Uncle Phil’s machine


This is fantasy about Tim, a schoolboy whose experience of sex had so far been confined to few masturbation experiments in the family bathroom and even then they were only prompted by his schools friends constant taunts and boasts about “how good it felt”. The sum total of Tim’s “experience” with the opposite sex was looking at a rather tatty old porn magazine with a friend that they had found under a hedge on the way to school. All this was about to change when Tim has to house sit for his Aunt and Uncle when they are called away at short notice and he finds something that introduces him to a world of adult sexual pleasure way beyond his wildest dreams.

Tim’s mother Susan was far from happy about the situation. She knew Jean and Phil were in a spot but she was not happy about Tim staying in their house alone even if it was for only one night although she had to admit it did seem like a solution.

The problem was they had to go to help Jeans mother move from her house at rather short notice into a new apartment, Jeans mother lived a good five hours drive away on the south coast and there was no way they could really take their three dogs with them. Tim loved the dogs and often took them for long walks in the nearby fields either on his own or with Uncle Phil, so although he was only young he seemed a natural choice to house sit and dog sit for the two days and one night they would be away.

In the end Susan gave in, partly from the persistent nagging of Tim and also for the reason of wanting to help out Jean and Phil.

Tim arrived about an hour before Aunt Jean and Uncle Phil were about to leave. There were lots of instructions of what to feed the dogs and when to feed them, where all the food was, what was in the refrigerator etc, etc … Tim thought it all a little excessive after all they were only going to be away two days and one night.

As the Aunt Jean and Uncle Phil’s car drove out the drive Tim dumped his bag on the bed in the spare bedroom and started to unpack the few things he had brought with him. The dogs didn’t need feeding or walking until later in the day so Tim decided to try and get his game working on his Aunt and Uncles big flat screen TV downstairs in the sitting room, that was just one of the many reasons he was keen to house sit.

It wasn’t long before Tim began to realise there was a major problem with this plan; there was not a power point near enough to the TV to plug his game into. At home they only had a small screen TV and he had been looking forward trying the game on the big screen, so undeterred he tried to locate a extension lead around the house, he was sure his aunt and uncle wouldn’t mind, they must have one. After about fifteen minutes of searching he was about to give up but thought he would just have a quick look in Aunt Jeans and Uncle Phil’s bedroom if there was nothing there he would definitely give the idea up.

A plug on the end of a cable attached to something under the bed caught Tim’s eye… maybe, just maybe he thought… He pulled at the lead which seemed to unravel and looked like from the length of it could be an extension lead, after so far it became stuck so Tim crawled under bed to try and free it. He pulled out a sturdy looking varnished wooden box from under the bed where the other end of the cable disappeared into and seemed lodged. The box was heavy but it slid out quite easily on the carpeted floor, he pulled it clear of the bed and opened the lid.

Sure enough the lead was part of an extension lead. Tim pulled it out of the box and was just about to head downstairs to connect his game up when he happened to glance in the box, inside was some kind of machine with various rubber hoses, a remote control and some other strange form of attachment. Any other teenager would have probably just left it and gone and played their game but Tim had an interest in machinery, in fact in the summer he had spent many hours helping Uncle Phil rebuild an old motorbike, Uncle Phil was always saying he was a natural and was destined for a career as an engineer.

He sat there for a few minutes looking at the machine trying to figure out what it was, he didn’t want to disturb it and take it out of the box, in fact he already felt a bit guilty about poking around in his Aunt and Uncles bedroom. As he was just about to close the box lid he noticed a leaflet under the machine sitting at the bottom of the box, he pulled it out, curious to find out what this weird looking machine actually was and did. The leaflet seemed to be instructions that went with the machine… as he turned the first page the first words he read made this mouth drop open in amazement and shock:

“The Venus 2000 is a high-tech device that will give the ultimate in sexual stimulation and may be used as a learning aid or for sexual gratification”

Holy shit!! he thought, does Uncle Phil really use this thing?… Tim read on;

“The Venus 2000 machine is a one-of-a-kind, hands free masturbation aid with controllable stroking action, that gives powerfully satisfying orgasms. You can achieve an orgasm in minutes or enjoy sensual stroking for hours”.

Tim could feel his heart beating in his chest as the position he was sitting in on the floor started to get more uncomfortable by the minute as his penis began to unfurl and harden in the tight confines of this jeans as a direct but unconscious reaction to what he was reading. As he sat there on the bedroom floor reading through the small instruction leaflet again the desire to actually try the machine grew and grew.

The only thing stopping him was the fear of Uncle Phil finding out what he had been doing, and noticing somebody had been using the machine – just the thought of the embarrassment and shame that it would cause made him cringe. Tim couldn’t understand how this was causing him to become so aroused even more so than looking at the tatty old porn magazine he and his friend had found, but it was.

It was no use he had to loosen his jeans to make himself more comfortable, it felt like his erection was trying to poke a hole through his jeans. Looking in the box he picked up the clear Perspex cylinder and examined it; through the centre was stretched a soft but very slightly textured soft latex which was stretched over each end to make soft tunnel of about an inch and half in diameter. According to the leaflet this was called the “receiver”, Tim couldn’t stop his mind wandering and started to imagine what this would feel like sliding up and down his penis.

That was definitely the point of no return for Tim; he leapt up and ran downstairs and out into the garden, the three dogs were lazing in the morning sunshine, satisfied they were OK he came back in the house locked the back door and then checked the front door was also securely locked. Next he looked around for a piece of paper and pencil, then took both back up stairs and into his Aunt and Uncles bedroom again.

Kneeling on the floor in front of the box containing the machine he carefully noted down the position of every item in the box, even taking care to note how all rubber hoses tubes and cable had been placed in the box, he sat back feeling pleased with himself at his ingenuity. This done he carefully lifted the box and carried into the guest bedroom placing it near to the bed, next he took out a large red towel from his bag that was still there from when went swimming recently, this he spread out over the small single bed.

Tim’s heart was beating fast and hard in his chest with excitement as he lifted the machine’s power unit out of the box and onto the bed, then connected the power cable up and plugged it in. Having read the instruction leaflet several times he knew exactly how to connect the rubber hose between the power unit and the receiver. In the corner of the wooden box stood a half full bottle of something called “intimate lubricant” this he carefully unscrewed and poured about a teaspoonful into latex mouth of the receiver and smeared all around the inside. By this time he had taken his jeans off and was just wearing a t-shirt and boxers, although his boxers did nothing to conceal the hardest and biggest erection he had ever had, he now discarded these and lay down on the bed.

Still following the instructions in the small leaflet to the letter he smeared a small amount of the slippery lubricant on his penis, gasping both from how cold it felt but also how good it felt. With his heart beating in anticipation he reached over and grabbed the remote control and flicking the power switch to on, a small green light lit up and the power unit started to hum but nothing moved.

Tim lay on the bed, his penis throbbing and aching for relief, he picked up the receiver and carefully slid his penis inside the soft latex sleeve, maybe he could get it to work if he was actually inside it. To be honest it didn’t feel that great at all, his penis was hardly touching the sides of the sleeve, perhaps that’s why it wouldn’t work, it was not designed for a boy but a adult man with a much bigger penis.

He felt disappointed as he looked at the lifeless machine, it just hummed but gave no discernable movement. He would read the instructions through once more then go and put the machine away and then as school friends called it go and “wank off” in the bathroom and get some relief that way.

There was a paragraph in the instructions which somehow he must have missed, called “Air control and adjustments”, he wasn’t really expecting anything but maybe it had relevance, worth a try he thought. He picked up the small box up with buttons on attached to a thin rubber hose. Pressing on of buttons made a hissing noise as some air escaped, he pressed it again – within a split second the soft latex sleeve collapsed around his penis, moulding itself so perfectly he could clearly see the shape outlined through the latex, no longer was it a loose fit but now the most perfect and snuggest fit possible… Tim gasped at the sudden change, the machine now had Tim’s full attention!.

He pressed the air button very gently once again, not really knowing what to expect, suddenly the clear Perspex receiver and the latex sleeve began to slowly move but still keeping the same firm grip on his enclosed penis… Holy fuck! he thought this is it, it does work after all!.

Tim watched mesmerised as the gripping latex sleeve travelled slowly up and down his penis, not daring to touch the controls again in case he did something that made it stop. The feeling of soft lubricated latex sleeve as it slowly glided up and down his penis was awesome. The movement was probably less than two inches but it felt perfect and nothing like his fumbled and hurried attempts at masturbation in the bathroom at home. The machine continued its slow but relentless massage, only a few minutes had passed but he could already feel an increase in the intensity and found himself starting give some involuntary groans as the machine did its work and the sensations and feelings of pleasure began to multiply.

He was conscious that this hips had started to take on a life of their own and slowly move and thrust in time and rhythm with the up and down movement of the gripping latex sleeve, this was not just masturbation, the machine seemed to be actually fucking him and driving him towards an orgasm. The speed of the machines action had not altered since it had started, in fact it was consistent in every way but that consistent massage was now having an effect. The clinging lubricated latex sleeve constantly moving up and down on Tim’s enclosed penis was causing the strength and intensity of the sensations to build towards a uncontrollable peak that could only end in one way. Maybe it was just his imagination but as he watched his penis seemed to be getting bigger and even harder as the latex sleeve seemed to mould itself even more tightly around his penis and never relinquishing its exquisite grip at any point during its movement.

Suddenly he felt something start to build to build deep within him – he started to buck and writhe in ecstasy and cry out in pure joy as his penis swelled and throbbed within the latex sleeve and then spurt stream after stream of sperm inside it. The machine still kept up its massage sucking more and more out of him as he struggled to reach for the remote control and hit the power off button. Tim laid back on the bed his heart pounding and gasping recovering from the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.