First time i shared my wife


My wife Mitch is a sexy 5’7″ 135 lb lady with shoulder length blond hair. She has a great ass and smooth thighs, pert breasts with a neatly trimmed, sometimes bald pussy depending on her mood or occasion. She is an open minded woman always willing to try new things and when drunk her inhibitions go out the window.A kind woman who would befriend or had time for most people.

That night she had a reasonably low-cut top on, with high-heel boots , crotchless panties and a skirt that went half way between her thigh and knee , we were sitting in the smoking area of the bar on those hard plastic chairs. As we were chatting i noticed that my wife’s eye was wondering in the direction of some dude sitting across from us. He was sitting back with his hands behind his head looking at my wife. He was wearing a T-shirt and soccer shorts and as i looked at him i noticed the bulge in his shorts and i thought to myself “no wonder she was staring. I turned back to her to comment on the dude and i saw her hand up her skirt, moving with a slight up and down motion, i swung my head back to him and he was massaging his cock through his shorts.

I could not believe what i was seeing, a thousand images were going through my mind. When i tried to get her attention it was like she was in a trance, but when i suggested we go over to him she was out of the chair in a second, leaving behind a small pool of pussy juice on the plastic chair, I couldn’t resist dipping my finger for a quick taste. I was seeing more clearly now as to the potential of this situation and my cock started to pulse at the thought of what was to come.

By the time i had brought our drinks and cigarettes to the other table she was well into a conversation with “Mr hard-on” and still pleasureing herself, so much so i could hear the squelch of her pussy with every stroke. I could see a small spot of pre-cum on his shorts and my cock was fighting hard to escape it’s linen shackles. I had to make the next move so i suggested we go to a hotel or something, he told us he lived near by so we drank up, made our introductions, got some booze to bring with us and headed off.

On the walk to his place we talked about ourselves and what we did for a living etc, his name was Rob, a civil servant. This was a first for him and us which put the three of us a little more at ease and was kind of suprising considering what had happened at the bar.

When we arrived at his apartment the first thing i noticed was the heat, it was really warm but not unbearable. We stood around the dining table with our drinks making small talk, each of us feeling a bit awkward, wondering who will make the first move. My wife was standing with her legs apart, like a army at-ease stance but with her legs a bit further apart, i could see beads of sweat forming on her chest and her legs. i could see the bulge in |Robs shorts twitching, as was mine. My balls were tingling and hot, i could feel the load in them simmering, just waiting to explode, pre cum was oozing down the shaft of my cock waiting to lubricate whatever it may.

My wife decided to sit down and made her way to the sofa in the middle of the room, she bent down removed her boots and sat in the middle of the sofa with her legs apart and skirt pulled up, revealing her damp crotchless panties and bald mound. Her pussy lips and erect clit were glistening, aching for attention. She beckoned us with a long elegant index finger.

We both shed our clothes and simultaneously had a lingering look at each others engorged cock, after a nod of approval we made our way over to Mitch. We both knelt down and as if we read each others mind we took a foot each, he took the left leg and i took the right and we started on her toes. We nibbled and sucked her toes while massaging her inner thighs right up to her pussy where our hands met. Mitch was moaning and arching her back which gave me and Rob more room to slide two fingers each into her now hot pussy, each of us taking turns to rub her clit with our thumbs She was so wet we could use the juice to rub into the cheeks of her ass, also giving her the odd light spank.

I stood up and decided to use some of her juice to rub into my cock. I stood back and stroked my hard cock not really believing how we got into this situation. Once he had more room to move, Rob leaned forward, cupped Mitch’s ass-cheeks and began licking and sucking her pussy, with every thrust or flick of his tongue a small stream of juice would run down her thigh and on to the sofa. Rob’s cock was standing to attention and twitching. With every twitch a bead of clear pre cum would emerge, hanging off the tip of his cock. Meanwhile Mitch turned over and spread her legs apart, her beautiful ass in the air giving a great view of her swollen mons. Rob was now tonguing her ass, ramming two fingers in to her pussy and she was writhing with pleasure.

I was about to pop at this stage and i let them know, Mitch told me to come over, empty my load and put it to use. I went over, wanked my cock and shot a load all over her ass-cheeks and hole. Strangley enough even though Robs face was in that area he didn’t flinch, after a second or two he stood up wiped his face and yielded his position to me, but Mitch told him not to move, she then scooped my cum off her ass and turned around using it as lube to bring my cock back to life, she gripped our cocks one in each hand and slowly stroked and squeezed them till mine came back to life, she then got on the floor on all fours, offering her pussy to Rob.He took the offer and slowly sank his cock into her pussy. She gasped as he started to pump hard. As i watched this fine sight my cock came back to its full potential and i was itching for a turn.

Rob indicated that he was going to come as he thrust franticly, Mitch was on the verge of orgasm, she was moaning and her body was shuddering. She ordered Rob to come in her and me to take over as soon as he pulled out. Rob started to twitch, his butt cheeks were clenching hard and i knew to be ready. With one more hard thrust he came with a loud moan and with another thrust he slumped over Mitch’s now hot and sweaty body. I knealt down behind him to be ready to fill that hot sperm filled pussy as soon as he moved. But he was not moving, so i used my pre cum, lubed my cock shuffled up behind him and slid my cock between his buttcheeks, it got his attention but he didn’t seem to mind.

As soon as he moved i slipped my cock in to Mitch’s pussy. It was a wet, warm, feeling and as i pumped slowly, some of Rob’s cum was squirting out on to the top of my legs. Mitch’s pussy was tightening with every thurst, i started to drill, i knew i was going to blow and let them know. Pump, pump, pump, it was coming, then i passed the point of no return, i clenched my butt cheeks and pounded my cock in to my wifes trembling pussy one more time. Every muscle in my body tensed, i wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her as close as possable, she tightened her pussy muscles and squeezed my cock dry. We both collapsed on the floor looking up at Rob who was standing over us franticly wanking. He came with a almighty gush all over me and Mitch.

Five minutes later we were standing naked around the dining room table drinking beer. The room reeked of sex, cum and pussy and so did we. We stayed there that night and have remained friends since. Although nothing has happened since that night, we have not ruled it out.