Only good girls get it there


It was just a friendly paintball game… so I thought.

I’ve always wanted to go out with the boys and have some hooah fun, so
when they invited me along I was ecstatic. I hid it well because being
female and being in the army meant that sometimes you had to lose yourself
or you may not survive the suck . You have to be one of the guys, you have
to be tough, you have to be a badass or they don’t respect you. But
sometimes you need that reminder that you’re female. So for our game I
decided to mix it up a bit. The combat boots and BDU bottoms were a given
but the skin tight tank top and camo lace thong were my way of reaffirming
that I am female. I do have to say that my 36D’s look damn good in that
top and the feel of the BDU bottoms sliding on my bare ass have a way of
keeping me moist. When I showed up I could tell that my outfit had made an
impression. If only they knew what was underneath! My best friend, whom
I’ve had a crush on for ever, was the first to speak. “Damn girl! Almost
forgot you were female!!” I just smile and walk away, swaying my ass just a
little because I knew he was watching. I look over my shoulder and call
back to them “you coming?! Were burning daylight here.” I could swear that
they were tripping over each other. I turned around and laughed. Yup,
today was going to be fun.

We decided to split into two teams and run in two man groups, capture
the flag style play with captives being optional. I ended up on the team
against my best friend, a little disappointed but a little excited at the
thought of him “capturing” me. The course was a mix of urban cinderblock
buildings and forest. I was paired up with a guy I went through basic with
that I was not in any way attracted to, with the objective to capture the
flag and take out as many as we could. Its good because this way I could
concentrate on shooting and staying alive and not worry about if i looked
good doing it. We had a good system, I took lead, bounding from cover to
cover and he covered rear security. Out of the 6 people on the other team
we had taken out 2 of them in the first 5 min. We finally made it to the
urban environment and started clearing the buildings looking for their
flag. At one point I breach a room but my battle isn’t following behind me.
I put my back to the wall and slowly slide down into a crouch. Then I make
my way to the door in the shadows and peak around the corner, scanning.
Nothing. He’s just gone.

Fuck! Now I have to decide if I want to continue on alone or rally back
at our flag and pull security. Cursing myself and my battle for being
careless, I decide to continue to search for their flag. I look for a back
way out of the building and find one opening into an alley of sorts. I
scan the alley, one end open to the main road the other a dead-end, all
clear. I rush to my next point of cover, a doorway halfway up the alley. I
catch a glimpse of something flashing in the sunlight further up. I look
back to see if I have another option, nope. Fuck! I’m trapped. Trying to
meld myself deeper into the shadow of the doorway I crouch down and take a
moment to figure out what I’m going to do next. My only option is to
sprint back to the building I was just in and head out the front. I check
back up the alley towards the glint, no movement. I squint. Yup, its a
barrel flashing in the sun. I take a few deep breaths, steadying myself
before I make a run for it.

I dart out into the alley and I hear a scuffle of movement behind me,
I’ve been spotted. A round whizzes past me and splatters into the wall, I
dart the other direction. Another round whizzes past me splattering into
the doorway I was planning on using. Fuck! I missed my opportunity and
now I really don’t have a way out. I take cover behind a dumpster.
Panting, I sneak a peak around the corner. Splat! A round hits the
dumpster and a few drops hit my face as I pull back. I can hear movement
up the alley getting closer. My mind is racing, analysing my options. I
don’t have any. Suddenly I see a “window” a the very end of the alley. If
I could just make it through that window I might be able to escape. I fire
a few shots up the alley and make a run for the window. 10 steps more.. 9
steps.. I can hear the person gaining on me. 7 steps.. 6 more.. I hear
their breath. Why aren’t they shooting me? 5.. 4.. only a couple more..
I can feel their presence behind me.. 2 more steps. I jump up, diving
into the window as two strong hands grab me pulling me back into the alley.

I twist around ready to punch my way out of this if i have to. I’m
faced with my best friend, he has a huge goofy grin on his face and I
hesitate. Bad move. He grabs me and wrestles me to the ground. I know
from here I can defend like no other because I’ve rolled with him many
times combatives. But he gets this evil grin and in a flash he has me
pinned. I kick and struggle beneath him, no way am I letting him win this
one. I’m confused as he tosses off his pack and pulls out a coil of rough
hikers cord. Still kicking, I just barely miss kicking him between the
legs. He catches my foot, pins it next to my other one and quickly nooses
them together.

The adrenaline courses through me as I slap him. He moves his legs
under my shoulders in the full mount position and pins both arms above me,
holding them in one hand as he grabs blindly for the rope. He finds it and
quickly ties my hands together. As soon as he releases the pressure off my
wrists I continue my assault, punching and hammering with both fists. In
an instant he pulls my arms to my stomach putting another piece of rope
around them, then securing my wrists to my ankles. I’m stuck. Rage and
adrenaline pumps through me as I squirm and struggle against my restraints
in the fetal position. Dust forming a small cloud around me.

Out of breath and frustrated, I lay there fuming, angry that I could be
captured so easily. He crawls up next to me and whispers in my ear “Well,
look at this. You’re in quite the little predicament aren’t you?”

This just fuels the anger.

“What’s the matter? Got yourself in a bind?”

He’s taunting me. I yell at him and thrash around trying to feel for
any weakness in the ropes “Why didn’t you just shoot me, damnit?!”

He moves back quickly, “Hey! Prisoners are fair game!”

I squint at him giving him the look of death as I slowly calm down.
Finally my expression softens as I realize I may have been a little too
intense, like normal. I look at the red hand print on his face, “Umm,
sorry about your cheek.”

He smiles, “Hmmm, I think it’s interrogation time. Where are your
teammates and where is your flag?”

I shake my head “Nope.”

He scoots closer. “Okay, I’ll ask one more time nicely. Where are

I laugh. “Really?! You think I’m that easy to break?!”

“Now, you see. I didn’t want to do this but someone’s decided to be
difficult.” He grabs me and faces me away from him and delivers a sharp
full handed slap to my ass. I yelp and look back at him, my eyes wide.
Stunned that he just spanked me. He smirks. I can tell that his
confidence keeps growing as each second passes. He drops another stinging
blow to my ass.

“What the FUCK?! Are you crazy!” I struggle against my restraints again
as he digs in his pack. He pulls out a red ball attached to some straps.
It’s a ball gag. What on earth is he doing with a ball gag?!

He fastens the straps around my head “Now open wide…”

I purse my lips and shake my head. Another harsh slap to my sore bottom
and I can’t help but yelp again as he pushes the ball halfway in my mouth,
quickly pulling the straps to fit it firmly between my lips.

“That’s better. I can’t have you attracting too much attention. Now,
is my naughty girl going to tell me what I want to know or does she want
another spanking?” To emphasize his point he lands another sharp slap to my

I arch my back but am pulled short by the ropes. I take a few deep
breaths and calm down quickly, shaking my head “No.”

“No? To which one I wonder?” He gives a small tap on my ass looking
down at me for a reaction.

My mind races. Do I give in? Do I struggle? Do I want this? What did
he mean “my naughty girl?” Finally I decide that I’ll give in, biding my
time until I can get away and there’s no way I’m telling him where my team
or flag is.

“So which is it? Because I’m just getting started.”

At this I shake my head vigorously. He moves around behind me and
slowly lets his hand move down my belly. Then his practiced fingers
unbutton my BDU’s, pulling them down just enough to see the bright red
handprints on my ass. I hear him chuckle as he notices the camo thong. I
blush deeply. “Whats this?” He gives me a soft smack to my bare ass,
caressing it and pinching. “You like this don’t you?”

I moan softly under his touch. Then suddenly he gives me another
whistling smack. I scream through the gag as I feel the most tender kiss
on the welts he caused. He gently pulls my pants all the way down bunching
them at my ankles and slowly kisses his way up my thighs. I can feel each
muscle relax with each kiss. My breath quickens. My breasts heaving, my
neck elongated. Slowly he slides my thong down to my knees, tracing a line
back to my nethers with his tongue. Lightly kissing around the lips of my
center, building the anticipation. My legs part unconsciously as I arch my
back, welcoming him. My moans building as he slides his tongue into my
wetness. Roughly licking at the walls of my most sensitive areas.
Completely abandoning myself I submit to him. My back arches, my breathing
ragged, my legs tremble as he licks burying his face deeper. My hips rock
into him putting me on the verge of an amazing orgasm. Then he pulls away
quickly and lands a stinging smack to my ass. “Prisoners don’t get that
kind of treatment.”

I gasp, not from pain from his spanking but the sudden retreat leaving
me desperate and just on the brink. I struggle with my restraints, trying
desperately to get my hands to my yearning sex to finish what he’s started.
He stands above me and unbuttons his pants revealing his hard manhood. I
look up at him, begging with my eyes. Pleading for him to let me cum.

He moves behind me, teasing me with his cock. Poking and prodding then
he lands another swift smack. “Nope. Only good girls get it there…”

My mind is a blur. All I want is for him to be inside me. But in an
instant I am brought back to the moment as I feel the head of his cock
pushing up against my ass. Slowly trying to pry its way in.

I squirm, my knees scratching in the dirt, my wrists pulling against the
rough rope. Involuntarily I clench at the intrusion. He pushes forward
violently. I let loose a scream that is muffled by the gag, spit dripping
from my lips. I twist and squirm under him. He grabs my hair, pulling me
onto him until my cheeks press against his hips. A searing pain floods my
body. My scream turns guttural.

He doesn’t move. It seams like forever passes but my muscles finally
relax, accepting him. I’ve stopped screaming but my breathing is rough.
My back arches and heaves with each breath. Sweat covers my body.

Slowly he starts moving in and out of me, keeping most of his cock
inside me. Low, exhausted moans escape my lips. He starts getting rougher
and more urgent with each thrust. The initial pain has passed. All I feel
now is the pleasure of his cock slamming into me. I can feel myself being
inched forward on the rough dirt alley with each of his thrusts. The rope
scratching my wrists and pulling against my ankles. He pulls back on my
hair again. I arch my back deeply, jutting out my heaving breasts, lifting
my ass to meet him. God does he feel good. If I could, I’d be screaming
his name but the ball gag muffles my moans and screams. Once I get almost
to the verge of orgasm he yanks back on my hair and grunts as he cums in my
ass, filling me with his milky semen. Each contraction jets another stream
deep within me. I want to cum. If only he’d spank me again, or let me
finger myself. Anything!

Slowly his erection fades and with a “plop” he pulls out of me. I can
feel his jism seep slowly from my ass. I hear him rummage in his pocket,
then I see a flash. Then another. He’s taking pictures of his cum
dribbling down my ass and between my thighs with his phone. He pushes my
head down into the dirt with my face looking back.

“Smile!” He takes more photos but this time with my face in the
background. He lifts my ass, spreads my legs, positioning me just right. I
can feel his cum slowly drip down to my knees forming a small puddle.

As each second passes I get farther and farther from orgasming but the
need, the urge remains. I’m left on the brink, desperate still.

I watch as he pulls out his knife. Fear flushes over me. Deliberately
he cuts the straps of my tanktop and slices it up my back. My top falls to
the ground beneath me. Then he cuts the outsides of my pants and pulls
them away with my top, throwing them in a pile down the alley. As he puts
his knife away he smirks “You won’t be needing those.”

I’m left kneeling with my ass high in the air dripping of his cum, my
face in the dirt, my breasts bare to the alley, my wrists tied to my
ankles, wearing only my boots and my thong which is around my knees. More
flashes as he photographs me from every angle.

He lifts my face gently “Now are you going to be a good girl and obey
me? If you misbehave I’ll have to punish you again. Do you understand?”

I pause looking him in the eye. He’s serious. I nod my reply.

He slowly undoes the ball gag. I exercise my jaw, moving it from side
to side trying to relieve the cramp. He moves closer, his limp cock inches
from my face. “Clean it.”

I look up at him, he looks down at me and scowls. I take a deep breath
and slowly lick his cock from base to tip. Sucking on it, cleaning it. I
can hear him moan softly as he pats my head. “That’s a good girl.”

Satisfied, he buttons up his pants. He twists me around and pushes my
face to the puddle of his cum. “Lick it up.”

I hesitate. A swift smack to my ass motivates me to obey.

I start lapping up the mess like a kitten and her milk. He takes more
photos. “Good. Now lick it up nice and slow and don’t forget to look at

I run my tongue slowly over the dusty alley, tasting his salty cum. All
the while looking up at him while he takes more photos still.

Once the puddle is gone he sits next to me nonchalantly fondling my
breasts, rubbing my ass or dipping a finger into my wet pussy. “Now where
were we? Ah yes, where are your teammates and where is your flag?”

The moment of truth: Do I give in to him or do I remain loyal to my
team? I hesitate. The seven army values race trough my mind. “No.”

“What was that? Now think carefully. You know you won’t like what
happens if you don’t tell me what I want to know. So I’ll ask you again:
Where are your teammates and where is your flag?”

I shake my head, “No.”

“Alright then.” He replaces the ball gag and grabs his paintball gun.
Admiring it, he strokes the barrel.

“I wonder…” He looks at me and smiles. Getting behind me once again,
I feel the cool metal press against my pussy. Slowly he pushes it in as I
grunt at the violation. He gradually picks up speed, fucking me with the
barrel of his paintball gun. He pushes it in and pauses. Flash; another
photo. As he slowly pulls it out he plays with my clit. Sliding it in and
out he builds speed this time bringing me closer and closer to orgasming.
He works me into a frenzy. I start rocking back and forth fucking myself
onto his paintball gun. I can feel him stop thrusting so I continue for
him. Impaling myself, I reach for my clit but can’t make it with my bonds.

He leans in close, whispering in my ear, “You want to cum?”

I nod vigorously.

“Do you want to fuck yourself with my gun?”

I nod vigorously again. All semblance of dignity gone, wanting only to
cum. He pulls out the gun and places it next to me. Then he unties my
wrists from my ankles and takes off the ball gag. Sitting back he turns on
his phone taking video of me. “Go.”

I grab the gun and shove it deep into my pussy. One hand fucking myself
with it the other franticly frigging my clit. Moaning loudly, I build
myself up to orgasm. My naked body covered in sweat tightens as the first
wave hits me. I moan and scream his name incoherently, all the while him
filming me. Wave after magnificent wave of pleasure floods over me.

Finally exhausted I lay there with the gun still in my pussy covered in
my juices, oblivious to my surroundings. He stops recording and chuckles.
He pulls out the barrel and I moan softly. I hear him fiddling with one of
his tubes, pouring his paintballs into the alley. One by one he pushes
them inside me. One in my pussy, then one in my ass. He continues until
he’s put seven in each hole.

Stuffed full, he unties my ankles but attaches a long piece to my
wrists. As I lay there still recovering from my climax he gathers my
destroyed clothes and my gun, placing them in his pack. He helps me to my
feet, pulls my thong into place and we slowly walk up the alley. With each
step I become a little more aware and a little more embarrassed. I can
feel the paintballs slide and rub against each other inside me. We walk
out of the alley, me terrified that someone might see.

He walks me off the course and to his car without anyone noticing and
opens the passenger door. “Get in.”

Without thinking I obey. He gets in on the drivers side. He leans over
and kisses me gently on the cheek and brushes a strand of hair behind my
ear. “You’re so beautiful like this.”

He starts the car and as we drive out of the parking lot he pushes my
head into his lap. “You know what I want.” With my wrists still bound I
unbutton his pants and pull out his cock. Slowly taking him into my mouth
I suck him all the way in.

It seems like hours as my head bobs up and down on his cock, but finally
we pull onto a drive and into a garage.

As I continue my work he speaks softly and lovingly, “We’re at my house
now. We have the rest of the weekend before we need to be anywhere.
You’ll spend this time with me and then Monday morning before PT I’ll bring
you home so you can change. Do you want to spend the weekend with me?”

Still in a daze, the paintballs keeping me exited and moist, my head
bobbing up and down worshipping his cock I nod my head yes.