Slut Wife

Sharing my wife with a young stud

My wife and I had always had a good sex life. We are both good looking. She has strawberry blonde hair, and sports a nice ass and titties sitting on top of some long legs. When we first started dating […]

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Teen orgy at the lake

Three naked bodies hit the water simultaneously and disappeared. A moment later, three heads broke the surface screaming in unison “Yow, it’s cold!” Their traditional yell was truer than usual: notwithstanding the unseasonable heat of Indian Summer, October was pushing […]

asstr sex stories

Supermarket Sweep

One day I had a surprise at the checkout of the local supermarket. I had paid for my shopping, when I saw the Supervisor stroll across to me. “May I invite you to have a chat with our manageress,” she […]

asstr sex stories

Waiting to Inhale

Ewell Bennett was a miserly old man, although as I recollect, Mr. Ewell (pronounced you’ll) wasn’t really all that old. I guess he was 45-50 when Dan Gobel worked for him and the incidents recorded here occurred. Mr. Ewell was […]

asstr sex stories

A flight in a hot day

I was on a flight last week that wound up being fun. I was leaving Vegas which is a little cooler than being on the sun. I was wearing short shorts and a skimpy halter top. Under those two pieces […]

asstr sex stories

Cheating Heart

“Excuse me, is this the room for the aerobics class?” asked a soft musical voice from behind Karen. “That it is,” Karen said as she started to turn around. “In fact, I’m your instructor, Karen…” The dark haired woman stopped […]

asstr sex stories

Service With A Smile

I’m stereo repair man, I like my job. I even got my son a gig as a repairmen. We work hard, even thou it can be a thankless job at times. Then other times…….well smooth this over. It was a […]

asstr sex stories

Dragon Sweat

The early morning sun shone down on the ancient walls of Giant’s Pass castle. It fell on patches of green moss clinging to the weathered stone blocks, which formed the Outer and Inner Wards. It cast small square shadows from […]

asstr sex stories

Pleasure Island

It was nearly midnight as I plodded through the woods next to the old paper mill off of Highway 59. I had sneaked out of my house through the window in my room just an hour before. This is the […]

asstr sex stories

Ice Queen

The rugged man from the biting cold of the barren lands of the distant north journeyed far to the south, to The Kingdom of the Frozen Sands in The Great Wasteland that straddled the world. He was huge. There is […]

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