The Horny Dog 2.

Madge stood in the doorway of Babs’ bedroom, her jaw dropping in shock as she stared at the obscene sight of her little sister crouched there with the German Shepherd’s prick rushing in and out of her cum-dripping pussy. “My […]


The Horny Dog

The beautiful young teenager sprawled wantonly on her bed, her entire body completely naked. She ran two fingers in and out of her dripping pussy, moaning with pleasure. Her lust-glazed eyes were fixed on the handsome German Shepherd who was […]

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All Your Basement Are Belong to Us

I giggled a little as my boyfriend, Trevor, nibbled on my neck. “Stop that!” I hissed as I tried to focus on the TV. “Why Megan?” he whispered into my ear. “Because! Kanaeda and Annika will see!” “So? Maybe they’ll […]

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Virtual fuckers

“Lights” The lights dimmed and Jarod sat alone in the dark. He tapped a five digit access code onto the keypad under his hand. “File: Sylvia – Sequence: One. Scenario: Alpha” There was an electronic hum as the holo-projectors engaged […]

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Masturbation and Squirting

It was maybe nine at night when I was in bed watching television. Just wearing pink panties and white tee and laying on top of my bedspread. Parents didn’t go to bed till ten so I stayed dressed in case […]

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Female Domination

Paloma shuddered as she followed Carlito into the large shabby house. The crabby Cuban who was some relative of hers before becoming her husband, she had a hard time pinning that down, brought her into the ‘Showroom.’ “Little Butterfly, did […]

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Olivia’s toy suprise

So im a single white female. I work as a secretary for the boss of a pretty popular fruit packing business. I work 9-5, Monday to Friday, and spend about £50 a week on coffee. It’s hard to believe im […]