Trouble With Paranoid Wife


The fact that there are people who have been struck by lightning more than once is a great condolence to me as I am one of the few husbands whose wife has been raped trice in five years of marriage. Let me tell you she is not a slut or even sexy, just blessed with looks, which attract trouble. Her dressing sense is normal, little flash of midriff or cleavage but never her pale legs. She is the petrified one who really avoids trouble by not taking a lonely road or even drives shortcuts etc. In short she is a simple lady who secretly likes sex, but too conservative to admit even to herself that she needs more than her husband. This fuels her talent of landing in trouble very naturally.

After two years of boring marriage we found a way to satisfy our nights with innocent long drives. Cars were my passion and I use to repair junkyard cars with indigenous parts. Late nights I use to take the cars on country roads as these were unregistered polluting vehicles not suitable for city driving. We were in a small truck, which must have been some studio van or simple caravan in its glory days. Driver section was simple as any truck but truck still had some carpet lining and sleeping arrangement. Earlier that evening we had a formal appointment with some family friends, so Joyce was still in here formal clothes. It was a simple black pleated skirt with light yellow shirt, something you see only on above aging ladies. Even though conservative I remember that her black under-wire bras visible though her shirt gave her an innocent yet appealing look. But my hormones were kept under control by here constant nagging that it was late, its lonely, its dark, its illegal etc. Some where between the attraction and nagging I missed to notice that the vehicle was heating till I heard the knocking sound and the truck going dead. I knew that all it need was some time and water to move again so I picked the jerry can and asked Joyce lets take a walk to the lake we just passed.

Any lady would jump for a walk with here husband on such a nice calm night but Joyce was different. She said “Its not safe and its all your fault $#% $%$&&* .” I knew argument is not an option so I told here to lock herself in the car and wait “I’ll be back”. I must be two or three miles, not more than 40min round trip so the truck would be drivable cool by then so no rush. I had no idea of what could happen in that time.

When I was gone for about tem minutes a jeep stopped by our truck, he was a nice looking, slim, tall guy dressed in tight yet well fitted jeans and clean white shirt. The guy peeped trough the window with his cigarette still in his mouth. His clean shaven friendly face convinced Joyce to roll-down the window and listen. He deliberately exalted into the cabin and being a non smoker she choked and coughed as he asked what was the trouble. She told him there is some car trouble and my husband has gone for water to the lake. “So he left you alone”. It now struck here she was more helpless in the car then she would be walking with me. The guy simple pulled the handle and opened the door wide, he grabbed her hand with the strength and determination of a maniac and pulled here out. Before she knew he had a switch knife pressed on here breast. “We can do in the truck or I can rape you on the thorny bush. Consider the option.”. He elaborated his offer explaining if she cooperates it would be regular sex, he would even use rubber but here defiance would lead to torture beating. She would be taken with pain, with forest thorns poking here. He would add to here pain with deep teeth bites may even engrave his name with the knife. He would tear here clothes useless and that she would be a sight for the policemen registering her case. Joyce was wordless, so he proved his point by tearing a slit in here skirt by driving the knife near her thigh and moving it down to here left feet. This brought here back to senses and she whispered “yes – whatever you say”. He held her by hand and led her in the back of the truck, where she sat motionless on the carpeted floor.

Petrified as she was, he knew it was going to be a no resistance rape so he started acting gentleman. He put away the knife and cigarette, removed his shirt to display six pack abdomens and well molded chest and arms. Joyce was weeping, so he kindly asked her if she was comfortable with nudity. Joyce did not answer; she just closed her eyes and laid back as total submission to unavoidable. He took his time to relish his conquest and gazed her from toe to head. He pulled apart the hem at the newly created slit, showing her legs right up to her panties. Softly rubbing Joyce’s pale legs he concluded that this was really virgin territory. With her eyes closed Joyce could only feel his hands moving up, and when he reached here thighs she started to tremble. His grip became stronger just under her panty line and he squeezed a few times this raced blood to her thighs. She knows what was next but he jumped over her panties and directly proceeded to unbutton her shirt. He carefully unbuttoned her and parted it. He lowered his head to here cleavage and sniffed onto here lovable secant from here sweaty breast. The truck was really warm and even he had a nice sheen covering his rock hard body.

He started sliding up rubbing himself hard on Joyce, she could feel his chest muscle pressing her tender tits though her black under-wire. His lips reached hers and he kisses her, it was a very strong kiss almost bruising her lips and intoxicating her with strong tobacco sent. He kept sliding up till his chest reached her lips. Joyce had no choice but to breathe hard inhaling his sweat and the pheromones that come with it. It is a scientific fact that male pheromones relax females, may be I lacked them which explains why she is such a paranoid with me. This guy was giving here a full dose of it which really relaxed her. It was no Aphrodite and she did not start begging to be deflowered or something but just relaxed. She stopped sobbing and even opened her eyes as he lifted himself from her. Well cut well built stud, cute but still I am being raped and that too for my husbands fault. Once she had mentally transferred all blame on me she was free from all guilt and consequences, this brought some lust and spark in her still wet eyes. He saw the sign and immediately rubbed her clint though her panties, soft reassuring massage relaxed her further, and drained any resistance that would be left in her.

Joyce was all putty, soft complying and available and she was completely relaxed against here normal self. She laid there exposed and well spread so he unbuckled his belt and slid down his jeans and boxer in a go, and displayed a perfect specimen of male organ. This made huge impact on her, she froze not for fear but in anticipation as her body prepared itself by internal lubrication. He know her types, now that he had raped her mind taking her physically should be fast. He rubbed her clint again and when she sighed and closed her eyes he utilized this moment by pulling onto her soft panties at side exposing her and placing the head of his swollen cock at the entrance. She opened her eyes in shock and he pushed the head right into her. Joyce’s legs were always a dead chicken during the intercourse with me but he had really cranked her sex machine so she tried to provide resistance by trying to close her legs. This gave fiction and he enjoyed driving the entire length against her will.

She knew she was taken and the gentleman had not kept his promise of using protection, now she risked both pregnancy and disease. Further he may even kill her harm her and all such paranoid thought returned to her and she started weeping again. He was having fun and determined to split her in two so kept ramming himself as hard as he could. Each stroke was long as he withdrew almost completely and then pumped into her with his muscular might. He roughly griped her tits and used them as handles to ramp himself even more. He could go on for ever but decided to finish as he knew I could be there any moment. He changed his rhythm to really fast sharp blows and finally pulled fully and re-ramped in a final plunge. She knew this moment well and had always forced me out when I came. Although I always used rubber but she was afraid it may fail. Imagine her pain when this stranger seeded her -something she did not allow her husband even with rubber on. The sensation was new and beautiful for the first time have it skin to skin, felt the tremors of ejaculating dick and the juice flowing into her. She could not take all this and almost fainted. She recovered in a minute or so and saw her new lover dress and disappears. She heard the jeep start and whine away and she laid there weeping and motionless.

It seemed a long time when I reached the scene and saw here in the rear section. She was lying motionless with her legs parted enough for sex, her skirt was still spread at the torn slit but her panties had covered her snatch. Her shirt was still open showing her swollen red breast and few bite marks. She looked sexy except for her deep sobs. I could guess that she was raped so I embraced her in my arms and started to cry with her.

Either feeling the safety or my arms or relishing a satisfying sex session she dozed off and I drove us back home. We did not report it to police as she was afraid that he may get bail and come after us and harm her. Privately she got her self cheeked for any possible vernal disease and pregnancy. I was more scared of pregnancy, as our faith did not allow abortion as option. Fortunately nothing happened and the night diminished from out memory but we never went for long drive.And still she landed in trouble again…..