The further adventures of an unfaithful wife

I hope you enjoyed my latest story about my wife’s
sexual adventures. It would be a good idea to read the
previous stories before this one because, whilst each
is a stand alone adventure, the previous stories add
some history, a description of my wife and build a
pattern of her slowly getting more and more sexually

If Maggie was telling the truth about her previous
adventure and I had some reservations whether it was
true or not, then finding her a more interesting
adventure would be difficult. Particularly as she had
told me that next time she wanted me to watch so I
would be convinced that her adventures so far had been
true. I couldn’t think of anything so decided to wait
and see if some opportunity presented itself.

Before I could find a suitable opportunity Maggie
managed to arrange an adventure of her own. On New
Years Eve we didn’t go to the Social Club but, instead,
went to a local public house where some friends were
having a party. We knew many of the people there but
none went to the same club as us. I wasn’t even
thinking about finding something for Maggie to do
because I thought it would be at the club that anything
would happen.

Maggie had been flirting all night with some young
guys, 2 of whom she had been sitting between for most
of the evening. I thought nothing of this as we had
known them for years and as I explained in Part 1
Maggie was a natural flirt. There had clearly been some
private joke between Maggie and the 2 boys as they
giggled together, excluding everyone else. Still I
thought nothing of it. Midnight arrived and we all
kissed one another, shook hands, danced and generally
noisily welcomed the New Year. The public house was
packed with people all doing the same.

A little while later we all settled down again as the
night would go on a long time yet and we didn’t want to
overdo things. Maggie stood up and said she was going
to the toilet and left. I noticed nothing else as there
were people everywhere, many going to and from the bar.
The bar was crowded and there was a considerable wait
for drinks.

I didn’t notice that Maggie had been away for a long
time as I was pretty plastered by then and eventually I
decided to go to the bar for a drink. I stood for a
long time at the bar before getting served. I was
delayed going back to my seat but when I got there
Maggie still wasn’t back. I still didn’t wonder why but
I put her drink down and thought I’d better go and look
for her.

As I set off to see if I could find her, maybe chatting
to friends elsewhere in the bar, I saw the 2 boys she
had been sitting between coming into the bar from the
car park entrance. As this is also where the toilets
are I asked them if they had seen Maggie and they said
no. I couldn’t find her so I went back to my seat and
then I saw her coming from the car park foyer and
toilets area. I said I had been looking for her as I
had got her a drink.

She told me that she had had an adventure. That was the
name we called her sexual exploits. I asked her how and
who with. Surely it was impossible with so many people
around. We had no car in the car park as we had walked
to the public house and both the car park and public
house were packed with people constantly arriving and

She told me she had just been fucked in the car park by
the 2 boys she had been sitting with. I asked her how
she had managed it and, most importantly, what had
happened. She said she would tell me later. It is
probably best that I tell you now how Maggie was
dressed this night. It wasn’t important earlier to tell
you as this was not meant to be an ‘adventure’ night.

She wore a short black dress that had string shoulder
straps that each fastened in a bow on top of her
shoulders. It zipped up the back and had a deep
cleavage. It was the classic little black dress. She
wore no bra as the dress was not designed for use with
a bra. She also wore black knickers and black shoes.
She really looked stunning.

Once again I didn’t know if she was telling the truth
but shortly after, whilst we were standing talking, the
girlfriend of one of the boys came to Maggie and asked
her what she had been doing with her boyfriend. I
thought there was going to be some trouble but Maggie
told her that until then I didn’t know she had started
smoking again after having stopped for some months and
regularly went outside secretly for a cigarette.

She told the girl that it just so happened that her
boyfriend was also outside having a cigarette at the
same time. The girl accepted this as this is what he
regularly did and she went back to her seat. I knew the
smoking excuse was a lie as she doesn’t smoke so maybe
they did have something to hide from the girlfriend.

As usual after one of her adventures I lost interest in
the night and couldn’t wait to get her home. Eventually
and extremely drunk we started to walk home. It wasn’t
far to our house and Maggie was in a playful mood. She
asked me if I wanted to see her naked in the street. I
said, ‘You wouldn’t dare.’

‘Wouldn’t I,’ she replied and went into an alley we
were passing.

She only went a few feet in and took her dress off and
threw it to me. She was naked underneath. She had no
knickers on. I asked her where her knickers were and
she said that one of the boys had them and was that
enough proof that she had taken them off in the car
park. I was amazed. She put her dress back on and we
walked home.

Once there I demanded to know the facts and this is
what she told me.

One of the boys had asked her for a New Years kiss and
she had obliged during the general kissing and dancing
time around midnight. This had been in the public house
and was no more than anyone else was doing. Soon after
he asked her if she would meet him in the car park as
he wanted to talk to her privately. She agreed,
believing he really did want to talk about something as
she knew he was having problems with his relationship
with his girlfriend.

He told her to follow him outside a short time after
him so they wouldn’t be seen to leave together. He left
and shortly after Maggie followed, explaining to her
friends that she was going to the toilet. I have no
idea where I was at that time. Once in the car park he
asked her to come over to the corner where he had
parked his van. It was in quite a secluded part of the
car park with the fence on one side and the van on the
other. It was quite dark but there were cars parked
nearby and one was directly behind the van and several
others were nearby. The car park was full.

The boy told her it was a pretence that he had asked
her to come into the car park as he wanted a proper
kiss. He asked her if she would oblige. She told me she
found him very attractive and although it wasn’t
something she was planning that night, it might be fun
to try a new adventure. She said she would kiss him and
their mouths met and a long slow kiss began.

It wasn’t long into the kiss before his hands were
wandering. He cupped her left tit outside her dress and
put his hand on her arse and pulled her towards him.
Maggie said she felt a very large erection in his pants
as his groin was pushed against hers. He reached up to
the bows on her shoulders. These were all that were
holding the dress front from falling away from her

She stopped him, saying that they were difficult to
fasten and not to undue them. He reached behind her and
felt for the top of the zip. If the zip was opened the
dress would fall to the ground if the straps on her
shoulders were moved.

He reached the zip and pulled it down a few inches and
stopped. She thought he was waiting to see if she
stopped him from pulling it further down. She said she
had no intention of stopping him as by this time she
was leaking juices from her pussy and wanted more. She
didn’t care about the public place that this was
happening in. He continued to pull the zip down until
it reached the bottom, just above her arse. All the
time he was kissing her and groping her left tit. She
wasn’t protesting.

Whilst he was groping her tit he had had his hand on
her bare back and she then felt a strange sensation of
2 more hands on her shoulders from the back. These
hands were pulling her shoulder straps off her
shoulders. She looked behind her and the other boy that
she had been sitting with was standing behind her. She
said that he simply said, ‘Hi. Can I have a kiss as

She realised then that this had been deliberately
planned. She wasn’t sure whether this was the time to
stop but was so worked up by now that she didn’t think
she could stop if she wanted to. The boy behind her
then slid the straps off her shoulders and down her
arms. He then reached his arms over the straps, round
her body from the back and inside her dress and cupped
both tits. The boy at the front stepped back slightly
and the dress fell to the floor.

Maggie was now standing in the car park wearing only
her knickers and with a boy behind her with one of her
tits in each hand and another boy in front of her. The
one in front picked up her dress and took it to the
van, so it didn’t get dirty by being on the floor he
said. He shut it in the van and Maggie realised this
was a very dangerous situation to be in as she couldn’t
cover herself if someone came into the car park. She
was well hidden behind the van but people would see her
if they came to the cars close by.

She said that she didn’t care as the public exposure
was having its usual effect. It seemed the more she was
exposed in public the more she got turned on. She told
me she climaxed, her juices were running freely and she
began to kiss both boys, turning from one to the other.
Both mauled her tits and one began to rub her pussy
through her knickers. She was squirming and started to
rub their pricks through their trousers.

She said that they both had huge erections and that
both cocks were bigger than any she’d come across
previously. One boy then put his hands in her knickers
and slid them down her legs and took them off her. Once
again these were placed in the van and the door was
locked. She was now completely naked and with no access
to her clothes.

The boys then told Maggie to take their cocks out and
she pulled the zips down on the trousers of each boy.
She removed their cocks and they told her to suck them
until they were hard. She squatted down in front of the
2 boys who by now were standing side by side with their
cocks standing proud. She then proceeded to suck first
one and then the other until they told her to stop. The
boys then led her to the van, opened the door and bent
her over into the cabin so she was standing on the
ground but had her face and chest over the seat. First
one then the other fucked her from behind. Each
inserted his cock into her cunt and slowly moved it in
and out.

The one not fucking her was fondling her tits and
wanking himself waiting his turn. Maggie described the
2 cocks as huge, filling her completely and that she
had one orgasm after another until she was nearly
weeping with the ecstasy of it. Once they had both cum
inside her she was allowed to get dressed having first
wiped the cum from her legs. One of the boys said he
wanted to keep her knickers as a reminder of the best
fuck of his life. They all went back into the public
house, separately of course.

I wasn’t sure if I believed the story she has just told
me and was even more determined to see one of these
adventures next time to prove to myself that she wasn’t
lying. I told her that I thought the adventure must
have taken a long time and she wasn’t gone from the
public house for long. She said I must have lost track
of time, that she had been outside for over half an
hour and the lads hadn’t hung about but had got
straight on with it.

I asked how she felt about it and she said she loved it
and wanted more. It was only a few months ago that she
had never had sex with anyone else and now, if she was
telling the truth, she had been fucked by 3 men, had
given blowjobs to 6 men and been naked in front of 6
men and on 4 occasions this had been in places where
she could have been caught. She had turned into a
complete slut who was turned on by sex and in
particular enjoyed sex in places where she could be
discovered. She was an entirely different person than
what she was previously.

I had to seriously think about where we went from here.

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