Dirty Mom Moving in

My name is Dan. I am in my twenties, and I have been living on my own since the week I graduated high school. My dad was an idiot and a control freak to me, but he didn’t say much when I left to get my own place. I lived in a couple crappy apartments to get me started as I knocked out some trade school courses, but as soon as I could get the money for a down payment, I bought a tiny fixer upper house, and lived in it for a few months. I sold that and I have been doing it over and over again for a few years now.

I am now in a nice house that I plan to stay in for a while. I still live alone, but I keep a couple of guest bedrooms set up so my friends have a place to crash. It has also come in handy when I want to bring a woman home, but her friends insist on staying together with her. I have worked out a pretty good technique now where I can get the friends tired and escort them to a bed in the guest room, while my main attraction joins me in mine.

I never wanted to have a roommate, because none of my friends can understand why I take women two or three times my age to bed. I don’t need to deal with all the BS of a roommate that is going to make life awkward about my sex life, and obviously women are more comfortable visiting a younger man when there is privacy, so I enjoy my independence.

Then Mom found out about Dad’s multiple affairs.

In just a few hours time, not only do I no longer live in privacy, but now the person living with me isn’t even a guy that I can just ignore when he gives me a hard time for the women I bring home. It’s my mother, and I have no idea how long she will be hindering my bedroom activities. Mom has been a nurse all of my life, and she works hard. She probably put more than half of the food on the table while I was growing up, and I thought my parents were still happily married, but when she heard the news, she had no intention of staying another night under the same roof as my father.

When my mom, Kate, asked to come stay with me for a while, of course I said yes. What was I going to say??? It is the kind of question that you respond to without even thinking about it…. But then later it starts to hit you… What is this going to do to my sex life? Half the women I meet won’t invite me over to their place for one reason or another, so I need my privacy here to be able to host them.

But that was that. Mom put her bags in the bigger guest room which was at the end of the hall upstairs. It had a private bathroom, so we didn’t have to share at all. The next day she went back to get the rest of her things. It started to sink in for me when I came home and saw a small moving truck filling my garage up with furniture and boxes.

I sat down with Mom over dinner and we talked things over. She said she would move into her own place as soon as she had her finances set. For that to happen, she would have to get the divorce over with. We just settled into a routine of living together again. Mom would cook when she was there, but she still worked 5 days a week. She was on the late shift which ended at midnight. After a few days, I found that it was actually not that big of a deal having her there. I would have the house to myself in the evening 5 days a week, so it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.

I had a few Cougar friends that I played with from time to time. When I let them know what the situation was, none of them had any issue working around my mom’s schedule. Truth be told, most of the one night stands I brought by couldn’t even tell that I shared the house with another person since my mom’s stuff was all in the guest room. So I proceeded on with my sex life. I had several of my Cougar friends over and a few other one night stands, and had no issue keeping my sexual preferences secret from mom.

One night, I had a woman that I met online come over. Sue was in her sixties, short, with plenty of padding and some very ample assets. She had sent me pictures, and her fiery red hair matched the little patch she kept downstairs. It was still early in the evening when she rang the bell. I let her in, and we sat down for a few drinks.I never get women drunk, but half the time I don’t have a drop of alcohol myself. We were very familiar with each other after all of our online talk, so we just caught up on small talk of the past few days since we hadn’t talked much after we arranged a night.

When the small talk slowed down, I reached over and started to unbutton Sue’s top. She gave me a wicked smile, clearly she had been waiting for me to make the first move. We started to make out as I opened up her shirt. She leaned forward and let me get her top off, along with her lacy bra. Once I loosened the clasp, her big, soft, Double D breasts practically threw the bra off on their own. I immediately lifted one of her heaving, creamy breasts and started to suck on it.

Sue wasted no time reaching down to undo my zipper. She had my pants open in an instant and had my cock in her hand starting to stroke it. I stopped sucking on her breast just long enough to see if she wanted to continue making out. Sue had no intention of taking a step back, and moved down to start sucking my cock before I could blink! She licked around the head and started to kiss up and down the sides. Her lips were very wet and she was getting my cock slippery all over.

Sue got up to kneel on the couch to my side. As soon as she was in the right position, she forced my cock all the way into her throat, until her nose was buried against my skin. I gave her a nice moan to let her know how good that felt. I don’t make much noise during sex, but past partners have complained that I don’t let them know what feels good… She kept stroking the full length of my cock past her soft lips while she thrust her head down to return my tip deep into her throat.

I ran my hand over her beautiful round ass. I slipped my finger under the waistband and started to pull the stretchy leggings down. Her thong panties got hooked as well as I pulled it all down to her knees. I started to run my hand over the beautiful, creamy skin before moving my hand around her ass, and to her wet lips. I could feel the heat coming off of her. I parted her lips and put my fingers on her clitoris. Her juices were already dripping out of her. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a puddle on the couch, since Sue had told me this would be her first time having sex in five years!

She moaned as I started to rub her clit. Sue twisted her ass and tried to push against my fingers as I rubbed her clitoris to the rhythm of her sucking. I leaned over to get a better angle, and I slid my thumb inside of her as I continued to rub. I curled my thumb and started to stroke the washboard at the front of her pussy, teasing her expertly…

As soon as I touched the G spot, Sue gasped and came up for air. “Let’s go to bed!” she yelled. Sue hadn’t been in the house for 15 minutes and I was already rounding third base, headed for home. She got up, and slid her shoes and pants off. She pulled my shirt up over my head as I stepped out of my pants and kicked them up onto the arm of the couch. She took me by the cock as we walked to the stairs. I watched that amazing ass shift side to side as she climbed the stairs.

Sue got to the top of the stairs and waited for me to lead the way. I pushed open the first door and we made our way into my bedroom. Sue wasted no time crawling onto the end of the bed, and hanging her ass off, waiting for me to mount her. I swiped my hand across her pussy lips and took her juices to lube up my cock. I put one hand on her beautiful ass as I used the other to guide my cock into her. I popped the head inside, and smoothly glided all the way to the bottom as I got both hands tight on her hips.

“Come on, fuck me good!” Sue begged as I started to thrust into her. The bed started to creak as I pounded into her hard. My balls slapped loudly against her as she moaned and grunted. Sue didn’t last long at all before her first climax. She grabbed fistfuls of bedding as she started to scream. I could feel her juices pushing past my cock as I thrust into her, and it was running all the way down my legs. I slowed down a little as her orgasm started to fade.

The creaking of the bed got a little quieter as I slowed down. As the noise settled down, I heard a metallic sound downstairs. It sounded like the keys had finally fallen out of my pants pocket after dangling on the side of the couch for a few minutes. I turned back around and started thrusting again. Sue immediately started on her next orgasm.

I kept fucking her from behind for a few more climaxes, before pulling out and walking around the side of the bed. I stacked up the pillows and leaned back against them. Sue took the cue and climbed on top, straddling me. I loved the feeling of her soft thighs against my hips… She took hold of my cock and slid down on it effortlessly. Sue was not a loose woman, but she had gallons of juices dripping out of her. She leaned back to bury me as deep inside of her as she could get. As she shifted, I was able to see the bedroom door in the corner of my eye. She leaned back forward just as my eye caught something odd. She was blocking the view now, but I leaned over to look at the doorway again.

The door was wide open, but now that I was looking right at the doorway, I didn’t see anything. I wasn’t going to break the mood, so I laid back, and let Sue smother me with her soft breasts. I took a hold of her amazing ass and helped guide her up to the tip of my cock, and then let her impale herself over and over. I started to suck on her nipples, going back and forth. Sue just kept gushing juices as she came over and over again. I had almost lost count since I was a bit distracted, but after fifteen orgasms, Sue was having trouble moving anymore. Her pussy felt amazing, but she was so slippery, it was easy to hold back my climax.

“Are you close?” She begged. Sue was ready to be done for the night and fall fast asleep if she had the choice. I told her that I still had a bit longer to go, and with that, she slid off to the side and laid beside me. “You can do whatever you want, you deserve to cum hard too.” she said. I got up and had her roll onto her belly. Her beautiful ass was staring me in the face. I opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“I don’t think we need that.” Sue said.

“I just want to make sure that it isn’t painful for you” I replied.

“Uh oh, I’ve never done that before!” She moaned, and then she buried her face in the pillows and twisted her ass up into the air. I took that as a green light, and I spread her ass, pouring a lot of lube in between those round cheeks. I lubed my cock up even more, and then I straddled her legs. I positioned my cock against her ass and started to push. She was clenching down, not letting me inside. I told her to relax as I rubbed her back a little. I felt her let go of her tension, and I pushed forward again.

The head of my cock popped inside of her. I felt her ass massage my shaft as I slowly slid inside. I went back and forth gently as I pushed in further each time. Once I was buried all of the way inside, I moved my hands to her wrists. I held her arms down, and I hooked my feet over her legs. I got into a position where I had complete control, and she loved it. She started to moan with pleasure, enjoying the loss of her anal virginity. After almost an hour of sex, this was my favorite position. I felt the cum in my balls boiling over as her ass kept milking my cock like a tight set of lips.

Sue let out her loudest scream of the night as she orgasmed once again. Her ecstasy triggered me, as my balls tightened, squeezing what felt like a gallon of cum into Sue’s backdoor. I thrust a few more times before coming to rest. I let go of her wrists, and I just stayed there on top of her. My cock started to go soft, and her tight ass gradually squeezed it out. I got back on my knees and looked down, watching my cum leak out of her.

I got up and grabbed a towel. Sue spread her legs and I wiped up her juices and my cum that had escaped. She said she was going to hold on tight to the rest inside of her. She rolled over and grabbed the pillow as she let out a satisfied moan. I took the towel over to the laundry and threw it in the hamper in front of the window. When I looked out the window, I was looking at my truck in the driveway, and Sue’s car was next to it. Then I noticed Mom’s car parked on the street.

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