Munich – Vintage sex story


We arrived in Munich just in time for Oktoberfest. Enormous tents,
Ringling in size spread across the Theresienwiese, each with at least
one pumping brass band and frequently several, each of them
competing for the attention of the thousands of revelers with their
um pah beat. I could scarcely see the other end of the tent I was in.

We were a mixed group of American students, newly arrived for our
junior year abroad, overwhelmed by the magnitude of the
festivities, and locals who had seen it all before many times, who
were pleased to share their annual ritual with us. I wondered about
them, about who among them had been a Nazi, because the war had
been over for just twelve years. There was a lot of singing that night,

but no one offered any Nazi songs like “Die Fahne Hoch.” Long
tables of people locked arms and swayed side to side in rhythm to the
polkas, singing drunkenly traditional songs. When the bands rested,
toasts were boisterously offered to nobody in particular but to
everybody in general. “Zum Wohlsein!” (to your health) was shouted
out and everyone took a quaff. I was swept up into the excitement and
offered my own toast, although it came out differently. “Zum
Wahnsinn!” I shouted. The locals spit forth their mouthfuls of bear
in a spray and some of them choked in their surprise at the
magnificent gaff. “Zum Wahnzinn”, they yelled out loudly, shaking
in uncontrollable laughter. I had just toasted: “To insanity.”

“Did you do that on purpose?” asked a pretty girl, who sat almost
opposite me at the table in an upper class British voice.

“No,” I admitted sheepishly. “I got the words mixed up.”

“It was tremendously funny” she smiled, and then turned to the boy
next to her, speaking to him in German. I could not make out what
they were saying, because of the din.

I had been stealing glances at that girl all evening. She had an
adorable, doll like face with small, regular features. Her lips were
particularly attractive. They formed around each word she spoke in
an almost exaggerated fashion. Her brown hair was cut short, but
not like a boy’s, and her eyes seemed to change color, from green to
light brown as she moved her head.

Her companion half rose, reached his hand across the table and said
in British English, “Hello. My name is Uwe, and this is my sister

I shook his hand, replying, “I’m Tom, and I nodded to his sister, who
smiled at me,

“Thomas — he pronounced it Toe-mos in the German fashion — “that
was really amusing, even though it was a mistake. Are you new to

“Yes, I’m with some others here,” I said and waved my hand to
indicate a couple of tables. “We will spend the next year at the

“Splendid!” Uwe exclaimed. “I’ve been a student here for three
years, and Katerina is just beginning at the university. Forgive me,”
he suddenly said, “I have been speaking to you in English and I’m
certain that you want to practice your German,” he smiled slyly at
me, “to avoid making silly mistakes.”

“Ya, doch. Ich kann die Sprache lesen,” I replied in halting German,
“aber Ich muss es sprechen lernen.”

“It will come quickly, I’m sure,” he responded in elegant high
German, speaking slowly for me. “Some of us are going out to eat.
The chicken here is too greasy. Would you care to join us, or are
you attached to your group?”

I understood the invitation, if not all the words of it. “Yes, I would
like that.”

We stood up to leave, and I noticed that Katerina was several inches
shorter than my five eleven. She was girlish in her stature, although
not exactly small. Her shoulders were narrow and her limbs
slender. Her blouse and jacket concealed her breasts, which were
obviously modest at best.

* * *

We made our way out of the tent laden meadow to a nearby side
street, where Uwe led us to a new Volkswagen parked in the
courtyard of small a apartment block.

“My father’s friend lets me park here for Oktoberfest,” he explained.

The other member of our party was a big boned blond girl of almost
my size whom Uwe treated with macho familiarity. Her face was
sternly pretty and her body was the sort that pornographers and
teenage boys prefer. Her breasts were quite large. Her name was

The girls squeezed into the back seat of the car and I rode with Uwe
up front.

“Well, Thomas, how do you like Munich?” he asked as we drove down
the street. “We’ve repaired most of the damage that you caused,
although there is still some rubble.”

“I didn’t do it, Uwe. I was only a child then.”

“Well, your father did it, and I compliment him on the job.”

I wondered all of a sudden how they had experienced the bombardment.

“Were you here, in Munich, when the bombs fell?”

“No, Thomas. Katerina and I were in our decrepit castle near
Reit-im-Winkel, where my father sent us, when things turned bad for
the Reich. Perhaps you have heard of him. He is a renowned
neurosurgeon, Graf Siegfried von Steinetz.”

“He’s a count? I said, fascinated as are many Americans with European

“Actually, that doesn’t matter much nowadays, except when we get
together for weddings and funerals.”

“Well, here we are,” Uwe declared to us, finding a parking spot in
of a restaurant near the university “This place has Russian eggs and
finest pasta in Munich.”

It was a pleasant, comfortable eatery, not at all pretentious. Old maps

and posters hung on the walls. We sat at a round table with Katerina
just opposite me.

“May I stare at your face?” I asked her. “There’s so much there that I
want to inspect.”

“Yes, Thomas, and I will examine your pretty face too.”

“Boys are not pretty,” I chided her pleasantly.

“Of course, that’s true of most boys. But you have a pretty face.”

We stared at each other until we began to giggle.

“Ah, here’s the food,” Uwe exclaimed as the waiter approached with a

We ate in silence, Katerina and I looking up from time to time at each
other. Her little face was so pretty!

“Where did you learn English?” I asked Uwe, although I still looked
into Katerina’s face.

“Our mother was English. She spoke the language to us since we were
infants. She’s dead now.”

We talked about their castle in the Alps, about my home in Olmsted
Valley, Ohio, outside Cleveland, about growing up, about the university.

Gudrund did not join in the conversation, and when she did speak, her
German was very colloquial. She was not a student, I learned later.
She worked in a coffee shop. Katerina clearly disapproved of the girl.

When we finished our supper, we left the restaurant and climbed back
into the Volkswagen.

“I’ll drop you at the apartment, Katerina, then I’ll take Gudrund home,”

Uwe announced.

“Will you take Thomas out ‘there?'” Katerina asked with a bitter sound
in her voice.

“Yes, of course. I’ll show him the sights.”

I did not have to look at her behind me to know that the girl was
seething, and I did not have a clue what it was all about.

Uwe pulled the car to the curb in front of an elegant apartment block
which overlooked the southern extremity of the English Garden, a vast
park that stretched to the outskirts of the city. Katerina got out of
car and paused for a moment next to my window.

“Will I see you again?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I replied, “I would like that very much.”

“Be careful out there,” she said ominously, turned and went into the


We drove for over half an hour until we were at the edge of the urban
area. Then Uwe pulled into a short road at the end of which was a two
story house of no particular distinction. He went into the driveway
and proceeded past the house to the end of the property, where there
was a low structure.

“Here we are,” he announced and got out of the car. Gudrund also got
out quickly and snuggled to her man, as she had never done when
Katerina was present. I recognized a pre-fuck ritual, although I was
scarcely experienced in such matters. We went into the building,
which could have been a garage or a workshop at one time, but which
was then a tattered one- room dwelling with cast off furniture. There
was a girl there, a younger replica of Gudrund who was about fifteen.

“Did you bring me a friend?” she squealed as she saw me in the
doorway. She stood not quite as tall as I. She had a pleasant, blond
face with large features. Breasts pushed at her shirt She was not
but she was definitely not skinny.

“Thomas,” Uwe said in introduction, “this is Gudrund’s sister Helga.”

The teenager came forward and took hold of my hand, looking intently
into my face. She was quite attractive, sexy, although I was nonplused.

“We’re not going back to town tonight. Gudrund and I will be up at the
house and you can sleep here.” With that said the two of them turned
and left, closing the door behind them.

Helga grinned at me, still holding my hand..

“You are Thomas?”


“I will stay with you tonight,” she said and put her arms around my
waist with a gentle squeeze.

“How old are you,” I asked, the only thing that came to my mind.

“I’m almost legal, Thomas. I’ll be sixteen in two months.”

The girl had a curious scent, a mixture of soap, shampoo and body

“Why are you so nervous?” she said softly, sensing my tenseness.
“I’m not a virgin. I haven’t been one since I was nine. Are you a

“Almost,” I replied, liking the feel of her body against mine. My cock
was hard.

“A person can’t be ‘almost’ a virgin,” she said with a smile into my

“I’ve done it once,” I admitted.

“Well, Tomchen,” she cooed, undoing my shirt buttons, “I expect you to
do me five times before dawn.”

* * *

We were quickly naked, and I delighted at the sight of the girl’s pale,
limbs. Her breasts thrust out from her chest magnificently without any
sag. I was excited at the prospect of fucking this lovely girl, of
anyone, and I grabbed her a bit roughly and sucked on a pointy tit.

“Slow down, Thomas,” she said and pushed me gently away from her.

She went around the room and turned off all the lights except a dim
one. From a drawer she retrieved a couple of condoms. Then she
came back to me and gave me a wet kiss, pushing her soft flesh
against mine.

“I’m afraid that you’ll come too soon, Thomas, and that would frustrate
me,” she said as she urged me to lie on the mattress in the corner of
the room.

We rolled together and kissed passionately.

“Let me do this to quiet you,” she said in a whisper, and she then went
down on me.

Her mouth was sufficiently large that she could pucker her lips
around my cock and do me fine. I very quickly warned the girl of
my impending climax, but she kept her mouth on my instrument
and took it all, spurt after spurt, dribble after dribble and even the
ooze. She swallowed the stuff! I had never before experienced such
intense pleasure.

Helga suddenly got up, went to a cupboard and poured a schnapps, which
she drank in a swallow. She then came back to the mattress on the
floor and cuddled to me.

“I had to freshen my breath, lover,” she purred, nuzzling my neck.

I was out of juice for the moment, but I relished the feel of her
naked body against mine. We kissed and snuggled for some time.
I began to finger her and she squirmed in pleasure.

“Lick on me!” she demanded in a gasp.

I had never done it before, but I was eager. I moved my face down
her body, kissing and sucking her flesh as I proceeded lower and
lower. Her belly was not flat, although there was no flab to it. She
spread her legs for my head as I reached the goal, the moist, smelly
tangle of her pubic bush. She instructed me in panted words how
to do her and she soon cried aloud at my success. She pulled on my
head. “Come up,” she gasped, and I came atop her. I looked into her
pretty face as she impatiently rolled a condom onto my cock. I then
penetrated her body with a single push

We stared at each other as we fucked, her face displaying a delirious
pleasure. We kissed and she bit my lip painfully as she climaxed the
first time, groaning into my mouth, her finger nails scraping my back.
I continued to bang on her, meeting her eager thrusts until she
screamed aloud with a big one. Then, I decided, it was my turn.
I slowed my probes and relished the feel of her tight, warm flesh
around my cock. I stared at her young, pretty face for additional
stimulation, and she understood that I was about to spurt. She smiled
gloriously at me with an open mouth. “Do it my pretty man,” she said,
urging me on, and then I exploded. I held the girl to me as I whimpered

out my pleasure.

For the remainder of the night we dozed and fucked. She kept bringing
me fresh condoms from a drawer. She was insatiable. Then she finally
let me sleep, my mouth on a tit.

* * *

I awakened to the sound of voices above me. I opened my eyes and saw
Uwe embracing the naked Helga as Gudrund looked on. I too was naked,
I suddenly realized, and looked about for cover.

“Thomas, it’s time to go back to town,” Uwe announced. “Gudrund says
that she would like to do you, but I have to hurry. Maybe next time.”

I got up and struggled to get into my clothes, the two girls helping,
making a frolic of the procedure. Uwe and I were quickly into his car
and we drove off, the girls waving gaily at our departure. I sat
for awhile as he drove back into the city.

“Uwe,” I finally got the courage to ask, “who are those people?”

“They’re my girls,” Thomas. “I pay them and they don’t take on any
other clients.”

“They’re prostitutes!” I was shocked.

“Of course. How could you not know? Did you imagine that you made a

For the moment I was deflated, because I actually thought that I had
made a conquest. But on reflection I realized that I had been in a whore

house, however pleasant the experience.

* * *

“Are you going to hear Schnabel’s new lecture series?” Katerina asked as

we contemplated the slop before us. We sat in the Mensa, across from
the main building of the university, which was the closest plact to grab
snack before a lecture.

“Yes,” I replied. “It’s on my schedule.”

“Well, we’ll have to get there very early, you know. Everyone wants to
hear him, because he’s going to tell us the history of Hitler’s Reich.”

She was excited by that prospect. She had lived through it, but she did

not know its history.

When we entered Hoersaal Maximum, the place was filled by over a
thousand students. We had to sit in the aisle with others. The lecture

was still over an hour away. We played staring games with each other
to while away the time. She let me hold her hand. Eventually a young
man clad in a lab coat came out and wrote a series of names on the
black board. It was like the appearance of the concertmeister at a
symphony, and everyone got ready to greet the conductor. The old
man, Schnabel, appeared and the huge room filled with a din as
hundreds of people stamped their feet in respect.

I could not follow the lecture very well, because the man wheezed and
mumbled, but everyone else was riveted to the professor’s every word.
At the junior year abroad facility, I knew, we would go over the lecture

in a tutorial, so I could spend the time looking at Katerina’s marvelous

face as she listened in rapt attention to the old man.

“Wasn’t that exciting?” Katerina enthused as we left the lecture hall in

a crowd of people.

“He didn’t get past 1914,” I observed.

“He’s working up to it. He want’s to make a case.”

Katerina continued to let me hold her hand as we walked out of the
building. Back then it was very important, holding hands. A few years
later the Beetles glorified it in their song “I want to hold your hand.”

I felt a bit dirty, touching the pretty, innocent girl, knowing that I
recently spent a night with an underage prostitute.

“Tomorrow’s Saturday,” she said abruptly, looking eagerly into my face.
“Will you come with me to the English Garden?”

* * *

We walked from her elegant apartment building into the park which was
ablaze in Autumn color. I was in love with the girl. I could see only
face. The rest of existence was extraneous. She let me put my arm
around her, and we walked for minutes, miles, eons into the beautiful
park. We went as far as the Chinese Tower, where we lay upon the slope
of the hill, relaxing .She looked into my face with an expression that
told me I had permission to kiss her small lips. I put a palm on her
cheek and gazed at her face before I lowered my head and kissed her
gently. She seemed unpracticed. After a few seconds she pulled away.
I wanted more, but she fended me off with a hand to my chest.

“I like you too much,” she said in English. She had a sorrowful
expression on her face.

“Did my kiss make you so unhappy?”

“Yes it did, but perhaps not in the way you are thinking. I could lose
myself in you. I know that I would. But you are going back to America
in just a few months. It would be too painful to see you go, if I let
myself love you.”

She was right, of course. She was not a simple girl on a frolic, one
who could pretend to be in love for a short while. Katerina wanted a
relationship that would extend into the unknown future. It was not a
matter of marriage. We were too young to think of that. I sat up.

“It was a marvelous kiss,” I said. “I had wanted to do that for weeks,
since I first met you, but I suppose we will not do it again.”

“Yes we will, Tommy. I’ll kiss you goodbye. I promise.”

* * *

I was disappointed, of course, very much so, but I did not for a moment
blame Katerina. Her decision, her denial of me displayed a maturity
that one does not often find in a seventeen year old girl, and it only
made her more desirable in my eyes.

For the next several weeks Uwe and I spent each evening haunting the
student night spots that clustered in the Schwabing district. We drank
too much, and I once fell over a railing onto the floor below as I
myself, utterly drunk, up a staircase.

I became one of the crowd of his friends, closer to him, perhaps, than
others, because it was only we two who visited Gudrund and Helga twice
a week for wild sessions of pure sexual release.

I also became comfortable with the language, which I had heard in my
childhood. Some people supposed that I was a Dutchman, and a few
thought that I came from eastern Germany, because I had a bad habit of
saying “ik” instead of “ich”.

At Christmas Uwe invited me to have dinner with his family, and I
dressed for the occasion in a suit and tie. Graf von Steinetz greeted
me graciously, and Katerina was quite pleased to have me in her home,
which was a very spacious apartment, splendidly furnished with
antiques and other memorabilia from the family’s several hundred year

Katerina and I had been seeing each other several times each week,
especially at the Schnabel lectures, and we often had lunch together.
We tried to behave like good friends, but there was always a tension
between us, because we were more than friends, although we resisted
the insistent urgings that whelmed up in us, whenever we were in each
other’s presence.

We sat in the luxurious living room of the apartment drinking
champagne, Uwe and I looking so respectable, like serious young men,
although Katerina and their father knew about our dissipation with the
two loose girls and our frequent all night bouts of pub crawling.

“Thomas,” the Count addressed me, “I spoke to the president of your
university just this morning. He’s an old friend of mine. He’ll arrange

for Katerina to matriculate there this next Autumn. She so much wants
to study in America.”

There was a twinkle in the man’s eyes and a small smile formed on his
lips. I looked suddenly at Katerina and she blushed deeply. Her hands
shook and she spilled a bit of her wine. This was momentous news. I
did not know how I would get through the rest of the social ritual of
Christmas dinner. I wanted to rush to the girl, to grab her and kiss her

small, pretty lips.

At dinner the Count and his son were unsuccessful in hiding their
amusement at the behavior of Katerina and me, sitting opposite each
other at the table, not daring to look directly into each other’s face,
failing to find a word to exchange, although it was evident that we had
large dictionaries in our minds.

After dinner we relaxed again in the living room, this time with cognac
and coffee. The Count nursed a Havana and Uwe puffed on a Dunhill.
I sat next to Katerina on a sofa. Inches separated us. I inhaled her
I thought that I would freak out if I could not touch her.

“Uwe,” the Count suddenly said, rising from his chair, “come with me to
the library. There is something I want you to see.”

The minute they left the room Katerina fell into my arms and began to
cry convulsively. My eyes teared and my throat ached as I held the girl

to me. We were so happy. We kissed passionately, the girl’s enthusiasm
making up for her lack of practice. I petted her cheek and head,
deeply into her small, pretty face with a feeling of adoration. Finally
exchanged love words and relaxed in a gentle embrace. We had each
other for an indefinite time.

* * *

Katerina was obviously a virgin, a fact which pleased me, although it
meant that I would have to hurt her, if she would let me go that far.
Kissing her was enough, I thought at first, kissing and holding her to
me, smelling her. We could love each other without sex, if she did not
want to do it. We sat on the couch as I thought of these things,
my precious girl to me.

“We need to be alone,” she whispered into my face, her expression shy,
yet determined.

“When can you get away?”

“We can go now.” she replied getting up from couch, pulling me with her.

“Daddy,” she called into the library, “Thomas and I are going out for

“That’s all right, Liebchen,” the Count replied. “I’ll leave the hallway

light on for you.”

I wondered what went through the old man’s mind, suspecting that his
daughter was about to lose her virginity. .

* * *

The trams did not run as frequently on Christmas day, so we waited in
the cold holding to each other, kissing frequently.

My place was just a housing, a single room quite unadorned. But it did
have a bed. I still did not know just how far Katerina was willing to
and, of course, I would respect her judgment in that matter. Once
inside we shrugged off our overcoats and stood in the middle of the
room looking at each other.

“There’s no place to hide in here, is there?” she said nervously,
about the bare room.

“Do you need to hide?” I asked. “I’ll close my eyes, if you like, and
you’ll have the entire place for yourself.”

“We’re going to do it, aren’t we?”

“That’s entirely up to you, darling.”

“I’ve thought about you doing it to me for a long time. I’ve wanted
you to be my guy.”

“We can do it now, Katerina darling, if you are ready. We’ll be
for years.”

* * *

She let me undress her, although she blushed deeply as I did so. I had
sexual experience, although not at this refined level. Fucking Gudrund
in the ass was no preparation for deflowering my precious Katerina.

When I had her down to her bra and panties, she balked

“Tommy, can I do the rest of it under the sheets?” she said to me in
English. We made love in English so there would never be any
misunderstanding between us.

We kissed and I left her briefly to turn off the light.

I heard Katerina getting onto the bed, and I quickly undressed. Naked,
I laid myself next to her. She shivered in nervousness as I held her,
my hard cock pushed against her soft thigh. She let me take off her bra
and panties

“I’m afraid of the hurt,” she whispered, clutching my head as I suckled
of her small breasts.

I raised my head up and kissed her lips desperately. “May I lick on
I implored.

“That’s disgusting. But yes, I would like that.”

I kissed my way down her slight body until my mouth was buried in her
moist, sour smelling pubic bush, my cheeks pressed against her thighs.
She spread her legs widely, knees raised highly, and I proceeded to eat

her out. It was the first time for her, except for her solitary finger,
she let herself go without inhibition. She soon cried out and then
screamed a brief “eek!” as I worked her clit with my tongue. Katerina
was still on a high as I crawled atop her.

“Do it Tommy,” she pleaded as I positioned my cock at her guarded
opening. I burst through her like a bully. There was no gentle way to
do it. Katerina gasped in pain as I penetrated her.

“Are you all right?” I asked with concern, the tip of my cock just past
her ripped hymen.

“Deeper,” she groaned and thrust her body against me. Our bellies
touched. I was fully inside of my beloved.

“It hurts Tommy. Do it quickly.”

I pumped her, and I needed no other stimulation beyond my love for the
girl beneath me. I came soon.

In our passion I had forgotten to put on a condom.

“Don’t worry about it Tommy,” she said, when I told her. “We may get
married sooner rather than later.”

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