My Wedding Anniversary Surprise

I knew my wife was bisexual before I married her. She and her best friend had been to bed several times in high school, and even shared a boyfriend a few times. I hadn’t had the pleasure of both of them before we were married, although I did come home one night, and after kissing Darlene, could tell that they’d been to bed earlier.

Our first wedding aniversary was comming up, and Darlene asked me what we were going to do to celebrate. I had planned a nice dinner, perhaps a stage show or dancing, then back home to screw our brains out. When I explained, and asked why she wanted to know several weeks in advance, she simply smiled and suppressed a giggle, her grey eyes twinkling with an impish gleam.

Luckily, our first anniversary fell on a Friday, and reservations made, we dolled ourselves up and went out for the evening. Dinner at a fine resturant and dancing at a local hot-spot kept us laughing and in a good mood. As we drove home, Darlene sitting next to me, leaned over and caressed my thigh with her fingernails, sending a shiver through me. “You still want to fuck my brains out tonight?” She cooed.

I said yes, I would happily keep her wet and jumping all night long. When Darlene came, no one could doubt that she wasn’t faking. Her tendency to “let go” in bed meant that she was prone to outbursts of very erotic (and sometimes downright dirty) talk, as well as moaning and thrashing wildly about the bed. Arm in arm, we climbed the stairs to our apartment, and once inside, we kissed passionatly for several long moments, running our hands over each other and bring desire to a boil. Darlene broke the kiss and knelt straight down, unzipping my pants in the entry hall. She pulled my hardening cock out of my pants and slipped it into her mouth. Tounging the underside of the head, and teasing me, I felt my balls tingle and her wet mouth sliding like wet velvet over my shaft. I pulled her up to me and kissed her long and hard, my tounge exploring her mouth, teasing her tounge to follow mine back, squeezing her tits through her blouse. As I knelt in the hall, lifting her dress, she leaned back against the wall, bending her knees and spreading her thighs. I moved the hem of her dress up, and stared straight at her naked blonde pussy. She had been dressed in a garter belt and stockings, without panties, all night. I looked up at her, my warm breath tickling her bush, and she smiled that special way of hers, telling me she did it for our pleasure.

I dove into her soft moist pussy, licking the glistening drops of cream from her bush. My tounge parted her moist lips, feeling the warmth of her, tasting her sweet eagerness. I circled her clit several times, holding on to her thighs when she tried to lower herself against my tounge. She pulled me up and kissed me long and hard, showing me how very hot her passions had become. She pulled a scarf from her pocket, smiling at me. “Stand still.” She said. “I have a suprise for you.” She used the scarf as a blindfold and led me into the darkened bedroom. I figured she’d gone out and bought some sexy clothes for me to take off of her. I heard matches striking, and the fragrance of scented candles impinged on my senses. “Setting the mood” I thought. She stood next to my, kissing me lightly on the cheek, her bare breast touching my arm. Slowly, she began to undress me. Making me feel every fiber move against my skin. Telling me to stay still, not to reach for her. She removed my shirt, gliding her hands lightly over my chest, tickling the hairs around my nipples. She removed the belt from my pants, slowly pulling it through the belt loops, making a long hissing sound as it slid against the fabric. She knelt and started untying my shoes, helping me out of them, sliding my socks off my feet. Her hands unfastened the snap at my waist, my zipper already undone, with my cock, hard and straight standing, waiting to be touched. She stopped and breathed into my ear, her tounge tracing the edge, warm and wet. “Just a second.” She said softly.

I heard her climb onto the bed, moving around on the sheets. My pants were pushed away from my hips, and I could feel her hair against my bare thighs as she lifted one leg, then the other out of my pants. Hands caressed my thighs, sliding up under the legs of my boxer shorts, fingernails lightly raking under my boxer shorts. Lips closed around the end of my shaft, with a tounge lightly caressing the head of my cock. “Tease.” I muttered. Hands quickly pulled my shorts off, making me naked and blind in the fragrant darkness. I moved to the bed, and her hands pushed me back against the pillows. I could feel the warmth of her body near me and I longed to reach out an stroke her. “Just lay back and enjoy this.” She purred. More movements as she positioned herself on the bed. Again lips encircled the head of my cock, tounge swirling, wet and warm. The velvety smoothness caused me to moan softly, and I could feel her warm breath against my skin.

All at once she swallowed my cock, deeply, into her throat. She’d never before been able to ‘throat’ my seven inches, and I gasped loudly as her lips tickled the hairs at the root. Rising slowly, lips tight against me, she flicked her tounge back and forth over the muscular ridge under my cock. I moaned my pleasure, letting her know I enjoyed this and wanted more. My hands reached out, only to be slapped away. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation of my cock being swallowed over and over. Slowly. Lovingly. She began to move quickly, her lips lightly touching the shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. Using only her mouth, she pumped my cock up and down, her efforts shaking the bed. Several fast strokes would be followed by a long plunge. Taking me deep into her throat, she’d pause, letting me know how deep I was, feeling the tightness of her mouth. The velvety smooth, slick skin in the back of her throat caressed the head of my cock, feeling sooo very nice. Then she would pull up quickly, and repeat her fast strokes, again, only to plunge long and deep. She didn’t touch me except with her mouth. Her hands I could feel near me on the bed, her hair not touching me as it normally would. Lacking any other distractions, my world consisted of my cock and her mouth, eagerly trying to suck me off. I could feel my cock trying to stiffen even more, as my balls tightened and tingled.

“Unnghh…I’m…gonna…cum!” I panted. Her pace quickened, her saliva dripped onto my balls, feeding the fires in them instead of quenching them. My hips moved up, a primitive instinct taking over control. I want to come in her mouth, give her all of my sperm, never wanting to stop. The dam broke, Vesuvius erupted, the floods came. Sperm rushed from my cock as she held me about half way into her mouth. Spasms wracked my body as come surged from me. After the fourth surge, I felt her let go and put my spurting rod against her chest, rubbing me back and forth until I spent myself. Breathing heavily and moaning, I began to relax; to drift into that warm “afterglow” of total contentment and relaxation. I felt her hips move over mine, as she sat just over my lower stomach. Her hands untying the blind-fold. As the scarf fell away, revealing her slim form and pale skin in the flickering candlelight, I looked at her smiling above me, wearing only her garter belt and stockings. As she sat, almost grinning at me, I realized that her chest and tits were dry, yet they should have been shiny and wet with white drops of come. “Did you like that?” She laughed huskily. “Mmmmm, yessss!” I replied, still feeling the “glow”. I a sudden motion, she moved off of me, laying on her side next to me. “You’d better thank her then.” Darlene laughed. I looked down, and laying alongside my legs, I saw Karen, Darlene’s best friend and lover, naked, except for a red bow tied around her neck, her breasts twinkling wetly in the dim light, her tounge licking her lips. She smiled at me, her light brown hair seeming to glow as a candle’s light tried to weave its way through. “Happy Anniversary love!” Darlene laughed, kissing me on the cheek. I grabbed her and kissed her back, hard and rough, as much to thank her as to tell her that I’d wished I’d known it wasn’t her.

Sitting up, I pulled Karen to me and kissed her too, tasting the salty remnants of my come on her tounge. “That, sweetheart, ” I said to Karen, “is for that tremendous headjob!” Karen laughed, telling me how much fun it was to suck me while I thought it was Darlene going down. Darlene told her it would be a few minutes until I was ready again, indicating my flacid cock. “Well, I certainly got all worked up over that.” Karen said. Darlene had her lay back, and as I watched, laid herself down between Karen’s thighs. Her blonde hair and fair skin contrasting to the darker skin tone of the brunette. She slid her hands under Karen’s thighs, as her mouth found the moistness between them. Karen crossed her ankles over the middle of Darlene’s back as a tounge caressed her warm, damp flesh. As I watched, I could feel my rod begin to straighten, getting harder and fuller as Darlene moaned softly between Karen’s thighs. A candle on the headboard illuminated Darlene’s creamy ass, and I could see a glistening reflection deep between her legs. She continued to suck, her hands reaching up to pinch Karen’s dark nipples, squeeze her full breasts, caressing the soft tender area on their undersides with her fingers. I placed my hand on the back of her thigh, sliding up halfway to her asscheek, stopping to give her thigh a gentle squeeze to let her know I was enjoying her “show”. She moaned again, wiggling her ass slightly.

Karen’s face was one of concentration. She was laying back, trying to concentrate on the pleasures Darlene was giving her, her legs locked tightly over the more delicate girl’s back. I moved my hand up, cupping Darlene’s asscheek, pushing it up and away from me. The second time I did that, I heard a wet “smack” come from between her legs as her wet pussy lips parted stickily. I leaned over and began to alternate lifting each asscheek, pushing them together and pulling them apart as I did. It took only seconds to cause her pussy to make its approval known with wet noises. The candle light on her lips showed twinkling droplets of juice forming in her golden bush, moist and inviting. Her lips were full and beginning to swell as a white pearlescent drop began to peek from her cunt. My handling of her ass was driving her crazy, as she sucked and licked Karen’s pussy. Her soft moans indicated that she liked me feeling her ass, and that she wanted to make Karen come. Karen’s legs suddenly closed around Darlene’s head as her hips lifted off the bed, carrying the blonde covered head with them.

I watched as she stayed locked like this, her legs quivering, her breathing a series of short loud pants, until, finally, she collapsed on the bed. Darlene caressed the dark bush and pussy, kissing it lightly several times in different places, causing Karen to ripple with shudders each time. When she sat up, she crawled down toward her friend, kissing her tenderly on the lips. “I love to eat you like that.” Darlene said softly. Karen replied lazily, “Ummmm, I love to cum in your mouth too.” Darlene slipped off the foot of the bed and walked around to me, sitting on the edge of the bed. We grabbed each other and kissed passionately, our tounges tasting Karen’s cum together. I licked the slick wetness from her chin and neck, squeezing her small tits and pinching her nipples. As our mouths parted, we looked into each other’s eyes. “See what a wanton slut you married?!” She laughed. Her use of the word “slut” told me that she was incredibly turned on. In the year we’d been married, she only used that word in bed when we had kept teasing each other, increasing our lust to a franticly high level. “Yes, I can see what a slut you are.” I replied, playing on her horniness. “I saw how wet your cunt was getting while you fucked her with your tounge.” “Oooh, yesss, I’m sooo wet. See?” Her hand rose from her moist lips, the fingers glistening with a thick cream as she showed me her hand.

“I’m sooo wet! Having you watch me suck pussy has me ready to cum!” She purred again, as she rubbed her own slick juice over her nipples. I leaned down, my tounge circling her nipples, licking her cream from the hard tips. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, pulling hard as my hand slid between her thighs. “Hmmm, suck my tits.” She whispered. “Lick my nipples.” I slipped three fingers into her sopping pussy, feeling her warm wetness ooze down into my hand. My cock touching her stomach caused her hands to encircle it and begin a slow stroking. “I want to watch my wet slut rub her pussy all over Karen’s tits. Make her nipples all wet and creamy. Watch as my slut tries to fuck those nice big tits. Can you feel how wet they are? How wet your thighs are?” Her head tossed back as I crooned our “bedtalk” too her, her mouth open slightly, she moaned and hissed her reply. “Yesss. Fuck her tits…her wet creamy tits…cumming on her titssss.” I glanced at Karen, laying back, watching us as she stroked her pussy. I kept my three fingers in Darlene’s dripping cunt as I renewed her lust.

“She’s watching you now…She’s watching your cunt cream in my hand…Your girlfriend wants to lick your dripping pussy…She wants you to cum in her mouth this time…make her face wet.” Darlene looked at me with a primal, carnal lust. She grabbed my head and kissed me hard, her tounge shooting into my mouth barely after my lips parted. She pulled back, and wordlessly move away, my fingers sliding from her very wet pussy. She crawled down to Karen, pausing to look at her naked form. She turned around, lifting her ass and throwing one leg over Karen’s body. Then, while she lowered herself onto Karen’s left breast, I could see drops of her juice actually dripping onto the nipple, just before her blonde bush covered it. Looking directly at me, she began to rub herself against Karen’s tit. Her pussy making wet smacking sounds as she moved faster. “I love to see you naked,” I said, “with your cunt sooo wet and horny.” “Naked? I’ll show you NAKED.” She said. Her arousal was complete and high. She ripped the garterbelt from her waist, tearing her stockings. Without lifting off Karen’s nipple, she began to tear the stocking from her thighs, shredding the fabric. “Strip me. Strip me naked. Get me naked.” She panted. Karen pulled the stockings from Darlene’s legs, as this carnal blonde fucked at her tits. “You wanna see me cum?” Darlene said, looking at me with glassy eyes. “You wanna see me cum on her tits? On her face?” She slid backwards up to Karen’s mouth, her nipples standing up like small cylinders from her breasts. Her panting loud. As she sat on Karen’s face, she moaned, then commanded; “Sssuck me! Yesss, eat my pussy. Make me cum. Make me cum in your mouth!!” I moved over to her, her eyes half-closed, hips rocking furiously. I kept up the taunts hoping to send her over the edge. “You’re such a hot carnal slut — getting your twat sucked by a girl, your naked in bed with your girlfriend’s tounge in your cunt, and you’re going to cum…getting all wet for HER tounge in you…why don’t you show me what a hot slut you are and eat her cunt too?” “Ahhhnngg” Darlene moaned as she fell down between Karen’s open thighs. Her hands pushed the tanned thighs apart, as she shoved her face tightly against Karen’s soaked pussy. She rocked her face back and forth, tounge extened, making wet slurping noises.

“Ooooh that’s sooo HOT!” I crooned to her, “Watching you rub your face in her cunt…I’d love to have a picture of you, naked, your legs spread, her tounge in your gushing wet pussy, while you rub her cum on your face.” She stopped sucking Karen, her head arching back, mouth open, her eyes closed. Short sounds escaped from her lips as she neared her moment of triumph. “Make her face wettt babee…CUM in her mouth…make her face WET with your cum!” I encouraged. She started comming, thrusting her ass against Karen’s mouth, her body first falling flat, arms splayed out, then she was upright, her hips shaking and her body twitching as she received little electric shocks through her clit. “Huh! Uh! Huh! Huh! Huh!” were the only sounds in the room except for the wet noises Karen was making between her soft thighs. She fell off of Karen, still shuddering and moaning. Her lust only partly sated, her eyes fell on us. “Quick Karen,” She panted, “fuck him. I wanna watch you FUCK! See your cunt FUCKED by his cock!”

We moved together, Karen on her knees, and I slid into her pussy easily. Karen’s pussy was so wet that I had trouble feeling anything as I pumped her hard and fast. She ground her hips against me, trying to bury me deeper in her smouldering cunt. We pounded each other, her cheeks rippling after each thrust, her tits bouncing, until I felt her hole tighten around my shaft. I plunged as deep as I could, splaying my legs wider than hers to get some leverage as I drove it deep against her cervix. Karen collapsed against the bed, her legs straight and locked together tightly, her moans and cries announcing her orgasm. I lay still until her contractions eased on my cock, then I started slow movements, drawing my cock slowly from deep inside, then quickly plunging back. “You’re…still….hard?? Unngh.” She said as I lowered my cock back to the depths of her cunt. Darlene pulled me off of her brunette friend, eyes still filled with lust, as my cock slipped wetly from between Karen’s cheeks. “I’M going to make you cum and cum and cum.” She announced proudly. With her proclamation, she laid down and began to suck my cock, licking Karen’s juice from my balls with a greedy tounge. Karen looked and made a comment about her being greedy, and a kinky idea hit me. “You want me to fill your mouth with my jism?” I asked Darlene.

Her moaned response was a definite yes, as she laid under me, playing with her clit. Her hands were a blur over her light bush as she continued to suck me into her mouth. I pulled her into position having to forcibly remove my shaft from her eager mouth. I laid her on her back, sitting almost upright against several pillows as I straddled her stomach. She leaned forward to suck my cock, but I pulled back away, denying her. I had Karen sit next to us and placed her hand around my cock, showing her the best grip with which to jack me off. I sat back, resting not quite on Darlene’s stomach, and reached behind me to stroke her drenched pussy as Karen began to pump my shaft. I told my wife that Karen was going to make me cum in her mouth. That her best friend was going pump my cock until I came in her mouth, feel me cumming as she sucks the cum from me. I leaned forward so my cock entered her mouth, as Karen pumped me. Karen used her thumb and forefinger, pulling tightly around my cock, pulling the skin with her as she stroked. My fingering of her pussy made my wife greedy and she wanted to suck me herself. Several times Karen pulled me out, and still pumping my cock, kept it away from this carnal blonde until she started to behave. I reached down and stroked Karen’s bush since she was doing me, and she leaned over and sucked my nipple. Karen’s pussy was still wet and slick, her thighs wet from Darlene’s frantic licking. A look came into her eyes, and she slid her body down to lay on her side next to us. “Mmmm. Lick the head.” She instructed. “Lick any cum from the head as I get him off. I’m gonna pump him into your mouth…fill your mouth with his hot spurting cum…I want to watch while he cums in your mouth.”

Darlene was sucking too much into her mouth, so Karen took me out and teased her with it, rubbing me against the side of her face, making her swing her head from side to side while she chased it. “Mustn’t take too much.” Karen warned as she slid me back into Darlene’s mouth. “C’mon you naked little bitch, let him know how much you want him to cum. Make him cum in your mouth as much as he did in mine. Can you feel his balls rubbing your stomach? Those cum filled balls…rubbing on you?” I felt a well know sensation rising from those balls too. I was getting closer as these two teased. “After he gets hard again, I want him to fuck you from behind while I eat your pussy. I want to taste his cum inside you…suck it from you, drink you both..” Karen was stroking at a steady pace, but I wanted faster and told her to go faster, to make me cum. At the speed she was moving her hand, Darlene had to pull back to just beyond the end of my cock to keep her lips from getting bruised. This left me looking at my naked wife, her grey eyes filled with a primal lust, mouth open, her tounge eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first drop as Karen sucked at her nipple. “Ohh God…I want to…Cum!” I panted.

“Yessss!” Darlene hissed back. “Shoot your hot thick cum in my mouth. I want you to fill my mouth. Shoot your jism all over me! Shoot your jism… let me drink you…drink your cum…” Karen chimed in with “That’s it…tell him…I’m going to suck your wet cunt while you swallow his cum…suck you and make you wet and horny again. I want your slick cum on my face while he shoots his load in your mouth… your wet juice, his cum, all over us…” “Ohh, NOW!” I shouted, “I gonna…CUM…NOW…CUM!” I felt a surge well up inside me, a rush of cum flowed from the end of my cock into Darlene’s open mouth. She moved forward against the torrent, taking me into her mouth. Karen held on to my cock, holding her hand in one place while I bucked and worked more cum into my wife’s hot mouth. Darlene was wimpering and moaning as I shot another flood into her mouth, my cock twitching and throbbing. Another pulse exited my cock into her mouth. I could feel the warmth of my cum still in Darlene’s mouth, exciting me. Karen pulled my cock from Darlene’s mouth, jacking me off onto my wife’s tits, while her voice dripped with lust, “Cum on her tits…yeah…all over her tits…make her your wet little slut…” Darlene grabbed Karen’s head and pulled her down for a kiss, cum dribbling from the one corner of her mouth.

As they kissed, more cum leaked past their lips, as Karen rubbed my cock over my wife’s chest and tits. As they parted, I heard them both swallow, Karen pulling my wife up from the bed to wipe the cum from her face with my softening cock, which Karen then sucked into her mouth. I collapsed on the bed and watched as they both licked each other off, and started touching and caressing each other. Later, I made love to each of these wonderful women, seperately, and together. When we were all finally sated, we cuddled and kissed, falling asleep together, content and smiling. From that night forward, Karen was always invited for a birthday or an anniversary party.

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