Wife’s Friend and Us


My wife’s best friend moved to San Francisco a few
years ago and met some guy. They have been dating
for a while and they recently came to visit for a

Both my wife and I are 24 and my wife’s best friend
Laura is 23 and her boyfriend is 22.

They came to our house the Friday night after they
arrived. We were all sitting around in the living
room talking by the fire and drinking wine when the
topic of sex came up.

We quickly learned that for some strange reason
Laura’s boyfriend wasn’t ready to have sex with
her and that the situation frustrated Laura. She
mentioned that she was forced to satisfy herself
whenever she got “in the mood.”

Both my wife and I couldn’t believe our ears. Usually
the girl is the one who wants to wait. Just the
conversation started to get me a bit horny, you see
ever since I’d met Laura I’d had a crush on her.
For some reason she just turns me on.

She isn’t anything out of the ordinary. She’s about
5-3, probably 110 lbs., and probably a B-cup. As I
said nothing out of the ordinary. But there is just
something about her that makes me hard.

Anyway, as the conversation continued, I noticed Laura
glancing frequently at my crotch and then she would
quickly turn away. This kept up for about an hour or
so as the conversation continued to dwell on sex.

We talked about the “exotic-erotic ball” in San Fran
and other general topics. Out of nowhere Laura asked
how we felt about public shows of affection, and we
said that we didn’t mind them and that we quite
frequently kissed and hugged in public.

Laura then said that if we didn’t mind, that she
wanted to make out a bit with her boyfriend, we
said no problem and that they could use the spare
bedroom to hang out in, but Laura quickly said that
the living room was just fine with her.

We tried to excuse ourselves so they could have some
privacy but Laura said that we should just stay and
watch them or that we could make out ourselves if we

Not thinking too much about it, we agreed and while
they were kissing and groping each other lightly on
the floor my wife and I started to kiss on the couch.

Before we knew it we were getting quite involved as I
rubbed my wife’s breasts through her clothes and she
rubbed my dick through my jeans.

Suddenly we heard Laura say, “Come on,” and they stop-
ped kissing. Laura explained that she wanted to have
sex but that her boyfriend didn’t want to. She told
us to continue and she would just have to kiss him, if
that was all he’d let her do.

By then my wife and I were pretty into each other so
we continued. As we began to get more involved in the
moment, we noticed that Laura and her boyfriend just
sitting there and watching us. We stopped and tried
to excuse ourselves again, but Laura pleaded with my
wife to continue. I think that she was hoping that her
boyfriend would get the hint and imitate our heavy

My wife was perplexed by her friend’s pleading, but
Laura helped us along by taking my wife’s hand and
placing it on my dick and began moving my wife’s hand
back and forth a bit.

Well, this whole situation was very strange, but if my
wife wasn’t going to object, I certainly wasn’t. I
started to moan in pleasure at the feeling of having
both women’s hands on my dick.

Laura then stopped and moved to my side and took my
hand and placed it on my wife’s tit. I started to
fondle her as Laura watched us. We started kissing
and Laura’s boyfriend left the room. Laura didn’t go
with him, she just let him go.

I figured that if my wife was going to go along with
this, we might as well move a little further. So I slid
my hand under her sweatshirt and unsnapped her bra.
Then I decided just to go for it and I slid her sweat-
shirt off over her head, then her bra.

I couldn’t believe it. Here we were, sitting in our
living room with her girlfriend and I was stripping my
unprotesting wife. It was making me absolutely crazy!

Her nipples quickly hardened in the cold air and I
took one in my mouth and sucked and nibbled on it. I
heard a quiet moan from behind me as Laura watched.
I continued to suck and lightly bite on my wife’s
hard nipples, which elicited a moan from her as well.

Then almost as if we were thinking the same thing, I
leaned back and Laura took my wife’s hand again and
guided her to my dick.

Laura leaned over and whispered to my wife. I think I
heard her say, “Please show his cock to me.” And I
quickly learned that I was right as my wife unzipped
my jeans and unbuttoned them. She pulled them down to
my ankles and slid her hand in the opening in the
front of my boxers and pulled my rock hard cock out.

Both women gasped as it emerged. My wife stroked it
and kissed my neck as she did so. She stopped kissing
me, and with her free hand guided Laura’s hand to my
bare cock. My private fantasies were about to come
true as Laura touched my cock for the first time.

I almost came right there. Both my wife and Laura
were sitting there stroking my dick. I was in heaven
at that moment and didn’t think that it could get any

But it did.

Laura asked my wife if it would be ok if she took her
top off too.

My wife told her she was so horny she wouldn’t care
if Laura got totally naked. Laura proceeded to remove
her sweatshirt and her bra.

Her tits were so beautiful; they were firm and pert
with small nipples that were hard as rocks. I asked
if I could touch them. But I didn’t wait for an answer,
I reached over and felt those lovely tits that I had
fantasized about on a number of occasions. And they
felt just as I had imagined they would, wonderful!

I rolled her nipples between my fingers as she and my
wife caressed and stroked my dick and played with my

After enjoying both women’s tits for a while I slid my
hand into my wife’s pants and felt her wetness. I asked
her to stand up and remove her remaining clothes.

She jumped up and as she did so, Laura used both her
hands to play with my dick; one hand cupping my balls
as the other one stroked my cock. She used her thumb
to spread the pre-cum all around the head of my cock.

At one point she used her finger to get some of the
clear fluid on a finger tip touched it to her tongue
in a lewd display. She moaned as she sucked my juice
from her finger.

I was completely surprised by my wife’s next action.
She had watched Laura’s little display and was
apparently inspired, because she dropped to her knees
completely nude and Laura guided my cock into her

As my wife gave me head, Laura proceeded to stroke my
cock and play with my balls. As I watched this, I was
transported into a realm of pleasure like nothing I’ve
even imagined before. These two sexy women were
making every fantasy that I’d ever had come true.

I reached up and played with Laura’s tit and warned
the two of them that if they kept this up, I would
be coming all over the place quite soon.

My wife stopped and said that I couldn’t come yet, that
Laura hadn’t had her turn. Laura looked at her and

She got up and removed her pants (she wasn’t wearing
panties). She had a nice looking ass, tight and
inviting. Her pubic hair was trimmed in a neat triangle
above her pussy. I could see the wetness there as she
knelt down in front of me and my wife guided my cock
into Laura’s waiting mouth.

As Laura started to suck my cock, my wife guided my
hand to her pussy and I fingered her while Laura was
sucking me. It was hard to concentrate on my wife as
the object of my fantasies was giving me a very
enthusiastic blow me. Laura was all over my cock like
someone worshipping a pagan phallic god. I couldn’t
believe how much she was enjoying her experience. It
vaguely made me wonder about her boyfriend. That ass-
hole was really missing something.

Even being preoccupied I managed to get my wife to the
brink of orgasm fingers. And as she started to come, I
groaned to Laura that I was going to come too. She
started to remove her mouth from my cock as I started
to spurt.

She got one mouthful and managed to stroke the rest
of my come onto her tits. She cupped my balls with
one hand and stroked my cock with the other as I came
all over the place.

When my wife and I finished our climaxes we looked over
to see Laura with come dripping down her chin and come
all over her beautiful tits.

She looked so sexy with my come all over her.

We all sat there for a while as Laura played with my
come on her chest. Finally my wife got a towel for
her and as she cleaned up, I noticed her pussy sitting
there and that it hadn’t been touched, at least not my

I placed my hand on her stomach and lightly ran my
fingers down toward her waiting love hole. She quickly
moved my hand away and said, “Not yet.”

I was a bit surprised at this but she said that she had
other plans.

After a bit, Laura got up and asked me to lay on the
floor. As I did so, I looked questioningly at my wife,
but she just smiled at me reassuringly so I positioned
myself on the floor waiting for more good times to

Even my wife’s eyes went wide when Laura asked her to
take my cock in her mouth. She pleaded with my wife to
do it for her and not to ask why.

Just hearing Laura say those thing to my wife started
to get me hard once again.

As my wife sucked my cock and Laura watched and played
slightly with her pussy. Her fingers were wet with her
juices and she rubbed her finger around my lips, and I
tasted her for the first time.

As I tasted her she leaned over my face and her tits
were right at my mouth. She jumped slightly as I
nibbled at her nipples. She was watching as my wife
gave me head and as her hand took my cock, they shared

My wife would suck me, then Laura, then I felt such a
wonderful thing, both women giving me head at the same

It was amazing.

I was getting close to coming again and right as I
was about to blow another load, they stopped and Laura
said something to my wife.

My wife stood up and positioned herself so that her
pussy entrance was right above my cock. Laura grabbed
my cock and guided it into my wife’s pussy.

As my wife slid up and down my cock, I could feel
Laura’s hand rubbing my wife’s clit. But after only
a moment or two she stopped.

I watched as if in a dream as Laura straddled my face
and lowered her pussy onto me. I finally got to eat
that pussy of hers. It took a lot of concentration to
eat her pussy because I kept getting distracted by my
wife sliding up and down my cock. It probably helped
for me to eat Laura’s pussy, because as I ate her I
didn’t pay much attention to my wife and I didn’t come
as quickly as I would have otherwise.

I could sense Laura and my wife touching each other
because I could feel Laura touching my wife’s clit and
I noticed once in a while my wife’s hand would wander
down to touch Laura’s clit.

It wasn’t long before Laura started to orgasm. She
started to shutter and I could feel her pussy clench
around my tongue. Then it came, she started to squirt
on my face. She was the first woman I’d come across
that squirted, I was able to get most of her juice in
my mouth. And as this was happening my wife got off me
and stroked my cock and I came in a fountain on her
tits and face.

Still with some of Laura’s come in my mouth I kissed
her and then kissed my wife. Then to my amazement
Laura started to lick the come off my wife’s tits and
then with the come in her mouth kissed my wife like an
experienced lesbian. It was so hot to watch them
together like that.

It was a long night that night, and I felt bad, but
not too bad, for Laura’s boyfriend, but he wasn’t

I hope Laura comes to visit more often and we are sure
to fly out to San Fran, a lot more often now.