The Day My Life Changed Forever


As is usual at this time each week, my wife and I had our sex session. This one started as usual in bed one morning; my wife removed her nightdress and panties and I started gently sucking her nipples and cupping her lovely breasts. After a minute or two I reached for the lubricating jelly and squeezed some onto my fingers. Then I reached down to her crotch, she had parted her legs and raised her knees just as I like, and I began to stroke and massage her clitoris, using my left hand. As I did this, I reached under her with my right hand and began to rub her cunt lips and open her up. I continued opening her, caressing her clit and slipping fingers inside her love tunnel, one or two at a time. As the minutes passed we both reached heightened levels of excitement, my erection became very strong and she started to moan softly and open her legs further. She also started to produce more of her own juices.

At this stage I like to use my right hand to go back into her bottom cleft and massage the back of her cunt and her perineum. If I am lucky I may be able to put a finger over her ass hole and gently rub over it – but often she squirms when I do this and moves her bottom to one side. Sometimes, like this time, she lets me. I have to be very careful and gentle to avoid scaring her off – if I do I tend to lose my own urges as I love the feeling of touching her bum hole so much. If she’d let me, I could play with it for hours.

But on this occasion my luck was definitely in. As time went by and she became more aroused, I kept going with my left hand on her clitoris and putting these fingers inside her vagina – she was pretty wet by now. I allowed my right hand to press against her bum hole, and a finger rested right on it. As she got wetter her anus started to relax slightly and the tip, just the very tip, of my finger went slightly into her hole. It was nowhere near in as far as her sphincter but was as far as she’d ever let me go before and I was almost ready to cum. I felt fantastic as she continued her low moans.

It was at that point that my life changed. I put a little pressure on my finger and, instead of her pulling away and squirming sideways, I felt her pushing back at me! I was scared that I was mistaken (had I read the signs wrongly?) but I kept the pressure up, maintaining it rather than pushing harder. I wanted her to take the lead. Well, she did! I felt her anal hole gradually open and relax. It felt wonderful. My finger entered her sphincter as the muscle opened for me. She was producing copious amounts of juice from her vagina and I briefly let my finger out to allow juices into her bum and around my finger. Then I gently pressed home. My finger went oh-so-slowly and smoothly up her arse. It was in almost to the second knuckle, over an inch. I had never done this with her. I looked at her face and she had her eyes closed, but clearly was aware of me looking at her; she turned her head, opened her eyes and gave me a lovely sexy smile. I was in Heaven!

I slowly moved my finger in and out of her bottom, while I did the same with two fingers of my left hand up her cunt. I was double finger-penetrating her. Over the next few minutes I was trying my best not to cum as I first fingered her holes using alternate fingering, and then both together – that is, fingers deep in cunt and arse at the same time, then pulled back out before going back in again. I think we both preferred an alternative approach – like pistons, first her cunt full of fingers, then her bum-hole. It couldn’t last – my wife was way too far gone and she started bucking and shaking with her orgasm. As she did so I kept both sets of fingers steady inside her holes until she subsided.

“Oh God, thank you – that was really wonderful” I whispered. She smiled back at me and raised her eyebrows. Then she closed her eyes and lay back.

Then it was on to part two!

Part two is our consummation. As is usual, while my wife is still basking in the glow of her orgasm, I get her ready on her back on the bed and get into the old missionary position. Today my erection was so fucking intense I went straight into her and buried myself deep in her cunt, my balls right up against her crotch. I put my right hand underneath her and placed my palm flat against her bum hole and with my fingers each side of my prick and her cunt lips. Then I started moving in and out of her, as I usually do, and rubbing the outside of her arsehole. She doesn’t usually stop me doing this, but if I show any signs of wanting to put my finger in her bum – well you know the usual result!

But today was clearly different. She had so enjoyed the fingering of both holes that I was emboldened – not half! I didn’t hesitate. I slowly put a finger in her arse as I fucked her cunt with long slow strokes. I alternated finger insertion with prick insertion and got the piston movement going again. She resumed moaning. By now her cunt was absolutely fucking sopping wet. She was producing gallons of juice. It was pouring out of her cunt and over her arsehole. Her legs were wide open and trying to get wider. She was trying to raise them up as I lay between them, trying to get me closer into her. I could have got my whole hand in her twat she was so open. It was fucking wonderful. In fact she was so wide she was like a tunnel and my prick was hardly touching the sides. My finger was deep in her bumhole, and that hole was opening further too!

I raised myself up a little and looked into her eyes. She gave me such a wanton smile I almost came. She knew and I knew what had to come next. No words were spoken. I withdrew my prick – I swear it had never been so big – and placed its head against her little anal opening. Actually it wasn’t so little now. “Slowly” she said. I nodded and pressed forward, putting a little pressure on her anus. She pushed back. Her anus opened very slightly and I felt the head of my dick slip past her ring. It happened so quickly it took me by surprise. The next second the head of my prick was properly in her arse and her tight anal ring was gripping it. I moved my prick in and out slowly – just a little, about and inch or so. Then, to ensure this wasn’t a painful experience for her (I didn’t want this to be the only time we’d do this!), I pulled my dick out of her, used my fingers to slop some of her juices into her arse, and slowly went back in. She groaned as I slipped most of my length smoothly into her. It was tight but not too tight. She had loosened up rather nicely and her bum was now like a lovely tight cunt should be. Juices continued to pour out of her vagina and by slowly giving her nice long strokes, they slipped down into her anus along with my prick. She was getting nicely lubricated.

I was almost in a transcendental state. I could still hardly believe this was happening, that she was letting me fuck her arse for the first time in thirty years of marriage! I had got into a steady rhythm and despite my incredible level of lust I felt I could keep going like this for hours. I thought too soon though. Almost at once I felt the unmistakable tingling in my balls that meant I was cumming soon. “Oh God” I mumbled as the spasms began. I had to thrust harder – I couldn’t do anything else. Even as I came into her like a fucking tornado, I was hoping I hadn’t hurt her and stymied any chance of a repeat. I needn’t have worried. As I was in mid shoot she started bucking again and writhing about. “Fucking hell I’m coming again!” she cried out. My wife never swears! Shit! This was fucking amazing. She was producing even more juice, I’d just cum buckets up her arse, and our bedsheet was soaking wet. I pulled out of her and looked down at an incredible sight. My wife laying on her back, her legs so wide open they almost went over the edges of the bed, her cunt and arse covered in cum and cunt juice, dripping onto the sheets, and her face was a picture of serene contentment and satisfaction. I was erect again – the sight was so erotic I just stood to attention immediately I saw it.

Her eyes opened wide as I stood up on the bed, put a foot either side of her head and lowered myself onto her face. I roughly stuck my prick deep in her mouth as she smilingly opened it to receive me. She closed her lips tightly round me as I pounded into her. She doesn’t usually like giving oral sex, she’ll do it as a treat for me but I know she doesn’t really appreciate it, but today seemed a magical day. She sucked me greedily, her eyes fixing on mine and opening lasciviously. I slapped into her face, two or three more times and that was it – cum exploded out of me into her throat. She swallowed it all down. I kept my prick in her as she licked and sucked me some more then withdrew. I was finished. I fell onto my back by her side. She turned away from me and I turned into her like spoons. I stuck my hand under her bottom and put one finger in her cunt and one in her arse. “Dirty” was all she said – she didn’t turn away or squirm. She reached back and got hold of my now limp dick, then held my balls. Finally she let go of them, put her fingers down alongside mine into her still soaking-wet cunt, got them juiced up, then put a finger alongside each of mine in her cunt and arse. Fucking hell! We snuggled up tighter and fell asleep, our fingers in her arse and cunt, juicy sheets and supreme elation.

And that was the beginning of a whole new era as far as our sex life was concerned. We have talked about it since, as I was intrigued as to why my wife let me finger her anus for the first time ever. All she says is that she found herself thinking: “Well, what if I give him a treat and let him do it? What’s the worst that can happen? If I really hate it, I’ll have to tell him. And it might not be so bad anyway as I quite like the outside of my arse being touched – if I’m in the right mood”. She says there was no special reason why she thought it that day.

Just lucky I guess.