Tweety’s Story


I am going to start out by saying this is my first story and I never thought it would happen, you see I am married and have a wonderful husband Jay. But, I have to tell this story because three weeks after that night, I am at another level sexually and I know he is too. I love him and would never cheat on him and he knows it. He has mentioned that we should have a threesome in the past and even more, at first I said yes, but I put it off and said no I couldn’t do it. I have thought about it when he brought it up and even thought it would be a lot of fun to be with two guys, two’s always better than one right… Plus one never quite seems to go long enough. I don’t want him to think less of me and it feels like I am cheating. I don’t want to be a slut, but really that is just a name that another gives to a person or labeled for what because I love sex and men. Really it is of no ones concerns and if no one knows and it is discreet …hmm it could be a lot of fun. I have had two lovers in the same night in he past and it seemed to turn my past lover on and I think Jay got turned on just knowing I fucked two in a night. I have had a wild past, well not that wild, I have slept with more guys than I wanted to, but that’s the past. This came up about how many I slept with, I said around 20 although, and I am not quite sure. I love sex and I think maybe a touch Nympho, I can do it three or four times a day. I know he loves me and he wants to see me sexually satisfied. He says being in love and having sex with your mate, you have an emotional attachment that only you two share; you want to please one another. Then there are the un-emotional times of sex where you just want to get fucked.

Jay can separate the two emotions, I on the other hand cannot quite think of it like that. I had a few one-night stands, but didn’t really care for them but I am horny as fuck now and what really does it matter. Just two consenting adults who just want to satisfy themselves and who the hell cares. Kind of like he would just come up behind me and pull off my thongs, and just screw me or I may just want to get off so we would go and have a quickie. Or if I was single and didn’t have sex for a few months and end up at the bar and just went home with some one for a quick screw. More or less just to get laid and get off. I thought, if I did this he would want another girl also, but he said I can only handle you and it is enough. Usually guys cum once or twice a night, a girl can get off multiple times and go for hours. I know, when I am horny I can fuck for an hour or two. One of my fantasies is to see how long I can go and how many times I can get off.

Well, I am 200 miles away now and going to college. I have not experienced this before although, I am older now I would love to experience it. Going to college and the being single, getting laid by some cute college guys. Maybe not the wild parties, or do I …….. I am away from my hometown and lately I haven’t had sex in a few months and really need a fuckin I am so horny. We had a discussion the other night and I told him I am really horny and I forgot my dildo at home, Jay said, know what you are away and this is your time to relive your youth, going to school the stress and home work you need to put it on the back burner and go out. He said if you need to, go for it and pretend you are single for a night. Who is going to know if you got laid or not, dance it up, flirt what ever. It isn’t anything you haven’t done before, and besides I know it will really improve our sex life.
Only a few conditions 1) after the sex he or I don’t spend the night together that is for us. 2) If it happens it is only a one-night thing, so feelings do not developed. 3) I either call him and let him know, I am horny and want to go out or call him if it comes up while I am out. More or less so we both know and it isn’t sneaking behind anyone’s backs. And knowing I am getting laid turns him on.

Well, I got to think lately and letting my mind wander as I am getting hornier daily, these daydreams are not helping much either. As I have said, I have slept with two guys in a night, not together though. It happened a few years ago I would occasional stop off at a guy’s house after work and get laid, then go home sometimes I would get fucked again. I also ways wonder what two or three guys at the same time would be like. Feeling two mouths sucking my breasts and hands feeling me up. What it would be like to suck a cock and be getting fucked at the same time. My husband and I bought a few dildos and I must say sucking his cock and getting fucked by the toy turns me on. I love to 69, sucking a hard thick cock and getting my pussy licked is a great feeling, but what if I was laying back and sucking a cock on the edge of a bed and knowing another mouth was sucking my pussy. I would love to be cumming and have a guy cum in my mouth at the same time. I even think of doing a little strip dance I know my husband loves my ass and I get quite a few compliments on it. But to have two guys sitting back on a couch stroking there hard cocks watching my would blow me away. I would eventually be on my knees crawling up to them licking my lips teasing them. Then as I get to them reach out and grab their cocks in my hands and stroke their ridgedness. I have never had two at a time I love stroking a hard cock and two would be really nice. Then I would start to suck on one for a while the move my head over and suck the other. Oh what I could do with two or three good hard cocks. I wonder who would out last whom them or me I bet I would get off lots.
Well last night I was lying in bed and I couldn’t sleep think about what Jay said and getting hornier by the minute. I needed to get fucked and bad, and then it came to me…. My roommate was leaving for the weekend and I had the apartment all to myself. I am going out tonight and dance get drunk and pretend, if only for tonight I am single. Nobody knows me let alone I am married and nobody will find out in my shithole town what goes on here. I am going to live the college dream hopefully get laid too.
It was a Friday night and after supper I went to the liquor store and picked up some Vodka and Orange juice on the way home I stopped into he adult store and ended up buying a vibrator and went home. I made myself a drink and had a smoke after a few drinks it was around 9pm, I was a touch tipsy so I ran myself a nice hot bath. While the water was running I got out my vibrator and new dildo and ohh what a feeling. But, that made it worse, cause now I really want to get laid.

At around 10:30pm I picked up the phone to call Jay to let him know I was going out. I was just going to call and say I am going out and it hit me about our conversation a few weeks back. I got nervous and hung up. Then a minute later he called me back. I told him I had a few drinks and got off with my toy I knew this would drive him nuts, but hell I am horny and he can be too. I basically told him I would make this short so I don’t change my mind and not go. I told him I was going out and not sure what would be going on tonight, but I am horny and half drunk and you know what happens when I am drunk. I made my way to the local bar, it wasn’t many people there yet but I was told it would pick up. As I ordered my drink a few guys were checking me out, I had one my tight jeans and new they were checking me out. I thought about my phone call earlier and wondered what was going through Jays mind it turned me on to think he was at home and probably jerking off.
I proceeded to a table by myself and after a drink or two the bar was packing in. I had a few dances with a few guys at one table. They were nice and one guy was really good looking tall dark and he looked really good in those tight frickin jeans, actually all three do. Well later he came over and asked if I wanted to sit with them so I took him up on the offer. Well I was dancing all the time with them and having a good time relieving my stress and forgetting about schoolwork. I found out that they were all buddies and were leaving at the end of the month for out west. I found myself waltzing with Kyle that was ok as he was hot. Well he stood about 6’2 and I only 5’2 was a difference he had strong arms and big hands, what is that they say about the hands on guys. After the second or third waltz he bent down to kiss me and I shocked at first was hesitant a little, but then I just melted in his embrace, it has been a while since I had a man. He pulled me in closer and my stomach being flat rubbed up right about his mid section and I thought I felt something hard … something I haven’t had in a few months. I asked him if he was turned on he said hell yes. It was around 12:30 and I was a drunk and told him I had enough to drink and was curious as too what was hitting my stomach earlier in our waltz. He said we could go find out and I said sounds like a plan follow me. When we got out side I thought I better set this straight first. So I said look tonight was fun and it will no doubt get funnier but on a few conditions that are no negotiatable.
1) It is only a one-night session
2) I am married and plan on going back home to my husband
3) No calling me or stalking me
4) After tonight no matter what happens we can only be friends,
5) You cannot stay over night

He wanted to know why and I just said “ I haven’t had sex in a few months and want to suck and fuck bad. But, that my urge will go away tomorrow if you do a good job”

Well he said, hell yes
When we got home I was a little nervous but really horny I wanted to get fucked soo bad. I showed him the living room and he went in and sat down said I’d be back in a bit had to go to the washroom, I grabbed the phone and called Jay he answered a little groggy but lighten up when I said I was home and can’t speak cause I had company in the living room. I said I was taking of my bra and pants and going out in the living room like that. He said holy shit go for it, but he said do me a big favour don’t hang up leave the phone on and put it down so I can hear. Well this just drove me wet as hell to know that I am gonna be fucking this stud and Jay will hear it all. I said ok, I proceeded to my bedroom and put the phone on my dresser facing me then went in the living room. I went into the living room really brazen now, Kyle I think came right there when he saw me with no pants on only my red thongs. I slowly walked up to him after a few little ass flashes and he stood up, I went right into him and started necking. He pulled off his shirt and man he had a nice chest not overly muscled and smooth. He as Jay does, grabbed my ass and gave it a good rubbing this pushed me into Kyle more and my stomach pressed against his cock. Wow, I forgot about that I reached down and felt the outside of his pants. I was shocked it felt fucking thick and long. That was it I had to have my hand on flesh, so I got on my knees and undid his belt and pulled down his pants. As they were coming down the got hung up and pulled his cock down, then it sprung lose. Holy shit I was right it was thick and had to be 7 – 8” long. I grabbed it and stroked it, I love stroking cocks, then I slowly took him in my mouth and started licking up and down getting it well lubricated and started taking him deeper, sucking long and slow. I thought to myself No friggin way am I going to waste his cum in a goddamn condom, when he cums I am swallowing it all and he better cum more than once tonight.
After a couple minute teasing, I realize I got to get to the bedroom so I got up and lead Kyle to my bed. I told him to sit on the edge and I got on my knees and sucking him good. I knew Jay was hearing this and probably jerking his cock now and this turned me on more. Kyle eventually said he was close and I lost it their cause I want his cum right then and there but realized hey I need to get fucked so I stopped. Kyle picked me up and laid me on the bed and started licking me from my toes up my legs til he got to my bald pussy. God that warm mouth drove me and I about came then and there. He has an awesome tongue and was really good after 10 minutes. Stopped him I had to get in a 69 with him, I find I can take cock deeper this way and wanted to suck more. I was really giving his cock a work out and did dirty taking know Jay could hear everything. After about 5 minutes Kyle picked me up and got behind me and started fucking me doggy style my favorite position and man did that thick cock feel good. It was just long enough that when he buried it I could fell it hit the back of my pussy any longer and he won’t get it in. He was really fucking my hard just as I love it pulling my hair back I lost it I was telling him to fuck me, pound me harder. How I love his cock everything was coming out of me. He fucked me must have been 10 minutes then turned me over and fuck the hell out of me missionary style and man he could pound. I think, I started to cum after a few minutes and he kept going then he threw me over and started fucking my from behind again. I think I was cumming for 5 minutes straight. He said he was soon gonna cum, I told him when he does to pull out and get that condom off cause I want to taste it. Usually I just like it when a guy cums in my mouth but it is usually deep so I cannot taste a lot, but I wanted this load in my mouth and to taste him. A few minutes later he was about to cum, he pulled out and as he got the condom off I was about face and the first shot missed and hit my cheek the next few jolts I got right where I wanted it, I was sucking and stroking him and he was still cumming finally it started to drip out my mouth I had a hard time swallowing with his cock in my mouth but I got it down.
After a bit I told him I had to get a smoke, I grabbed the phone as I left the room and Jay was like holy fuck, I told Jay yah and I have went two month, I am not done yet so put the phone on the desk in the living room. When I got back Kyle was watching TV I said I am not done yet, and crawled up to him on all fours when I got to him I started sucking his cock hard again, I got up and mounted him with my back to him cowboy style bouncing up and down on his cock, man it felt good then he stood up and turned me around to face him with out it coming out of my pussy and started fucking me up against the wall he was fucking me hard because the picture above the TV fell of the wall, wonder what I am going to tell my roommate about that. Then he put me down and lead me to the couch and I kneeled on the couch with my head up to the back and ass in the air god I am going to get pounded doggy style again and that Kyle did he was fucking my pussy hard. I knew Jay could her him slapping against me and me moaning and hollering. I came over and over about 5 times one massive fucking orgasm and I was think of fuck I hope this goes on for a long time, when he said he was gonna cum again I turned around and took another load of thick man cum loving it.
We sat back on the chair and as Jay would have it TSN was on the tube, I was fucked and got it good but I could take more after a breather. Kyle said he was all done in this made me think.

I went out for a smoke and after a few minutes Kyle came down and said he was going home now and gave each other a hug and kiss, I reached down but there was no hardness there. I fucked him useless, he said I know you said don’t call and such but, if you ever need a fuckin again look me up and if your as horny as you are an still wanting more, I got a couple friends at my place that haven’t been laid in a while maybe you could give them a Nova Scotia farewell some night then he left.

I sat down and thought about my last two hours, fuck it was 3 am Jay was still on the phone, I went upstairs and picked up the phone he was still there, he said I love you babe that was fucking hot. I had to jack off twice to it. I wasn’t sure how he would react after but he said be ready for a good fucking, because I have to top that. I can’t wait to get home now; this made me horny again, wishing I still had a guy there to fuck me longer. I always though how long I could go one, two, three hours man would that feel good getting fucked for three hours straight. I may just try it yet, to cure my curiosity and who the hell would know. Well, I’d have to definitely do it twice, as I would have to have Jay in on a threesome with me.

I went home the following week and everything had change, Jay took me right to the bedroom and fucked me not 5 minutes after I got home, then he fucked me in the bathroom over the sink he was wild. He couldn’t keep his hands off me and that Saturday night he sucked and rubbed and massaged me from toes to head. It was an awesome night of lovemaking, I guess that is the difference and something, and I cannot nor will not give another man. But a good fucking is something different. Jay says he is all game for it, we both benefit. He wants me to try two guys to see if I like it or not. He wants me to get a really good fucking, but he also wants to have one with him. I laid back and started thinking if I fucked Kyle that bad and Kyle gave it to me good and I still wanted more sex, what would two or three guys be able to do. Maybe, I can see who could go longer them or me hmmm ………….