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I am a married woman, now 41, with a son 18. I
am Caucasian of German and Italian heritage, I’ve been
told by most people, I am considered pretty attractive.
My son and I have been “involved” since he was 16.

It is hard to say who wooed who, since we are a
family that openly displays affection with lots of nor-
mal hugging, kissing etc. Plus, we are not ashamed of
our bodies, although open nakedness is not the rule and
we do have some modesty. However, since Chris is my son
and obviously he grew up with me taking care of him he
is not too shy around me, although as he has grown up he
is a little more so.

Basically, I guess I really started to notice
his body more as he entered puberty and began developing
and thought he was very beautiful (I guess most mothers
would think that about their sons). Since he was always
very comfortable around me there was never any big issue
about his nakedness or me seeing him that way. Looking
back on it, I realize it was his way of apparently try-
ing to interest me in him in other than a Motherly way.
I don’t think I had realized that at the time but I did
enjoy seeing him that way and I guess looking back on it
it did turn me on in a way.

Anyway, by the time he was 17 I, obviously, had
stopped giving him baths, etc., but he always enjoyed
backrubs and just in general that type of thing. Then
one time he had strained an upper thigh muscle on the
front part of his leg playing basketball and I first put
some Ben-Gay on it and that was that. But he continued
to complain and so one afternoon I told him I would give
him a rubdown on it. He had his briefs on and pants down
while I rubbed his upper leg and to my surprise while
doing this I realized he got an erection from it. At
first I was a little shocked and ignored it and then
just finished working on his leg and left, but the image
of that bulge in his briefs and what I imagined he look-
ed like erect just wouldn’t leave my head. After think-
ing about it all night, it seemed the next day I encour-
aged him to take a warm bath soak to loosen it up and
told him I would then give him another rubdown on his
leg. When he got into the tub I came in and gave him his
robe and nonchalantly took his clothes to put in the

When I knew he was finished I went into his bed-
room and waited for him and he came in with only his
robe on. I told him to lay down and I started to rub his
leg, with my hand working his entire upper leg. After
just a few moments of this I could see that his penis
was growing but this time I just continued, occasionally
running my hand and fingers almost to the point where
his leg joined his body. Needless to say this had a very
strong effect on him. With all that movement too his
robe was pretty wide open so at one point his now erect
penis was poking through where the robe parted. I
couldn’t ignore it so I asked if my rubbing him caused
that and he just mumbled something but made no real move
to cover it and then I asked him if rubbing his leg felt
good. He said it did and I just kept moving a little
higher and higher until the backs of my fingers and hand
were lightly brushing his scrotum.

When I started to do this he just laid back and
almost purred. I then started rubbing up on the sides of
his hip and then his lower abdomen, sort of encircling
what little pubic hair he had and his penis and scrotum.
As you can imagine by this point his erection was the
tautest and as hard as could be and was even dribbling a
little. I have to admit, this had an effect on me and I
couldn’t resist touching him and almost the instant I
did this his penis twitch and out shot a giant spurt of
his sperm, so with one hand I cupped him gently and the
other I stroked him up and down and milked about 6 or 7
more spurts of his sperm out of him. He just said, “Oh
Mom, that felt so good.”, over and over.

For the next few days everyday after school we
repeated it the same way but I was just so horny for it
that finally when I knew he was on the verge of cumming
I took him into my mouth and let him finish there. After
he came we would always hug. That turned into me laying
down with him and him hugging me too. It wasn’t too much
a step until he started to feel me and hold me tight
against him. Then, one time after he had cum after hug-
ging and laying together when I got up I realized he had
dribbled on to my slacks. So I said something like, “gee
this isn’t too good for my clothes.”

So the next time I took off my slacks and in
only my panties and a blouse masturbated him to orgasm
again. I think seeing me like that he got hard even be-
fore I started touching him. Well, to make a long story
short after touching him for a short time I laid down
and we started hugging and kissing, with him putting his
hand in the back of my panties and feeling my behind. I
was just so hot I finally pulled them off, rolled onto
my back and pulled him on top of me and put him in me.
Again, needless to say he didn’t last long.

At first I thought I had seduced him but I real-
ized after a little while that he had been taking every
chance to peek at me in the shower and when I dressed
and always seemed to be walking in on me in my bedroom,
etc., and then I realized that he had an interest in me
for awhile. His freedom and comfort in his nakedness
around me I think was also sort of a “display” for him
to interest me in him (and it worked!). Since that time,
we now have very loving sex about three times a week and
it is very fulfilling for both of us and very loving.

Sexually is very complete for both of us and I
never fail to reach an orgasm when with him. He, of
course, at his young age, can enjoy multiple ejacula-
tions with the briefest of rests between times. When his
father goes out of town on business Chris sleeps with me
and it is truly wonderful for both of us. His father (my
husband) knows nothing of this and I’m sure would go
ballistic if he ever found out, so it is a secret.

I would be interested in hearing from any other
women who share my feelings, or from young sons who may
be doing the same tease with their Moms and what they
think about it.

That’s It.

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