my cock and my wife’s

I removed my cock from my wife’s mouth and slid my cock
over Andrea’s wet, shaved pussy, getting the head of my
cock wet with her cunt juice. I presented the wet head
to my wife and she licked her friend’s pussy juice off
my cock. Then my wife took my cock in her hand and
guided me to Andrea’s pussy. My wife looked at me and
said, “Fuck her so I can eat your cum out of her

I didn’t need telling twice, so my wife rubbed my cock
up and down Andrea’s pussy, being sure to get it wet
enough to easily slide into the tight pussy below me. I
started to fuck my wife’s friend, slowly at first,
guiding my wife’s face to her friends pussy, her
fingers spread the girls lips apart and her tongue
flicked over Andrea’s clit as my cock worked in and out
of the pussy.

Andrea meanwhile was working on my wife’s clit and
Sam’s pussy as Sam continued to fuck my wife with the
strap-on. My wife was close to cumming as Andrea and
Sam worked her pussy. My wife’s body tensed and then
she started to shudder as an orgasm came over her.

Sam removed the strap-on as my wife rolled off Andrea,
and Sam moved to 69 Andrea, with Sam licking my cock as
it worked in and out of Andrea’s pussy. Andrea
meanwhile ate Sam’s pussy. The feeling of the tight
pussy and a tongue licking my cock as I fucked Andrea
pushed me to the edge. As I came in Andrea’s pussy, Sam
started to cum from Andrea’s talented tongue.

When my orgasm ended, I removed my cock from this sexy
woman’s pussy, and my wife positioned herself at the
girls pussy, licking and sucking my cum from her pussy.
Sam also helped clean Andrea’s pussy. Still hard, I
moved behind Sam and Andrea helped guide my cock into
Sam’s pussy.

Sam who had just cum, moaned quite loudly as I worked
my cock into her pussy, while Andrea continued to suck
her clit.

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