Hookup An Old Black Hitchhiker

I am 50 and my wife is 40 and very sexy.

One night we decided to take a cruz my wife was already drunk so she
decided to take her clothes off and ware panty and bra. So she kept on
drinking and she was really drunk she wanted to stop and parking so we
could fuck but as we were looking for a place to park there was a old
black man trying to catch a ride so I told my wife are you horny she
said why lets give this old man a ride and let him see you like that
she said why not.

So we stopped he got in and we turned around and headed back to town
than he said do any of you get high so we said why not we smoked than my
wife was really horny than she told me lets go home and drink more beers
and I told him if he wanted to join us and he said yes right away so we
reached home and he seen my wife like that and she totally forgot that
she was half naked. I didn’t say anything the black man we called him
john fast approached my wife and walked next to her

I got the cooler out of the car we went inside my wife went to the bed
room to change john asked if he could use the bathroom so it was right a
cross our bedroom and my wife couldn’t shut the door so he could see her
naked and I was so horny that I just watched him and than he went inside
our room we didn’t know this person and he was make his self at home but
my dick was so hard that I didn’t care

That’s when he grabbed my wife and she tried to stop him but he was
stronger and than he touched her cunt and she said stop but he wouldn’t
then he kissed her and all of a sudden she responded that when I started
to jerk off he laid her on the bed and started to eat her cunt that was
her weakness he had he moaning and he asked her you like it and said yes
that when he took off his pants and seen the most biggest dick in my
life it was at least 11 or more and it was swollen and super fat it
would take two of my dicks or maybe three to make one of his

then he started to rub her clit with his dick head he pushed slowly his
dick in and my wife was letting this total stranger have his way with
her. She didn’t know how huge that old man dick was than he started push
it in and that when he started to stretched her tight cunt open she went
crazy he pushed more and more of that black monster

I swear her cunt wouldn’t be the same after he was done with her then he
started to pump his dick farther in my wife’s cunt she was in another
world then she started to scream he had given her all most the whole
thing and pumped her with deep and long strokes he had her all for him
self she came over five time her legs was shaking and he fucked her for
over half an hour with out stopping

she was telling him for don’t go home you are the best then he sent the
whole 11 inches all the way in my wife cunt she went nuts she wrapped
her legs around him and started to kiss him and couldn’t control her
self so I went in the living room and heard her screaming louder and she
was telling him she loved the way he fucked her and that no one can take
his place they slept together

he started to fuck her again in the morning now I cant even fuck her she
wont let me any more so I have to jerk off or find a friend to help me I
don’t care if man or woman.

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