Bitchy Step-Daughter

It was serendipity, really. A confluence of things that happens every once-in-a-while that leaves you breathless. If you stop to question or ask why, you miss the opportunity. When it happened to me, I never considered asking, I just went with it. One of the best decisions I ever made.

About a week before, I had placed discreetly placed one of those traffic cams in the car we let my spoiled rude-as-hell step daughter Zsaklyn drive. In her early 20’s and just drop-dead gorgeous, she really understood that fact and used it to her advantage, being a total bitch, all the time. She also really disliked me, never accepting that I had married her mother. I knew it because she had told me so more than once.

So when I reviewed the footage, expecting to see her driving like an idiot, I was but for a moment floored at the sight of my wife’s adult child doing coke, discussing on her mobile moving drugs, and giving some guy a hand-job in exchange for drugs. Yep, serendipity, chance, whatever you call it, it had just smiled on me, and I intended to use it.

I could have simply showed her mother the footage, but that would have only gotten the car taken away. A better course would be to turn her into the cops. The amount of drugs she had moved was certainly a felony amount, and would have accounted for jail time for sure. But instead of turning her in to the police, I had more devious plans

This was the opportunity

of a lifetime. Zsaklyn was 5 foot tall if that, with dark brunette hair that cascaded to well below her shoulders, and full lips. She had a breathtakingly sexy body with a beautiful, erotic face that never failed to cause my penis to instantly swell tight inside my shorts. She wore split miniskirts around the house that displayed her slender thighs in such a way that caused me to masturbate fervishly.

I loved her mother, my wife, but she was a high-raking executive for her company and traveled quite a bit. My wife had been gone out of state for the second or third of several trips on business, and I knew this to be an unprecedented opportunity to start blackmailing Zsaklyn for sex. I hadn’t had any sex since my wife left, and had deliberately not masturbated since last week when I decided to blackmail Zsaklyn. For me, this was almost a herculean feat, but was going to be well worth it

Zsaklyn had just come home from school, wearing a tantalizing short sundress, and gave me a nasty look when she realized I was home. Bitch-face initiated. She said, “What are you looking at?”

I just grinned, and quickly escalated it by grabbing her and pretending to play-wrestle her, despite her protests and loud complaints. I started to slide my hand high up her inner thigh inside her short sundress and gave it a sexy squeeze. She got fighting mad and yanked herself away from me, threatening to call her mom right away to tell her how I was sticking my hand up her skirt.

Very quietly I said to her; before you do that, take a look at this.” Our little tussle had taken place right beside a laptop I had open, and with a quick tap, there was the video from the car, edited to see her jerking off some loser. As she gasped it jumped to her snorting coke, then to the call. Although that was just audio, the message was communicated.

Zsaklyn was still standing there, trying unsuccessfully to look bravely defiant, but in reality, I’m sure her cold-heart skipped more than a few beats when I told her I had the full video up in the cloud, ready to email to the cops, who would very much want to talk to her.

She bluffed, asking: What difference does it make – does it have anything to do with whether or not you’re trying to stick your hand up your skirt?” She blinked defiantly, smiling. She thought she had me.

I laughed and said “you have an accusation, whereas I have proof. So yes, let’s call the cops, and see what they think, OK?” She nervously said that I’d better just leave her alone and stay away from her, and then she stormed upstairs to her bedroom. I followed, and stuck my foot in the door to keep her from slamming it. Holding up the phone I said “Let’s make that call, OK?”

At that point, she had to realize she was done, and went instantly to the crying routine. But I’d seen that more than enough time to expect that. I let it go for several minutes. Until she finally blurted out “Oh..OK…What do you want?”

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” I said. “I know you did a lot more than just jerk that loser off. In fact, I know that you’ve had boys over here plenty of times, and I have more video of you moving drugs too (not true, but I was going for broke). So your choices are to be ostracized as the local drug marc, ratting out your friends, getting arrested and have multiple felony convictions, & getting kicked out of here. Or, I get you however I want you, whenever I want you, as much as I want you, and ‘no’ is not an option.”

She stood there and cried a bit more, then sniffled. Apparently, Zsaklyn Faith was smarter than I thought, because she understood the trap she was in. After a minute of staring at the floor, she very quietly, very simply, said “ok.”


The first thing I did was to have her strip. That body was every bit as sexy as I figured it would be, with a curvy ass and surprisingly large nipples. Too much bush for me though, but hey I knew I’d fix that. Watching her do this, especially as it was so obvious she did not want to, was quite the turn on. I think at this point most would just enjoy fucking her, or making this queen bitch suck them off, but I was going to make her pay for the disrespect.

I’m 6ft 5, and work out daily, so I am much stronger than this petite little thing, so I was easily able to grab her and forcefully push to the floor, ignoring her protests. I had brought a gym bag with me, and from it I took leather cuffs, and fastened them first to her wrists, then took the straps they were already clipped to and connected those to her each of her knees. Zsaklyn was on her back with legs pulled up and wide apart; her legs fastened securely to each of her wrists. With a smart tug on each strap she was bound tightly in that position.

I stood and undressed, watching her. Her eyes widened at the size of my stiff cock. Yes, there are many who have bigger, but several past lovers, along with the wife, had complimented me on both its length and girth. It wasn’t that difficult to wrestle my prize on the bed, and after I flopped her unceremoniously on there, I’m sure she thought I was about to fuck her. Instead, I mounted her chest, having grabbed something from the bag. I stilled her protests by shoving the ball gag I had grabbed from the bag in her mouth

She started trying to scream through the gag; it was great, listening to her whine thru the damn thing. I wished I had done this sooner, I thought, and told her to shut up, and when she wouldn’t, I punched her in the gut. It wasn’t that hard, but she acted as though I had knocked the air out of her, damn drama queen..

Zsaklyn was a sight to behold – totally naked, lying on her back with her legs spread and up. When I took my camera out and starting taking pictures she squirmed, but a threatening look was all it took to shut her up. I moved around to reach between her legs and touched her cunt. She struggled to stop me, and to adjust herself so that I couldn’t see her lightly-furred vagina so clearly, but to no avail – she was bound and spread wide open, totally defenseless.

I told her that I sure was glad she’d given me this opportunity, and that it was her actions that brought her here. I then told her that I was going to enjoy this very much. She had a frightful look in her eyes, a look of trapped desperation. I stared at her gorgeous naked body, all tied-up and gagged. “I’m going to enjoy playing with you a little, and I m definitely going to suck your vagina awhile to get us both juiced up a bit,” I said, enjoying her whine

Shifting back up, I sat on her stomach and rubbed my dick back and forth on her tits and up on her eyes and nose. She tried closing her eyes and moving her head away, but I rubbed my erection harder into her face so that she could really feel it. “You think that loser was good? Well my little drama-queen, I’m going to give you the kind of dicking you’re going to remember the rest of your life.” I whispered into her ear, as I started kissing and sucking her neck.

I was on top of her, and reached around to clutch her naked ass, and I started poking her vagina with the head of my penis. She was moist from the shower, but my cock wouldn’t just slide in – she was really tight, and wasn’t warmed up at all. She was really struggling, trying to break free, but it was pointless – she couldn’t even budge an inch, and she knew better than to try screaming, especially since no one would be able to hear it anyway. I slid down her body and started playing with her tits, and sucking the nipples. I flicked the nipples with my tongue and sucked them and tried to suck real hard to get the whole breast in my mouth.

My dick was so hard it was just pulsating. I kissed my way down her stomach until my face was directly in front of her vagina. It was a beautiful sight. Taking another toy from the bag, I flipped on the mini-vibrator, and as I teased her clit with it played with her slit.. Zsaklyn had now gone from crying to light moaning, so I did what any gentleman would do, and I plunged my tongue into her and tongue-fucked her for a couple minutes. She was groaning, hard. I inserted two fingers up into her cunt, and rammed them in and out repeatedly. She was arching her back now, her eyes were closed, but it was obvious her body was betraying her. I kept it up for another half-minute at most, and she cried out thru the ball gag, then relaxed.

I climbed up on top of her, licking her nipples again on the way up. Standing up, I tugged her ass to the very edge of the bed, and holding her ankles as far apart from one another as I could, I rammed my penis into her very moist vagina without warning. She gasped & screamed through the gag, and so of course kept it up, slamming myself into her again and again. That young lady’s cunt felt so good it was unbelievable. She was tight on my cock as I pounded into her.. She was now screaming, but I kept it up, telling her she fucked good to be such a bitch, & whispered filthy things into her ear as I continued ramming my dick into her squishy little juice hole.

My penis felt so good to get the release my balls had been begging for – I screwed her so frantically hard and was grabbing her thighs and pinching her in the tender part of her thighs up high between them, and pinching her hardening nipples, which made her jump in pain each time. My climax was imminent, so I slowed down & told her that I was going to dump my load inside her.

She didn’t need to know I’d long ago had a vasectomy, so as she tried to complain. I felt my balls twitch with orgasm as I spewed the whole load in her, balls deep. “Ohhhhhhh!!! It feels so goooooood!!!!” I yelped while I bucked around gasping and spasming as I continued shooting cum in her. I knew she felt every convulsion and glob of semen squirting and gushing deep inside her, and it was hard to tell if Zsaklyn faith was moaning or crying. Likely some of both, not that I cared.

I waited until my cock started to soften before pulling it out. I sat on her chest and rubbed my gooey dick all over her face and hair and asked her how much she enjoyed having violent sex with me. Still breathing heavily from my climax, I left the room for a minute, then returned with a cup of coffee. Sitting back down on the chair beside her bed naked I continued my cup of coffee as I explained that she could stop this at anytime by simply saying ‘no, at which point I’d turn that info over to the cops.

Zsaklyn waited until I’d finished my coffee, then a bit more as she was released. She sat up and stared at me, total-disgusted-bitch-face on full display. “You know that guy is Donnie Gravetz. He’s part of the drug gang that runs this whole county.”

“Well then you’d best keep you damn mouth shut. Because if this info gets back to him, he’ll take you on a fishing trip in the Gulf & turn you into fish-food for sure” I smiled. Her admittance intended to scare me had only worked in my favor. I let her stare at me for a moment, then said “Well?”

“Well what?” She snapped back

“Well this is only the first of many times we’re going to do this, until you learn your place. I want to hear you say it. Tell me you’re Ok with this.”

She stared at me for nearly a full minute before spurting out “I’m OK with it” like I was pulling a kidney out or something.

“Good girl. Now go get your damn phone and bring it here.” She unlocked and handed it to me. “Now I’m changing your pass code to a number so I can have access to your phone. I’m also going to link it to mine so I can keep an eye on you.” As she stood there huffing, I pointed at a spot just in front of me, and she moved there

Zsakltynn was still standing naked in front of me, and I reached up from the couch and rubbed her mound of pubic hair and said, “Now I want you to get down between my legs and suck me like you know I want to be sucked.”

At first she protested, but she understood, and after a minute, she realized how desperate her situation had really become. I grabbed her and pulled her by the head down between my legs. She was by no means inexperienced, but tried to act as though she was, sliding her mouth up and down on me with minimal emotion or effort. Grabbing her by the hair I pulled her off my dick, and gave her face a light slap. “Start sucking that dick right, woman. I know you can do better than that.” The forcefully wrenched her face back on my stiffening cock.

After a few minutes it got better. Zsaklyn was using her tongue now. And after a bit more of her vigorously sucking my dick, I built up an orgasmic tightness in the stem of my balls. To her credit, she varied the pressure and tempo when I told her to. She felt my penis twitching and pulled her mouth off me, knowing I was getting ready to spew hot sperm inside her slippery little mouth. I told her that we weren’t finished having sex yet, and to flick her tongue under the head of my penis and to slowly lick up and down, which she did as my cock pulsated on the edge of climax. She asked what I was waiting for, and just to go ahead and get it over with, but I told her to shut up.

With my freehand I again had my phone recording. I grunted for that bitch to keep me on the edge of orgasm for as long as I could hold, it wasn’t like she hadn’t done it before. I also told her to give me as sexy a tongue job as she could. She was starting to be an accomplished head job artist and slowly sucked me up and down, sucking very deeply and tightly squeezing her tongue on the underside of my penis as she went down each time, until I gasped in orgasm, and my semen violently spewed into her mouth and face. I got her face and eyes, though most was in her mouth

She pulled her mouth off my dick, dripping gobs of semen out of her mouth as I squirted again and again right into the center of her face and spraying repeatedly up into her hair. Some of it dribbled down onto her nipples and looked so great. I got a good shot of that, then said “Lick my dick clean, damn you.”. She whimpered but obeyed. ‘This was the start of something good’, I thought.

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