Its big, Its very big

He stood there looking down at me. On my knees in front of him. I looked up, the smile of anticipation as I slowly undid his trousers. The belt, the button, the zip coming down seeing his black men’s underwear. The bulge of his package greeting me. I reach in feeling the skin of his penis his hard shaft wanting to get out. As I pull his pants come down, his cock springs out in front of me.

‘Wow’ I think. Its big, Its very big. I’ve had some cock in my time but this is impressive.

Its at least 8 inches long and as thick. I think about my pussy. About the sizes I have had and how they felt in me. Will it fit in me. This one is big and will be the biggest I’ve had. I think about the smallest I’ve had. Sure it was no longer than 4 inches

He looks down almost proud of his piece as I grip the base wrapping my fingers around it lifting it.

I look up at him smiling as I lift it, stoking it looking at his big vein below his shaft, he wants it in my mouth. He almost thrusts it in my mouth I look down again leaning forward opening my lips, with my bright red lipstick.

His knob passes my lips as it slids in my mouth. I taste his purple knob. His circumcised knob now sitting on my tongue as I close my lips around it pushing further down his cock.

” Agggghhhhhhhh Fuck yes. ” He says resting his hand on my head looking up in pleasure as I suck slowly up and down his shaft. My hand on the base of his cock my thumb and forefinger around it, he palm of my hand against his testicles hanging down.

If my husband saw me. Sucking this monster.

” Fuck that’s good ” he says. I continue to suck him, up and down his shaft. Taking it out my tongue circling around his knob, I flick the end of his knob and lick down the base of his cock and back up. I lick my tongue around it and them push my mouth back down slowly stroking his shaft with my fingers wrapped around this thick shaft.

I moan as I suck him, stroking him. I spit on his knob. My saliva dripping of his shaft. His cock nice and wet as I continue to suck it.
I tun my other hand up his chest. My tongue exploring his hard member. On my knees.

He holds my head as I suck. Running his fingers through my long hair.

” Yes. ” He says ” Oh yes. Suck it. ” He says.

After five minutes sucking. I stand I need it, my pussy wet with the thought of it entering me. I turn leaning on my desk looking back as he smiles at me. I bend over as he lifts my knee length dress over my back. He admires my arse cheeks as he pulls my black knickers to my feet. He kneels pulling my feet out of them. He kisses up my legs from my ankle to my knee, up the back of my thighs. He spreads my legs.

I wait for it. He kisses over my wet pussy. His tongue licking my pussy lips and clit. He pushes his fingers in my pussy finger fucking me.

He stands sliding his fingers in his mouth smiling tasting my pussy juices. He grabs his cock, my pussy ready for it as his knob circles my pussy lips. I grip the desk as he slids his cock to my vaginal opening. He slowly slids deep into me. I moan quietly gripping the desk as he plunges me with slow deep thrusts holding my arse cheeks open admiring my pussy lips over his shaft as fucks me.

He pushes my skirt further up my back as he thrusts me with his cock. His cock pleasuring my pussy. I push my arse into him as he thrusts me. His cock thrusting deep into me holding my arse cheeks.

For five minutes he thrusts me. He pulls out I turn around putting his cock back in my mouth. I taste my wet moist pussy juices on his shaft as I again suck it slowly stroking it.

He moans. I feel him breathing harder. He lurks.

” Shit. ” He says as his cock erupts in my mouth. His cum shooting down my throat. I swallow his cum. I lick and suck it clean smiling up at him as I get every last drop of his juices.

I stand up and kiss his lips. He puts his cock away and puts his hands on my hips.

” Thanks for the consult doctor. ” He says.

” Your welcome, I hope that worked. ” I say smiling.

” Oh it will. ” He replies. ” But you wont be needing these today. ” He adds holding my knickers up. Its only 10 am. I have to go the day no knickers on.

” So I have to spend the day with no knickers ” I say.

” Yes. You will get them back tonight. ” He says.

” When tonight ? ” I ask knowing my husband and his wife will be there. This is the start of our affair. Our kinky voyeur relationship.

” Is your husband going to come tonight ? ” He asks.

” Yes. ” I say. ” I’m looking forward to it, as conferences go. ”

” If your husband knew your special treatment for some of your patients. ” He says smiling.

” Only you ” I say smiling.

” Well these will get me through the day till tonight. I will return them tonight. ” He says.

” Ok then. ” I say.

” Well. I will see you your husband tonight. ” He says.

” You will. ” I say again kissing his lips groping his groin. ” So when do I get my knickers back ? ”

He kisses me and smiles. ” I will let you know. ”

He turns and leaves. I sit in my chair and take a deep breath. No underwear today. It feels weird. Lucky I don’t have a short skirt.

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