Anal with my tenant


I was the owner of three big houses. I lived in one and i gave the other two houses on rent. In one of my houses lived the pair of two girls named annie and maggie. Both were young and beautiful. I was 28 at that time.

One day afternoon while i was doing rest at my home somebody rang the bell. I opened the door. It was maggie in front of me with her beautiful smile. She said”hi, sir i wanna talk to you on something. if you have time?”. i said”hi. well you can talk, please come in”. so now she was with me in my drawing room. We were sitting on sofa.
she said”sir as we both of us are free and have no job so can we give you rent after one month?”
i replied “maggie as you know this is difficult for me and if by chance you don’t find any job in a month how will you pay the rent of two moths?”
maggie”sir i know that i’ll get a job soon”.
i said”still it is difficult for me and why you think that i should take this type of risk?”
maggie came close to me. put her hand on my thighs and said”sir please give me one chance”.
Her soft touch made my cock a little hard. I said”no maggie i cannot take chances like that”.
Now there was a mischievious look in her eyes. she looked at me and said”sir please help me, i can do anything for you”.
i asked “what do you mean by that?”.
she didnot speak a word but started to rub her palm on my cock. “please sir help me” she said again.
now i knew what she was going to do?
she started to open the zip of my pants and now her hand was in. “sir i’ll always do what you’ll say……please sir” she said.
now my cock was full erect in my underwear. i replied”let us see. if you can satisfy me or not?”
she asked “sir and if i satisfy you then?”
“then i will give you the extension for one month, but one month means one month” i said.
Now a big smile on her lips appeared. She removed her clothes in front of me. She was looking so sexy. Her Big boobs were firm and her big ass was completely round. Her pussy was shaved. She came close to me. I took her both big boobs in my hands and started squeezing them firmly. then i took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking. I could feel that my cock is now tight in my pants. so i also removed all my clothes. We both were standing now. she took my big cock in her hand and started stroking it nicely. While i was rubbing my palm at her pussy. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy to check the wetness of her pussy. it was moist. I was on my knees now and my tongue was searching the pussy hole. and very soon my tongue tip touched her pussy lips. I was now rubbing my tongue on her moist pink pussy lips and she was moaning softly. Then i inserted a little bit of my long tongue in her pussy. She grabbed my head with her both hands and started to pull my head towards her pussy. I was now fucking her with my tongue and now her body started moving like she was fucking a cock. My tongue was rotating in her pussy in all directions and now it was touching her clit. She was maoning hard and tried to burry my face in her pussy. My whole tongue was in. Then i took her clit in my mouth and started to bite softly on her clit. she was moaning again”ooofffffffff…mmmmmmmmmm…….bite it hard……ohhhhh…suck it…..mmmmmmmmm…..aaaaaaahhhhhhhh……….oohh hh….fuckkkk……..”. I was continuosly biting on her clit and then i started sucking her clit. Her pussy was now dropping the pre-cum drops on my tongue which i was tasting. But now i also wanted to put my cock in her mouth. So we made 69 pos on floor. I was on top. She started to lick and suck my cock like lollipop. She pulled the foreskin from my cock head smoothly and then took the big pink cock head in her mouth. She was sucking it badly while my face was still burried in her pussy. i was enjoying her love juice. My mouth was covered with her pre-cum juice but still i was digging deeper with my tongue. Now she was swallowing my full cock in her mouth and my cock was touching her throat. I started to fuck her mouth and my balls were touching her soft lips. Then she removed cock from her mouth and took my both big balls in her mouth and started licking them with her soft hot tongue. I could not wait for fucking now.
I asked her to sit on my cock. now she was on top. She adjusted my cock head on her wet pussy lips. I stopped her “no baby i need your asshole” i said.
She asked”sir are you going to fuck my as………..?”
“yes maggie” i said.
“sir i have not done it before, my asshole is virgin and it is very small” she said.
i replied “it means you cannot fulfill the condition”.
she said”ok sir i’ll try”.
“maggie don’t afraid.i’ll help you in this case also. come and sit on my face” i said.
She did exactly. Now she was sitting on my face but instead of licking her pussy i started to lick her asshole. Now i was rubbing my tongue at her small asshole crack. and within seconds my tongue tip was in her asshole. she was enjoying. she started to jump alittle on my tongue. and very soon full tongue was fucking her asshole. now she was again moaning. Then i inserted my 2 fingers in her ass to check whether it was perfect for fucking or not. But it was nicely stretched now. So i told maggie now she could ride on my cock.
She was still hesitating. But then she adjusted my cock head in her ass. Now she was doing slow up n down moves. Half of the cock was going with some effort. I asked her to bend on me so that i could suck her boobs. she bent onme. Now her big nipple was in my mouth and i was squeezing her second boob. And i could feel the wetness building in her ass. Now cock was going with much more ease. And she was now doing great moves and now full cock was going in her deep ass. and i was busy in sucking those beautiful boobs.She was near cum so she was fucking very hard and fast with lots of moaning. Pressure of cum was also building in my balls. Now i was also shaking my hips badly. And then i started shooting my thick hot cum fountains in her ass and she was still riding. And then her body shook and became still because she had her orgasm. After that we both dressed up. She wanted to go now. I again reminded her that i have sanctioned her one month time. she smiled.