College girl gets exactly what she needed

Allyson’s college summer job was data entry. It was mindless and boring but at least she wasn’t waiting on customers or dealing with the general public. She was also able to listen to music without it interfering with her duties, which helped pass the time. She’d met a friend there named Katie who was college age but not a student like her. Katie doesn’t factor too much into this story except that it was her that suggested they go out for dinner and drinks that Friday night. Allyson was single for the last 3 months and most of her friends were home for the summer, so she was looking forward to it.

After dinner, they wound up at a townie bar. Allyson didn’t mind too much, even though the college bars in the summer are not very crowded. But she liked the change of scene and they had a good time. She was dressed casually in tan shorts and a creme tank top. They interacted with a few non-students, though there was definitely some university students there, too.

One guy who made them both laugh and didn’t come off like he was trying to pick them up was a guy named Michael. He was 28 years old, about 6’0 tall, thin, and black. He worked for a local HVAC company, he told him, and later let it slip that he’d done some time in prison after getting caught with some weed. Katie flirted a bit with him, but he played it cool. When the girls decided to call it a night, Katie went to use the restroom. That’s when Michael asked Allyson for her telephone number.

The question shocked her, as she hadn’t been getting that vibe from him. She was an open-minded girl who had no objections to interracial dating, but it was not something she had been faced with. While his age both concerned and intrigued her, he was an ex-con. She didn’t have any issues with pot, but what if that wasn’t the reason he’s gone to jail?

She thanked him but said she was still hurting from a breakup and wasn’t interested in going out with anybody at that time. He graciously accepted her answer and said, “Maybe some other time then?”

Katie had returned by then and after quick hugs, they left. Allyson didn’t mention Michael asking her out when they were recapping the evening. But she kept thinking about him and questioned whether she was being stuck up because of his record. After she dropped Katie off, she decided to drop by the bar again to accept Michael’s invitation. He was very nice and had a great smile after all.

After she parked and walked to the entrance, she noticed Michael walking by himself down the street.

“Michael! MICHAEL!”

He stopped and broke into a big smile when he saw her. They began walking towards each other.

“Hey, what’s up, Allyson?”

“I wanted to apologize,” she began. “What I said is all true, but I used it as an excuse because I was a bit freaked out that you had been in prison. If the offer still stands, I’d be happy to go out with you.”

He looked at her for a minute before laughing and said, “Ha and I thought it was because you didn’t date brothers.”

“Oh no. Nothing like that! I haven’t gone out with a black guy before but I don’t have any problems with it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have come back to find you.”

“Cool. Well, the pot thing was stupid. I’d bought extra for my buddies, using their own money. The cops said I was trying to deal. I wouldn’t snitch on my source so I served 8 months. I wouldn’t say it set me on the straight and narrow, because I wasn’t into a lot of trouble then. But it definitely showed me where I didn’t want to wind up. So I did my time and a friend of my family helped me get hired.”

It sounded to her like Michael had had to tell that story over and over.

“Thank you for telling me that. Again, I’m really sorry about that. I’m glad you’re not offended. So we should get each other’s numbers.”

They exchanged phone numbers and stood there awkwardly.

“Well, I’ll give you a call this week, Allyson. I’m going to head home now. Have a good weekend.”

“Thanks …. Are you walking home?”

“Yeah my car is in the shop right now.”

“Can I give you a ride?”

That smile again. “Yeah that’d be great. Thank you.”

They made more small talk on the drive to Michael’s apartment. She caught him checking out her breasts, which were accentuated by the seatbelt tight between them. It gave her a little thrill. She snuck a peak at his crotch but was disappointed that his shorts were too baggy to show anything. She couldn’t help from picturing big black cocks in her mind then, which caused her pussy to start to feel very warm.

She pulled into Michael’s complex and he directed her to an open spot in front of his building.

“Thank you for the lift home. Um, I was going to catch a buzz and order a pizza. You are welcome to come up and hang, if you’d like. I’ll promise to be on my best behavior.”

Still a bit flush from her speculation about his penis, Allyson said, “Sure. But only if you promise to be only oh your ‘good’ behavior.”

“Ha – you got that, girl. C’mon.”

He followed her up the stairs to his second floor apartment. She didn’t have wide hips but her ass had great curves and he liked seeing her panty lines through the fabric as it was pulled tight by her wakling up the steps. For her part, Allyson played up the sway in her walk as she was sure he was checking her ass out.

Inside his apartment, Michael gave her a beer, opened one for himself, and ordered the pizza. Allyson looked around his TV room and liked that it was kept clean. Nothing was worse than a new guy having a dirty apartment or smelly bedding. When he joined her on her couch, he held up a joint. Allyson nodded.

“This is strong shit, so go easy on it. It’s a nice mellow buzz. No anxiety.”

Allyson immediately felt a lightness after two hits. She waved off any more.

“Michael, let’s get this out of the way. I won’t be sleeping with you tonight. I hope you’re ok with that.”

He put his hand on hers. “That is not a problem. I’m just enjoying the company and your beauty. I don’t take what’s not offered, baby.”

Good answer, Allyson thought. “Thank you. And right now I’m offering you to kiss me.”

Michael leaned over and put his hand on her face. It tenderly drew her closely. Right before their lips touched, she inhaled his ethnic scent. Every synapse in her brain lit up as she felt his large lips cover hers. Their lips moved over each other and then her tongue parted them. His met hers and agilely danced around it. She’d felt her pussy flood when she thought how wonderful it would feel between her legs.

Michael pulled away.

“Zero chance?”

Allyson laughed. “I didn’t say that, but it’s pretty low.”

“I’m a facts and numbers, guy, baby. Let’s hear my odds.”

Allyson made a show of thinking hard.

“Well, I’d saying it’s 5% but … there is a better chance of us making out (pause) 95%.”

“Oh, I like that. So what else?”

The weed was working on her libido.

“Well, I’d say 75% that you get to suck my boobies. Fifty percent that I jack you off. Twenty-five percent that you finger my pussy. And 35% that I suck your dick. Negative zero percent that you fuck me up the ass.”

Her frankness turned her on. She’d had that talk before but hadn’t phased it all that explicitly. Michael’s face went through a range of expressions during her rundown.

“I respect that. And I think you really mean it. And it’s all well and good until y’all get ahold of the black cock. White girls who were begging for black cock will literally run off when they see what they’re up against. And girls who were saving themselves for marriage will be on top riding it in no time.”

“And which group do you think I’d be in?”

“Well, I know which one I hope you’re in.”

“I guess there’s one way to find out,” she said coyly. My God, she thought, I can’t believe I just said that!

He looked at her. She held his gaze and then looked down at his crotch.

“Show me what you’ve got.”

He stood up and put his hands on his waistband.

“Ok, are you sure?”

“YES! But get closer to me…” She pulled him right in front of her.

Michael slowly lowered his shorts. Allyson saw emerge a trial of hair from his bellybutton to the thick spirals of his pubic hair. When the base of his cock started to appear, she was struck by its thickness and the sight of his scrotum appearing on both sides of it. The lower he pulled, the more his dick and sack went on. He finally cleared the the head and Allyson was staring at flaccid cock that was hanging 6 inches. It looked massive against his slim hips. His scrotum hung 4 inches – as long as the longest flaccid penis she’d ever seen. Fuck, she’d seen full erections that were smaller than Michael’s member at relaxation.

“Oh my god,” she said in a low whisper.

“Thank you. Ha ha ha. So are those percentages climbing?”

It took her ten seconds to answer affirmatively. This feeling of intense lust overwhelmed her, heightened by her being stoned. She almost felt faint. It took her a lot of effort to resist sticking both hands down her pants to relieve her craving. She’d been celibate for months and now she was realizing how badly she needed to get fucked. By a black man with a stupidly long dick.

She reached up to touch it but Michael moved back.

“Ah ah ah. House rules: no ladies can touch my dick unless they got their titties out.”

“Yeah, sounds fair,” she replied absentmindedly while she pulled off the tank top, not taking her eyes off of the prize dangling in front of her face. She then unlatched her bra and dropped it to the floor. Michael took in her stunning C cup breasts with their darker than expected areolas and stubby, pinky-fingertip nipples.

Having met Michael’s requirement, she took his cock in her hands and began to stroke it. It felt dense but tender in her grasp, to which it began to respond. She could feel it growing. She held it up halfway down the shaft and the end sagged slightly but twitched as it expanded. It’d almost doubled in length now and was getting firmer. Allyson was relieved that it hadn’t gotten much thicker and she had definite plans for it.

She first closed her mouth over the head and drew her lips over it. She did this a few more times and then licked the underside. She then began to take more and more of it into her mouth while stroking its base. Five inches into her mouth, she felt his head hit the start of her throat and she began to work it in and out of her mouth. Less than an hour ago, she was turning him down and now here she was inhaling his long cock.

Michael couldn’t believe the turn of events, either. He let his shorts drop to his feet and pulled his shirt off. He reached down and pinched Allyson’s nipples before taking her tits in his hands. These damn white girls lose their damn minds when they see their first black dick, he mused.

She ran her tongue all around his head. Then she licked her way down to his balls and kissed them. Her free hand held them while she ran her tongue over his scrotum.

“Damn, girl. You really like you some cock.”

She moaned affirmatively and returned to bobbing her head up and down his erection. He interlaced his fingers in her hair and softly helped her. After a few minutes, she paused and he decided he needed to fuck her. He leaned down and guided her by her shoulders down to the couch.

“I’ve got rubbers in my purse,” she offered.

“Heh heh don’t think they’d fit me.”

“Do you have any?”

“Nah,” he lied, prepared to go look and “find” them if she insisted.

She looked at his lengthy cock swinging in front of her. How could she say no to that?

“Ok, but don’t cum inside me.”

“No worries, baby.”

He kneeled down and began sucking on her nipples. He’d take one in his full lips and pull softly. Allyson’s nipples hardened; he licked and nibbled on them. His hands ran up and down her thigh, which caused her to undulate her hips. His fingers probed inside the leg holes of her shorts and touched the seams of her panties. Allyson moaned loudly and pushed her pelvis out to him. Two fingers slid under her damp underwear and traced up and down her labia. She unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them and her panties down her hips. Michael pulled them up her raised legs and dropped them aside.

Allyson opened her legs wide and displayed her wet pussy to Michael. He ran his thumbs over her puffy lips and her billowing folds. Her untrimmed brown bush was thick above her mound. Michael poked two long slender fingers into her soaked entrance.

“Oh god yes! Ohhhh!”

They were buried to his palm and he worked them around and in and out. She moved her hips to press against his fingers. Michael then drew his long thumb over her hood and exposed her clit. His fingers continued probing her pussy as he thumbed her clit. Allyson pinched her own nipples and shook with a powerful orgasm. She opened her eyes to see his mahogany hands massaging her pussy, which triggered another. Michael’s hand was wet with her cum.

“Fuck me, Michael,” she pleaded as her hands moved over her skin. He moved between her legs and she took his semi-hard dick and rubbed it against her pussy. It quickly hardened enough to where Michael ran its length against her clit. Allyson shuddered. He pushed his bell end against her lips and it disappeared into her.

“Oh fuck yes…”

He paused a third of the way into her and made mini-thrusts. He flexed his shaft when elicited a moan from her.

“Deeper,” she begged.

He pushed another few inches into her, which actually included the thickest part of his cock. It stretched Allyson and her pussy contracted on him. He reached down and took her breasts into his hands and squeezed them. She looked between her legs and saw another 4 or 5 inches that had yet to be pushed inside her. She already felt pretty filled up so the thought of the length of an average-sized penis being stuffed into her pussy caused a mini-orgasm.

At this point, Michael started to move his hips, working his cock deeper with each thrust. She was tight but very wet. He felt her heels land on the small of his back and help pull him in. He bottomed out with 9” buried in her and then he began to fuck her slowly at first. Each thrust caused Allyson to moan and squirm. It felt like she was being rogered with a snake. She reached down to press her clit and feel his big cock slide against her fingertips.

Michael held her legs up by her calves and increased his tempo. Allyson began breathing heavily and when she felt his balls slapping on her ass cheeks, an orgasm surged through her. She usually wasn’t too vocal when she came, but now she let loose.


Michael stopped after her orgasm wound down as he felt he could cum soon if he kept going. He withdrew from her and set his 10+ inches on her bush. She saw that it reached far past her bellybutton and was wet with her juices. Michael made it lift off her belly by flexing it and she laughed.

He stood up and his cock swung and bounced it the air. He sat down on the couch and held it by the base.

“Come ride me, baby.”

Just then, the delivery driver knocked on the door. Before Michael could move, Allyson strode to the door, picked up the money that as set aside for the pizza, and opened the door. The pizza delivery man’s jaw hit the floor as he took in the beautiful, completely nude girl standing in front of him. He thought for a second that it was going to be his lucky night until he noticed the naked black man behind her, stroking his cock. So he exchanged the pizza for the money, staring at her body the whole time.

“Have a good night,” Allyson said with a wink as she closed the door.

She put the pizza on the nearest table and returned to the couch, where Michael had been keeping his erection ready for her.

“Where were we?”

“You were about to climb aboard,” he said and shook his cock at her.

Allyson straddled him backwards and reached under herself to point his cock at her opening. She eased herself down his shaft, moaning as she did so. Michael cupped her ass cheeks as she lowered herself. She sat upright over his prone position and began to bounce up and down on his dick. It was unusual because he was so long that her ass and hips couldn’t touch his pelvis, but it felt incredible to her. With her one hand free, she rubbed her clitorus.

“You enjoying that dick, baby?”

“So much. I’ve never felt anything like this in me.”

“Your pussy feels so good and tight around it. You’re gonna make me cum soon.”

“Oh yeah! I want you watch you cum all over me!”

She kept riding him and started working her clit harder, which brought on another orgasm. Halfway through it, Michael leaned up and began kissing her neck and fondling her bouncing tits, which caused her orgasm to turn into two more. She turned her head and they kissed sloppily and passionately. She felt him swell inside of her. Michael leaned back and pulled her with him so that she was on top of him, her back against his stomach. He held her legs up by the backs of her thighs and used all the leverage he had to pound her cunt with his long cock.

“Fuck me hard!” she exclaimed.

Michael grunted with exertion and then pulled his hips down so that his cock popped out. It landed on her bush and he reached down and began stroking it between her legs. He held his orgasm in and said, “Here it goes, baby!”

Allyson looked down to see a long rope of cum shoot from his head and land between her tits. She squeezed them together in time to catch the second squirt on them. He kept jacking off and squirted three more times on her belly. She couldn’t believe the amount of sperm his balls produced. She took his cock in her hand and rubbed its big flat head on the jizz that covered her belly. She turned her head again and they kissed for a minute. She felt his cock soften but it still felt big even when flaccid.

He slid her off of him, careful not to let the pools of cum run off of her.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, girl.”

“Hold on,” she said. “Let’s get you cleaned up, first.” She opened her mouth and beckoned him with her tongue. He smiled and leaned over her, dangling his cock into her mouth. She sucked their cum off of it. She lifted it out of her mouth and let him rest his balls on her face. She licked them.

He returned from his bathroom and carefully wiped her off with a towel. She swiped a fingertip full and sucked it into her mouth. She popped up and followed Michael into his bedroom. He allowed her to push him onto the bed, where she fell down beside him. She was still buzzed from the sex.

“I hope the night’s not over yet,” she said with a kiss and a smile.

“Not even close,” he responded and pulled her in for a deep kiss. She loved the feel of his large lips on hers. Where they wound up next she’d love even more. He turned to her and kissed his way down her neck. She rolled onto her back to give him access to her breasts. Michael opened his mouth and enclosed his lips over her left nipple. He drew his lips over it until it hardened and then softly sucked on it. He squeezed her right breast and softly pinched its nipple. Allyson rested her hand on the back of his shaved head.

When he started licking her right nipple, his right hand moved down to her pussy. Allyson sighed “yes” to show her appreciation and opened her legs wide. While his mouth continued its attention on her breasts, his long fingers brushed over her clit and traced her wet slit. His middle finger split her lips and pushed in against the top of her opening. He made a fist and worked his finger in and out of her. He then kissed his way down her belly and over her bush. Allyson almost came in anticipation.

Michael withdrew his finger and pressed his full lips against her pussy. He kissed and licked up and down her labia, ignoring her engorged clit for now. He spread her lips open and pushed his wide, long tongue into her and lapped at her juices. She tasted so sweet on his tongue. She was amazed at how deep he was licking and ground her sex against his face. He then worked up her slit, replacing his tongue with his index and middle fingers. Finally his mouth met her clit.

“Oh! Yes! Keeping doing it like that!” Allyson exclaimed. She squeezed her tits hard and worked her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

Michael steadily licked her clitorus and curved his fingers upward to touch her g-spot. The overwhelming pleasure flooded through her body and she began to breath heavily. He stiffened his fingers so that they were penetrating her harder and still hitting her g-spot.

After two minutes of this, Allyson screamed, “Yes!” Her back arched and her pussy muscles clenched on his fingers. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she exclaimed and the waves of orgasm hit. Michael kept doing what he was doing despite her bucking hips. His hand and chin were drenched in her cum. She touched his head to stop him.

“That was incredible,” she breathed.

Michael stood on his knees on the bed, pulling on his long cock to arouse it. “I hope the night’s not over yet,” he said.

Allyson laughed and said, “Not even close.”

He smiled and grabbed her legs, flipping her over on her stomach.


He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass upward. His sudden aggressiveness excited her after his gentlemanly ways earlier. She felt him slap his hardening cock against her ass cheeks before he rubbed the head among her still soaked pussy. She stretched herself to open up wide for him. When he found her hole, he pushed the head in, paused, and then thrust the rest of his cock into her, pulling her hips back to him.

“Ugh!” she grunted. “Fuck me, your dick is big.”

With his hands grasping her hips, he pulled her back as he thrust forward. He soon got a steady rhythm going. As usual, he loved watching the girl’s lips get pulled along with his cock as it withdrew from her before burying it back in. As for Allyson, she loved to get fucked doggy style. She felt so exposed with her pussy and asshole on display. The one night stand pickups were always doggy style fuckings because it felt so animalistic. Michael’s long hard dick made this almost a completely different experience. He couldn’t even hit her ass with his pelvis as it was too long. She missed that feeling but would gladly give it up for a dick of these proportions.

Every once in awhile, Michael completely withdrew from her, leaving a sudden emptiness inside her. But then he’d plunge it back it all at once. This would bring Allyson out of the pleasure trance she’d fall into. When he was fucking her, she couldn’t believe how long his thrusts were. She reached under her and started rubbing her clit. She looked between her legs and in the low light saw his balls hanging down, pendulating with his thrusts. The visual and clitoral stimulation brought on yet another orgasm. Michael stopped moving and let her control the action. She bucked and writhed and pushed herself back onto his dick. When it subsided, she was spent.

“I need to lay down,” she said. She rolled onto her back and looked at her lover. He was still up on his knees. His goddamn dick was still hard but gravity caused it to hang down a bit. She knew she’d spend many nights fingering herself to orgasm picturing Michael and his impressive meat. She’d definitely need to get a big black dildo, too.

She held her arms out and parted her legs. “Come fill me up, stud,” she purred.

He got between her legs and guided himself into her. He held himself over her with outstretched arms and began fucking her with long strokes, withdrawing all the way to his head. Once he’d taken measure, he started to go to town on Allyson’s pussy. He’d taken it easy so far, but now he was ready to pound her. And by the sounds she was making, she was very receptive to that treatment. Her tits bounced with the action.

“Fuck that pussy,” she ordered. “The pussy is all yours.”

She felt his dick get harder and so she continued with the dirty talk.

“As soon as I saw your dick … I knew I was giving it up tonight. God … it feels so good, you fucking stud …. When you’re ready, I want you to shoot your wad in my mouth.”

Michael leaned forward and caused his erection to be pressed downward when impaling her. The more intense feeling, along with this girl’s dirty talk, caused his balls to go to work. He made three more thrusts and then pulled out. He climbed over her and pointed his cock at her open mouth. She reached up and loosely stroked his sticky shaft.

The first shot hit the roof of her mouth as he fired from point blank range. The second squirt landed from her forehead to her upper lip because his cock had twitched hard. Allyson pulled his cock head into her mouth to catch the rest of his jizz. She felt it continue to pulse as she stroked it with two hands, unloading more seed in her. She gulped down a bunch of his cum and sucked the rest out of his dick, drawing her cheeks inward. She took his large balls in her hands and gingerly massaged them. When he’d finished, he laid down on his back. It took two swallows for Allyson to get the rest of his orgasm down. She walked to the kitchen and chased it down with some water.

When she returned to Michael’s bedroom, she was dressed with a piece of pizza in her hand.

“I’ve got to get going, lover. I really needed that. You’ve got my number. Call me whenever you want to fuck, OK?”

She leaned down and kiss him, kiss his cock, and left.

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