The very hot 30 year old teacher


Five PM, fabulous. I quickly hit the locker room, it took all of a minute to strip off my street clothes, and get into my uniform. Our volleyball team was practicing for a big game against Lincoln high school, and as team captain, I always wanted to be first on the court.

On the court, all my teammates quickly appeared, and we got into action. After an hour of hard practice, I felt we were ready to take on Lincoln, we’d stomp them.

Back in the locker room, I realized that I did not have my chemistry homework, and the assignment was due tomorrow.

Fortunately, Mr. Fields, the school janitor was still there, and he let me into the main part of the school, asking me to lock up when I returned to the gymnasium annex, as he wanted to go home for dinner. I assured him that I would, and quickly made my way to my locker on the second floor. I dug out my school bag, and filled it with my homework. On the way down the hall, I thought I heard a moan. I stopped for a minute, puzzled by the sound. I heard it again, it seemed to come from Mr. Jenkins’ classroom. I quietly opened the door, peeked around the corner, and did I get an eyeful.

Mr. Jenkins, the very hot 30 year old teacher that I had been lusting after, that I masturbated my 17 year old pussy wildly with his image in my mind, was looking out of the classroom windows. His pants were around his ankles, and Jenny Fusaro, that cheap dyed blonde, huge tits like zepplins, never wore a bra, skintight jeans, looked like she’d let any guy bang her, that bitch was sucking his cock.

That SLUT, he was my teacher, I should be the one in that position!

On her knees, her top was off, and her tits were pressing against his legs. She was deep throating him, damn, you should have seen her go, she looked like she was sucking her last cock.

I was outraged, I wasn’t going to let that bitch suck off MY favorite teacher.

I quickly stepped in, and said loudly, “What in the hell are you two doing?”

They froze, and Jenny quickly whipped her head back. As her mouth released his cock, I could see Mr Jenkins’ stiff, hard cock, shiny with her spit, a rock hard 8 inch beauty. Damn, I nearly drooled with the idea of getting that hard beauty in my mouth.

She grabbed her top, pulled it on, and as she dashed out, I told her, “I know who you are, bitch!”

Mr. Jenkins had quickly pulled up his pants, and he was about to offer some sort of explanation, when I cut him off.

“Mr Jenkins, I’m not here to make trouble for you. I couldn’t let that cheap bitch have you when I’ve been hungry for your cock ever since the first time I saw you.”

He looked a bit wary, wondering if I was on the level. To show him I was, after locking his classroom door, I quickly pulled off my uniform top, tossed it aside, and my sports bra quickly followed. I may not have zepplin sized tits like Jenny, but my tits were full and firm, and I quickly pulled off my tight volleyball shorts and skimmed off my panties. Totally naked in front of the teacher I had lusted for, he could see that I was a natural blonde, not some cheap bottle dyed blonde. I could feel my pussy churning wildly, as I could see a nice rock hard bulge tenting up his pants.

When my boyfriend had popped my cherry out at the lakeside cabin his parents owned, I was 16. My boyfriend had been nothing but a horndog, when he got his prick inside me, he gave a mighty shove, I felt my virginity bursting, a searing pain shooting through me, as his cock rammed open my torn hymen, I let out a howl of discomfort as he started to ream me. He must have thought my cries of discomfort were cries of pleasure, as he rode me, not giving me any chance to get warmed up.

I whispered, “Hey baby, slow down, give me a chance to get excited, too.”

He grunted back, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m excited enough for the both of us!”

So much for that, and I endured his amateur fucking, and all I could think about while he was grunting and thrusting inside of me, was Mr. Jenkins, fantasizing that he was the one taking my virginity. Being 16, my boyfriend lasted all of a minute, before I felt his prick squirting his gooey load deep inside. Usual teenager, lasting just long enough to blow his load, while I hadn’t even gotten out of the gate. And foreplay, a quick grab of my tits and ass, and a whispered “let’s fuck, let me pop your cherry!” Yeah, real romantic.

He quickly rolled off me, and was asleep in a minute or so. I got up, went to one of the empty bedrooms, and stretched out, I was going to give myself the release I needed. And this time, I was going to fully fantasize about Mr. Jenkins taking my cherry.

My fingers, slowly, tantalizingly slid over my belly, moaning slightly as I felt the pleasure stirring deeply within me. I gave my body unhurried, loving caresses. My hand was like a lover’s warm hand that caressed my body, my fingers stroking gently with my outer fringes, making me hot and wet by gentle touches, never forcing, never in a hurry.

Contracting my vaginal muscles in response, I felt my sweet wetness begin to lubricate me. As I contracted and relaxed the muscles of my vaginal walls and felt the slickness of my juices flow, I reached down, I felt how hot I’d become. Glistening wetness coated my labial lips, and I started to fantasize.

My hands became the hands of Mr. Jenkins, he was gazing at me with those wonderful green eyes, smiling, my head lolled back and my breaths grew deeper. My fingertips grazed my belly in a sensuous caress. I could see my nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened and needing my touch. In my fantasy, my hands again became his hands, he reached up with both hands and cupped my breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, sending pulses of pleasure to my hot center. One hand caressed my breasts, stroking and tweaking my throbbing tits, while the other ran over my thighs, my hips and belly, hands roaming urgently over my body. I caressed hips and buttocks, down the crease between my cheeks, fingering and stroking my tightly puckered asshole, running my fingertips around and around the rim, feeling it twitching with desire.

My sex was aching for release, moist with the slickness of my juices, my scent reaching my nostrils and turning me on more. I gasped and writhed on the bed, as my fantasy Mr. Jenkins nudged his cock against me, sliding it slowly in. He would take my virginity gently, and as he pushed against me slowly, my hymen ruptured, but this time, it was all pleasure as his cock slid in, filling me up with a giant burst of pleasure, I was reaching the boiling point. I could feel the pressure build, my body was virtually throbbing.

On my back, my legs spread wide for my fantasy, Mr. Jenkins was giving me deep, gentle thrusts, telling me how good my fiery pussy felt, how I was so tight, and he was going to fill me up with a hot, juicy load. My hips began thrusting up and down, with one hand rubbing my breasts, fingertips stroking and feathering the throbbing, reddened nipples, the other hand buried in my soaking cleft, my clit twitching wildly, my fantasy Mr. Jenkins grunted, his load gushing hotly into me, the waves of orgasm came quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably. I could feel spasms quivering wildly deep inside me, I fantasized his cock deep in there, being milked by my tight quivers, smothering it in my ecstasy. Closing my legs around my hand tightly and rolling over on my side, I shivered in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through my body. I got far more pleasure from my masturbation session, imagining that Mr. Jenkins was the one to break my virginity, then from an immature boy, I dumped his ass right that very night. I had my car out there, I left him a note telling him exactly what I thought about his so called “performance”, and drove home. I also told him that if he bragged to his buds about what a stud he was, I’d tell the whole school about what a “minuteman” he was. After that night, I didn’t need some fumbling “rabbit fuck” boy, I needed a real man.

I quickly took the position Jenny had been in, unzipping his pants, and lowering his pants and briefs, a nice thick 8 inch cock was uncovered. Wasting no time, I quickly surrounded his cock with my mouth, and swallowed his hard eager cock, right to the balls.

He grunted out, “Umm, yes, Miss Lowson, suck my cock, it feels so good!”

Encouraged by his words, I started a steady rhythm going, sliding my mouth up and down his hard shaft. He would look down, and mutter endearmeants to me, telling me how my tight, cocksucker lips felt, how good I sucked cock, telling me he was gonna fill my mouth. That made me hot, and I started making little passionate noises around his cock. His cock started to throb and pulse, and I eagerly awaited his wet spray of sperm.

He grunted out, “Oh fuck, yeah, gonna fill your sweet hot mouth baby, fuck, yeah, YEAH!”

His cock erupted, gushing wildly, I could feel his thick, hot ropes of spunk spewing all over my tongue. I kept my hot mouth tightly around his prick, my lips clamped tightly around his shaft, milking him, sucking out every drop, so I could have the pleasure of swallowing every bit of his delicious hot load.

After a few minutes, he lifted me up, and placed me on his desk, gently spreading my legs. My thighs were spread wide, and I could see him gazing at my triangle of wispy blonde pubic hair, my syrupy pussy slightly parted, letting him see all the hot, dewy excitement, my lust for him naked to his eyes.

“Now Miss Lowson”, he growled sexily, “I’m going to go down on you, and I’m going to lick your sweet blonde pussy until I give you a toe curling orgasm!”

My pussy was a soaking center of heat, my first time getting oral sex gave my pussy another jolt of erotic heat. Mr Jenkins knelt down, and brought his mouth to me. He gently pulled apart my tight inner lips, I could feel all the excitement of my juices bubbling up, he licked them all up, and swept his tongue deep into me. I moaned, the feeling was so wonderful. He would bury his hot tongue deep inside me, and lick every sizzling crevice, licking out all my hot juices, his talent for pussy licking was amazing.

After several minutes of licking my sizzling core, his mouth moved up to reposition itself directly over my hard, pink, throbbing clit. He slid two fingers up my juicy pussy, and started to finger fuck me as his mouth and tongue went wild over my twitching clit. With his fingers fucking me, and his mouth doing wonderful things to my clit, I could feel the burning tide of orgasm rushing at me.

I cried out, “Oh yes, Mr. Jenkins, lick me, lick me, oh my god I’m cumming, yes, yes, YES!!”

I pulled his face in tight against my pussy, my legs started to spasm and shake, I did feel my toes curling. I let out a squeal of wild pleasure as I felt my pussy explode, my orgasm slammed into me, I could feel my inner pussy quivering wildly around his fingers, as my orgasm lit up my body, fuck, it felt so amazing.

With his talent for pussy licking so obvious, it seemed like he would be amazing when he got down to fucking me. We were both eager to continue, but the fact that we were on school property, and he could get in a whole heap of trouble if he was found out, cooled us down. It was Thursday night, and he told me to come by his house on Saturday, and we would pick up from where we left off.

I headed back to the locker room, my pussy was still buzzing. When I entered, the team had already showered and left. I stripped off my clothes, my panties were absolutely soaked, and my pussy was starting to heat up again. In the shower, my pussy became swollen, throbbing like crazy, I had it all to myself, and I stroked my clit like there was no tomorrow. Running back in my mind, the feel of Mr. Jenkins’ hard stiff cock in my mouth, spewing his thick load all over my tongue. The feel of his hot mouth licking my pussy wildly, and the feel as he licked my twitching clit to orgasm. Damn, I exploded with such force, I barely kept myself from tumbling to the floor. After that, I was able to wash myself, and get dressed and go home. And even after an orgasm from Mr. Jenkins and an orgasm in the shower, when I went to bed, I had to finger myself wildly to another hot cum before I could get some sleep that night.

The next day, Jenny looked absolutely terrified, she avoided my like crazy, scared I was going to spill the beans. I had no intention of doing so, but was glad that her fear would keep her the hell away from MY teacher. I had Mr. Jenkins for last period math class. When class began, he handed back the math tests we had done 2 days earlier, and I noticed a small envelope taped to my test. Heart hammering, I opened it and quickly read the small sheet of paper inside.

It read:

Dear Miss Lowson,
Your blonde pussy was delicious, and your sucking of my cock was the best. I am eager to pick up where we left off. Come by my house Saturday, shall we say at 1 PM? My address is 7995 Red Rock Canyon road, and I will give you all the pleasure you can handle.

Tucking the note and the envelope carefully away, I smiled at Mr Jenkins, and gave my head a nod. He smiled back at me, that smile that always warmed me deep inside, and started my pussy juicing up. Saturday could not come soon enough.