Group Sex Stories

Just Another Day At The Office

Danny’s cock throbbed painfully, his balls aching with the pressure of unreleased cum, his shaft stiff, and his cockhead swollen to a daunting girth that made Carnie wetter just looking at it. I’ll be right back, she said from behind […]

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Janitorial Services

Michelle worked as a secretary for a lawyer office owned by elder 45-year-old lawyer Jill. For the first few weeks she started she noticed nothing unusual except for most of the customers were black. Still this wasn’t that unusual. Jill […]

Group Sex Stories

Naughty Bridal Party 1.

Malena said quietly, “Okay, that wraps up the official pictures. Are you all ready?” Michelle, Audrey and Linda nodded, even though they had butterflies in the stomachs, it was Malena’s wedding day, and as the bride, she had talked her […]

Slut Wife

The Office Whore

My wife had been complaining that the only thing she was good for was cooking and sex. The kids had not been very helpful and she spent all day preparing a fancy meal and nobody was helping to do anything. […]

Group Sex Stories

My secretary is a public prey

Instincts. As human beings, we all have urges that must be satisfied, or else we risk our sanity. Regardless of our statuses as apex predators, supreme beings atop the world’s food chain, we’re sophisticated animals all the same. So, it’s […]