An Enchanting SexChat


This is an actual chat I shared with a girl in
Canada… darn; all the good ones are miles away, huh?
First of let me setup this scene a little. I’m in a
wheelchair, I told her about this; I’m also mostly able
bodied, my left arm’s my only major physical paralysis,
I told her this too.

Most girls prefer the scenes with me acting the able-
bodied sex god type, but this girl wanted the scene to
be “real.” It turned out this scene was probably the
most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had, and the
closest I’ve ever felt to a great sexual relationship,
for that alone I’ll cherish this magical person I met
online forever.

I know some of you many of you are thinking “Holy crap!
This guy’s a sicko or something, a lonely, desperate,
ignorant fool lookin’ for love online… not entirely
true (I’m not ignorant… lol) The way I see it, you’re
experiencing the person’s mind through chat, rather
than their body… sounds pretty intimate already.
Anyway, enough scene setting, by the way, I’m DonDiego,
and we’ll say she’s SxxxyVal.

DonDiego wheels up as close to you as I can get before
standing to look down into your shimmering sapphire
eyes as I hug you close to me and kiss your soft lips
for a small eternity.

SxxxyVal looks up at your face and smiles, “You can
stand,” She lowers herself to her knees and undoes your
pants, “What else have you been hiding from me?” She
takes your already rigid cock in her hands and inspects
it lovingly while looking up at you to see if
everything’s all right before sliding her lips down the
smooth shaft of your gorgeous dick.

DonDiego gasps and threads my fingers through your hair
to feel your head move back and forth over my eager
cock, sitting down and enjoying the new sensations
running through my body… oh god, this is awesome.

SxxxyVal sucks you tenderly, wrapping her tongue around
your thick shaft, jacking you off in my mouth as she
plays with your tightening ball sac.

DonDiego feels faint as your mouth delivers new intense
sensations through my body, and then I press your head
further on my shaft, erupting hot semen into your

SxxxyVal continues to suck your cock dry as your spasms
subside and your cock softens in my mouth. She stands,
proud of herself as she looks into your eyes.

DonDiego is taken aback by your extreme beauty and
stands again to hug you tightly and sweetly kiss your
lips, “Your turn.”

SxxxyVal swoons as you whisper in her ears, and she
takes off her shirt as you hold me, smiling at you with
a devilish look in my eyes.

DonDiego caresses every inch of your back and traces
the small of your back down under your pants to make my
finger’s way through the crevice between your butt
cheeks, pumping it into your succulent cunt as I lean
my head down to kiss the tops of your glorious breasts
and up your neck to your lips.

SxxxyVal looks at you with pure passion in her eyes as
you finger her eager pussy to stir her juices within
and hugs you tightly as we just hold each other for a
while, feeling our bodies pressed together as if we
were the last two people on Earth.

DonDiego undoes your pants and watches them slide down
your legs as I sit you on the edge of the bed. I bury
my face into your crotch and take a deep breath, “Oh
God, you smell immaculate, baby.” I then take off your
panties to gaze at the juicy lips of your seething
pussy; my cock grows hard again as my tongue traces
tight little circles and figure eights around your
throbbing clit, “Looks great… tastes better… and
less filling.”

SxxxyVal moans and yips as she writhes and undulates on
the bed, “Oh God, keep that up… fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me… unh… ooohhh.”

DonDiego feels fueled by SxxxyVal’s reactions and keeps
up my enticing tongue work on her sweet pussy as my
finger thrusts deeply into her simmering cunt, pumping
rhythmically as I tease her pulsing asshole with my
pinkie finger.

SxxxyVal arches her back and closes her eyes tightly as
your finger pushes deep inside her moist pussy and your
pinkie penetrates her quivering asshole, causing her
hands to grab frantically at the blanket out of sheer
pleasure… Oh God! Please… don’t stop.

DonDiego pumps both your holes lovingly as I tickle you
G-spot and lash your clit with my tongue.

SxxxyVal bucks and thrashes wildly as you pump and
tickle both all her right spots… Oh God! I’m so
close… keep it up!

DonDiego is delighted I’m bringing you such pleasure
and pumps you more quickly while nibbling your divine
nipples and kissing you creamy neck and wanton lips.

SxxyVal kisses you sweetly and pushes your head down
her chest to hold your face firmly to her seething
pussy, muttering through her clenched teeth, So close,
so very close.

DonDiego takes the hint and buries my tongue deeply
into your ravenous cunt to lash over your delightful G,
as I thrust my first two fingers deep into your rectum,
feeling your muscles tighten around my sensual

SxxxyVal screams out as her cum spurts into your mouth
and tries to pull your face closer to her spasming
pussy and your fingers deeper into her rectum.

DonDiego holds my lips to your pussy savoring your
tasty cum as my fingers pump your glorious ass till you
come down from your squirting orgasm.

SxxxyVal presses her heated pussy to your eager face as
her orgasm subsides, running her fingers through your
hair while the convulsions stop, panting… that was
amazing, baby; I’ve never came like that… thank you!

Dondiego brings you back to sit in my lap in my
wheelchair… you’re the amazing one, hun, Then I wrap
my arms around you, and we just sit like that for a

SxxxyVal feels your revitalized cock against her
thigh… aww, you haven’t been properly worked out,
have you boy? She guides it into her steamy cunt and
starts a pleasant undulating motion with her hips as
she looks back at you and gives you a big kiss.

DonDiego holds you to me and kneads your exquisite
breast as I kiss your lips ferociously.

SxxxyVal sits down on your cock, letting it fill her
exquisite canal, and she bounces, gently as you thrust
your hip forcing her pussy to sort of jack you off.

DonDiego was already entranced by you, but now I’m
absolutely inebriated by the sensations you’re causing
in my body as you expertly ride me.

SxxyVal leans back and kisses you as she pumps and
grinds her drooling cunt rhythmically against your
loving thrusts… unh God, this feels so good, thank

DonDiego revels in this moment with you and slips my
hand down your chest to trace my finger through your
juicy slit as we kiss

SxxxyVal continues moving her hips on your hard cock,
loving the way it fills her tight pussy, the walls of
her sex tight around your thick manhood “Oh my god,
it’s sooooo good.”

DonDiego caresses your eager clit and pinches it
tenderly as our tongues entwine and we bask in each
other’s glow

DonDiego feels so close to orgasm, but doesn’t want
this to end as I alternate between pinching your clit
and your hard nipples… Oh my god! This is wonderful!

SxxxyVal smiles at you as she grinds down, trying to
milk out your cum, wanting it to fill her.

DonDiego looks into your eyes as my hot semen spurts
into you… thank you so much for being my first, baby
We kiss for hours after… Oh god, thank you!

SxxxyVal grins as she feels your cock throb and you
load of hot, thick cum filling her pussy

DonDiego holds you tight caressing your breasts as we
kiss, basking in our moment together.