Three girls were relaxing

A summer day somewhere in the foothills of So. Calif. At a girls school, by
the swimming pool, Three girls were relaxing in the sun. All three were clad
in bikinis which didn’t leave much to the imagination. They all had figures
that were worth showing off, well formed breasts, but not too excessive,
slender waists and broad hips, but none of that fattiness in the abdomen that
can look so bad on a girl. Margaret and Helen were slightly taller than the
average 21 year old girl, standing about 5′ 10″ but Leslie was shorter-about
5′ 6″, however she was the older of the bunch-23, and was to be a senior this

Suddenly, a clang of metal interrupted their sunbathing. They all looked
towards the hills where the sound came from.

“Hey what’s going on up there?” asked Margaret. “I don’t know”, answered
Helen. “Looks like they are putting up a tower of some kind”, Offered Leslie.
“Boy I sure wouldn’t want to do that”, said Margaret, looking at the two men
who were half way up the tower. “That blonde one is kinda cute”, said Helen.
“Well, I’ll take the brown haired one, then, If you don’t want him, said
Margaret. The girls had reason to be interested in these men, they had gotten
quite muscular over the years putting up TV towers, and were stripped to the
waist and had developed a rich golden tan. “You girls always like those body
builders, and I don’t see why, when you get in bed with them, it’s one-two-
screw, and they are all done. They never give you a chance to get off”
objected Leslie. “Well, maybe that one might be more suited to your tastes”,
said Helen. “Which one?”. “Don’t you see, the skinny one coming out of the
little building.” “Oh, yes, I see him now” said Leslie. “Come on, lets go for
a swim”, said Margaret, getting on the high board, and executing a somersault
into the water. The other girls joined in splashing and laughing and having a
generally good time.

Meanwhile, at the tower site, Rob, the chief engineer of the new UHF TV
station had just stepped out of the transmitter building. He was carrying a
transit. He set it up to look at the antenna to make sure it was level on the
tower. However while adjusting it into position, he caught sight of the girls
in the swimming pool. However from his position, he could only see when the
girls were on the high board. “What the hell are you doing? ” yelled Skip
from atop the tower. “Just checking out the scenery!”, yelled Rob. Skip and
Bill looked where the transit was pointing and saw the pool. From their angle,
atop the 200 ft tower, they could see most of the pool, and the three girls,
however it was too far away to make out any details, so they climbed down the
tower, hoping the girls would still be there by the time they got to the
bottom. Upon reaching the ground, they ran for the transit. Rob said “OK
guys, they are taking turns diving, so there’s plenty of time for both of
you.” “OH, look at those boobs!” exclaimed Skip. “Let me see” said Bill,
crowding over to peer through the instrument. “Darn, she’s gone, no wait here
comes another one, must be her sister, she’s really stacked too.” The antenna
project was forgotten for the time being, the three horny men taking turns
looking at the girls by the pool.

Back at the pool, Margaret was about to dive again when she happened to look
in the direction of the tower and noticed there were no workmen on it anymore.
However from the high board she could see that they were all crowded by
something that looked very similar to a telescope. And it looked like it was
pointing right at her. “Well, of all the nerve!” exclaimed Margaret. “What
gives?” asked Helen. “Come up here and take a look”. Both Helen and Leslie
climbed the ladder and looked at the men peering though the transit. “Well,
how do you like that”, said Leslie. “We ought to go up there and give them a
piece of our mind!” said Margaret. “We might wind up giving them more than
that piece if you catch my meaning.” said Helen. “I really wouldn’t mind, I
haven’t had a good screw for ages. Come on let’s go!”

“UH OH, I think they are onto us”, said Skip, who was looking when the three
girls were on the high board looking in his direction. “Well it was fun while
it lasted” said Bill. “Say let’s get a bite to eat, want to come along?” said
Skip, addressing Rob. “Naw, just bring me a hamburger and a Coke, I’ve got to
get some more work done”. “Are you sure, there were some gals at the
hamburger stand that I’m sure could be had for a quickly this evening” said
Skip. “No, that’s OK”. “All right have it your way” said Skip as he and Bill
got in the truck for the drive down the hill. As they were riding down the
hill Skip couldn’t help but observe, “Poor guy, with that skinny body, I bet
he never gets a lay”. “Oh the engineer you mean, yea, that’s probably why he
is an engineer, I haven’t met one yet that wasn’t a little strange anyway”.

“Gosh I didn’t think it was so far up here”, said Helen. “Well we made it”
said Margaret. “Looks like were too late, the truck’s gone”, said Leslie. “Hey
look, the door is open”, said Helen. Just then Rob appeared in the doorway.
“Hi girls, what can I do for you?” said Rob. “Well we noticed what a good time
you guys were having with your little toy over there”, said Helen, nodding in
the direction of the transit. “Well,” said Rob, blushing slightly, “things
get a little boring up here”. “May we come inside?” asked Leslie. “Sure”
replied Rob. He showed the girls inside, he was expecting to have to explain
to the girls in non- technical terms how all this equipment worked when he
noticed Leslie rubbing her crotch. This got him to thinking. ‘Humm I wonder,
boy the riggers sure are missing something now’. He started to get hard
looking at these three beautiful girls. He couldn’t help but rub his crotch
too. “Well, don’t just stand there Leslie, remember what you said by the
pool”. teased Margaret. “Well I wasn’t really serious”, stammered Leslie. Rob
was puzzled for a moment then broke into a wide grin. “So, we weren’t the
only ones playing peeping Tom, ‘eh”. “Well we didn’t have a telescope, we just
had to use the naked eye”, said Helen “Boy that’s a hint if I ever heard one”,
said Rob, who started to unbutton his pants. “Here, I’ll do it”, Offered
Margaret who then finished unzipping Robs pants. Eagerly, she tugged his pants
down to his ankles and slipped them over his shoes. Rob hurridly kicked off
his shoes. His cock bulged out noticeably in his shorts and Margaret was
quick to grasp the waistband of his shorts and pull it out and over his battle
ready prick. As she pulled his shorts down, his cock jumped out and stood at
attention. Margaret ripped off his shorts and hungrily eyed his pussy
pleaser. The engineers cock was only 6″ but it was pretty thick, and Margaret
wasted no time getting it into her mouth and working on it. Greedily, she
nibbled at his shaft and then took his entire cock into her mouth. She rubbed
his shaft and his balls while filling her mouth with his delicious cock. While
she was doing this Helen unbuttoned and removed Rob’s shirt and started to
french kiss him, while rubbing him all over. Leslie said “Hey, I had dib’s on
him first!”. Margaret took a break from her cock sucking to say “We’re just
getting him ready for you.” Then she hungrily resumed her sucking on Rob’s
rock-hard shaft. She was getting hotter and hotter and she slid her lips down
Rob’s cock and began to kiss and lick the base of his cock and suck his balls.
She was so hot that she reached up and began to finger Helen’s cunt.
“OOOOAAHHH” moaned Helen as her pussy soon became dripping wet from Margaret’s
steady fingering. Helen was kissing Rob and writhing in heat – she wanted to
be fucked – and right now!! Unfortunately for her hot pussy, Leslie had
different ideas of who was going to be getting fucked.

“Hey wait, how am I going to keep from getting, you know”, said Leslie. Rob
took a break from the kissing long enough to say. “This engineer comes
prepared, look in the top drawer of that file cabinet over there.” Leslie
found the familiar rectangular foil package and prying Margaret’s lips off of
Rob’s cock, proceeded to roll the condom onto the engineers prick. “OK, let’s
go for it” said Rob. “I’m not getting on that dirty floor, you are–Girls?”
“Right!” yelled Margaret and Helen in unison, taking Rob by the arms and
laying him backwards. Rob was now flat on his back with his hard-on sticking
straight up like the tower outside, and Leslie wasted no time in mounting it.
She rode his cock up and down and went wild over the delicious sensations
produced by Rob’s cock filling her hot throbbing pussy. Rob then started to
fondle Leslie’s tits, and all she could say was “OOOHH”. Rob teased her
nipples until they were standing up like red hot pencil erasers. Leslie was
nearly out of her mind with desire. Rob thrust up to meet her downward motion
and their crotches came together with an overpowering rapidity.
“OOOOOHHH,UUUUUMMMMMMM, AAAAAGGGHHHH, please fuck me hard”, Leslie repeated
over and over. “Don’t ever stop pounding your cock into my hot pussy!!”
“Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, drive your cock all of the way into my
cunt!” she demanded. Helen then decided that Rob’s mouth was going to waste
and sat on his face. Rob needed no instruction, but started to stroke Helen’s
clit expertly with his tongue. “OOOOOMYYY, that’s heavenly” Helen moaned. Rob
kept his attention on the workout that Leslie was giving his cock and deeply
drove his tongue into Helen’s steaming hot pussy.

“What about me?” Margaret wined. “MMUHGH” was all Rob could say, because his
face was still full of drippy snatch, and his tongue was wrapped around a
throbbing clitoris, but he motioned Margaret over closer, and fingered her
with his free hand while still playing with Leslie’s tits with the other.
“OHHHHH” moaned Leslie, thoroughly enjoying being in control of Rob’s cock.
“OHHHHAHHHHH” she finally groaned as she had her first real orgasm in over a
year. At about the same time, Rob finally started to come, so Leslie pulled
off just in time to avoid losing the protection of the rubber. As she pulled
off of Rob’s cock, the rubber slipped off and became tangled in her curly
pubic hair. Rob’s cock forcefully shot spurt after spurt of hot come onto
Leslie’s sweaty belly.

“Wow” was all the engineer could say. “You’re not done yet, I want more than
just a finger.” said Helen. “I hope you got plenty of rubbers here”, she
added, “I don’t need to get pregnant!” The file drawer had a goodly supply
however, and fortunately, the girls were expert at getting Rob hard again.
Helen fingered Rob’s ass while Margaret was back at the cock sucking that she
found so delicious. She took Rob’s limp cock into her mouth and sucked and
licked him back so that his cock was standing stiff and hard again. Margaret
greedily eyed Rob’s ready cock and said, “you two stand aside, now it’s my
turn to get royally fucked”. As she mounted Rob’s stiff member, she moaned a
sigh of partial fulfillment-her pussy was now going to be reamed out, at last.

Margaret was now seated on Rob’s cock, bouncing up and down, her tits bouncing
like the scene in Airplane! were the boobs were bouncing like the jello. Then
Leslie leaned over Margaret and gently took one of her nipples into her mouth
and began to suck Margaret’s nipple and fondle her tit, she also reached down
and fingered Margaret’s clitoris- Helen reached over to Margaret’s other tit
and began to work on that nipple and titty.

Margaret’s head was swimming, both of her tits were being sucked on by hot
feminine mouths and her pussy was being ramrodded by a hot pulsing penis. She
was as hot as a fresh fucked fox in a forrest fire. She moaned
gently-OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH, MMMMMMMMMMM, it felt sooo gooood. Leslie suddenly
spotted an old blanked on a shelf and got it and laid it on the floor next to
Rob’s and Margaret’s madly screwing bodies. Margaret grunted to Rob “it’s
time for me to lay down for awhile while you do all of the work”. Quickly,
Rob and Margaret rolled over onto the blanket. Margaret’s face was flushed
with heat and pleasure. She was barely coherent in her lust filled
expressions. “Fuck me, damn you, Fuck me HARDER, Faster, Deeper!” she
exclaimed, over and over.

Helen looked at Leslie and said, “Well, I guess that She is really getting her
just desserts now”. Leslie nodded, “yes, she’ll be sore for a week when this
is all over”. Leslie looked deeply into Helen’s eyes-“are you as hot as I am
she whispered”. Helen blushed and lowered her eyes and hoarsely replied
“yesss”. Gently, Leslie reached for Helen and took her into her arms and
kissed her deeply. Gently, at first, then with more and more urgency they
thrust their tongues deeply into each other’s mouth. Their hands were not
lying idle, each was eagerly fondling the other’s breasts, rolling the nipples
between their thumbs and fingers, causing the nipples to rise even more and
become harder and harder. “Let’s lay down”, Leslie moaned. Her nipples were as
hard as rocks and hotter than she could ever remember them being. Helen was
breathing heavily, her belly heaved up and down in an agony of passion,
slowly, she reached towards the deep V of Leslie’s crotch. Her fingers
massaged the burning flesh of Leslie’s outer pussy lips. Tenderly, her finger
pushed into the moist lips and found the crown jewel of Leslie’s pussy. She
rubbed the length of Leslie’s clit – over and over, she stroked Leslie’s clit
until Leslie was delirious with hot pleasure. Then, her fingers suddenly
thrust deeply into Leslie’s churning pussy. Leslie grunted and involuntarily
raised her hips off of the floor to meet this new invasion of her hairy
snatch. Helen lovingly finger-fucked her writhing friend’s lovely cunt.
Slowly, she moved to where she could look directly down at Leslie’s tight, wet
pussy. Gently, she removed her hand from deep inside Leslie’s cunt and slowly
lowered her face to her friends throbbing core. Her tongue explored the pussy
lips of her dear friend – licking around the lips and then dipping
deliberately into Leslie’s pussy and sliding sensously along the hard clit.
Leslie jumped at this new invasion of her white hot sex organ. She was
completely out of her mind with desire now, she was willing to do anything to
keep the fires alive. She had never known such pleasure, such desire, such
unbridled lust. She pulled Helen’s belly over next to her face and parted
Helen’s legs and then began working on Helen’s equally hot pussy with both of
her eager hands. Helen worked with renewed urgency on her friend’s demanding
pussy, thrusting her tongue deeply into and out of Leslie’s demanding, pulsing
cunt. Likewise, Leslie was tonguing her friend into hot blissful pleasure.
Each felt as if their breasts were going to burst with passion, their moans
and grunts completely drowned out the pleasure sounds coming from Rob and
Margaret on the other side of the blanket. OOOOOOOHHHHH, AHHHHHHHHHHH,
MMMMMMMMMMM, UGHHHHHH. These sounds filled the room and increased in
intensity as all 4 of our pleasure seekers reached their peaks at the same
time. Helen collapsed onto Leslie’s satiated body, tongue still next to pussy
and breasts heaving with deep breathing. Rob and Margaret finished their
fucking with Margaret thrusting wildly against Rob’s muscular abdomen. His
hard cock had repeatedly buried itself into the hot pussy which held him
tightly in its greedy grasp. At last, he came, steady spurts of come jetted
repeatedly into Margaret’s hungry cunt, as he slowly withdrew, the come shot
out onto Margaret’s lovely belly and dripped down her crotch and down her
thighs. Leslie looked over at Margaret’s belly and said “we can’t let that go
to waste”, so, she and Helen rolled over and began licking the tasty juices
from their friends satiated body. As they finished up, Helen said, “Leslie,
eating you was better than dessert, but now I want a real screw!” Her eyes
glowed as she crawled to where Rob was laying. “Are you game?”, she asked.
“I’m game, but I don’t know if peter there can handle another hot fuck just
now- oh, well, let’s give it a try”. That was all the encouragement that Helen
needed. She wantonly began to suck on Rob’s limp prick, Rob groaned, but
Helen didn’t give up. She continued to suck his cock and massage his balls
and his ass until his cock once again began to rise to the occasion. Now, she
was more demanding with her spicy hot lips. She deep- throated his cock over
and over again. Rob was really getting excited – just think, three times in
one afternoon, with three different lovely horny women. He decided to take
charge of the situation. He ordered Helen to get down on all fours, she
quickly obeyed. He kneeled behind her and told her to reach back and grab his
cock and put it into her hungry pussy. She was so hot, she could hardly find
her own pussy to put Rob’s throbbing hunk of cock into. At last, Rob’s thick,
meaty, hot dick was waiting at the dripping entrance of Helen’s waiting
snatch. Rob leaned forward over Helen’s back and reached around and took a
firm, hanging breast in each hand. He massaged her eager breasts and stroked
her burning nipples. She moaned with increasing urgency. ” Pleeasse, don’t
tease me”, she gasped! Rob arched his back away from Helen’s ass and thrust
forward with his cock and buried it completely into Helen’s smoldering cunt.
His balls slapped up against her crotch. “I LOVE IT”, she screamed. “GIVE ME
THIGHS” Rob thrust again and again, grunting with fierce pleasure and the
domination of this lovely hot blooded pussy who was screaming for more and
more. Helen babbled incessantly, “harder, fuck me harder, squeeze my tits,
squeeze my nipples, I love it!, I love it!” Rob had a firm grasp on her
swaying tits, squeezing and fondling each one repeatedly as he thrust deeper
and deeper into her waiting cunt. Finally, Helen shouted, “I’M COMING,
COMING NOW!” Helen collapsed under Rob just as he came into her waiting
snatch. Jets and jets of come shot out into her cunt and around her crotch as
she dropped to the floor in a reclining position. “Wow”, said Rob. “You
girl’s are really something!!

Skip and Bill opened the door to find Margaret still on the floor, but she was
pretty well rested by now. “Gad. I don’t believe it!” exclaimed Skip. “Well
you know what they say about the quiet types”, said Bill.

“Don’t we get any” asked Skip. “Well whip ’em out, and we will see if you
measure up,” said Leslie. The riggers needed no further prompting, and pulled
out their peckers, already hard from watching the naked girls play with the
engineer. Helen had tired of screwing with the engineer and started to suck
Skip’s aching cock. Margaret likewise started on Bill’s cock. All three
pairs then decided that it was time for a good 69. Margaret lied down on
Bill’s shirt and spread her legs apart so that Bill would have easy access to
her pulsating pussy, Bill straddled her lovely body and began to lick around
her dripping hot snatch. As he was working on her pussy, she looked up and
saw his huge cock pointing down directly into her face. She moaned as his
tongue found her clit and she reached up and pulled his cock deep into her
mouth. She reached up and frantically grabbed his buttocks and pulled him
down so she could bury his cock completely inside her throat. Her lips
touched the base of his cock and sucked his balls into her hungry mouth. Bill
lifted his ass up and pulled his cock back out of her mouth and then rammed it
home again. He sawed his huge cock in and out of her mouth until he came.
Great spurts of come shot into her mouth and dripped down her face. She
greedily licked his cock until it was completely clean. Bill was determined
to eat her until she couldn’t help but scream in passion. He thrust his tongue
deeply into and out of her steaming hot pussy. Then, she arched her back up
into the air in a spasm of ecstasy, “OOOOOMMMMMYYYYYYY” she screamed, I’M

Tongue in cunt, cock in mouth, they went at it until there was another knock
on the door. “Who could that be?” whispered Margaret. “I don’t know, hide
behind the transmitter” whispered the engineer, pointing behind the tall grey
cabinets. Rob quickly put his pants and shirt back on and hoped whoever it
was wouldn’t notice he was barefoot. He opened the door and it was one of the
Gym teachers from the school. “You haven’t seen any girls around here have
you?” “Uh, no mam,” Rob fibbed. “Well I see that construction gang is not
around now, I don’t trust those types, you look nice enough though, if you
should see them please tell them to get back to their rooms pronto”. “OK” said
Rob, and closed the door. “Whew”, he said after he heard the teacher plod back
down the path, “was that ever close”. “Nice guy huh, look at all the action
you were getting.” Skip observed. “Well we had better be going”, said
Margaret. “How much longer will you be here?” asked Helen. “We’re done”, said
Bill, “time to move on to the next job”. “But I work for this station and
will have to come up once a week for equipment inspections”. “Well, we can
see more of each other” said Leslie”. “Right” said Rob.

The girls then put their swim suits back on and headed down the path. The
riggers got in their truck and drove down the hill for the last time. “I still
think that engineers are weird”, said Skip. “I know, but that one sure has
the luck with the girls”, replied Bill with a sigh. And the engineer just
looked out the door at the city below with a big grin on his face.

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