Todd and Carli enjoy medical fantasies

Because of a medical problem that my sister, Carli had we lived apart from the time I was seven and she was four until I was eighteen and Carli was 17. I’d overheard enough to know that the problem had […]

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The Next Encounter

Alex strolled along quielty along the wooded path and tried to come to grips. She thought she was alone, she was wrong. Alex had always been a shy and friendly girl who usually had a smile on her face. A […]

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Cheerleader With No Panties

The stockings made his skin itch. He scratched his face nervously, careful not to rip the makeshift mask. Wouldn’t do for the cameras to see his real face. The movement caused his shotgun to waver slightly, looping tiny circles about […]

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Sevin’s new toys

I allowed her to put away everything but the Benwa Balls. Those I removed from their case, unzipped her jeans, and pushed them inside her. She was very intreuged. After a few minutes they wanted to come out, and I […]

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Three girls were relaxing

A summer day somewhere in the foothills of So. Calif. At a girls school, by the swimming pool, Three girls were relaxing in the sun. All three were clad in bikinis which didn’t leave much to the imagination. They all […]

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Alone with a masked guy

You are there, laying on your bed with eyes closed, lightly stroking your left breast. Slowly you are getting yourself worked up for your daily self propelled orgasm. You hear your bedroom door lightly squeak and your bed move as […]

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Drunken Babysitter

You have been my babysitter for years. When I left tonite, everything was normal, but you did seem a bit preoccupied. Now as I return home, something is amiss. I come in the door and you are lying on the […]


Lost Taboo Love

This is a little different than my usual fare. Ok, it’s a LOT different (lol). Let me know what you think. I’m curious to see if I was able to pull it off. The afternoon sun was warm on her […]