Time Out Of Time


Jane was a strong girl. She’d be hysterical, but I thought she could
take this. She’d have to rest a long time before I could push her
but I thought she’d survive it.

“Jane. I can give you an option.”

“What?” She sniffled. A bit of hope crept into her eyes. Hope that I
to dash if I wanted her to do as I’d asked. Still nude on her knees.

“You can do something else I’d like to see.”

“Oh God. What?”

“You can give your father a blow job.” I didn’t really expect her to do
that. I would never, in a million years expect her to do that. Unless I
forced her to. Impossible. It was just a suggestion that I figured
be a lot more distasteful than having her masturbate for him.

She just numbly nodded. Surprised me all to hell. She’d prefer to give
her own father a blow job, than to masturbate in front of him. I
entertained the notion of allowing her to switch tasks. Problem was,
that giving her own father a blow job *would* traumatize her. This
be fine if I was just going to return both of them. The trauma would
disappear with their memories. But I was fully intending to keep Jane
for a while yet. I wasn’t about to allow her to do it. Not now, anyway.
Didn’t need a traumatized girl.

“After you whip him. And you know where. Plus fifty strokes on Elaine’s
breasts and pussy,” I quickly added to the task. Eventually it would
become distasteful enough that she’d choose the direction that I wanted
from her.

“Oh God. You can’t be serious.” I remembered my original threats from
when I had originally took them. The thing Jane couldn’t stand was to
cause her sister pain. Her father, she might do.


“I’ll give my Dad a blow job for you. I swear it. But you know I can’t
hit her. Especially there. I can’t. I can’t hit him. Not there. Oh God.”

I affected a quizzical look. “I’m hearing a lot of ‘can’t’ from a girl
that swore that she’d do anything.”

She paled. Her eyes still letting tears fall down her face like there
was a flood behind her face.

“Oh God. Please have mercy on me. I didn’t want to be here. I begged
not to bring me here. Please just let them go. Do whatever you want to

“Jane. I am doing what I want to you.”

“Oh God. Do I still have a choice?”

“Choice about what?”

“Please. I’ll beg you.”

I was truly confused. “Beg?”

“Oh God. I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” Her face completely
flushed. “Please. Master. A slave is begging on her knees. Please allow
her to masturbate in front of her family.” Choking. Tears falling
freely. Face burning. Breasts heaving with her distress.

I began to realize what choice she “wanted” to make. The one I was
desperately trying to guide her towards. I didn’t really want to see
give her father a blow job nor whip him or her sister. Granted, it may
have been interesting, but the picture that I was planning held my
interest. And it involved her willingness to pleasure herself in front
of her family.

“So now you want to masturbate?”

“Yes. Please. It’s better than having to whip them.” She managed to
choke out around sobs.

“Beg me to hit you while you masturbate.”

“Oh God. I can’t. Please don’t make me do that. You know what that will
do to me.”

I did. That is why I suggested it. I just looked at the tormented woman.

She managed to choke out another line. “Oh my God. Please whip me while
I … I … I’m doing it.”

“Doing what?”

“You goddamn bastard. Pleasuring myself.”

“You want to be hit while you are masturbating?”

“Yes.” Resigned.

“And you’d like to tongue your mother while you are doing it?”

“Oh my God.”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Oh shit. Please.”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“No.” Sullenly.

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Oh Christ. Please.”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes.” Resigned. I watched as her eyes retreated. Her face blanked. I
was afraid that I’d pushed her too hard and that she had retreated into
herself. She was retreating to avoid the pain. I reached out and
one of her clamped nipples lightly. She gasped. Expression returned to
her face. I suspect that I’d almost lost her there. The soft brush on
her nipple catching her attention just before she lost herself. I
gathered her up into my arms and kissed her cheek. Rocking her. Sobbing
quietly to herself. Knowing what I was going to force her to do.
Finally, I let her climb back to her knees.

“You ready?”

“No. You bastard. I hate you.”

“I know. Why don’t you get a vibrator. Pick one that you think will be

“Please don’t make me do this. I can’t. I’ll die.”

“You’ll be fine. I won’t let you die.”

“I know. And you are a bastard for it.” But she moved to the pack and
dug until she found a smallish smooth pink vibrator. She looked at it
with fear in her eyes. Knowing that she was going to have to use it.
Like it or not. A flush climbed to her face. “Please. Can a slave beg
for something?”

“Not if it involves you not doing this.”

She gulped. “Lubricant?”


“Please. Can a slave use some lubricant for her … thing?”


“Oh God. Vibrator.”

“You need lubricant?”

“Th-this sl-slave is frightened. She doesn’t think that she can get
w-wet enough to make it comfortable. At first. Please?”

I weighed the options in my mind. I was pretty sure that after the
initial hesitation. A couple of blows with the whip. Once she managed
shut out the image of her family, she’d produce enough natural
lubrication. On the other hand, I really had pushed her this time. She
deserved something. She was behaving far better than I ever would have
imagined. I nodded and she let her breath out. She’d been waiting for
answer. She lifted a tube of K-Y out of the pack. She closed her eyes
and climbed to her bare feet. Crying as she approached her family.
Kneeling down by Elaine’s head and her mother’s crotch. On the side
opposite to where her father was bound. Silently waiting for me. Not
anxious to start her own humiliation.

I crouched to Elizabeth. She spoke before I’d even gotten settled.

“You fucking despicable son of a bitch. Can’t you see what this is
to do to her. She has been nothing but cooperative on this whole insane
game of yours. Most women would have curled up in a little ball,
mumbling in their insanity by now. She’s strong. I’ll give her that.
I saw her. You almost fucking lost her into herself. Fuck. What the
are you trying to do? Make her insane? Can’t you give her a break?
a human being you know? She hurts? Just like you do. Just like I do. I
can’t believe what a complete shit you are. We try so hard, and you
don’t even acknowledge it. Please. Don’t make her do this. I’m begging

“Elizabeth. I’m not going to deny it. I’m a fucking despicable son of a
bitch. And Jane just scared the hell out of me there. I almost lost

“Let her go then. Don’t let your perverse desires kill her. She
better than that. At least let her out of this. She doesn’t need to do
it. I’ll do it for you if you absolutely need to see it.”

“You don’t understand. She’ll survive it.”

“Barely. Fuck. And if she goes insane? Catatonic?”

“She’ll be alright.”

“Jane was right. You are playing with our lives. Please. For the love
anything that you might hold dear. Let her stop. She’s been through
enough of your perversity.”

“Sorry Elizabeth. She has to do this. I’ll give her a long rest after
this. Will that make you happy? But, I need you to do some things for

“Fuck you.”

“Elizabeth. Calm down. Remember Amy this morning?”

Her face went ashen as she recalled Amy’s similar struggle this
Open defiance.

“Oh my God. Please. I forgot myself. I. I’m so sorry. Please. I don’t
want to be punished. I. I was just. I don’t have an excuse. I. Please.
Jane. I was just so angry for her. I’ll behave. I’ll do anything you
want. Please. Don’t punish me. I’ll be good from now on. You won’t hear
another word out of me about Jane. Please.”

I didn’t particularly want to punish the crying woman. Though I suppose
that I’d have to eventually. But not now.

“Elizabeth. It’s alright. I understand.” Maybe I wouldn’t punish her at
all. This was turning out to be a bit stressful. “I need you to do
something for me.”

“What?” She was resigned to it now.

“The family still needs a bit of water. Take two bottles. Divide one up
before we start. A third of a bottle to each. Then the last bottle, you
are going to give to the father. But not right away.”



“Mouth to mouth? Like Jane had to?” Hope in her eyes that she wouldn’t
have to crawl around on her bare knees kissing them all.

I shook my head. “They can probably drink out of the bottle now. Give
the women the water first then the father. Wait for me there.” She
looked relieved and scampered to her feet to get the water. I watched
she knelt and allowed the thirsty women and man to drink a third of the
water bottle each. Finally ending up beside the father. Sitting
with the final water bottle lying in her bare lap. Carelessly tossing
the empty water bottle behind her into the mall. She said some things
Jane while giving Elaine her water, but nothing serious. Probably
encouragement. Jane cried a bit, but managed to control herself.

When the girls were settled I walked over to Elizabeth. “See that?” I
pointed to Dave’s crotch that had been exposed by Christi’s scissors so
long ago.

“Yes.” She mumbled.

“I want you to make sure that Dave here watches Jane. If he closes his
eyes. I want you to give him a reason to watch. Understand?”

“Oh God.”

“I want you to give him the rest of this bottle of water as well. From
any body cavity that you can manage. Mouth is probably easiest, but if
you really want to, I’m sure your vagina can hold a bit. I want you to
use your hands on him, the entire time.”

Just glad that I was allowing her to use her mouth with the water

“Don’t let him come in your hands. After the water is gone, I want you
on your knees in front of him. Use your mouth. Let him come, if he’s
even reacting. If he comes, swallow. If he doesn’t come, I’m going to
whip Elaine next. Understand?”

“Oh my God. You bastard.”


Dave finally spoke. “Please. I’m begging you. Do what you want to me.
Kill me. But just don’t make my daughters and wife do this? They
done anything to you. I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Davey boy. No disrespect intended, but you can’t do what the women can
do. You are missing certain parts that make them very interesting. Just
do what I’ve explained to Elizabeth here, and everything will be fine.
promise that I’ll let Elaine, Dora and yourself go.”

“What about Jane?”

“Jane is going to stay with me for a while.”

“You’ll take care of her? You won’t hurt her?”

I decided to lie to this tormented man. “I’ll take care of her.” True
enough. “And I won’t hurt her. Promise.” Another promise that I
to break.

He seemed satisfied. And he lay his head back. Elizabeth just glared at
me, but was still frightened enough to just accept what she had to do.

I walked over to the bound women. Crouched by Dora’s head.

“Did Jane tell you the plan?”

“Oh God. What plan?”

“Guess not. She’s going to pleasure you.”

“Pleasure me? That’s a laugh.”