This is a story of a couple who spend a week at a swingers retreat


Dee and I settled into or spacious cabin. It was very
nice with a little kitchen, dining table, sofa, two arm
chairs and king size bed. The shower was located
outside under a canopy on the patio. If anyone was
walking by they could see you taking a shower.

The cabins were arranged in a circle. There were 12
cabins in all. In the middle of the circle was a
meeting and dining hall. All meals would be served
there. There was no TV or phones, I loved that. Dee
unpacked our suitcases. We were at a week long swingers

This was something I had dreamed of all my life but it
was a new experience for her. I wasn’t quite sure how
to handle it. I just knew that I loved it and wanted it
with her at my side. After a nap we took our showers,
we both really need one after the trip down.

Dinner that night was a rather quite affair, most
people were just getting settled into there cabins. We
were told that all the staff was there for our use and
pleasure. They would by happy to help with “anything”
we needed. I noticed Dee eying this one rather tall
young man, I don’t think she could help but see the
large bulge in his pants as he poured the drinks for
us. I saw him trying to glance down her rather loose
fitting blouse.

She had not wore a bra, Pat was his name. He gave Dee
special treatment while we were here, but that came
later. Dee and I walked around the property as it was
very secluded. There was a little private lake right
past the cabins. There was a deck built on it out over
the water so one could swim or just lay out. We headed
back to or cabin for the night when we heard some
moaning coming from the woods to our right. We must
investigate Dee said, I was game.

My cock was still hard from watching Pat get hard every
time he poured Dee more tea. It took a moment for eyes
to adjust to the darkness then we could make it out. It
was the 50`s something couple on a blanket with a young
woman sucking on her husbands cock while she was eating
her pussy. We could see two of her fingers in the young
ladies pussy and two more in her ass, as she sucked on
her clit. The girl was rocking back and forth as she
was being hand fucked. The lady then took her fingers
out of the girl’s ass and put them inside her pussy.

I could see the girl was being stretched to the max as
the lady shoved hard once and her entire hand slipped
into the girl’s pussy. That was all it took as the girl
began bucking back against her hand and driving it into
herself down to the ladies wrist as she enjoyed the
fisting she was getting. The girl began to moan as she
sat down hard on the ladies fist and began an orgasm
that must have lasted a minute.

After she recovered she went back sucking on the mans
cock and balls she would stroke his cock as she sucked
hard on his balls. That was all he could stand, then
the cum started to flow out of his cock. He came a
large load but the young lady lapped it up as fast as
she could and must have held it in her mouth because
she then turned to his wife and said, “I will share.”

There mouths became as one as they swapped his cum back
and forth. He was drained and I was rock hard watching.
Dee was rubbing the front of my pants as we watched and
ask if I liked what I saw?

My cock answered her as it twitched.

Dee was ready for a good fucking after watching that
show. We returned to our cabin to find our bed was
turned back and a young lady was straightening our
room. She must have been about 22 or so. Her outfit was
rather revealing, just a maid’s apron and a skirt, very
short skirt! She has small breast and waist but a
rather larger bottom. She ask if there was anything we
needed before she left.

Dee stood there for a moment and said, “Yes there is
one thing.”

She asked the young lady to go over to the table and
place her elbows on it. As she did this her skirt rode
up so you could see part of her shaved pussy. Dee then
laid her skirt on her back, what a view. She then
reached down and spread her legs apart. Just as I
thought Dee said. Honey will you look at this.

I then saw what Dee was talking about. There was dried
cum on her ass and legs. Dee

licked two of her fingers and started rubbing the young
ladies well used pussy.

It was red and swollen as was her ass hole.

Dee inserted the fingers into her pussy and came out
with a large amount of cum on them. She then held them
to her nose and stuck them into her mouth. You could
see Dee was rolling the cum around in her mouth as she
savored it flavor.

“That will be all tonight young lady,” is all she said
as she pulled her dress back down and dismissed her.
Dee called to her asking her name. “Wendi,” she said as
she closed the door.

Dee then pulled me to her and gave me one of the
hottest kisses of all. I could smell the cum on her
breath as we swapped tongues. I would like to say we
made hot love that night but the truth is I did not
last five minutes. To much stimulus I guess. Dee took
the load that I deposited in her and masturbated with
it till she had an orgasm. She then fed the mixture of
our cums into her mouth.

Day Two

I woke as usual early, Dee likes to sleep in. It was a
beautiful morning, you could her the squirrels playing
in the trees , the birds singing and there was a light
mist hovering over the lake. It was about seven and
nobody was up. I read a while till Dee came out and got
me about nine. We took a shower together as we like to
do. Dee says that way we both get cleaner! Headed down
to breakfast. Pat was there and headed straight for Dee
to bring her coffee.

After breakfast we returned to our room to find Wendi
there making our bed. Dee told Wendi to be in our room
at nine pm this evening she would be needed for an hour
or so. Wendi simple said yes mama. She was also
instructed to have at least one load of cum in her if
not more. Wendi said no problem and left. I looked a
Dee as to ask ‘what was that about” she said I would
find out tonight. We changed into our swimsuits and
headed to the lake.

There were several couples out there laying out in
varied forms of dress. Most of the ladies did not have
a top on which I enjoyed. Dee took her top off after an
hour or so. Pat showed up shortly there after and ask
Dee if she need “anything at all.” He was sporting a
massive hard-on. Dee ask him to rub more lotion on her
back. I had just put it on her back thirty minutes

I watched as he slowly rubbed her back moving his hands
ever closer to the sides of her beautiful breast. He
rubbed up her neck onto her ears, she really likes
that. Then he ask if he could do her legs, sure she
said. That boy must have spent twenty minutes up around
her bottom. I thought he was going to cum in his pants.
Dee never gave him a break though, she just laid there
on her tummy and enjoyed the rub down. We swam for a
while and played in the water till about three. Went in
took a nap and got ready for dinner.

The whole day I kept wondering what Dee had planed for
Wendi tonight. Dee showed me something I had not
noticed before in our room. On the corners of the bed
were straps and in her night stand was several
different buckles, harnesses and restraints. I ask her
what they were for, she smiled and said I would find
out. At our dinner table were two other couples, Joe
and Lou, Diann and Rob. Joe and Lou were from Texas and
Rob and Diann from the Denver area, as we are.

Joe is a average size guy 5`11 I guess about 215 a
little chubby. Lou is much the same. 5`5 about 170 but
with very large breast. I guess them to be about there
mid thirty’s. Rob on the other hand was a big guy about
6`3 around 225 and did not seam to have any fat on him.
His shoulders were broad and chest massive. Diann, she
ask us to call her Di, on the other hand was petite
about 5`2 and maybe 115 lbs. at most.

Di and Rob were a black couple in there late twenties I
guess. They were all nice and very well dressed. Pat
brought a friend of his over to the table . He
introduce him as his assistant . His name was Tom. Tom
was very attentive to Lou I think he loved her large

After dinner Dee and I headed back to our room we
wanted another shower before Wendi showed up. Dee still
had not told me what was planed for the evening but I
knew it would be good. At nine sharp Wendi knocked on
the door. Dee ask her to come in and return to her
position on the table, bent over elbows on the table.
Wendi did as instructed Dee then lifted her shirt,
smiled and waved me over.

There was a butt plug in her pussy.

Wendi explained that three of the cooks had help fill
her up for Dee and she didn’t want to loose any cum on
the way over to our cabin. There was a little cum dried
on her leg but I’m sure most was still in her. Dee was
very pleased. Dee told me to get undressed but not to
touch my cock at all. She did not want any premature
cumming. As she bent down over Wendi’s ass she stuck
out her tongue and ran it down he spread open ass hole
and pussy. She licked up the dried on cum. She then
instructed Wendi to remove her apron but leave on her

Then Dee laid in the middle of the bed and instructed
Wendi to straddle her face. Dee sucked and nibbled on
her clit for a while as she played with her nipples ,
pulling them and slapping her ass as Wendi road her
face. Dee told me to come stand on the bed and offer my
cock to Wendi. This I did with glee. Dee then announced
it was time for desert and pull the butt plug out of
Wendi’s pussy. I was standing right over her when she
did it.

I have never seen so much cum at one time. There was no
way Dee could drink it all, it ran down the side of her
mouth onto the pillow. It was all over her nose, on her
chin and some even got into her left eye. It was
amazing thing to see. My little Dee was a true cum
slut. After Wendi was completely cleaned out. Dee made
sure, I think Wendi came about four times while she was
being cleaned. I had to stop Wendi from sucking my
cock or I was going to cum in her mouth. Dee then ask
Wendi to go down and get her nice and wet for her

The truth is Dee was already soaking the sheet under
her ass but she just wanted Wendi to eat her pussy
before I fucked her. I took this opportunity to give
Wendi’s bottom one more good going over. As she ate Dee
I propped her ass up and stuck my tongue inside her
pussy. I finger her ass and sucked her clit as she made
Dee cum. It was my turn now Dee said. I took Wendi’s
place and she took mine.

I love eating Dee’s pussy I can do it for hours. Her
pussy is so different than any other I have ever seen.
It’s has large lip and a huge clit that’s almost like a
little cock. I can suck on her till she begs me to
stop. As I was enjoying Dee’s pussy Wendi was giving my
balls a complete going over. I think had she touched my
cock while my balls were in her mouth I would had

I then turned Dee over and drove my cock home. I was
going to make sure I lasted this time so I went slow.
Dee loves to be fucked from behind at different angles
and speeds. This is the best way to assure she has a
mind blowing orgasm. After about 45 minutes of fucking
Dee and having Wendi sucking on my balls and tonguing
my ass I was ready to explode. I did.

Oh my, how I came. My cum flowed out of me into Dee and
it flowed out of her on to Wendi’s face. She had my
balls in her mouth the whole time I was cumming. I slid
out of Dee and Wendi caught my cock in her mouth and
cleaned it up completely. I was totally spent. Dee
kissed her and told her what a fine job she had done
and let her out the door.