The Bike Trip 1.


I was out by the road on the John Deere the first time you
rode by. I love spending an early summer evening mowing, the smell of
freshly cut grass tickling my nose, the vibrations of the tractor
making other parts of my body tingle deliciously. I clear my mind
completely, and just enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the world
around me.

You came up the road from behind. I didn’t see you until you
had already passed by. You were bent over the bike, so I didn’t see
your face, but I definitely noticed the powerful legs, the wonderful
ass and the slim hips, tightly covered in black bike shorts. I sighed
as I watched you disappear down the road, my mind imagining those slim
hips between my outstretched thighs, that wonderful ass clenching
underneath my hands. I continued mowing, still thinking of you, idly
wondering what you were doing cycling down my road; a road in the
middle of nowhere.

I was almost finished mowing when I saw your bike coming back
up the road. I felt a small shiver run through my body as I slowed the
tractor to watch you approach. You stopped just a few feet from me,
smiled and began to speak. The tractor was loud, and I was wearing
headphones, so I couldn’t hear a word you were saying. I held up my
hand, signaling you to wait for a moment, shut off the tractor, and
took off my headphones. I smiled back and said, “I’m sorry… You were
saying?” You told me that you had apparently taken a wrong turn
somewhere, and now had no idea where you were. I asked where you were
heading, and you mentioned the name of a town about 35 miles away.
“Um, I don’t think you’ll make it there tonight. I hope you don’t have
someone waiting for you.” You shook your head and said “No, but I
heard about a restaurant there that is supposed to have the best
steaks in all of the state. I’ve been thinking about a thick juicy
steak all afternoon.”

“Oh, I know just the one you’re talking about, it’s my
favorite. I go there a couple of times a month. I tell you what, I was
planning on going into town this evening anyway to do some shopping.
If you like, we can toss the bike in the back of my truck and I’ll
give you a ride.”

You smiled and said, “I’d really appreciate that, but only on
one condition – that you let me buy you dinner for all your trouble.”
Just what I wanted you to say! “It’s a deal,” I replied, “I’ll need to
finish the yard while it’s still light, it should only take 15 minutes
or so. I’ll take you up to the house, get you a drink, and show you
where you can clean up. No offense, but you are a bit, um, fragrant.”
You bowed gallantly and replied “Please accept my most sincere
apologies ma’am. I will soon present myself as a suitable dinner
companion, if you will just show me the way.” We headed up to the
house, chatting about the weather and other nonsense.

I showed you to the guest cottage, an old converted shed
around the back of the house. Actually, it’s never used, except by me.
I have my PC there, and whenever I get the urge, I hide out there for
hours or for days, writing like there’s no tomorrow. “The bath is
through there.” I pointed, “I’ll have to run in the house to get you
some towels. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I quickly went to the
house, grabbed a few towels, and headed back. I walked in, and heard
the shower running already. Smiling impishly, I pushed the door open
with my foot and walked right in. You were just getting in, and all I
got to see was one calf and a foot disappear behind the glass doors.
“I put the towels on the toilet. Is there anything else you need?” The
door slid back and you poked your head out, smiled, and said “Well,
since you mention it, I think I got some grease on the back of my leg.
Have I washed it off?” You opened the door wider, presenting the back
of your leg for my inspection.

“Oh, it’s still there. Here, let me get that for you.” I
replied as I pulled my t-shirt over my head, kicked off my sneakers,
and slipped out of my shorts and panties. Brazenly, I stepped right
into the shower with you. Your mouth dropped in surprise, followed by
your eyes, as they quickly ran up and down my body. “Well, um,” you
stammered, “I can’t seem to take my eyes off of you. I suppose you’ll
have to reach around.”

I stepped forward and began running my hands over you. I
melted right into your body as the hot water streamed over us. The
warmth of the water and your arms around me felt wonderful. I reached
down for the soap and started to rub it across your chest. I worked my
hands up over your shoulders and down your arms, rubbing the soap
everywhere. I worked my way across your chest and down your stomach.
My hands wandered down to your hips. I could feel your hardness
growing against me, but I wasn’t going to touch you yet, just teasing
for now. I put the soap down and pressed my body up against yours.
Rubbing my breasts on your chest and my tummy across yours … the
lather allowing me to slide up and down and side to side. The
sensations were making my nipples so hard. I rubbed them against your
chest and could feel your cock growing still harder against my leg.

You reached for the soap and began to lather my back. I
pressed my hips closer to yours as my chest slipped and slid against
you. Your hands worked my back, massaging and rubbing, then worked
their way down to my ass, cupping my cheeks as the soap fell to the
shower floor. You pulled me close as you lowered your mouth to mine,
passionate kisses, our tongues probing and lashing each other.

I broke our hold and slowly slid down onto my knees. The water
ran over your shoulders, showing a trail in the suds of where I had
been. The lather washed down the drain. I kissed down your chest,
lingering over your nipples to nip and tease them with my teeth. My
kisses ventured down across your belly and down to your hips. My
fingers traced up the inside of your legs, teasing the inner thigh,
until I reached your balls, caressing and fondling them.

I lightly pushed you back a step so that the water could wash
the rest of the soap away. Then I took your cock into my hand. It
jumped to my touch. Holding it firmly at the base, I ran my fingers
down the shaft toward the head. Running my finger slowly around the
head, I looked up to see you intently watching my every move. When my
eyes locked with yours, I took the head of your cock into my mouth.
You closed your eyes and let out a deep moan.

I slowly took you into my mouth, my hand working with my mouth
to form one long tight tunnel. I could feel the muscles tense in your
legs. With my free hand I fondled your balls, lightly teasing them. I
pulled back, releasing you slowly. I licked up from the bottom of your
shaft, to where that vein meets the head in the sweet sensitive
triangle. Flicking my tongue across this, your knees almost buckled.

I ran my tongue around the head of your cock. I started off in
wide circles at the edge and worked my way in to the tip, the circles
getting smaller and smaller. I was rewarded with a large drop of pre-
cum waiting for me when I reached my goal in the middle. I touched my
finger to it, slowly pulling my finger back as it stretched,
glistening between my finger and your cock. When the string broke, I
brought my fingertip to my lips, savoring the taste. I took you back
into my mouth, sliding in and out. My hand worked feverishly as my
mouth continued to suck as deep as I could. As I moved faster, I could
feel the tension building. Your moans got louder and your hips moved
in rhythm with my strokes. I reached behind you to feel your ass
tighten as you thrust in and out of my mouth. It was every bit as sexy
as I had earlier imagined.

I knew you were about to come. I wanted to put you over the
edge so I took you deep in my throat, completely surrounded by my
lips, my nose pressed against your pubic bone. This sensation was all
it took, you started to throb and unload your hot cum down my throat.
I released you from my mouth and let your cum spray hot and sticky,
all over my mouth and face.

I continued to stroke your shaft, slowly but firmly. I wanted
to keep you hard. I stood up and kissed you, letting you taste your
cum on my lips. The water washed away the remainder. You obviously
loved all of this because I was soon rewarded with even a firmer cock
that was ready for more…

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