The Next Encounter


Alex strolled along quielty along the wooded path and tried to come to
grips. She thought she was alone, she was wrong. Alex
had always been a shy and friendly girl who usually had a smile on her
face. A stranger stepped out from behind a tree and stopped the girl in
her tracks.

Alex certainly wasn’t smiling now. Her face was a mask of fear as she
stared at the silent figure pointing a 9mm automatic at her mid-section.
“Whaaaht do you want?” She was unsucessful in her effort to keep the fear
out of her voice.

“You. Nude. Now!” The voice was low and menacing, distorted somewhat
by the nylon stocking worn to hide her assailant’s identity. “Hurry up
and get them off! Or else.” Alex started sobbing like the child she was.
Oh, god, she thought, this can’t be happening to me again. She was in

Alex glanced around. They were in a section of the park some distance
from the access road and it was early, just after 6:00 a.m. Still dark.
The park was deserted. She wished she’d stayed home and remained in bed.

The masked figure waved the automatic impatiently and growled, “Get on
with it!” Alex cried and took a deep, shuddering breath and pulled her
T-shirt up and off. Then she pushed her sweatpants down over her slim
hips and let them fall around her ankles. She moved slowly, hoping that
someone would happen by and save her.

But deep in her heart the girl knew it wasn’t going to happen. She was
going to be raped yet again. And if she was luck, rape was all that would
happen to her. She crouched and slipped her pants off over her tennis shoes.
Then she straightened up and her hands went behind her to unhook her bra.

As it feel away from her pert, high-set breasts Alex heard a sigh of
appreciation from the shadowy figure in front of her. Part of her
registed a perverse satisfaction. Her pink nipples hardened into sharp
little points as the cold air washed over them.

Alex hesitated, glancing around, hoping for rescue. Nobody in sight.
She glanced back at her assailant. The hand holding the gun was white.
The gun moved. “Get those fuckin’ panties off!”

The former heroine sobbed deep in her throat as she hooked her thumbs
into the waistband of the plain cotton panties and pushed them down.
They fell around her ankles and she stepped out of them while staring
at the gun.

Alex heard a chuckle as she tried to hide herself behind her
hands and crossed arms. “Hands down at your sides, bitch! Now.”
Alex dropped her hands to her sides and glared at her assailant.
She heard another chuckle. “Hmmm. Shaved, just like the big girls!”
She blushed and hoped that it wouldn’t be noticed in the dark.

“Okay, turn around and clasp your hands together behind your
neck.” She obeyed, slowly and reluctantly. “Now spread your feet
apart and bend forward until your staring down at the ground.” Again,
her obedience was slow and reluctant. This time it didn’t go unnoticed.
“You’ll pay for being so slow and so stupid!” the figure vowed.

Alex stared at the ground and wondered what was going to happen to
her. She heard a twig snap and then felt the touch of a hand on her
buttocks. She took a deep breath and started to cry as the hand stroked
her bare ass. There was no doubt now. She was going to be used sexually
and then what? Her assailant had said she was going to pay for being slow.

Pay how? The hand moved between her legs and she felt it stroke her vulva,
a light stroking with the tips of the fingers only and surprisingly gentle.
The stroking continued and she was stunned at how easily she became aroused.
Alex cried steadily, watching her tears drip into the grass.

After a couple of minutes her sobbing changed to moans of pleasure
as she was expertly masturbated to orgasm. Alex started to straighten
up but a firm hand in the small of her back kept her down.

“Don’t move, slut.” She resumed her position, wondering what was
going to be done next. So far, it hadn’t been bad other than the
shame of being forced to stip nude in public. She didn’t have long to
wait. Alex heard a zipper and then she felt a hard cock probing at the
entrance to her vagina. She bit her lip and stared at the ground as
her assailant gripped her slender hips and entered her. She assumed
that the gun was readily available and made no attempted to escape.

Alex was fucked deep and hard, grunting as the cock slammed home time
after time. She couldn’t help herself and she moaned as she became
aroused again. “Oh no, god no! Please….” Then, in a lower voice,
“Yessss. Oh yesss! Fuck me hard! Fuck me. Please fuck me!”

Her orgasm was shattering. Alex lifted her head and whimpered
with pleasure as she peaked. Then she was on her knees, her hands
still clasped behind her neck. Her tormentor circled around and
pressed the muzzle of the 9mm automatic against Alex’s lips. “Open
up, slut, or lose some teeth!” Alex opened her mouth and moaned as
four or five inches of cold steel slid into her mouth. “Keep quiet
about this or else I’ll come back and find you. Understand?”

“Ummph!” Alex couldn’t form an intelligible word with the barrell
of the gun pressing down on her tongue. As it was withdrawn, she
swallowed and then whispered, “Yes, I understand. I won’t say a
word to anyone if you just let me live! Please, let me live!” “Beg,
whore! On your belly, lick my boots and beg.”

Alex Mack swallowed the remnants of her pride and groveled on her
belly, licking the pointed tips of her rapist’s cowboy boots as she
begged for her life. After a couple of minutes the girl was ordered to
stop. “Up on your knees.” She obeyed and watched as her assailant
turned and strolled away, a tall, menacing figure in the still-dark

After her assailant had disappeared into the bushes near the access
road, Alex rose to her feet and quickly dressed. Then she fled back
to her house and took a long hot shower. Later, Alex tried to act as
if nothing had happened.

Alex didn’t know what was happening to her. She was turning into a
real slut each time she was attacked and it scared her to death. What
kind of sick degenerate had she become? Alex shuddered when she thought
about what the next encounter might bring.

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