Alabama Backdoor Lover

As much as I love to get my pussy fucked, I adore
getting screwed in the ass by my lover. The feeling of
a stiff ten inches up my chute makes me perk, my
asshole twitches and my mouth waters. My husband
wouldn’t ever do that to me, so I had to find someone
who would. I found David, the older brother of a friend
of mine. I live with my husband and daughters in
Northern Georgia; David lives in North Carolina and
loves camping in the mountains.

Actually, it started quite by accident. David had
stopped by to visit and my husband and I invited him to
stay for dinner. Afterwards, my husband started
drinking too much and by ten o’clock he was so wasted I
put him to bed. David and I sat up, talking about the
old neighborhood and our respective careers until after

He got up finally, saying he was tired. His pickup
truck was in the driveway and he was going to sleep in
the camper on the back of it. I got up and kissed him,
probably with a little more feeling than just
friendship. He was smiling and looked a bit surprised.

“Debbie, I wish you had kissed me like that years ago,”
he said. He seemed a bit embarrassed.

“Why, David, did you have a crush on me?” He nodded.
That’s when a wave of desire and affection, spurred by
my husband’s shameful drunkenness overwhelmed me. I put
my arms around his neck, pressed my body tightly to
his, and rubbed my mound against his crotch. Again I
kissed him, this time slipping my tongue between his
easily parted lips and whipping it around inside his
mouth. I felt movement in his crotch and pressed even
harder against him.

“Let me look at that camper of yours,” I said. Even in
the summers, nights in the Georgia mountain’s are cool,
but I was so hot, I’m surprised steam wasn’t rising
from my body as we walked outside. The full moon was
bright and the only sounds were the whisper of the wind
in the trees and the rush of water in the nearby
stream. We got to the truck and I decided just to lay
my cards on the table.

“David, how would you feel about fucking me in the
ass?” He was speechless, but he didn’t say no. I told
him that I’d often fantasized about anal sex. As an
emergency room nurse, I’d seen many people come in for
treatment to have all sorts of objects removed from
their rear passages. Several told me that it felt great
to be fucked there and I wanted to find out for myself
if it really was good.

When I sat on the truck’s gate and fumbled with his
zipper he didn’t stop me. When his manhood popped out
and waved in the moonlight, I gasped. It was the
longest and thickest erection I’d ever seen in real
life (I’ve since measured it at 10,” long by 6+”

The heat radiating from that shaft seemed to burn the
skin of my face. I grabbed that organ in my right hand
and all I could say was, “Oh, God,” as I stuck out my
tongue and licked the head of that steely rod. A drop
of fluid seeped from the opening and I lapped it up and
went for more. I squeezed and fondled his testicles for
a moment then started tearing my own clothes off.

Inside the camper, David closed the curtains and locked
the gate and turned on a small fluorescent light. “Put
that thing in here first,” I urged, lying on my back
and spreading my labia open for him. In moments his
shaft was inside me and he was sucking my nipples. God,
but what a wonderful feeling it was being screwed by
such a large penis. But I wanted it elsewhere and made
him stop and pull out of my puss before we got carried

“Gimme… gimme… gimme,” I begged, on my knees and
waving my butt in the air. David rubbed saliva in and
around my anus. I told him I’d had sex toys and even my
finger up there, but nothing as thick and as long as
that reamer he had.

“There’s always a first time for everything,” he said
as he pressed the spongy head against my sphincter. “Do
it,” I said. “Spike my ass, David.” His glans entered
me and his length slowly, deliciously made its way
inside. My colon was stretched as never before and it
felt wonderful. Deeper he went, deeper than any of the
sex toys I’d had there. “Do me, David! Oh god YESS!”

David reached beneath me and grabbed my small tits and
rolled the hard nubs between his thumbs and
forefingers. Faster and faster he slammed against my
quaking cheeks. The truck rocked as we gave the shocks
a real workout. The interior of that camper felt like a
sauna and it reeked of sweaty sex. I hit my orgasm and
my butt muscles clamped hard on David’s pistoning
penis, causing it to shoot the thick sap of his deep
into my bowels.

We fucked again before I hobbled back into the house,
sore but satisfied. In the morning, David went to his
favorite lakeside campsite and that night, while my
husband thought I was over at my sister’s, I was up at
the lake with David. Somehow we manage to get together
once or twice a month and it’s special. Oh, I still
love my husband. David gives me what my husband can’t:
a long, solid piece of male meat up my dirt road.

My sister Becky knows I see David and sometimes gives
me a good alibi, but on the condition that I give her
all the juicy details. She is fascinated at my
description of David’s organ and I’m sure that one of
these days she’s going to ask for the chance to
experience that big thing. Right now, though, she
marvels that something so big can fit into a small
hole, puss or ass. I’ve already loaned her a few of my
anal toys.

I bet David would just love to nail both of us!

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