Joan and the SexParty


Joan sat in her room, eagerly getting ready for the party. Her roommate Melissa was down the hall in her room getting ready also. The girls had been invited to the biggest Frat party of the year. It was an invitation only party and getting one was a big deal and a huge honor.
“Are you ready yet?” Joan yelled as she put the finishing touches on her hair “We will be late!”
“Yea! Almost!” She heard Melissa yell back “I’ll be ready in 5”.
Joan put her hair up and admired herself in the mirror, tilting her head to each side to make sure it was ok. She adjusted her healthy C-Cup in her top, making sure to get the maximum amount of cleavage showing. She turned and left her room and almost ran into Melissa in the hallway. She had just finished getting ready also and the girls walked out to their living room to grab their coats and then headed out the door and towards the Frat. Joan double checked her purse like 20 times during the short walk to the frat house to make sure she had the invitation. Melissa told her to settle down, but was very excited in her own right to be attending this party.
They got to the house and knocked on the front door. When it was answered, the guy asked her for the invitation, confirmed it was legitimate, then let the two girls in. They entered the house and looked around. It appeared to be a regular frat party, except there was room to move around inside the house. Joan also noticed the lack of girls there, but quickly shrugged it off by saying they were early still and more would be showing up later.

Both Joan and Melissa noticed almost all the guys staring at them, and felt their eyes wonder their bodies as they walked through the house saying hi to people. A guy soon came up to them with two cups and offered them to the girls. He introduced himself as Todd, the president of the fraternity and thanked the girls for coming. The girls introduced themselves and the group made small talk for a little bit before he told them to feel free to explore the house and go anywhere, it was all open and they could go into any room they wanted.
They thanked him and started exploring the house. The girls made their way upstairs to what they figured was the residence wing. They heard some soft music coming from one of the rooms and quietly opened the door wondering what was inside. Melissa peaked her head inside first and froze at what she saw. Joan was inquisitive and peaked her head around Melissa’s. She also gasped at what she saw.
Inside the room on the bed were three people, two girls and a guy. They were all facing away from the door so they didn’t see or hear them come in. The guy was laying flat on his back on the bed, and the two girls were laying on the bed taking turns giving him blowjobs.
The quietly closed the door, looked at each other with a confused look on their faces, then moved down the hall to the next door. They each wanted to see if the action continued, but neither wanted to admit it.
The moved down to the next door and looked at each other before Melissa opened it quietly. On the bed was another threesome. This time one of the girls was getting fucked doggystyle on the bed and had her face buried in the second girls pussy. The girls just blankly stared and watched for a while. Joan felt herself beginning to get aroused, and looked over at Melissa to see what her reaction was and found her just staring at the couple on the bed. Both girls were sexually active and while neither had a formal boyfriend, each had heard the other in their bedrooms with male partners.
As they closed the door, Todd startled them and asked if they liked what they saw. Joan turned bright red and didn’t look at either Melissa or Todd. Todd just paused for a minute and looked at the two girls. Actually, since they weren’t looking at his face, he wasn’t looking at theirs either, and was instead looking at their cleavage and undressing them with his mind.
As it became apparent that neither was going to answer, Todd smiled and butted in. He opened the next door down the hallway and lead the two girls in and closed the door behind him. The room was another bedroom but slightly bigger than the two they had seen. Melissa assumed it was Todd’s room. He sat the two girls down on the bed and began to explain to them what was going on at the house.
“You see, we have this super exclusive party every year where we ask each of the brothers to invite two girls to the party. The whole point of the party is to have sex with the girls and give the guys the opportunity for a threesome before they leave college. Many of the girls are regulars or girlfriends of the brothers. Think of it as a service the female population is providing to the frat. The two of you were my invites. I’ve seen you around campus…”
The girls just sat there completely stunned for a minute, neither saying a thing. Todd placed a hand on each girls exposed open thigh and asked them again. “Are you girls interested in performing a service to this fraternity?”.
Joan looked up at him first and looked into his eye, unsure on what to answer and what her friend Melissa thought. The silence seemed to last a while before Melissa looked up, looked at Todd, then looked back at Joan. She paused for a second then leaned in and kissed her.
Time seemed to go in slow motion from when she saw Joan look at her. She instantly recognized the look of lust and seduction in her eyes, but didn’t believe it. She saw Melissa glance briefly at her lips then lean in. 4000 thoughts must have gone through Joan’s mind in the time it took her to in and kiss her. The kiss was one of the sweetest the Joan had ever received, and it didn’t take long before she was sucked in and started kissing back. Never would Joan have thought about kissing or having sex with Melissa, but something about the kiss made her instantly start to think that.
She closed her eyes and started concentrating on kissing Melissa. She felt Melissa’s hand come up and rest on her arm and the kissing got slightly more passionate. She felt a tongue experimentally dart into her mouth a couple times and was able to catch it with hers, then she felt it completely enter and she massaged it with hers. She was feeling daring and was definitely getting turned on. She brought her hand up and rested it on Melissa’s breast. This was the first breast she had ever touched besides her own. It was still through Melissa’s shirt, but she liked how soft it was and how well it fit in her hand. She could feel the nipple poking into her hand and knew Melissa was getting turned on by this action as well.
Joan didn’t even notice Melissa’s hand moving and slipping the spaghetti strap off of Joan’s shoulder and pulling it down. She didn’t realize it until she felt the fresh air of the room hit her already sensitive nipples. She didn’t have time to react before Melissa’s mouth left hers and she wrapped her lips around the now exposed boob. Being turned on, and with the sensitive nipples that Joan had, it sent and instant bolt of lightening through Joan’s body and caused her to cry out in pleasure. By instinct, her hands went to the back of Melissa’s head and pulled it harder into her chest. Melissa of course took this as a good sign and increased her suction on Joan’s tit and also brought her hand up and under Joan’s shirt and grasped the other breast.
Joan was getting really hot and flustered now and pushed Melissa back down hard onto the bed. In the process, Melissa grasped Joan’s shirt and ripped it up off and over her head. Joan looked at her in shock for a moment, then got a devilish smile across her face. She reached down and grabbed the bottom of Melissa’s shirt and started to bring it up. Melissa provided no resistance and even helped Joan in her endeavor. Joan immediately attacked Melissa’s tits. While smaller than her’s, they were still well defined for her body. While she laid there on the bed, her breasts amounted to little more than bumps on her chest. Joan had never sucked on a girls tits before, but she seemed to know what to do. She placed her left hand on one breast, then slowly lowered her mouth down onto the other. For the first time in her life, she tasted a female nipple in her mouth. She began to understand why guys liked them so much, something about sucking on it was fun. Melissa was also enjoying Joan’s mouth on her tit and brought her hands down and placed them on the back of Joan’s head.
Joan didn’t know what was coming over her, but she seemed to know exactly what to do, and exactly what she wanted next. She began to kiss down the front of Melissa, across her tight stomach and to the waistband of her jeans. He hand fumbled with the button and zipper for a second but eventually got them undone and slipped them down. Melissa arched up for a second to make it easier to take them off. Melissa slipped off both the jeans and Melissa’s thong exposing her cleanly shaven pussy to the world. The girls looked at each other for a second and exchanged smiles and Melissa jumped up off the bed and quickly pushed Joan down. Joan was already topless so Melissa went straight to work on her jeans. It wasn’t long before Melissa had them off and dove into Joan’s waiting and already wet pussy.
Melissa wasn’t as nieve or as unexperienced with girls as Joan was and she knew exactly what she wanted and what she was doing. Her tongue hit Joan’s wet and waiting pussy and gasp was let out of Melissa’s mouth. Her hands immediately went to her tits and grabbed them, instinctively increasing her pleasure. Melissa used her thumbs to spread Joan’s lips even more, exposing more of the soft, tender and sensitive insides of her pussy. Joan wasn’t quite sure what to do with the pleasure her friend was giving her. She bit the bottom of her lip and her hand moved from her breast down to the back of Melissa’s head to hold it in position (like she was going anywhere!).
She suddenly remembered that there was someone else in the room. Her eyes looked up at Todd who had now completely stripped and was standing there naked with his hard dick in hand slowly jerking off while watching the two girls. Joan’s eyes went to Todd’s, then drifted down his body to his hard 7 inch dick in his hand. It was pretty big around too. Needless to say, Joan was getting really turned on both by having her pussy eaten out by her friend, but also by looking at his rock hard dick in his hand. She wanted it, but she didn’t want Melissa to stop the magic she was working.
She motioned for Todd to come closer and he smiled and did so. She shifted a little bit to her side and Todd came up to her face. She reached out, grabbed his dick and guided it to her mouth and started sucking on it.

Melissa barely noticed the shift in Joan’s position and her mouth stayed locked on her pussy licking between the moist folds. Joan wrapped her lips around Todd’s hard dick and started to slowly lick and suck on it. She held the base of his shaft and ran her tongue up and down the length of it as if she was inspecting its every contour. She took it into her mouth and stuck it as far down her throat as she could, gagging on it a little when she got it all the way in.
The pleasure was beginning to build up in Joan’s body. Melissa was still hard at work on her pussy giving her pleasure only a woman knows how to give and Joan was hungrily sucking on Todd’s dick. Joan was quickly losing control of her senses and the pleasure was beginning to overwhelm her. She was no longer able to suck on Todd’s dick but instead was moaning onto it, sending vibrations of pleasure through Todd’s body. Not long after, the moans turned to audible sounds and she started to scream and cry out with his dick in her mouth. She removed it and started to stroke it as she verbally encouraged Melissa to continue. As her orgasm approached, she had less energy and attention to devote to jerking off Todd and started to scream out more.
Melissa knew her orgasm was coming and went into overdrive to bring her friend over the edge. She paused for a second, spread Joan’s lips with her fingers and dove her tongue in as far as she could. This brought Joan over the edge and her body started to twitch with pleasure as an orgasm rocked through it. Melissa stood up and watched Joan convulse as her orgasm subsided.
Joan just laid there as her orgasm rocked through her body and her vice grip on Todd’s cock had slowly let go. As Joan laid there and recovered, she motioned for Todd to come closer to her, which he did without being asked twice. As he got close enough, she reached out and grabbed his dick and quickly sucked it into her mouth.

She gobbled it down like she hadn’t eaten in days. She took it all the way in then slowly pulled it out creating as much suction as possible on his head and making a loud ‘pop’ sound as it finally came out of her mouth. She held it with her hand and slowly drew her tongue along the underside of his shaft and eventually down to his balls where she licked them and drew each one into her mouth.
Joan had now recovered from her orgasm, but was far from being done for the night. She had just experienced one of the hardest and most mind blowing orgasms of her life, and it was brought on by her best friend and another girl! She was still horney as hell and wanted more!
Melissa saw Joan start to move out of the corner of her eye and smiled to herself. She stood up and holding Todd in her and led him over and motioned for him to lay down on the bed. She laid down next to him and almost immediately Joan attached him and started to suck on his dick again.

Joan doesn’t ever remember being this turned on or wanting a dick so much in her entire life. She wanted him in her so bad, that she was going to stop at nothing until his hard dick was sunk deep inside her extremely wet pussy. Somehow as she was furiously blowing Todd, he had managed to spin 180 and had positioned himself underneath Joan’s wet and dripping pussy. He could almost just hold his mouth open and catch her sweet juices as they ran out of her body.
She was caught in complete surprise as she felt another wet tongue hit her pussy. She was so surprised that she screamed out and immediately jerked her body up pressing her pussy farther and harder down onto Todd’s open mouth. She cried out as the pleasure ripped through her body like a bolt of lightening. Her hands instinctively came up and started massaging and grabbing her own tits to increase her pleasure.
Joan was gone again, lost in complete pleasure, oblivious to the outside world and anything else that was going on. Melissa, slightly less horney than Joan immediately grabbed Todd’s dick as soon as Joan’s hand left it. She started stroking him once again, one hand on his shaft and another massaging his balls.

Todd was in complete heaven. Two gorgeous girls were having their way with him. He hungrily licked at Joan’s pussy as she sat on his face and he had no idea what Melissa was up to, all he knew was that it felt great.
“Ok, that’s enough!” Melissa exclaimed, “I have to fuck this beautiful dick!” With that Melissa knelt up and brought her leg over the top of Todd and in one quick motion, positioned her wet pussy over his dick and sank down before Todd had time to react. “Yessssssss…..!!” she screamed out as his whole length easily slid into her.
She leaned back and started to ride Todd cowgirl. Joan sat up and played with Melissa as she rode Todd. One hand went to her own pussy to play with herself and keep her own desires in check, and the other went over and started to finger Melissa’s pussy. She spread her lips and played with her clit as Todd proceeded to fuck her, sliding his large dick in and out of her well lubricated pussy.
Watching her best friend ride this dick was also a turn on for Joan. She moved her hand up and cupped Melissa’s breast, holding it in her hand as it shook as Todd pounded into her.

Melissa was in heaven as she rode Todd. Feeling his large dick move in and out of her wet pussy, feeling it slide deep into her. Joan’s hand on her body felt great too. She loved a hand on her breasts as she was getting fucked. She loved to feel helpless and under other people’s control, especially during sex. She knew she was a good looking girl and she knew that her body turned people on and she loved to flaunt it. She loved sex and she loved the feeling of a hard dick inside her.
Her hand moved down and replaced Joan’s playing with her pussy. She quickly and easily slid a finger inside Joan and she gasped out as she felt it enter. Melissa leaned over in an attempt to get her mouth as close as possible to Joan. Joan leaned back on the bed as she figured out what Melissa was trying to do. In her shifting around, Todd’s dick slid out of Melissa. Melissa positioned herself on all fours in front of Joan with her face buried back in Joan’s pussy. Joan bit her bottom lip as Melissa wet tongue hit her pussy again. She grabbed the back of Joan’s head, holding it into position (as if she was going anywhere).

Todd took this opportunity and the perfect position of Melissa to slide back into her and start fucking her doggystyle. This was Todd’s favorite position and his instincts took over and he started pounding hard into Melissa. She wasn’t able to concentrate very long on Joan’s pussy as the feelings from Todd fucking her hard and fast began to take over and dominate her. At first she started moaning into Joan’s pussy, sending electric vibrations through her body. Before long, she wasn’t able to do much of anything but scream and moan.
She removed her mouth from Joan’s pussy and pushed herself up so she was truly on all fours. She slowly crawled up Joan’s body with Todd following right behind her so he didn’t come up. The two girls’s mouths met and they exchanged some passionate kisses. Joan’s hands then went up and grabbed Melissa’s breasts which were once again shaking under her as she got pounded doggystyle. Melissa got the hint and moved a little bit higher until her tits were lined up with Joan’s mouth. Joan took one breast at a time into her mouth and sucked on Melissa’s tits as Todd continued to pound into her from behind.

Joan was beginning to feel left out and was badly wanting Todd’s dick deep in her. She could tell Melissa was getting hot and flustered and was probably nearing an orgasm. (She was another girl, she knew what signs to look for.) She didn’t want to deny Melissa her orgasm, so she kept up with her sucking on Melissa’s tits. Not too long later, Melissa’s moans and groans were becoming louder and more passionate, then finally she screamed out and the pressure of her orgasm just about blew Todd out of her pussy. She collapsed down on top of Joan and Joan’s face landed right between Melissa’s tits.
Both girls laid there just panting for what seemed like a couple minutes, then suddenly Joan screamed out. All she could see was Melissa’s tits, but she was feeling something big and hard slide into her pussy. She knew that it must have been Todd’s dick. It felt huge inside her and she was beginning to think that it would never stop when she felt his balls come to rest against her. He held it there as they both got used to the new sensations that it brought both of them.
Just as she got used to the large member inside her, he started to slide in and out of her. With a face full of Melissa’s breast, Joan wasn’t able to audibly moan our or anything, all she could do was lay there and be at the mercy of the large dick sliding in and out of her.
Melissa was recovering from her orgasm and sat up and moved up and positioned herself so her pussy was right directly on Joan’s face. Joan immediately stuck out her tongue and started licking Melissa’s still wet pussy. She laid there and lapped at Melissa for a little bit while Todd slid his long and hard member in and out of her.
Joan knew she was getting close to her orgasm and wanted to shift positions over to doggystyle. “I want you to fuck me doggystyle” she managed to blurt out with Melissa’s pussy still over her face. Todd just smiled and pulled out of her and took a step back allowing her to shift positions. Melissa climbed off her face and scooted over and laid on the bed with her legs spread. Joan moved over into position on all fours and placed her mouth once again over Melissa’s pussy and wasted no time in diving right in.
Todd just smiled to himself at how successful he was in picking out these two girls, he would have never guessed they were going to do what they have been doing. He moved over and positioned himself right behind Joan and positioned himself at her entrance, and slid easily into her. She moaned out into Melissa’s pussy when she felt him slide in. She was still extremely wet and he had no problem sliding in and out of her. He grabbed her hips and held them as he started to pound her hard. Despite the intense pounding she was receiving from Todd, Joan continued to lick Melissa’s pussy as best as she could.

Todd reached under Joan and grabbed her freely swinging tits under her body. He held them in his and played with them as they swung to his pounding of her. He started feeling his orgasm come on but didn’t care and continued to pound away at Joan. Joan was also nearing her orgasm and all she needed to get there was a slight change in the fucking. Suddenly Todd moaned out, grabbed her hips hard and gave her 2 very hard thrusts and buried himself as deep as he could go into her. She hardly had time to react before she felt him start to shoot his hot seed directly into her. She didn’t have time to say anything or react to the warm substance filling her insides before her own body started shaking with orgasm.
The power of her orgasm pushed Todd’s dick out of her and shot some juices his direction. She collapsed down onto the bed, her face resting on Melissa’s stomach and laid there catching her breath. Todd slowly backed away from the two girls and went over and sat in a chair in the corner to catch his breath.
Joan rolled over so she was on her back and started to finger herself. She buried two fingers deep inside and pulled them out covered in Todd’s cum. She brought her fingers up her body, trailing them over her stomach to her breasts and smeared his cum all over her tits. Her hand went back down into her pussy for more. Melissa came up and was waiting when her fingers came out. Her hand reached out, grabbed Joan’s and guided it to her open mouth. Melissa wrapped her lips around Joan’s fingers and licked Todd’s cum off of them. They repeated this two more times then all fell exhausted onto the bed.
Todd was the first to move, he got up and started to get dressed, looking at the two naked beauties still laying on the bed. “Well, thanks girls” he said, “that was more amazing than I ever would have thought. You two should come to parties here more often.” The girls just smiled at him and he turned around and he turned around and walked out the door, closing it behind him.
Joan and Melissa just laid there for a couple more minutes before they started to move. Melissa was the first one to get up and gave Joan a kiss on the lips as she sat up and went to get her clothes strung around the room. Joan laid there for another minute and took in what just happened. She just had the most amazing, incredible, and hot sex of her life, complete with two of the most powerful orgasms of her life. She had her first experience with another girl and was learning that she actually loved pussy.
“Comeon girl, hurry up and get dressed and we can go home and finish” Melissa said with a smile on her face. This snapped Joan out of her trance and she looked up at Melissa who was standing there in her jeans and a bra. When their eyes met Melissa just gave her a devilish smile to which Joan returned in kind.
Joan sat up and gathered her clothes and began to get dressed. Once both the girls were dressed, Melissa gave her one last passionate kiss on the lips “That should last you until we get home” she whispered into Joan’s ear. She grabbed Joan’s hand and opened the bedroom door and the two girls walked back out to the party. They headed straight down stairs and walked out the front door, attracting lots of hoots and hollars and whistles as they did so, but they didn’t care.
The two girls held hands all the way back to their apartment. Joan was feeling the energy between them build up and was starting to feel her pussy get wet again and some of the juices leaking down her leg. As they got to the door of their apartment, Melissa inserted their key and opened the door. She pushed Joan in and against the wall, slamed the door shut and pounced on her, their lips locking in a passionate kiss only lovers shared. Melissa’s hand started fumbling at Joan’s shirt, and before long, had it up and over her head…