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The Maid Husband

Friday started as any normal day. At the alarm, Alan rose and went to the bathroom to run Lisa’s bath. He quickly showered himself and when the bath was ‘just so’ woke Lisa. She greeted him and dragged herself sleepily […]

Slut Wife

Model Husband loves pussy

Bill Kendall was getting out of the hospital. Just the thought of leaving the place made him want to hoot and holler for joy, and he would have if he could. For now though, he was very weak, and it […]

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Watching husband 2.

“Well, you don’t look as bad as your head feels!” Tim mumbled looking at himself in the bathroom mirror as he brushed his teeth. Kate was sure knocked out, too. She was still asleep! Fine way to start out their […]

asstr sex stories - Slut Wife

Watching husband 1.

“Damn …” Kate thought, fishing in the pocket of her uniform. “Where did that pencil go? That’s the third one I’ve lost tonight!” A lock of her strawberry blonde hair fell forward into her eyes and her hand went up […]