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Bob and Teri’s hardcore fuck

Bob and Teri I took a deep breath..My heart sped at the sight of them on the dance floor. He…he was touching Teri’s buttocks. Her body was pressed against him. I felt a swelling in my pants. I trembled thinking […]

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Bangkok Whore Wife

I was counting the days to my one month long vacation in Thailand. I really loved Thai pussy: For those fortunate to have died and gone to paradise i.e. Bangkok, they will know that Thai girls are the most beautiful […]

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A Hot Night in Lanzerote

For a few years after my wife had got gangbanged on a Greek ferry we took our holidays at home, in order to avoid Susan getting out of hand whilst under the influence of cheap booze. Eventually we decided to […]

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A Weekend Away

A few years ago, a friend of mine was renting a flat in a small village in the Midlands, which he and another friend used when they were called to work in the locality. One weekend my wife and myself […]

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Cum Eating Husband

A year or so ago I told my wife about my fantasy. Yes, it was her having sex with another man. This caught her by surprise because our marriage had been strictly white-bread monogamous up to this point. I admitted […]

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Nonstop pleasure

Early this morning when I got back from my latest adventure, he was waiting for me in the bedroom to perform my confession ritual which was always the same; we undressed, got into bed and he pushed his face onto […]

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How Much Do you Love Your Wife?

Sometimes things happen that can shatter the image you have of who you are. Given the proper motivation, the right incentive any man will give in. It may not be his fault but sometimes, thick, brown, smelly shit just happens. […]