Yeah, I’m married but I dream of another girl


My name is Gary and I dream of having sex with a girl I
know named Cindy. She’s also married so this just has to
be a fantasy. Unless we both find ourselves available
one day.

So this day arrived…

Cindy and I would often meet for lunch a couple times a
year. The only thing we did was hug when we first met
and hug again when we left the restaurant.

It was July and Cindy wanted to meet for dinner this
time. I agreed.

It was Friday night and we met at the Los Guachos
Taqueria Mexican restaurant. Cindy and I sat down at a

Cindy was about a foot smaller than me and two years
younger. We had been friends for the past twenty-five
years and I’ve always thought she was sexy. She now
keeps her hair short and I’ve always thought that her
eyes were always smiling at you. And her smile! Her
smile warmed my heart every time. She also had a bit of
a wide butt that I’ve always found extremely sexy.

Tonight Cindy wore black Capri pants, white blouse and
bare feet in sandals. I wore Khaki slacks and a dress

So after we chatted and finished our dinner that
included a few Margarita’s we left the restaurant.

Once we got outside I gave Cindy a hug but instead of
leaving Cindy looked at me. “Gary, why don’t you come
over to the house? We could have some coffee, desert and
watch a movie,” she said with her warm smile.

I didn’t have to think about this one. “Sure, I would
love that,” I said.

“Great. Follow me,” she said and walked over to her SUV.

I walked over to my car and got inside.

I followed Cindy’s SUV over to her house.

I went with Cindy inside her house.

We walked into her kitchen.

“I know, instead of coffee, how about some more
Margarita’s?” she said while she slipped out of her

“That would be nice.”

I helped Cindy make a pitcher of Margarita’s. We poured
two glasses and she walked me into her den.

We put on a movie from Netflix on the TV and sat down on
the couch. She sat to my left.

We chatted and drank while we watched a movie. But if
truth be known, I wasn’t paying attention to the movie.
I was more interested in Cindy’s company.

After my third Margarita, I started to fee a good buzz
coming on and I can imagine so did Cindy.

But after the third Margarita I noticed that Cindy was
sitting right next to me. And I was happy.

So I decided to take a chance. I reached over and placed
my hand on top of Cindy’s hand. She accepted it and we
held hands. I started to feel like a teenager on his
first date with the girl of his dreams.

We got up and poured our fourth Margarita and sat back
down on the couch.

After a few drinks, I decided to take my next move. I
placed my arm around Cindy’s shoulder. She rested her
head on my shoulder and she placed her feet on the couch
and we cuddled.

After ten minutes of cuddling I let my Margarita take
away my inhibitions. I leaned over and planted a kiss on
Cindy’s lips. She didn’t reject me and I again felt like
a teenager on his first date.

Cindy’s lips tasted good and this was something I’ve
wanted to do for the past twenty-five years. But I
couldn’t when we were both married. I would never ruin
our marriages.

After a few seconds our kissing turned passionate with
our tongues swirling around each other. Our hearts both

Our lips separated.

“I have to be honest, Cindy. I’ve always wanted to kiss
you,” I said.

Cindy looked at me and gave me another of her beautiful
smiles. “I’ve also wanted to kiss you,” she said.

We kissed again.

This time, I placed my right hand on her left thigh. She
didn’t resist.

While we continued to kiss, I slowly moved my right hand
down her thigh to her crotch. She didn’t resist and in
fact, she opened up her legs as if it was an invitation.

I took her invitation and ran my hand to her crotch. I
decided to go slow so I just placed my hand on the
crotch of her Capri pants. She didn’t resist.

I stopped kissing her lips and started to kiss the left
side of her neck. I could hear Cindy moan a little.

While I kissed her neck I rubbed the crotch of her

Cindy started kissing my lips and it really turned
passionate. She was getting turned on my me rubbing the
crotch of her pants.

I removed my hand from her crotch and moved it up to her
blouse. I cupped her left breast and could feel they
were a nice A-cup size.

I massaged her left breast area of her blouse and could
feel her nipple was erect under her bra. She moaned a

We continued to kiss while I massaged her right breast
and also felt her erect nipple under her bra.

“I want you, Gary,” Cindy whispered in my left ear. “I
want you now.”

Cindy got up off the couch and grabbed my left hand.

We held hands while she walked me out of her den.

Cindy walked me into her bedroom.

Once we got in there, we embraced in another passionate

Cindy unbuttoned and removed my dress shirt.

I removed her blouse.

I got out of my shoes and socks.

Cindy undid my Khaki slacks and slid them down to my
ankles. I stepped out of them and flicked them away. I
stood there in my boxers.

I undid Cindy’s Capri pants and slid them down her legs
to her ankles. She stepped out of them and flicked them
away. I loved the sight of Cindy’s white cotton panties
and knew there was a pot of gold behind them.

Cindy unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor.

I immediately focused my eyes on her tits. They were the
sexist pair if perky A-cup tits. “Mmmm, perfect,” I

Cindy felt up her tits. “I hope they’re not too small.”

“Oh no, I love them. They’re perfect,” I said then I
dropped to my knees and started at her tits. I started
to suck on both of her nipples. “Feels good,” Cindy
moaned out.

After a few seconds of sucking on her erect nipples, I
grabbed the waist band of her panties and slowly lowered
them down. It was a beautiful sight to first see her
black patch of pubic hair when her panties finally made
them visible to me. I lowered her panties all the way
down to her ankles. She stepped out of them.

Cindy grabbed the waist band of my boxers and lowered
them down my legs to my ankles. I stepped out of them.

So there we were. Both naked in front of each other for
the first time.

Cindy grabbed my hand and brought me on top of her bed.

We lay on the bed and kissed. While we kissed Cindy
reached down and started to stroke my cock that was now
six-inches of hard meat ready to play.

After we kissed for a few seconds, Cindy leaned down and
placed her mouth on my cock. She started to give me a
blow job. This was exciting as I’ve never imagine Cindy
sucking cock. But she was really good.

After she sucked m cock for a few minutes, I pulled her
off, placed her on her back and went for her pussy.

Cindy moaned while my tongue ran up and down the slit of
her pussy. “Feels so good,” she moaned out.

I found her clit and started sucking on it.

“That’s it!” she cried out.

After I sucked on her clit for a few minutes I could
feel it coming.

“Ahhhhhh!” cried out Cindy while she had an orgasm.

“I want you inside me,” she said after she had her

I climbed on top of her.

I ran the tip of my cock up and down the slit of her
pussy. She reached down and grabbed my cock. She guided
the tip to the opening her pussy.

My cock slid into her pussy and she was so wet. I
couldn’t believe it. I was finally having sex with
Cindy. I’ve dreamt about this and jerked off thinking of
this moment for years. It finally came true.

I started pumping Cindy’s pussy. She wrapped her legs
around my waist, closed her eyes and loved the feeling.

I started pumping her faster. Cindy moaned. The more I
pumped her pussy the louder she moaned.

She did it again. “Ahhhhhh!” she cried and her legs shot
up in the air with her toes pointed at the ceiling while
she had another orgasm.

This was too much for me. I couldn’t hold back any
longer. “I’m going to cum,” I cried out.

“Inside of me. Do it inside of me,” moaned out Cindy.

I pumped as fast as I could. I felt it ready to blow.
“Ahhhh!” I cried out and just let my cock spurt out
globs of my cum into Cindy’s pussy.

After I was done I slowly pumped her pussy for a few
seconds while he kissed.

I pulled my cock out of Cindy’s pussy.

I go on my back while she rested her head on my left
chest muscle.

“I’ve been waiting for this a long time,” said Cindy.

“Me too,” I said.

Then after a few seconds, there was something I had to
say. But I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how she would
react. But we did just have sex, so I decided to take
the risk. “Cindy, I have to be honest, I’m in love with
you,” I said and cringed on her response.

There was few seconds that seemed like hours. “I love
you too, Gary,” said Cindy.

We kissed.

After we kissed I decided to make another dream come
true. “Cindy, will you marry me? I want to take care of
you for the rest of your life,” I said.

Cindy sat up. I could see her eyes started to well up.
“I want to marry you, Gary,” she said then she kissed

We kissed for a few minutes and then we cuddled.

We both fell asleep with her in my arms

Six months had passed and I married Cindy. We looked
forward for a long life loving each other and of course
experimenting with sex. After all, Cindy has a HOT body
and I LOVE her plump butt! We fucked doggy style and in
all of the rooms of our new house. She loved it when I
massaged her feet and would left me suck on her toes.