After a long period of being divorced, two ex’s remember past pleasures

Even though Beth and I had divorced several years
before, she was one of the few people that could show
up at my front door unannounced without angering me. I
heard a knock at the door, hopped up, and headed to the
front door only to find the main door open and Beth
peeking in through the glass of the screen door. She
was staring directly at my large screen TV. I jogged
immediately back to the couch, grabbed the remote and
paused the DVD and changed the feed to satellite.

I was embarrassed as hell. My ex-wife had just caught
me watching a wild adult film. To make things worse, I
had to meet her at the door with my cock half erect. I
was expecting a judgmental look at minimum and possibly
even as much as a lecture. Beth wore an executive’s
suit of dark fabric, which made her appear a bit harsh,
and I could just see her ripping into me.

To my surprise, I got neither. She just smiled and
explained that some papers from a long forgotten
insurance claim had arrived. She handed them to me and
stood by my side as I flipped through the stack of
stapled papers. I felt her place her hand in the middle
of my back and leisurely rub a small circle as she told
me what I needed to sign and initial. The mild intimacy
of her hand on my back seemed a little unusual, but not
terribly out of character.

More than once as I was reading, I saw her glance down
to where my erection bulged against the crotch of my
jeans. I pretended not to notice her looks or even that
her rubbing had changed to her scratching lightly with
her nails. This definitely struck me as more erotic
than simply friendly. In a slightly nervous voice, I
told her I would read the mess and take care of them
for her to send off. I said I would call her that
evening so she could return and pick them up. She
smiled, sighed lightly and left.

It took about an hour to read the documents Beth had
left, fill in the necessary blanks and sign my name in
a dozen places. I set them aside, took a quick shower,
and splashed some cologne on my neck and stomach before
calling Beth and telling her she could come get the
papers in twenty minutes or so.

I threw on some loose canvas shorts, commando style
without underwear, and a sleeveless cotton shirt. I
really did not think anything was going to happen, but
Beth’s earlier reaction to me made me at least want to
continue the tease. I flipped my DVD back on to give my
dick a slight wake up call and waited on my ex to show
back up for the papers.

Twenty minutes later on the dot, I heard a tapping at
my front door. This time I had remembered to close it
before putting the adult movie on my TV screen. I once
again hit pause and changed the feed to satellite. I
intentionally adjusted my partially hard cock to the
front of my leg and walked to the door.

When I swung the door open, I could see that Beth had
changed as well. She was wearing a loose pair of khaki
shorts, a slightly cropped top and sandals. This was
quite a different look from the business woman outfit
she wore earlier. She stepped into the foyer and I
closed the door behind her. I caught a whiff of the
perfume I had bought for her when we first married and
at least a couple times a year during our marriage.
Thoughts passed through my mind in the blink of eye;
forbidden thoughts, lusty thoughts.

Was she already wearing that scent earlier? Did I just
not notice? What am I thinking?


Memories from years past flooded my mind. Beth and I
had been married to others before we met, but her
former husband had been the only man with whom she had
ever slept. I, on the other hand had been around the
block a few times. We played around a lot while dating,
but nothing further. A strict upbringing made it a
crime in her mind to have sex before marriage.

I spent many nights finishing myself off thinking of a
picture of Beth at seventeen that sat in her parent’s
living room. It was of her in her cheerleader uniform,
doing splits in a small skirt and tights. The sunlight
played across her tights casting a shadow outline of
her little pussy.

Even though we were in our mid-twenties, we really did
not have sex until we married. That still seems odd to
me even as I sit here years later and type out the
story. After the ceremony, Beth and I had retired to a
suite at a hotel. She was extraordinarily nervous. As
we sat on the bed, me still wearing the remains of my
tuxedo and her in a tasteful nightgown, she told me
something that dropped a bomb on the evening. She had
only had sex with her first husband eight times during
their marriage, a span of some seven years.

She explained that she and her first husband tried at
first, but she could not stand having his cock inserted
into her. He caused her too much pain. Later, she had
even spoken with her doctor about surgery to expand her
slightly, but by then her husband had lost any
interest. She was terribly upset that the same thing
would happen to us. I am not going to lie, I was upset
and felt that I should have been told this earlier in
our relationship.

However, even though we had never had sex, Beth and I
had felt around all over each other many times. I did
not notice anything odd about her physically during our
premarital sport. I loved her, so I was willing to go
to great lengths to see that things worked out.

I asked the obvious question: Did her ex have a huge
cock? She too had felt me, so I knew she had something
to go by. A monster dick turned out not to be the
problem, as she stated he and I were about the same.

Did they play around before sex? When she looked
confused at the question, I knew immediately I had
found the problem. It was simple operator error.

I told her not to worry and we began kissing and
stroking, as we had done many times during our
courtship. I worked up and down over her lace-covered
body until I could feel her breathing sharpen. I pulled
off her panties and ran my fingertips lightly through
her wet cunt. I lowered my head and kissed her just
above her pussy lips, causing her to jump and tense.

She calmed down and I slid my tongue into her and
twirled it around. She sighed and relaxed. Using my
tongue as a gauge, I could tell it was not ready for my
entire cock. I continued tasting her until I felt her
cum, even though it was lightly.

I crawled up onto her and asked if she was willing to
spend some time in order to make our lovemaking
pleasing and comfortable. Looking a little bleary from
her first oral action, she nodded agreement. I grasped
my raging hard cock and rubbed it around the entrance
to her tiny box. I began sliding into her and only
managed an inch before her face showed discomfort.

I stopped at that depth and grasped one of her hands. I
wrapped it around my cock and showed her the proper
rhythm to stroke me. I never went any deeper that first
night, but Beth kept up pulling me towards her until I
finally came. I could see that the mere idea of getting
me off thrilled her.

We repeated this same pattern for literally a couple of
months after our wedding. We only paused for a few days
during her period. We gained only a little bit each
night, but it added up over time. The occasion that we
finally got totally together was an exciting evening,
Beth was thrilled and I had a custom fitted pussy for
my satisfaction. At our next session, I surprised Beth
by pulling her on top of me and putting her to work for
a change. She started a little clumsy but finished very
well. The sensation was out of this world.

Our lovemaking improved greatly that first year.
Nevertheless, like too many marriages these days, our
hearts and minds wandered away from one another over
the following years. We divorced after about 8 years
and I fell into a series of halfhearted relationships.
Beth was alone for a few years before marrying a nice
person and seeming to be happy. I heard down the rumor
mill that he was often impotent, but I never placed
much stock in such reporting.

We all lived in the same area and ran into each other
from time to time. I do not think her new husband bore
me any ill will. He was always cheerful, friendly and
polite. Everything was following its usual pattern
until the day she dropped by with some papers and
caught me watching an adult video.


Now, she was back in my home, looking as sexy as in the
old days. It was apparently a deliberate show, too.

Even at this point, I still did not anticipate anything
happening. I could be reading a lot of things into what
might just turn out to be an odd series of
coincidences. I picked up the stack of papers and began
flipping through them, commenting on certain parts and
showing what I had filled in and where I had signed.
Beth moved so close to me during this that we were
touching on our sides from her hip against my thigh to
my ribs above my elbow, where her shoulder reached on
my taller frame.

I tried to concentrate on the matter of the paperwork,
but my hands were slightly shaking and my cock began to
harden even more. To make things worse, I glanced down
and noticed that the front of her shorts were loose
enough from her flat stomach for me to see down to her
satin panties.

I really wondered now if she was just trying to get
even for me catching her looking at my crotch earlier.
I tore my eyes away from the blue satin cloth covering
what I would truly like to be seeing and turned towards
her. As soon as I saw her eyes, I knew that she had
been staring at my face the entire time and had not
listened to a word I had said.

Her dark eyes locked onto my grey ones and neither of
us said anything for what seemed like an eternity, but
was probably less than half a minute. We silently
leaned our heads forward and locked into an intense
kiss. I had forgotten how soft were her lips and how
luscious was her tongue. Her hands slid up my chest and
locked around my neck and I skimmed her thighs as I
brought my hands up to her waist. All remaining doubt
about my intuition concerning her thoughts was gone and
I pushed her back into the corner next to the door.

Beth reacted to this by maneuvering her hips so that
our lower bodies were grinding together through the
material of our shorts. Even though this seemed odd and
erotic, it also felt familiar and comfortable. I
dropped my right hand down and ran a finger up her leg
and across the slick material of her panties, enjoying
the sensation of her delicate mound and the split that
divided it. I pulled outward on her shorts, slid in the
rest of my hand and vigorously massaged her entire sex
through her rapidly dampening underwear. Her kissing
became wild and she began to sigh and moan her breath
into my mouth and grip my neck forcefully.

I was so lost in lust by this time, I don’t think I
could have heard a no if it were screamed at me.
However, no such word was coming out of Beth’s mouth as
it was locked onto mine in an unending deep kiss. I
slid my hand up out of her crotch and deftly unbuttoned
her short khakis and slid the zipper to the bottom. Her
arms came down from her neck immediately, and the
thought leaped into my head that she was going to stop
things right there, pull up her clothing and leave.

Instead, her hands found my button and zipper and
returned the favor by undressing me. When she realized
that I had nothing on underneath, she grabbed my now
throbbing dick and began stroking me. I reached both
hands up to her breasts and kneaded them slowly while
stopping occasionally to give each nipple a hard tweak.
Her hand worked up and down me eagerly, squeezing down
every time I assaulted her nipples.

We were departed from this world, aggressively out of
normal control. Beth suddenly stopped kissing me and
pushed me away with her hands against my chest. She
smiled up at me and let her shorts fall to the floor
and stepped out of them. Her top followed the shorts to
the floor after she pulled it over her head. I quickly
followed suit in the speedy way that only a man as hard
as a rock with a bold, yearning woman seducing him can.

Beth still held me at bay with her little hands against
my chest. By this time, she knew I could just take what
I wanted. We both panted, wild eyed and craving
pleasure. Beth slid down the wall to her knees and took
my member into her mouth, running that great kissing
tongue around my head.

I grabbed her hair with both hands and vigorously drove
myself in and out of her sucking lips. After several
minutes of this, I felt myself filling up, in
preparation of cumming. I pulled her completely off my
dick and regained control of myself.

Taking her hands, I pulled Beth back to her feet and we
joined lips once again. I lifted her entirely off the
floor and carried her one room away to the living room
sofa and laid her down. I literally tore her panties
off and tossed them aside. Her sex was puffed out,
shaved, slightly open and glistening wet. Beth spread
her legs enticingly wide and I fell forward onto her.
Her hand guided me in, sliding through hot, tight flesh
in one brutal thrust.

We were motionless for a little while, merely pressing
firmly against one another. It was not long before we
could not take that anymore, and began pulsating in
union. It felt purely instinctive, almost base animal
fucking. I had to hold back to keep from filling Beth
up with cum, but I knew I could not hold out for long
and when I went, it was going to be explosive.

I heard Beth’s breathing become ragged and realized she
was on the edge of an orgasm. I gripped her hips with
both hands and drove hard into her clit with my pubic
bone again and again. I didn’t slow down until I heard
a familiar cry from my memory and felt the walls of her
pussy clamping down on me in an even rhythm. I gave up
any semblance of control and pumped her full of my
juice, while my cock twitched in even timing with her
pulsing internal muscles. It seemed to go on forever.

We returned to our usual senses after five minutes or
so and kissed deeply once again. I don’t think either
of us knew what to say; the entire interlude had taken
place without any words at all. As my cock slipped from
her slit, copious amounts of cum leaked out and down
onto the couch. Beth hopped up and trotted off to the
bathroom to clean up. I was left alone to blot the sofa
with a paper towel and to try to fathom what had just

We were divorced. Beth was married. Yet, we had just
fucked better than ever before.

Beth returned ten minutes later, fully dressed and
still smiling happily. I stood up and walked to her.
She hugged me, kissed me hard on the mouth one last
time, gathered up the papers she had brought and headed
towards the doorway. As she opened the door, she looked
over her shoulder and asked if next Thursday would be
good for me. I stood dumfounded and slack jawed. No
words would come, but my eyes smiled and my head nodded

Oh, yeah. If it were anything like today, next Thursday
would be just superb with me.

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